so much better without makeup too

“But she looked way better before she put all that makeup on!!”
And you looked way better before you opened your mouth and let your irrelevant opinion fall out

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i hate that your empurata windblade looks prettier than actual windblade. do you know how hard that is.

I’m not a huge fan of her design, there’s a kernel of something cool there but it’s covered by glitter and standardization. I think the reason it looks better is because it’s not as busy, her whole head and face have way too much details so it looks uninteresting since the only thing separating the face is different color. Designs need contrast and not only color one, and there’s little of that in hers. She needs either a more plain helmet, which I would personally prefer, or removal of face paint.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a look here! Haven’t been wearing fun makeup much, eh, nothing new. I’m out of liquid liner so that’s kind of contributed to it, but personally I think this look works nicely without it!

Yesterday I wore Bone, Fringe, Silk, and Velvet from the Kat Von D Metal/Matte palette and Specter from the Urban Decay Moondust palette (over Too Faced Glitter Glue) on the lid. My mascara is Too Faced Better Than Sex. My inner corner and face highlight is Pink Heart from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild palette (for the inner corners, I use NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese as a base to make it brighter).

On my face I’m also wearing the Elf Contour Palette, Benefit Rockateur boxed blush, and TheBalm’s Cindy-Lou Manizer as a topper for more glow. My lipstick is No Angel from Marc Jacobs (definitely one of my favorite nudes)!

Pentagon Doing Your Makeup

shoutout to my group chat that suggested I’d do this :’)

Jinho: spilled glitter all over you, made you sit on the ground so he could do your makeup #shortpplprobs

Hui: made your eyebrows take up half your forehead, actually wanted to try and do your makeup

Hongseok: over drew your lips WAY too much, “look you’re hui”

E'Dawn: drew a dick on your forehead

Shinwon: gave up and drew a smiley face on your cheek

Yeo One: does pretty well actually?? Then
he tried drawing a wing and it reached your hairline

Yanan: is scarred from kino doing his makeup, “you look better without it anyway”

Yuto: gets scared when he has to do eyeliner or mascara cuz he’s scared he’ll poke your eye, constantly apologizing whenever he messes up

Kino: don’t let him do it, claims he knows exactly what he’s doing

Wooseok: tried to contour your face and your face ended up just being brown

Why I find Frozen a disaster

Frozen Frozen Frozen. Where do I even begin. I remember when I first saw previews for the movie with Sven and Olaf and I was excited to see it. But, them I saw the leaked images of Anna and Elsa and my jaw dropped. I was upset over the lack of creativity in the designs I had seen, but I’ll get on that later in my rant. Now, I didn’t want to spend money on seeing this film so I watched it on the Internet. I had a feeling I was going to be disapointed by this movie and I was right, I was highly disappointed. I was face palming the whole time. I’ve only watched it once so I’m just going to cover what I remember and I’m not good at evaluating things at all but I’ll do my best to share my hatred for Frozen.

The designs frustrated me so much, at first I didn’t really care about how any of the characters looked until I started looking more into it and looking at redesigns. Why do Anna, Elsa, and the Queen look the same. Dont pull the “they’re relatives they have to look alike derr” on me. The team behind the character designs were straight out lazy with the women in the movie. I’m going to go over the problems I felt with the designs of a few of the characters

Elsa: The creators stated that Elsa has anxiety and depression.

Yup, that is definitely the face of someone with depression. Elsa was locked away in her room with no sunlight for years and she was very sad and lonely all this time. Elsa should have been very pale, lanky and awkward shaped, and had stress bags under her eyes or something. But nope, she looks perfect throughout the entire movie. I wish they had stuck with one of the earlier concepts too because Elsa looks exactly how she did when she was a child,which is lazy on Disney’s part. Dreamworks did a fantastic job at againg up Hiccup and the gang without them looking too much how they currently look, actually Dreamworks did a good job with everything they did, including Pixar with how they portrayed older Andy. So why did Disney do such a terrible job on Anna and Elsa????

This design of Elsa looks much much better, you can tell that she is an adult in this one, and its a great anti hero look. This also represents how someone would dress in the 1800’s,not a revealing blue ice dress. Oh and another thing I noticed when i watched the movie, Elsa had the same makeup on throughout the entire movie????? She ran away, cried some, woke up in a dungeon, and ran around in a blizzard and her makeup didn’t smear off or anything. Either Disney didn’t think outside the box or Elsa has some good ass makeup.


The only thing I felt was wrong with Anna was she looked like a ginger Elsa, and her eyes were larger than life, and I feel like this new animation style with the gigantic eyes is kind of disturbing. Those noses, oh those noses, how do they even breathe out of those things,they are so flat and small,thats not cute. Oh and both Anna and Elsa have giraffe necks like what the hell.


Look fimiliar?

Kristoff is really just the lovechild of the baker from Cinderella 2 and Phoebus from Hunchback of Notre Dame, and he is supposed to be of Sami culture? I don’t think there were many white blondie sami’s in the 1800’s…..

The Queen of Arendelle:

must I really explain what is wrong with this picture….

Okay, so that was the beef I had with the designs, now onto everything else wrong with this movie.

