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stranger things meme [1/5 characters]: Will Byers

“I don’t get scared like that anymore.” 

I’m so proud of Louis. For him to stand up for the band and fight back the way he did and still stick out as a leader to these people years later… Being that steadfast back then must have taken so much bravery.

What a strong, special, caring person he is.

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Do you know anything about grief? If so, my character Vivian spent 6 months with a group of friends and fell in love with another character. The character he fell in love with head over heels for dies the night after they kiss. How would this grief affect active fighting ?

My grandmother on my mother’s side died when I was eleven, my father died when I was thirteen (the day after my birthday), my dog died a day before my college graduation, and my grandfather on my father’s side died from Alzheimer’s a few years ago. That’s not counting the friends and non-blood related family members who’ve died over the years.

So, yeah, I’ve got a little experience with grief, and grief counseling, and therapy, and… well, other people who’ve also lost friends and family.

I will say upfront that experience with grief can’t be faked when translating it into a fiction. You’ve either lost someone or you haven’t. You will never truly understand until you’ve experienced it yourself. And, if you haven’t, honestly, I hope you don’t join this unhappy club for a very long time.

Grief happens in stages, we consider them as five to be exact. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. There is no one size fits all here, or rules, no guidelines for the amount of time it takes because we work through it in our own time. You can and often do go through all five just to accept the physical truth someone you love has died, then all over again with the emotional fallout in the months even years afterward. It’s possible to go forward and back between the stages, and it isn’t a steady process. I’ve come to terms with a lot of the deaths in my life, but some took around a decade to reach the acceptance stage.

In initial the months after my father died, I waited to hear his car coming up the driveway at the time he usually arrived home from work (around 5:30). Anytime the doorknob turned, I’d feel a small bit of hope that it’d be him walking in. I still hope, sometimes, nearly twenty years later, that he’ll come through the door.

I tried to hold on to what he sounded like when I realized a month later I was forgetting. I managed a single word, the name of a friend’s father.

The problem with writing grief if you’ve never experienced it is this: you will over focus on the emotion and forget the detail.

Grief is not being able to remember where you live when you dial 911 for the ambulance. It’s the adrenaline leaving your hands shaking when you reach for the body, and the cold stiffness beneath your hands. The chalky white skin, and one eyelid half open. A frozen, milky, blue-white pupil pointed nowhere.  The faint, sour smell in the air. The way you shake it, and shake it, and shake it like that’ll bring the body back to life.

The way you still describe it as the body years later instead of referring to it as him and in second person instead of first.

Grief is never being able to watch Oliver and Company again.

This detail is part of why it’s so difficult to describe or write grief if you’ve never experienced the loss of a loved one first hand. You’ve also got to describe that loss through the eyes of your character, re-imagine it so the experience is not only tailored to their experiences but laser specific to those exact moments when they learned or came to the realization someone they loved died. One of the first things to understand about death in fiction is that it won’t do the work for you.

My father died a week before my first degree black belt test, and I’d just turned thirteen. I honestly can’t remember much about that week. It was Spring Break, so I didn’t have to go to school. My days were mostly filled with martial arts and emptiness. There were moments I’d remember, then grow sad or try to avoid it by focusing on what was coming ahead of me. People told me how brave I was, clapped when I came back to training a day later, but the truth is that doing that was easier than remembering what happened. I was in the shock stage all the way through the test. Numb to the world, I didn’t feel anything. Not pride, not happiness, not “oh good we’re done now”, nothing at all. It wasn’t bravery, so much as it just was. The world moved around me and the rest of it was gray.

In that moment, I became “the Girl Whose Father Died The Week Before Her Test” in the organization and everyone knew who I was for years afterwards.

However, the moment I really broke down was when I returned to class afterwards and began to cry when one of my classmates pushed a crossword onto my desk that read “Father”. I cried so hard, then I went out into the hallway and cried through the rest of the class that day.

That’s one experience, though. Like I said, there’s no one size fits all and every experience is unique. If you’ve got a character whose lost a lot of people over the years, then it does get easier.

