so much biceps

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i want ryuji to hug me. partially because i need a hug, partially because loOK AT THOSE ARMS. THOSE BE PRIME HUGGING ARMS 👌 (also i stg this is the best persona scenario and hc blog ever. keep up the amazing writing, it seriously brightens up my day!)

He supports you and wants you to do your best!

Quickly becoming my favourite outfit 💪🍑
Today I planned on going to the gym, but my goal right now is to become healthy. And health is not always just what you lift or what you eat, it’s about your mindset, too.
I’m inspired by my own progress, but I so often compare myself to others: “she lost so much weight already”, “her biceps are so much bigger than mine”, “I wish I had legs like hers” - just stoooooopppp. Right now I’m trying to focus on myself and what I need to do in order to improve. And if that’s to take a step back and chill in my pyjamas, or to dedicate myself in the gym for an hour or two, or to take myself out for some retail therapy, then that is what I am going to do. 💕💕
Also, I will get round to doing all your promos, I promise. 💕💕💕💕💕


While I’m posting cosplay, here is me as Olivia (Photographs by Rob Rio and Teresa Guyer!).  I first wore this at Otakon2016, I believe, but remade it in time for a local con and then wore it again at Katsucon2017.  I MIGHT wear it to Otakon2017, provided that I can remake the armor before then.  (Robin and Forrest kind of take priority right now.  But I FINALLY found thigh highs that go to my thighs so…mAYBE).  Funny story, I worked out so much that my biceps are too big for the cuffs now.  D:

Please visit me on Twitter at SecondPrinces!!  I hang out there more and post FE content and cosplay WIPS.  

Ok listen I can’t get to my computer rn and the Netflix app won’t let me take screenshots anymore so please accept this shitty pic of my television screen of this fucking ICONIC and honestly GOD TIER Shiro moment


i’ll always hold on, ‘cause you make me strong

couldn’t pick which one was better. 
other one’s transparent. enjoy! (reblog but please don’t repost, thank you!)

sms ✉ ➳ axel & tempest
  • TEMPEST: We're 5 meters apart, in the same room, and you're doing your own thing, but you still look hot.
  • TEMPEST: So much much biceps and triceps. Damn, you and your co-workers need to stop flexing dem.
  • TEMPEST: This place is becoming a sin area.

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UGH thanks for that latest post with the beefy quartz soldiers. i need this kind of thing in my life so much. always looking forward to your art thanks so umch you bring more jasper into my life and it's a blessing

I’m glad my unquenchable thirst could bring joy to others in some small way

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Chris, Chris, or Chris? Evans, Pratt, or Hemsworth?

okay so im gonna do you a solid and add Chris Pine so we have all of the 4 pillars of the Great Chris-endom here

and im gonna range them as per below..

4th place goes to Chris Hemsworth

Thor son of Odin. Just want you to know that i adore you and your biceps so much.

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3rd place goes to Chris Pine

your eyes are amazing. I could swim in there and drown but it’s okay

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the first runner up is Chris Pratt

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YES You, It’s you, you big fluffy goofball. I love you so much although i rarely show it, but yes 

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so the winner, the number one of the great Chris’s goes to this stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork 🎉 🎉 🎉

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you precious puppy

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look at you here 😩 😩

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put two celebrities in my ask and i’ll say which i think is hotter