The plot: This….this movie was all over the place with the plot. First we see child Anna and Elsa playing with Elsa’s powers and Anna gets hit in the noggin and badly injured due to Elsa not paying attention to what she was doing. Their parents took her to the trolls. It was never explained how Elsa got those powers in the first place, and how did the King find the trolls in the first place and how did he know they could help her? We never really know how anything even happens,it just does. I don’t really understand why Anna’s memories of Elsa’s powers had to be erased in the first place if the incident itself was a just a mistake. But oh well the King and Queen just let them do it, and nope, they didn’t even tell Elsa how to solve the problems of her powers, and the parents were stupid enough to just lock their child away in her room without contact with anyone else. That is some bad parenting right there ladies and gentlemen. Then we see Anna asking Elsa if she wanted to build a snowman again, although the only reason Anna asked Elsa to build one in the first place was because she had powers,but since her memories were erased, why is she still asking to build a damn snowman. We see that Elsa is getting scared of her powers and she is sad and lonely, that could have been solved if they went back to the trolls for help. Back to the Do you want to Build a snowman scene, Anna is so dumb, she wasn’t the one locked in her room, it was Elsa, so why is Anna complaining about being lonely, she could have just went outside and played with the other kids anytime she wanted. On coronation day she had no trouble going outside to sing her song, so why didn’t she just go outside before??? When its Elsa’s coronation day, Anna wakes up and then doesn’t really mention Elsa, she sings about how she will finally find romance. It would have made more sense for her to sing about how she could finally see Elsa again after all those years…since its a movie about sisterhood. When they finally meet again, they don’t even share a tender moment, Anna doesn’t even get all that excited, and ask her what she did all those years in her room. Anna brings Hans over for Elsa’s blessing in marrige and she says you can’t marry a man she just met. I completely agreed with that, but then Anna started being a jerk and yelling at Elsa for answers,not that Elsa was in the right, and then Elsa lashes out and reveals her secret and puts Arendelle in an “Endless winter” and then storms off to the mountains to sing “Let it Go” and build her ice castle. That scene made no sense what so ever because how did Elsa know how to build a castle and do the archetecture perfectly? did she study archetecture in a spare time? we’ll never know. Elsa did not think her whole “run away to the mountains in isolation” thing so good. The castle was made of ice and nothing else, so there had to be no food or furnature in there, which meant Elsa would have starved to death if she stayed there. Then we see Anna run after her in her gown, if this were realistic, Anna would have froze to death by the time she reached that guys store. While in the store, Anna gets her winter clothes and meets Kristoff. He is really a jerk when he is introduced, and gets kicked out of the store and doesn’t get what he wants. Anna takes this as an advantage and gets him to take her to Elsa, and in return she would get him the carrots or something(I think, I don’t remember what happened). He agree’s and they start their little adventure,she tells him that she was engaged to Hans after they met for like 5 minutes and he completely acts like a lil bitch and tells her she was crazy for doing that, which was none of his business and that made him a hypocrite, then boom a pack of wolves that has nothing to do with the plot show up and Kristoff’s sled gets destroyed. Anna agree’s that she would repay him and buy a new one,but after that Kristoff has no reason to be in the rest of the movie. He’s just….there. He is just a plot device to get Anna to to the mountains and to the trolls. Oh and then the comic relief shows up from hell, I actually liked Olaf,but he just didn’t belong in Frozen, and sings about why he wants to be in summer. That wasted a good three minutes of the movie and it didn’t advance the plot in any way. they finally reach Elsa’s castle and when Elsa is confronted again, she basically tells Anna to fuck off. It seems Elsa doesn’t care about anyone but herself at this moment, and she yells and tells Anna to leave,but Anna doesn’t listen and wants answers, so Elsa lashes out again and strikes Anna in the chest with her magic, and sends a monster to get rid of her. Wow, you would think Elsa would be a villain after this since she basically sent a killer monster after her sister and doesn’t care what happens to the rest of the kingdom. Anna,Kristoff, and Olaf get chased after the monster and Hans and his men arrive at the castle to get Elsa back to the Kingdom. Once thy confront her, Elsa immediately goes back to being scared and depressed again,like what the hell you just sang a song about how you don’t care anymore, what happened???? Hans’s men destroyed her castle and captured Elsa. But before that, We notice Anna’s hair start turning white, so Kristoff takes her to the trolls and they act like they had never seen her before, for petes sake, she looked exactly how she did as a child, it couldn’t have been that hard to know who she was. Then that god awful song “Fixer upper” plays and wastes some of the movie, like seriously, that song was such a disgrace and pretty obnoxious. The cheif troll comes and tells Anna her heart was Frozen and that true love would melt her heart. Anna gets very weak and sick, so Kristoff hurries to get her to Hans. Back in Arendelle, Elsa is locked up and very upset, she escapes and doesn’t even try to fix what she did, she just tries to run off again. Anna gets back to Arendelle and is taken to Hans. She tells him what happened and then right when they were about to kiss, PLOT TWIST. Hans is evil, what a shocker. He had no reason to be evil, there was no explanation as to why he wanted Arendelle in the first place, he was just a generic evil power wanting guy after his confession. He leaves to go kill Elsa, and Olaf shows up and conforts Anna. He then tells her that Kristoff loved her. Hmm….haven’t seen that before, guy and girl set off on adventure and  miraculously fall in love

Been there done that. For a “feminist movie” Anna seemed to be getting pushed around by men, and all of her actions reflected off of what MEN told her, she never really thought for herself until the very ending of the movie. Anna and Olaf set off to find Kristoff before she dies. Elsa is running in a blizzard and Hans finds her, he tells her that she killed Anna and Elsa becomes an emotional wreck and just lets Hans attempt to kill her. Anna finds Kristoff and limps to him, but then she see’s hans getting ready to chop Elsa, so she decides to go to Elsa instead of kissing Kristoff, and she turns to solid ice,blowing hans away. I actually liked when Anna was dead, then elsa sobs over the ice for like 10 seconds and boom Anna is alive again. That scene was sooooo weak, we didn’t really get to capture the emotion of what had happened. It would have been better for it to span to a week later where Elsa and the rest of the kingdom is saddened by the loss of Anna, and then Elsa finally going back to the statue and telling it how she really felt over those years and just let out all of her emotions, and then Elsa telling frozen Anna that she loved her thus melting the ice,but nope, we got a cheesey 10 second scene. Hans gets beat up by Anna and then it shows Anna and Elsa back in the kingdom and Elsa somehow knows how to stop the blizzard all of sudden, and everyone is happy again. It shows like the next day or something with Anna showing kristoff the new sled, and then they kiss????? what the hell, that made Kristoff such a hypocrite and Anna didn’t learn her lesson at all. They only knew each other for like a day and were already sucking each others faces. Oh and that went against the moral of the story it tried portraying. Then happily ever after Anna and Elsa are happy again and Olaf gets to see the summer and not die. 

