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The OjiKiri friendship might as well be my favorite not-exactly-canon thing in bnha this part made me so happy - and 1B kids shenanigans too!! I’m g l a d


biology buddies lockscreens

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(my heart is hurting after this new clip, i want to hug sana and tell her she’s not alone)

get to know me meme: [18/30] female characters - Elain Archeron

Elain had always been gentle and sweet—and I had considered it a different sort of strength. A better strength. To look at the hardness of the world and choose, over and over, to love, to be kind. She had been always so full of light.

Bassian + romance

Listen, just, shit listen.  We’ve been wrong.  We’ve been so wrong.  It’s understandable, you take one look at Bodhi Rook and then you take another look at Bodhi Rook in a flower crown and you just want to see him romanced so hard and flustered and adorable but just fucking listen. You know who’s the one to actually get really flustered by romance?  Cassian. Fucking.  Andor.

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FUN FACT: Lafayette was an orphan too! His father was killed when Lafayette was two; the former Marquis was blown in half by a direct hit from a cannonball in the Battle of Minden during the Seven Years’ War. His mother died when he was 12 due to sudden illness. So, Laf, Hamilton, and Burr are all orphan buddies.


@angryblkpansy im so proud to be able to call you my best friend for almost 3 years now. it makes me so happy that you’ll finally be able to freely create the life that you have always wanted, far from a place and people that have caused you great pain and sorrow that you have never deserved. now is the time for new beginnings. it hurts so much to know that you wont be with me anymore, but knowing that you will be safe and thriving and surrounded by people who love and support you heals me. i love you so much Jahleel. my Tyler The Creator to my Earl “Forehead” Sweatshirt, Spongebob me boy to my Patrick… uhhh… damn who else do we compare ourselves to? there’s too many damn memes that have survived this friendship lmao. anyways I LUH YOU BIIIIIITTTCH I AINT EVER GONNA STOP LOVIN YOU BIIIIIIIITCH!!!!!! have a save flight and know that you will always have a home with me. :) ✈️💖🏡♂️♂️