However, if you’re writing a character who experiences death on the regular then their experience is going to be different. You could get someone who numbs themselves out to the world, defers the loss until later, and deals with it then. A person for whom “doing things” is them showing their grief. They could crumple up into a ball, give up and just cry. They could get angry to the point they want to kill the person who took their loved one and want to kill them. They could be compromised to the point of they are incapable performing their job, and need to be scrubbed from a mission for their safety and their teammates.

They could get triggered by the violence to the point where they lock up and can’t mentally face it anymore, where it becomes too much for them to handle. Sometimes, they break all the furniture in their apartment. Sometimes, they don’t clean out the other side of the closet for six years. They may get angry and lash out at those close to them who aren’t experiencing this death as keenly as they are. Or the might do it just because, without reason. They might close themselves off from everyone they know and love. Wall up out of fear of losing another person, find it difficult to build new connections. Become a different person.

Or, rarely, they could be completely fine. Or, seem like they’re fine on the surface. Others who are suffering will get pissed at them if they’re fine. When it seems like you’re fine, others will call you a monster. How dare they.

Grief is not guaranteed to get you killed in combat, but it can. It leads to stupid mistakes because you’re mentally compromised, even when you don’t realize it. We run from it sometimes. It’s so big, and heavy, and dark, crashing down all at once with no easy answers. No platitude satisfies. Numb, angry, stricken, despairing, you can move through these states so rapidly that it’s almost impossible to follow. Grief just is.

In a situation where you need to be able to focus or your life and those around you are at risk, then grief becomes detrimental. If you’re mentally compromised and refuse to recognize it then it will only put others at risk. Many people will insist they are “fine”. That it doesn’t affect them, that they can still work. It does though. It will. As a result, events can be disastrous in the fallout.

Even if they can fight, revenge isn’t satisfying. It’s empty. Grief-fueled rampages will only lead to more sadness and more emptiness and a re-experiencing of the loss all over again. Usually, it causes more tragedy.

How will your character react? I don’t know.

How does grief affect fighting, even years afterward? It can be really bad, my friend. Really goddamn bad.

You’ve got to find an equilibrium in your mind and acceptance, real acceptance too. You can’t just tell yourself you’ve accepted it, and that difference can be difficult to grasp.

Understand loss is not the cause of grief, and not death itself. We will grieve lost relationships and broken down friendships, when what we love disappears from our grasp. Don’t assume it’s in the death, look at the loss and how they feel about them being gone.

As a writer, your answer is they need to find a way to come to terms with this loss and that is a journey without an easily defined destination. I mean “come to terms” and not “get over”. Loss is with you forever, but whether we accept it or it continues to haunt us will be up to the person in question.

From me to you, here are some ways I dealt with my father’s death in my teenage years:

1) I went to counseling.

2) I read all the books of his on the shelf that I could scrounge from my parent’s bedroom, even when I didn’t like them. I still have a few of his fantasy hardbacks squirreled away.

3) I tried to play Star Wars: Tie Fighter.

4) I cried when I tried to tackle the Walkers in Rogue Squadron 2, because I’d always run to him and beg him to help me pass the level.

5) I’d go smell the shirts my mom left when she refused to clean out his side of the closet until they didn’t smell like him anymore. Then, I felt sad all over again.

6) I dedicated my open form during my second degree test to him, and picked a really sappy country song.

7) I read and re-read L.E. Modesitt Jr’s entire “Saga of Recluse” over and over again because Colors of Chaos was the first fantasy book my dad handed me to read.

8) I named my Sovereign Class ship in Star Trek Online after him.

I once sat with another student at college and we commiserated over our shared bond as members of the “Dead Parents Club”, telling stories about how our parents died and laughing about where we were now. To another student, who’d never experienced what we had, this seemed incredibly insensitive, they were confused, and they said so.

We said, “Dead Parents Club”. Then another student who’d recently lost their aunt asked if they could join us, and we expanded to members of the “Dead Relatives Club”.