That was really the whole movie, it had nothing to do with the snow Queen at all, and was an insult to it. The movie literally had no solid plot, it just….went on. The pacing was terrible and so much stuff was unneeded. The lack of female characters was disrepectful since the original story had mostly females in it. They could have replaced Kristoff with that robber girl,like really the only reason Kristoff was there was for Anna to get some love,plus he was a dick and nasty, why did Anna want him, it was such a forced romance. Elsa was no where near a complex character, she was just angsty and a bipolar mess,nothing else, she just moved with the plot, and we barely got to see her in the movie. The whole movie should have centered around Elsa, and what she was feeling throughout the years, and what she did in her ice castle. We mostly got comic releif, pointless songs, and Anna figuring out who she wanted. Elsa should have been the villain, would have made for a better movie, with her freezing stuff because she wanted to because of what the parents did to her, and her and Anna having an engaging battle. But its a kids movie, I’m probably asking for too much, a good animated movie with little comic releif is “too complex” for a childs mind to handle….

The last thing I wanted to rant about was the fact that Disney added another white Princess to the line and another movie featuring all white characters. I have nothing against any race at all,I like all races equally,but it gets so boring after a while. If they are supposed to be Sami, why didn’t Disney go with darker skinned Sami characters. It would have added a fresh new twist to cgi movies since most cgi movies haven’t had non white main characters since “The Polar express” and “The Incredibles” which was 10 years ago.

Why did this movie get so much hype, it didn’t deserve all the money it got, and it sure as hell didn’t desreve those oscars and Golden Globe. The other movies that went up for best animated film didn’t even get the slightest bit of recogntion, “The Croods” was a great film and had some slammin’ graphics, I don’t understand why it didn’t win the oscar. I can’t wait until the hype for this dumb movie goes away, and I hope you guys enjoyed this rant and evaluation,Frozen needs to go down, and Disney needs to step their game up.


A/N: Another Misha story?! Happy actor’s week! ;D

Artiste // Misha x Reader 

Words: 2496

Warnings: None!

Request: So you’re writing Misha requests?That’s actually very cool! Do you think you can write one shot where reader works on Supernatural set but as a make-up artist and she and Collins have a crush on each other. They’re talking a lot, whenever Misha sees her he runs to her etc. A little bit blushing never hurts ;) And it’s obvious to everyone but not for them. Jensen and Jared do everything to finally bring them together. Their plan is rather weird and embarrassing but successful. and Misha’s single.

– – – – – –

Your name: submit What is this?

If there was one thing the guys were good at, it was always messing up your masterpieces. And by that, you meant the makeup. 

Sometimes you were convinced that they did it on purpose. Jensen and Jared would come to you, grinning like idiots at how dirty they’d gotten, and you’d sigh and start over with them. Whatever it was, you always couldn’t resist the jokes about it. This was your job, anyway. Even if they did get into food fights when they weren’t supposed to, or wipe dirt on their faces even if the script didn’t call for it, it was fun for all of you to goof around. 

And it got even worse when Misha came along. 

That guy was a joker, even worse than Jared and Jensen, and he’d had you laughing the day he came in. 

“I guess you must be Y/N the makeup lady,” he greeted you that first day, and your smile had trouble leaving your face whenever he came around to get ready for the camera the rest of the day. It was like that from then on, constantly teasing each other and messing around, and soon, he caught on to what Jared and Jensen were always doing. 

“Hey, Y/N,” Jensen grinned, coming in that day with his fake blood nearly all smudged off. You groaned playfully and hit his shoulder, watching him fake the pain. “Don’t hurt me, it wasn’t me! It’s all Misha’s fault.” 

“I know what scene you’re filming right now and he isn’t even in it with you,” you countered, giving him a playful glare as you got to work. 

Misha’s character wasn’t set to film until this one was finished, and it was with Mark and Jensen in this current one. Mark had just barely come to get some touchups done. Something was iffy. As always. 

It made you blush that you even knew Misha’s filming schedule in the first place. You were always getting Jared and Jensen’s scenes mixed up, always genuinely happy and surprised to see one or both of them come in. With Misha, it was different. 

It’s because his name doesn’t start with a J
, you convinced yourself, nodding once as you applied more makeup to Jensen’s face. Less confusing that way. 

You didn’t even notice Jensen’s shit-eating grin until you pulled away to look at your work, and you raised your brow in suspicion, instantly wary about everything around you. From the look he was giving you, there was either something he wasn’t telling you, or he was about to pull a huge prank. “What?” you muttered, the corners of your lips twitching up a little as you fought your smile. “Why are you smiling like a freak?” 

“How do you know Misha’s schedule?” Crap. He caught on, too. 

As you fumbled with your words, the door opened up to reveal an equally ruined Jared, face nearly wiped of all makeup in general as he burst through the doors. It only took him a split second to see the look on Jensen’s face, and your blushing cheeks, and then he was grinning just like him. Something was up big time. 

“What’s going on?” he chuckled, taking a seat next to Jensen as he scrubbed the remnants of makeup away. “This wasn’t me, by the way. It was Misha.” 

“Why do you guys keep blaming Misha?” you snorted, adding a few more details to Jensen’s faux bruise on his jawline. “Is he even here today?” 

