so much bronzer

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I just found a makeup tutorial of a girl doing blackface when doing a FKA Twigs "inspired" style.... The comments are absolutely ridiculous, that girl literally put on so much bronzer to be darker, just because she's light skinned doesn't mean it doesn't count as blackface. Don't even get me started on the culture appropriation also 😪


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I feel like the wardrobe and even to an extent even the makeup artists were rude to Sasha just cause' she has pcos didn't give them permission to dress her in baggy midwestern housewife outfits and in some episodes of season 6 they put so much bronzer on her her skin actually looked a little dirty in some scenes sorry for this rant I just thought it was rude

I mean 

I understand your feelings because let’s be real, her wardrobe wasn’t the greatest in S6 and even 7a but I certainly don’t think it’s because she has PCOS. I think it’s a combination of Sasha probably being self conscious about her weight gain and the changes in her body and wanted to cover up, and the wardrobe people not being sure how to dress her. I don’t think they meant to do it poorly, you know?

And there were times Ashley had some really awful makeup in the time jump, there was one scene I remember where I could actually see the lines from her foundation, like it was awful. But shit happens and I really don’t think it was like…a personal attack



Hi everyone!
Today I decided to do a sort of ‘higher-end’ makeup haul with a review thing, since my makeup collection is getting pretty huge. I’m a massive fan of benefit makeup (despite the high prices which I cannot afford  😂) and I often find myself browsing there a lot. Some products have been fab, but there are a few that I feel aren’t worth the money, so I’m here to make some recommendations and provide an insight into which products to avoid because they’re so expensive for what they are!

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