It’s not all sadness and pain, misery and angst. In fact, if you go this route then it’s not really real. Much as it might seem like it on the surface, grief isn’t the same as literary angst. You need to show, not tell and that begins with actions. Start figuring out how this loss affects your character before you take a stab at how it’s affecting their ability to fight. Grief is about individuals, and there are no easy answers. Only actions, decisions, and struggle for good or ill.


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I just wanted to take a moment to express my pride and respect for Kim Hansol who recently came out as asexual. It took so much bravery and strength to come out in an industry where it’s still extremely taboo. He has struggled so much with this for such a long time by himself and now he’s chosen to share this aspect of himself; I hope we can all show our support. This is a man who wasn’t afraid to speak up for what he believes in and has been uber vocal in his support for the LGBTQ+ community. Kim Hansol is such a genuinely beautiful person and I have so much love in my heart for him.

You’ve worked hard Hansol, thank you!

you know what? fuck anyone who says anything about pop singers and teenage girl culture. One Love Manchester was one of the most beautiful and moving events i’ve ever seen, organised by a young woman who just two weeks ago had been part a deeply traumatic incident and attended by even younger women and girls who’d suffered the same. Don’t say anything about pop music being meaningless, about teenage girls being shallow because that concert was so deeply moving and uplifting and showed the power of music and the strength of young people.

Ariana Grande is TWENTY THREE YEARS OLD and I have so much respect for her bravery tonight

Endless List of Favorite Characters: Sansa Stark (ASOIAF Series)

“My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel”

In light of Hansol coming out as Ace, I need for all Topp Dogg / K-Pop fans to please, PLEASE refrain from any comments such as “How is that possible? It can’t be true!” Or “He must be too busy as an idol to properly meet someone. He just needs time.” Or literally anything else that invalidates or criticizes him. Coming out is difficult in its own right; coming out AS AN IDOL is serious business. It takes so much bravery and confidence to do so and he absolutely deserves respect from each and every one of you. I don’t care if you agree with him, believe in him, or want to pretend he isn’t Ace because it is inconvenient for you. Do not invalidate, harass, or make a mockery out of Hansol. He was born Ace and he has every right to be comfortable in his own skin. As an Ace person, I can tell you life isn’t always easy being different from everyone else. If you are true fans, please support this amazing person. He deserves every ounce of love you have to offer.

25 Reasons Why I Love Kim Namjoon

1. His love of crabs, how his eyes light up when he finds one and he cradles it so gently in his hands and shows it to the others. It’s something so simple but it makes him smile so brightly and brings out that childlike wonder in him.

2. Deep, thoughtful lyrics. It’s what initially got me into BTS when I realized their songs weren’t just another love song, that they had a meaning, that heart was put into every word and they were inspired by real life and people. The thing about Namjoon is that he’s so talented he could have easily written catchy pop lyrics and gained success that way, but instead, he wrote about what he believed in, what he’s passionate about, in songs like No More Dream, N.O., Change, and the list goes on and on. He speaks through music, not just in words but in emotions. He once said that there are no language barriers between BTS and Army, and he’s absolutely right because the feelings communicated through music are understood in any country of any language. He gets that. Which brings me to my next point…

3. Multilingual. When he’s doing live streams and he’ll say something in Korean, then English, then Japanese. Also, that one time he was doing a live and said “Konnichiwa!”, then checked his watch and went “Konbanwa!”. Cute.

4. Nose Scrunch

5. Thoughtfulness. Whether it’s his social consciousness, or just remembering details like Hoseok’s favorite tea was peppermint. He’s always thinking of others before himself, working hard for his members and Army. That time in bon voyage when he said the grocery bags were heavy but refused jimin’s offer to help because jimin’s hand was injured.

6. His skin,,, it’s so smooth.. how???

7. Always grateful for Army, not just because they’re the reason for their success, but they believed in BTS and in him even through all their struggles and the times they almost had to disband. BTS and Army have done this together and always, always acknowledges this, thanking them first at award shows where other artists might thank their producer or company. He never forgets international Army, either.