“You tell us, Y/N. Since you seem to know his schedule,” Jensen smirked, waggling his eyebrows to Jared, who had scooted his chair to be right next to Jensen’s as you worked. 

If it was possible, your cheeks flushed with even more color, but you couldn’t duck your head away like you normally would. That was the thing about being a makeup artist. You couldn’t look away from what you were doing. 

There was some unspoken secret between the two of them in that room, some sort of inside joke, and you kept quiet as they snuck glances at one another.
“All done,” you sighed, defeated, and then turned to Jared. “Let’s get that pretty face done, too.” 

“Oh, I’m going to lunch so I won’t need anything done for a while,” he smiled, nudging you playfully. “How come you don’t know our schedules? You’ve been working with us longer, Y/N.” 

The teasing was constant with these guys. You were expecting more, but someone called you out to be on set, and you bolted faster than actual lightning. Was it really that obvious that you had a crush on Misha? It was just a silly crush…it wasn’t like he had feelings for you, too. Most of the time you two were just flirting, nothing serious. 

Hopefully those two weren’t going to tell him about it. The only thing more embarrassing than Jensen and Jared teasing you about it was Misha included in it.

“Y/N!” the director called, waving you over once you went on set. “We need you to stay here for a little while. The rain’s making everyone’s faces fall off.” 

You nodded, acknowledging his request, but your eyes were only briefly on him until a pair of blue ones caught your attention, and in no time at all, Misha was running over, a grin ever present on his face. He nearly tackled you into a quick hug, careful not to make too much of a scene, and you flashed him a shy smile as he started babbling about what was going on. 

“I think I look so much better without all that makeup on anyway, but no one else agrees,” he told you, eyes squinting just a bit from how big he was beaming. “What do you think?” 

“I think you need to be camera ready but you do look just fine without any makeup on,” you agreed, shoving him away playfully and waving a few of the extras over to help them out a little. Most of the scene was gory and dirty, and they all needed to look the part, so you were in charge of dirtying them up with streaks of dirt and some bloody gashes, and that was that. 

Jensen and Jared and appeared halfway through your small line of people needing to be retouched, and you blatantly ignored them, hoping they wouldn’t say anything. 

“Misha, you’ve met Y/N,” Jensen smiled, a sly one that lit up his eyes in the most mischievous way. “She’s cool, right?” 

You whipped your head around to glare at him, sending daggers right into him so that he was paralyzed, but Jared had caught on and filled in for him. 

“Isn’t she just the greatest?” 

The best thing you could do to retaliate and make them both shut up for good was to dip a brush into some foundation and flick it at them, smirking evilly as it hit their faces and clothes just enough to make them flinch. 

“That foundation is expensive. You owe me money,” you told him with a curt nod, turning back to finish with the last actor before they ran off. 

“Misha’s next!” Jensen declared, shoving Misha forward with a huge smile, and gave him a wink before walking off with Jared, both of them apparently going to lunch now. 

There was a moment of awkward silence before you got to work, working on perfecting Misha’s face for the cameras once again, and then he smiled at you out of nowhere, something you were totally used to. 

“Sometimes I think that both of them have crushes on you.” 

He was obviously teasing, these two were fathers and husbands even if it was sometimes hard to believe, but you played along. 

“I think so, too. They came in just a few minutes ago because they said you ruined their makeup,” you revealed, not expecting the startled reaction from him. He looked genuinely confused, just like you would have guessed, and eased him with a smile. “I didn’t believe them, though. Those two are always messing stuff up.” 

Misha gave you a wry smile and nodded quietly, a first for him, and maybe it was just your imagination, but you were almost certain that behind all that makeup you’d just put on him, you could feel the heat of a blush. 

– – – –

A sick day wouldn’t kill your career. You really needed one; that was what your cough and rising fever were telling you. 

You looked as pale as the dead body you’d helped create and you were trying so hard not to cough on everything; the last thing you needed was to sterilize everything. So yeah, a sick day was going to have to happen. 

“I hope you don’t mind covering for me,” you told one of your assistants, voice apologetic as you packed up your bag to head home for the rest of the day. 

“No problem at all, go get some rest,” she assured you with a smile, patting your back sympathetically when you hacked out another cough. 

You sniffled a little and waved a weak goodbye, stepping out of your trailer to get to your car, but you bumped into none other than Misha before you could even get a few feet away. 

He was holding his face in one hand, eyes wide as he looked at you, and you saw Jensen and Jared running after him a few yards away, both of them looking amused but also a little worried. 

“Misha, don’t run away like that!” Jared cried, arms outreached for the actor, and you raised a brow. 

“Y/N, don’t let him go anywhere!” Jensen pleaded, but you weren’t about to do that without a good reason. 

“What happened?” you asked Misha quietly, eyes widening in alarm when he pulled his hand away to reveal a forming bruise on his jawline. A real one, not one you’d painted on before. And maybe it was a horrible time to brag, but your bruising makeup was pretty spot on. 

Jensen and Jared had finally caught up, flanked on either side of Misha, looking sheepish but not all that sorry to begin with. 

“Can you fix this for the shoot? We accidentally punched him in the face,” Jensen explained, Jared biting his lip to hold in the laughter. “We smudged his makeup and now he looks ugly.” 

“Guys, really?” you huffed, and the sudden release of air from your lungs made you cough violently again. “Now you’re dragging Misha into this little game of yours?” 

Both of them shrugged and nodded, not at all guilty, and you snorted a little at the gleaming in their eyes. They were up to something and it probably wasn’t something you would like. So, you’d give them a taste of their own medicine. Tease them right back. 

“As you can probably tell,” you began, waving a hand around your face and body, “I’m not feeling a hundred percent today and I’m going home early. Someone else can handle your accidental fight club today. I need fluids and probably some meds to help me sleep.” 

“Are you sick?” Misha asked immediately, completely disregarding his face to tend to you. It surprised you a little and you stepped back, eyebrow raised. 

“The more important thing is your bruise right now. That might be a bit of a sucker to cover up. How did they even accidentally punch you?” you asked him, reaching out to touch it, but Misha waved you off and scoffed. 

You watched in amazement as he wiped away the bruise with the pads of his fingers, easy and swift, and the realization that these three idiots had punk’d you yet again was nearly enough to make you even more ill.

“Are you joking?” 

Misha looked the most embarrassed out of all of them, so you left your glaring to the other two. 

“We can explain?” Misha tried, giving you a shrug and then looking to Jensen and Jared, a blush whirling across his face as he looked back at you. “This is going to sound like the stupidest thing ever but I already look so stupid anyway. Jensen and Jared were trying to be my wingmen – I hate that term and I’m never using it again – and they said that the way I can see you the most is by wiping all my makeup off to go and make you do it again. That sounds awful, though, and I don’t like wasting your time. So Jensen made a plan to pretend to punch me in the face and the one of the intern girls in the makeup crew, her name is Victoria and you might know her, helped me with the bruise. So that you’d have to help me…I don’t want to keep talking. Do you get it? I’m sorry.” 

“I get you,” you said quickly, pressing your lips together firmly as you sorted everything out. He’d gone out of his way to do all this just to get you to pay attention to him. As if you weren’t already doing that.

The way Misha looked so embarrassed made your heart flutter, and the smile that tugged at your lips spread without much of a fight. 

“Their plan was a little stupid,” you admitted, looking to Jensen and Jared, who still looked pretty damn proud anyway. You saw Misha duck his head, and you kept going. “But only because I always pay the most attention to you, anyway.” 

He looked up just then, looking bewildered that this had actually worked, and you gave him a quick smile before bursting into a very unattractive fit of coughs yet again, covering your mouth with your hand as you let it out. 

“Let’s get you home,” he urged, pushing you forward gently to lead you out for the day, and both of you groaned at the whoops Jensen and Jared were letting out, as if they had completed some sort of victory. 

“I think I’ve got it from here,” you teased him weakly, nodding towards the parking lot. “I can make it. My house is only ten minutes away.” 

Misha gave you one of those amazing smiles of his, shrugging a shoulder nonchalantly as he followed you out. “Consider this a really great first date, consisting of me making you soup and asking you lame questions about makeup.” 

“Won’t you get in trouble for leaving work?” 

It was then that you saw a grin so alike to Jensen and Jared’s that it actually scared you. 

“I’ll just tell everyone that those two giants punched me in the face and bullied me all day. Joke’s on them.” 

You felt lighter as a laugh escaped your lips, a little raspy, but genuine. And you even felt better when Misha tentatively grabbed your hand and led you to the car, making small talk to keep you aware. If anything, you were coming to the conclusion that Misha was the best medicine. Him and his fake bruise ideas.  

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CONGRAT on your followers milestone!!! You're a gr9 person. <3 If you are still taking prompts? There was a tweet that went: "My aunt's wedding got awkward when the best man got drunk & announced during the toast that he was in love with the groom" where Erik is the groom, charl is the best man?

thank you thac! <3 i hope this is ok!


“Excuse me, everyone!” Charles lurches to his feet, tapping his fork against his water glass loudly to attract everyone’s attention. He imagines the room is a little blurry but that’s probably because of all the wine glasses he’s polished off over the course of the dinner, and that’s not even counting the trips he’d made to open bar over in one corner of the hotel ballroom before dinner was served. “I’d like to make a toast!”

It takes a few seconds, but gradually the happy hubbub of conversation dies off, everyone in the room focusing on Charles where he stands at the table at the front of the room where the rest of the wedding party sits. Erik puts his arm around Magda where they sit together at the head of the table and grins at him, because likely he can tell exactly how drunk Charles is—just like Charles can tell Erik is still half-freaked out that he’s married.

“First of all, to the happy couple,” Charles says, lifting his glass of champagne and prompting the rest of the room to follow suit. “You two are perfect for each other. No, you really are,” he insists, making a few people laugh, “you’re like two halves of a very…a very,” Charles casts around for something to say but comes up blank, “…perfect whole.”

Erik raises an amused eyebrow, still grinning, and someone on the other end of the room calls out, “Here, here!”

“Anyway, um, when you asked me to be your best man, of course I had to accept,” Charles continues, and in a distant corner of his mind he hopes his words are slurring too badly. “You are my oldest and best friend, and I couldn’t have been happier to…”

He trails off, and the silence is deafening. Everyone is watching him, still holding up their champagne glasses and waiting for him to finish. But the longer Charles hesitates the harder and harder it gets to keep going, all the melancholy of the past nine months welling up inside him until he can barely breathe and down the table Erik’s grin is starting to fade and be replaced by a worried, concerned look as Charles feels his own expression start to mirror his emotions.

“I’m sorry, I—I can’t do this,” Charles says, his voice loud enough to carry through the whole room but his eyes locked on Erik’s. “I’m in love with you.”

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Secret Santa [Newt x Reader]

Notes: Posting earlier ‘cause I don’t know when I’ll have Wi-Fi again. I hope you like this one.

Brief summary: You and Newt had broken up, but since your families were so close you would have to spend Christmas with them.

Warnings: none, only fluff.

Words count: 1396

Because of your mothers’ friendship, you and Newt knew each other since you were babies; he has actually been your first ever friend. Your families were really close and lived almost in the same house as you, considering they would come to your house really often. His mom loved you and your brother and considered you her nephews.

You went to Hogwarts one year later than him and your brother. During the year you both were apart Newt kept sending you letters once in a while to give you some advice about teachers and classes, also telling you some secret passages and how to annoy some teachers that he didn’t like.