8. Humble. Despite his IQ, immense talent and success he’s still one of the most humble people I’ve ever seen? He’s constantly looking to improve himself and his music, his English and Japanese, and his dancing. He’s an inspiration.

9. Smart. Sexy brain mon. Is there anything more attractive than a guy who loves books?

10. Ice skating. Who knew??

11. He’s so, so passionate about what he does. You can hear it in his voice when he raps and you can see it overflowing from him on stage, that spark in his eyes when he’s performing, when he makes it his and it’s plain to anyone that it’s where he’s meant to be and he’s doing what he’s meant to do.

12. Hard working. He has so many responsibilities as the leader on top of writing, producing, and being an idol, but never complains. This boy was raised right.

13. He looks all intimidating with his height and sharp eyes and a name like rap monster but in reality?? He’s just a big soft boy with fluffy hair and long legs who doesn’t know his own strength and can’t cut onions and has the brightest smile in the universe and the prettiest dimples and just wowowowow have you seen him??? What a soft boy, a cute boy.

14. The sound effects he makes when he tells a story.

15. Let’s not forget that he definitely had a secure future and probably any college he wanted and could have done well at whatever he put his mind to and it would have been so easy to take a path of certainty but instead he gave up those things to follow his dreams and how many people have the courage to do that? Especially to give up the guarantee of security for something as unstable as the music industry? That takes so much bravery but now he and BTS are paving the way for the next generation to follow their dreams as well.

16. Clumsy. A big, adorkable boy.

17. That time on bon voyage when he said goodnight to the moon and stars.

18. Despite his singing and dancing being made fun of it didn’t stop him from singing or dancing and that time when they had to dance to Not Today blindfolded and not even the dance line could do it but he could, and since he didn’t stop singing his vocals are actually really good and Taehyung wanted him to show them off in ‘4 o’clock’ because he has a really nice voice please stop sleeping on his vocals.

19. His softness for his members. He never runs out of heart eyes and gentle smiles to give them.

20. Leg monster

21. #kimdaily. A fashion icon! Has his own really unique style and pulls it off so well. Namjoon, teach me your secrets.

22. Wink monster, pink monster, aegyo monster, dance monster, shopping monster.

23. He’s open about his struggles with mental illness and self-hatred despite it being taboo he still talks about it so others going through the same thing will know they aren’t alone.

24. *trying not to burp* “I shouldn’t drink coke,” *immediately drinks coke*

25. Bottom line is that Kim Namjoon is an inspiration and we’re so freaking lucky to have him and I hope he knows how much he’s loved.

Happy Birthday Namjoon!!

“And there’s this boy, who smiles like the sun and makes my fears look a bit lighter” -H


OTP Meme

[2/7] Episodes: How to Stop an Exploding Man                          “Your whole life you talked about your favorite stories… Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman, Kensei… All the heroes you wanted to be. One day, people will tell the story of Hiro Nakamura.”

Losers Club + Hogwarts Houses

Bill (Gryffindor) - Bill would definitely be a gryffindor, he showed so much bravery after losing his brother and he was able to stand up to his friends (he didn’t stutter once) and when pennywise was telling him that he’d only take him, he told all of his friends to leave and save themselves

Bev (Slytherin)- now this was tricky because i just as much believe that Bev could have been a gryffindor because she is incredibly brave, but i think one of her defining qualities is her ambition which is particularly amplified by her saying “i want to run towards something, not away” showing that she’s constantly searching for something more

Richie (Hufflepuff) - now while i think a lot of people would initially place richie in slytherin, i believe his most defining quality is his fierce loyalty to all of the losers. Even when he is mad at Bill, as soon as he finds out Bev has been taken he is right back in on helping them fight pennywise as well as refusing to leave Bill even when it could have saved himself

Eddie (Gryffindor) - all of the losers are incredibly brave people but I think eddie’s courage is really defining as he has had anxiety instilled in him from his mother so it is a lot more difficult for him to stand up against his fears and, on top of that, standing up against his mother