When you finally went to Hogwarts your friendship just got stronger; he would help you with some of your homework and teaching you some stuff that he had learned. But it was in your fourth year at Hogwarts that you became really close. You both would stay in the common room until late so that you could cuddle on the couch or just kiss without your brother knowing.  Not that he wasn’t allowed to know, it was only because you both didn’t want to see his reaction.

Even after Newt was expelled you two kept seeing each other in secret, but like all things, that had to come to an end. For you, it felt like it was something more physical for him than feelings because he had never said the three words you wanted to hear and your friends made you think that he just wanted someone to snuggle, not someone to have a story with, so you decided to break up with him during the summer.

You went home during Christmas break on your last year at Hogwarts which was also the year you had ended things with Newt, so when your mom told you his family was coming over for Christmas you felt like your world was just about to collapse.

How would you face him? If you dressed too well would it look like you wanted to tell him you were doing better without him? If you put too much makeup on, would it look like you were trying to win him back? What if he appeared with another girl? What if he looked like he was doing better without you? All of this questions were going around in your head, but the biggest one that was haunting your head was: what if you were his secret Santa and you would have to hug him? That looked like a really awkward and also embarrassing, moment in your head.

Christmas day came earlier than you expected and also did your family’s guests. While you were looking yourself in the mirror and trying to decide if it was too much or too little you heard a knock on the front door.

“Y/N, can you please open the door?” Your mother screamed from her room “I’m not ready yet.”

You panicked, you couldn’t be the one to open the door and if you did that you would also have to greet them with a hug, as always. You saw you brother passing on the corridor.

“Go, open the door.” You said to him.

“Mom told you to go.” He replied.

“I’m not ready yet” You lied closing your bedroom’s door.

You heard him going down the stair and opening the door. Pressing your ear against the door you heard the sweet voice of Mrs. Scamander and then you heard the voice of the one person you didn’t want to hear. You sat on your bed, reviewing your plan to not face him alone and avoiding had to discuss your break up.  You would stay with your and his mother, talking about whatever they were talking about and then you would sit next to your mother and in front of you brother, this way you wouldn’t have to talk to him or face him in any way.

“Honey, come on.” your mom said opening the door without knocking “You look beautiful, let’s go down.”

She grabbed your hand making you stand up and dragged you to the top of the stairs. She went ahead and you followed her. Your mom greeted them and you stood beside her, Newt’s gaze met yours and you felt butterflies on your stomach, you looked away really quickly.

“Oh dear, you look so pretty.” His mom said hugging you and you hugged her back.

“Thank you.” You said looking over her shoulder to find Newt raising one eyebrow at you.

“Come on, let’s go to the kitchen so the boys can catch up.” You mother suggest to his and they both went to the kitchen.

“I’ll go with you.” You said and followed them.        

“Where’s Theseus?” Your mother asked.

“He couldn’t come, something to do with work…” Mrs. Scamander replied and kept talking.

You zoned out really quickly thinking of the way he looked at you and also just the way he looked as handsome as ever. It just killed you inside. Sooner than you thought, everyone was sat on the dining table eating the delicious Christmas dinner your and his mother had cooked. Your plan was going well until that moment.

“Darling, can you go get the pie in the kitchen, please?” Your mother asked.

“Me?” You asked pointing at yourself.

“Yeah, honey, please.” You mother insisted.

“Sure.” You said while standing up from the chair and making your way to the kitchen.

You opened the oven and got the pie, placing it over the cupboard that was next to the oven.

“Why have you been avoiding me all night?” You jumped hearing the only voice you didn’t want to hear.

“Hell, you scared me!” You said putting your hand over your heart.

“Can you answer me?” He said walking towards you.

“I-I haven’t.” You mumbled looking down and avoiding eye contact with him.

“Are you sure?” newt kept walking in your direction and placed his hand on the cupboard in a way that you couldn’t escape. “That’s not what it looks like.”

“Can you leave me alone?” You asked.

“I want to know why you broke up with me through a letter. Can you explain that to me?” He was staring at you with a serious expression on his face.  

“You never really asked me to be your girlfriend in the first place, so there was nothing official.” You said with a sarcastic tone in your voice “Should I have just stopped to meeting you? Would it be better that way?”

“No.” He sighed and took his hands off the cupboard, letting you go.

You got the pie in your hands and, when you were walking out the kitchen, you heard him say. “I thought you loved me.” His voice sounded broken and much more vulnerable than before.

“Well,” you placed the pie over another cupboard and turned to him, “I thought you loved me as well, but you never told me that, so I guessed that you didn’t and a relationship does not work if the feelings are not mutual.

“Are you saying that I had to be the first to say it?” He sounded a bit confused.

“I mean, that’s what girls expect.” You answered.

“Well, if it still matters, yes I loved you.” He said looking down and blushing

“Do you still do?” You asked stepping toward him.

“Yeah Y/N, I still love you.” He blushed even more.

“Well,” you took a deep breath “I still love you too.”

He smiled and looked directly into your eyes, you felt your cheeks burning and blushing. Newt lifted you chin with one of his hands and with the other one he grabbed your waist and pulled you closer, you stood on your tip toes and felt his soft lips touching yours. You had missed his kiss and the way he pulled closer as if he was trying to protect you from something.

You heard you mother walking over to the kitchen and pulled him away, giving him a sing to wait and you walked through the door holding the pie in your hands and telling you mom some excuse you just made up, avoiding her to go inside the kitchen.

During the rest of the night you and Newt exchanged smiles and looks, also you found out you were indeed right, Newt was your secret Santa.

Thanks for reading :)

Also, because I’m on a family road trip, I won’t be able to post until  Wednesday when I get back home. You guys can leave request because I’ll still be able to write, I just won’t be able to post.

And I know I say this everytime, but thanks for the amazing response I got on the other imagines I posted, seriously. I’m really insecure about my writing and just seeing that a lot of people liked it makes me happy! 

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Can I have gom, takao, hanamiya, himuro helping their girlfriend with her makeup? :)

Kuroko: It’s a learning experience for him as he asks you which steps he should take and when. Kuroko ends up asking you a lot of questions, mostly along the lines of ‘why do you have so many if you only use this one?’ In the end, he does a decent job, but you still would’ve done better on your own.

Kise: Having watched makeup artists apply things both to his face and to other models, Kise felt like putting some on you would be a cinch! In reality, he’s completely awful at it. Twice he has to apologize because he’s poked your eyes with the mascara brush.

Aomine: It quickly becomes apparent that, despite having Momoi as a best friend, Aomine knows nothing about makeup. You laugh as he picks up every brush, bottle, and powder with question in his eyes. Eventually he just starts putting things on you, hoping they were in the right spot.

Midorima: All you had done was ask him if he could draw your eyeliner on a bit straighter, but Midorima had to take it to the next level. He had drawn your left eye almost perfectly, but for some reason couldn’t get the right eye to look quite the same. It bothered him to no end as he tried to make them symmetrical.

Takao: The excitement in his eyes when you ask him to do your makeup is almost enough for you to take back your request. Takao has way too much fun trying to paint your face with the different colored eye shadows and blushes. You’re lucky you don’t end up looking like a clown when he’s done. 

Murasakibara: Following your instructions word for word, Murasakibara finds himself wondering how you could manage to put on a full face of makeup every single day. It was so much work just for you to get dolled up, he didn’t see the point. Especially when he thought you looked better without it all.

Himuro: Not wanting to accidentally harm you by doing something wrong, Himuro leaves the actual makeup process in your hands. He does help by suggesting certain colors with each other, testing your creativity with the weird combos he’s creating.

Akashi: Despite protests that you’d look a million times better without the makeup, you still managed to get Akashi to help. If he couldn’t get you to go without, he supposed applying an appropriate amount would be the next best thing. Unfortunately, he’d never be able to call himself a great makeup artist.

Hanamiya: It was around the point where Hanamiya had started suggesting you use your green eye shadow as blush that you realized he was messing with you. Thank goodness too, because if he really did find the way you had drawn your eyebrows thicker than his attractive, the two of you would have problems.

being pretty.

Do you guys ever think about how we care so much about being pretty?

With instagram and idk movies and gorgeous normal girls on there lately I’ve been more self-conscious about myself. I care too much about being naturally pretty and just look good without makeup or with my hair done. But I don’t. 

I also thought about the privilege that comes with being “attractive”, of course in line with society’s standards. How it really helps and your life increasingly is better when you’re pretty. I don’t want to sound and be superficial but omg sometimes I just want to look good in selfies and pictures my friends take of me, maybe I’m being very harsh on myself. Do you ever feel the same? 

I was not in the mood to go out at all last night. Like at all. But then my sister was like “we are gonna hang out in your fave mexican open air restaurant~~~” and I put on my super nice long flowy dress I hot from Bik Bok like 3 years ago did my makeup and put on some heels, took a clutch and boom baby I felt 100 times better. Had a little bit too much to drink considering I had watermelon for dinner… but oh well.
I just seriously have to get used to sleeping without a blanket and just generally being hot during the night and it’s gonna get even hotter next week { 38 C } fuuuun. NOT !!!

“In ages long past, an incurable scourge ravaged mankind. A tiny menace that twisted men into monsters, the likes of which you’ve seen. In Lucis lived a savior who could cure the afflicted. His body would come to host myriad daemons, that countless lives be spared.”

I tested all of Ardyn for the first time earlier today! Putting my face on the Internet makes me uncomfortable, but I’m actually kind of proud of this. I don’t wear makeup except for costuming purposes, so I’ve purposefully been trying to get better with it (e.g. being able to do the little fine-motor things without my fingers locking up); today was the first time I tested anything for Ardyn. I also learned how to use the timer on my phone camera, so…that was cool.

It was actually a little frightening how much I looked like the trash king once I put the coat on. The wig is still too pretty and organized for my liking, so I’ll wet it and hang it upside-down to dry when it’s closer to Sac-Anime in September.

Beauty On A Budget: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Face Masks!

Now that finals are approaching and I’m going to be having more time off to blog, I wanted to start this new weekly post called Beauty On A Budget! I will be sharing skincare and makeup that are very affordable, because its always good to find good beauty deals :)

This week I’m going to be talking about freeman masks! These are hands down my favorite masks from the drugstore. I have so many of these and I love everyone I have. These masks can be found at most drugstores (walmart, target, cvs etc..) & ULTA. I usually get mine at ULTA. 

There are several different mask to choose from, and it really depends on what you’re looking to do. They have peel off masks, charcoal masks, enzyme (MY FAV) masks, and many more. I can feel these working  on my skin, and my skin looks so healthy and radiant after everyone I have used. I have found myself going and trying all these expensive face masks that end up doing absolutely nothing for skin. 

My favorites from the line are definitely the enzyme, dead sea minerals, and avocado and oatmeal mask! These are good for oily skin too :) Taking care of your skin is so important & now you will be able to do so without breaking the bank :)

These retail for $3.99, so it doesn’t get much better than that :)

Usually if I post a photo without makeup I’ve filtered it or edited it to hide blemishes, but today I’m gonna tell you about LUSH’s coalface soap.

My biggest insecurity is my skin. I’ve been on medicine that has made me ill for it, I’ve tried the harshest and mildest washes, and nothing REALLY helped.

The first photo was taken the first day I used this soap. Second photo, third day. The last photo? JUST SEVEN DAYS.