Ben (Ravenclaw) - Ben is curious about the events that happened in Derry and spends much of the movie researching about the town’s history and thus has the important knowledge that the Losers need in order to defeat It

Mike (Ravenclaw) - Similar to Ben, Mike (in the book) is responsible for finding out all of the history of Derry and Pennywise and thus holds a lot of knowledge. However, another one of ravenclaw’s traits is acceptance and I think out of all of the losers Mike has to find a lot of acceptance in himself, both because he is black and he has to come to terms with his parents death and he finds that in order to help defeat Pennywise

Stan (Hufflepuff) - Due to his fate in the books I feel as though a lot of people would consider Stan to not be a particularly loyal person. However i believe his loyalty and dedication to the losers is the only thing that gets him through as I think stan is the most afraid of Pennywise out of all the losers. This is why it is so painful for stan when he thinks the losers have left him because his loyalty to them is so important to him and he was so hurt that he thought this wasn’t reciprocated

For someone in louis’ position to go through all the shit he’s still going through, he’s really holding up so well. Others would’ve went downhill a looong time ago but he’s so fucking strong brave and extremely smart. He knows what he’s doing. To see him go through the loss of his mother in the midst of all the shit he’s going through and still KEEP GOING ON is so fucking remarkable and just so inspiring. He’s the definition of strength and bravery.

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One of the rly annoying things abt erika moen's comics abt kinks is that kinky lifestyles+relationships are often portrayed as somehow deeper+more meaningful than common ones. "It requires so much trust, bravery and intimacy" bitch it's not that deep

you havent achieved True Intimacy with your partner until you’ve agreed for one of you to fuck the neighbour

As we close this Coming Out Day, a reminder to not be a dick when your friend or loved one comes out. I’m not even talking straight-up queerphobia, I’m talking about laughing at them or saying “so?” or saying “uh yeah everyone knows” or “no one cares” or being flippant or implying it’s a phase.

Maybe all their friends and family has always known, but guess what, coming out isn’t ABOUT the family and friends, it’s about the person coming out. That’s their moment, a moment requiring so much bravery in a world where a lot of us are raped and murdered and jailed and beaten and made homeless because of who we love or what our gender is relative to what gender we were assigned at birth. Just because YOU think it’s “no big deal”, doesn’t mean you should shit on that moment.

Your queer friend is living with a lot of risk in their life, some of which you might not even know about. So don’t laugh off this moment, even if you “saw it coming”. Show them love, and REAL support. Know that for them to even come to that point involved a ton of work on accepting themselves and weighing their fears and the dangers they might face to openly be who they are.

If you’re close, you have time for lighthearted joking and ribbing later. Just recognize how important it is for some one to open up to you.

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers…….Good Boys……if I dare say,,, the Best Boys……so full of warmth and sunshine…. one has hope and the other has heart and they both have so much bravery I’m…weeping I love them so dearly and they love one another so dearly everything is good in the world there is No Suffering Ever……just happy smiles and red cheeks and soft hugs n kisses …….Goode™

The 'Almost' Kiss

So I’ve always wondered… What IF Sota hadn’t rudely barged in and spoiled their kiss, but instead just showed up a little later? Just a little, like a few minutes later??? I put my own mind to ease u.u

Behold! I made something: (btw I’m basing this off of the English dub of the Final Act)


“I promised Kikyo that I’d fight; that’s why I have to do this, I have no choice.” Her tone was melancholy but determined as her eyes turned farther down to the carpet in front of where she sat against her bed. There was a small moment of silence between them, and the tension of the topic made her arms draw tighter around her raised knees. His eyes were on her; she could feel them. But there was no real comfort to offer when the topic of his once fallen love interest came up. Yet little did she know that just her presence alone was enough to dull the ache in his heart, and with every passing day she was by his side, the spot where Kagome’s presence was in his heart only grew larger, wanting to be acknowledged. He questioned when would be the right time to let Kikyo’s spot in him fade away only enough to where he could think of her and only feel a small sliver of sadness that so wrecked his mind and body the day she floated from his arms from the last time. There was truly no right way to go about doing this, but as he heard Kagome declare her promise to Kikyo despite all she’s endured, he knew he was going in the right direction.

“InuYasha, do you think- I’ll be stronger? Once the seal has been removed?” Her wary voice shook him from his thoughts, and he studied her words once over.

“So you chose to fight? Is that what you’re saying to me?” He was at that moment bewildered that this girl could hold so much bravery and strength for someone who had been cast into his world only a short time prior.

“I wanna see this through but I know I can’t stay with you guys unless I get stronger. Anyway, I should say thanks. It’s sweet that you would worry about me.” She stated at she turned to look at him, a small smile gracing her lips. InuYasha felt a small flicker of warmth light in his belly every time she smiled at him; it made him so nervous, the kind of nervous where it’s safer to say something little in way of blubbering like an idiot. But oh, how he wanted to spill his love for her out onto the floor like a high tide sweeps across the cold sand at night . “Uh, well I… I guess so.” It was all he could manage.

“Please just let me stay with you…” She said softly, and in one easy movement she had pushed herself against him and rested her hands atop her bent knees. To feel his rigid form against her soften quickly settled the turmoil in her heart a bit; she knew the time to chose which world she would stay in was coming, but she never wanted to leave his side. Kagome never wanted to be anywhere that he wasn’t. Her head lolled gently to the side to rest against his shoulder; he was so warm, so calming.

He could see the sadness pooling in her eyes and the busy thoughts plaguing her mind. Her plea to let her stay by him really made him feel foolish; how could he have requested her to stay here? He needed her by him, just like she needed him. And all it once it became glaringly obvious. There was no future he longed for if she wasn’t there, if she wasn’t alive.

“Kagome,” he said her name almost forlornly.

His hand grabbing hers startled her, and she looked up at him with confused eyes, a blush already starting to creep across her cheeks. “If that’s what you want, then I promise I’ll protect you with my life.”

His declaration was almost as solid as an ‘I love you’, but he couldn’t muster the courage to say those words. He hoped she understood why, and that deep down he wanted to shout it at the top of his lungs. “InuYasha…” Her voice shook in the wake of his golden eyes and the holes they were boring into her; she’d never seen this expression on him before. It was similar to that of the look he gave her long ago when he had almost kissed her because he had seen Kikyo, but now, he was seeing her, and only her. Kagome was the only one he saw now, present and future.

The nervous fluttering in her stomach kicked up with a power as suddenly she felt him leaning into her, his eyes still locked on hers. A gentle squeeze from his hand made her breath hitch softly, and she found herself leaning towards him too.

Is he going to kiss me? Yeah, I think he is!

And then, finally, his lips were on hers and her eyes were fluttering shut. Her mind momentarily reeled back to their brief kiss when she had turned corners and found no option to bring him back to her from his demon state, and had kissed him as a last fleeting decision.

This was nothing like that.

This time he was aware and running his hands down her arms as her hands, shaking, found their way up his chest and settled against his cheeks and where his human ears would be. His mouth slid over hers as he readjusted his lips, and for a brief second his lips were gone. It left her letting out a shaky breath and leaning farther into him, her mouth following his to try and find his lips again. Strong arms encircled her small waist and suddenly she was sat sideways in his lap, and after what felt like forever, her arms were around his neck and her mouth had found his. Kagome caught glimpse of his hazy eyes and his fangs peeking out from behind parted lips that sought out hers, and it only made her all the more excited.

Every time they moved their mouths to settle back into another lip lock, their hands would grow a little braver, discovering and memorizing how something felt. As his unwrapped from around her and ran up and down her slender back, her hands were smoothing back his silvery bangs and gripping the back of his head to bring him closer. There was nothing like it, he thought. Nothing could compare to having her settled against him, and to finally kiss her the way he wanted to was ranging from relief to overwhelming ecstasy. She thought when she let her rogue run along his bottom lip that’d he’d glare at her and question just what she was doing, but when he opened his mouth and his tongue danced with hers, she couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped her throat. The sound was enough to make shivers roll down his back, and in return he couldn’t stop his own throaty growl that resonated through his chest and into hers.

Another whimper tumbled passed her lips as she broke away for air, but his mouth wandered away and across her cheek, then along her jawline and beginning down her neck. “InuYasha!” She said breathlessly; his lips were so hot against her own feverish skin. If there was anymore euphoria to feel after this, she thought she might die. The seams of her heart that he had made and repaired before might just rip in the wake of the love she felt pooling from from every corner of her mind and body. His arms tightened around her when he felt his mental stability waver; after letting his tongue lap cautiously against her neck, the taste of her skin nearly threw him out of consciousness. Another breathy moan tickled the tops of his ears and they flicked.

“We’re hooome!” Mrs. Higurashi’s voice floated up the stairs, and before Kagome could hear it, InuYasha could hear Sota’s quick steps running down the hall and to her door. In a flash she was back beside him and they were trying to hide the blush on their cheeks.


Nervous 'hellos’ were exchanged between InuYasha and her family, and Kagome had done her best at not sounding hostile when she noted they’re unexpected arrival. But no matter what, the mood had been broken, but they could both still feel the arousal radiating off one another as she walked with him towards the well house.

“So you comin’ back?” He asked, moving to set one foot on the edge of the well before crawling on to perch on it.

“I told you I need to study to take my entrance exams.” She explained, and he glared at her. “How long?” He asked with a sigh.

“Give me ten days with no interruptions and I’m done!” She explained, clasping her hands in front of herself. His ears noticeably flattened against his head and he gave her a 'are-you-kidding-me?’ look. “Ten?!” He nearly yelled, and she shook her head.

“The less you bug me the faster I’ll get done.” She said firmly, and he finally waved his hand. “Fine. Ten days and I’m coming back for you.” He said gruffly, and she tittered a bit. But her smile was wiped clean when he turned away and jumped in. For a second she was shocked; he’s not going to say goodbye?

If it’d not been for their previous, heated moment she wouldn’t have payed much mind to his sudden departure. But now, she found herself a little hurt. With a sigh she turned to walk up the steps, but a rustle of thick robes made her spin back around. He was already lunging back out of the well and walking to her when he muttered, “Almost forgot.”

His hands were the ones to place against her cheeks this time as he graced her lips with a firm kiss. He could feel her smile against his mouth and hear the sigh of relief, and they almost found each other in another heated lip lock as her hands gripped his sleeves, but he pulled away reluctantly, keeping close to her.

“Ten days.” He said hoarsely, and she nodded with sleepy eyes, some pink dusting both of their cheeks.

“Ten days.” She repeated, and her voice cracked. Another lengthened kiss and a peck on the lips later, and his hands were sliding away from her cheeks and her hand slid down his arm all the way to his hand, hesitantly letting him go before he walked back to the well and once again perched on the edge. His eyes met hers, and she smiled shyly. He couldn’t help but grin, and then shook his head. “Ten days.” He groaned, and let himself fall back into the well, the glow of the time slip momentarily lighting the dark well house. She giggled softly, and placed her hands placed over her own cheeks. “I love you.” She whispered, but it felt so loud in her own ears.

As he came back out the other side of the well, he tried to hide the skip in his step and the ridiculous smile he was wearing before anyone saw, but he couldn’t help it. He hadn’t felt this alive since he’s been brought back from the dead, and it was all thanks to Kagome.


There it is, my take on the almost kiss! I so wish they had gone for it, or Sota hadn’t barged in ~_~ it would’ve been beautiful… Please don’t steal this! I’m actually quite proud of it ^.^ thanks to anyone who stops to read it!


So… hypothetically speaking… what’d happen if Wirt had gotten there before Greg had finished the tasks?