After a week my skin looks and feels so much better and I’m so excited if your skin isn’t too sensitive I recommend this stuff it has saved my life

Even if you’re exhausted out of your mind, do not go to bed without flossing and brushing your teeth/tongue, taking off your makeup and/or going through your skincare routine. Also moisturize moisturize moisturize. That’s how we restore our skin at night!!! And keep a glass of water and some lip balm near you while you sleep. Don’t forget to keep brushing your hair if you have some follicles to stimulate!!!

You feel so much better when you fall asleep this way, please be good to yourselves


my skin is my biggest insecurity. i always feel like everybody else has flawless skin and im always too embarrassed to go out without makeup on. it occurred to me that bc i put so much effort in my foundation routine, my skin probably looks a lot better than it actually does. thought id put this out there in case theres anybody else feeling insecure about their skin. youre not alone !!

I’ve tried literally fucking e v e r y t h i n g and now my last resort is accutane so a) wish me luck getting it because it’s really hard to find a derm I can see with my insurance during the week when I don’t have classes and b) wish me luck being on it if I can start taking it (hopefully asap)

I’m so insecure about my acne. It’s been cystic before and was worse and then got a little bit better after I started the pill but it never got totally better. Now it’s starting to get bad again and I’m afraid it’s going to start getting cystic again. Everyone around me has beautiful, clear skin and can wear makeup and such and even go to bed without washing their faces…Here I am taking excellent care of my body in terms of my skin, cleaning it enough but not too much, keeping in moisturized, watching the products I use…I take such good care of my skin but it doesn’t reflect that at all. It doesn’t feel fair at all but it’s all hormonal (you can see that too definitely in the location near the chin/cheeks where it shows up, telltale sign it’s only hormonal), and I have such wonderful soft, hydrated, clear skin e v e r y w h e r e else on my body except my face. 

Also, not to mention: if not to make my insecurities worse…ALL my relatives say to me is how bad my skin is. Without me asking for their fucking opinion or anything. They just assume it’s okay to comment on my acne. My half-sister even edited my face in her holiday pictures this year so that my acne wouldn’t show up in her pictures!! (And didn’t ask me first or afterwards about it just posted them and I found out myself). How rude and mean!! Like I fucking know my skin is bad and makes me ugly as fuck I’m not blind so go fuck yourself!!

Anyways…TLDR, if you have nice skin, please be thankful and take good care of it!! Also wish me luck please, send me good vibes, I honestly have prayed for clear skin. It’s been years now and I am so done. I just want to be comfortable with the face I have, both physically and psychologically (if acne wasn’t bad enough on the mind and for the self-image, imagine how fucking BAD it actually HURTS too on your face if you’ve never had bad acne!!) 

And if you tend to avoid people because of their acne or acne scars then please be more conscious of it. I really do believe having acne has really shot down any chance of me being asked out/flirted with tbh lol. People with acne or acne scars are just as beautiful and healthy if not even MORE healthy than people with absolutely perfect clear skin! Acne =/= bad health, bad hygiene, bad diet, unattractiveness, laziness, ugliness, apathy about one’s appearance, uncleanliness, etc in any way! 

Thank you for reading this rant, spread the love for body positivity in people who have acne problems! xx



This is for dreamergirl2727 Hope you like it 💖

Tumblr Imagine

“Why is @Y/T/N so fuckin ugly? She must need an entire make up palate to cover her face. Cameron obviously deserves so much more than her!” A tweet read. You locked your phone and went over to your vanity where you had your make up laid out on the table top. You looked down at the make-up. Was this too much? What do you really look like without the makeup? Maybe Cameron does deserve better.

“Y/N is so fat she should just still to wearing leggings for the rest of her life so no one has to see those thunder thighs of hers. How does Cameron put up with that? He deserves so much better” Another read as you looked in the mirror. You pulled down your shorts getting insecure about your thighs. Maybe Cameron did deserve better.

The thoughts ran through your mind for the rest of the day while Cameron was visiting his mom and Sierra. Cameron did deserve better, better than you. You had seen him with some fans and they were WAY prettier than you. Why was Cameron even with you? You didn’t know what to do. You tweeted “You deserve so much better than this”

Later that night when Cameron returned, you were both sitting on the couch watching a re run of a show. “Hey Y/N I’m gonna go to a party tomorrow, do you wanna come? Babe what’s wrong?” He asked. “I think we should break up.” You said. The room fell silent and Cam scorched out from under you so you were face to face. “Can I at least ask why?” He asked. He was obviously upset, and it broke your heart into a million pieces. “I don’t know, I just think it’s what’s best for us.” You said refusing to make eye contact with him. “For us? Then shouldn’t I be included in this decision.” He said. “Cameron I’m sorry, I really feel like we should do this. I can get my things out tonight.” You said getting up leaving Cameron stunned there on the couch. When you gathered your things you returned to the living room to see Cameron in the same spot his eyes now locked on the tv. “I’m sorry Cameron, I really am.” You said. You wanted Cameron to come chase after you, but you didn’t. This was how it was supposed to be. That night Cameron tweeted that we were through, and the tweets like “Good now he can go to someone better.” Came in. You retweeted a few of them.

(Cam’s P.O.V.) I’m shocked honestly. I really don’t know what to say. I was just asking her to go the party with me, and know we’re broken up. Last night she told me loved me and we had an amazing night together and tonight I’m all alone. I never saw this coming.

Everyday since Y/N left, I haven’t been myself. I don’t know if it was the fact that she left without warning, or there was no way that I could prevent it. Everyone says that I should check her Twitter, her tweets and favorites if those would have any clue why she just kinda left. And they did. “You deserve so much better than this.” And she retweeted something that said “Good now Cameron can go be with someone better.” That was it. She didn’t think she was good enough for me, what she didn’t know it that she was my everything. I looked through some of her mentions the tweets calling her names and telling her that I could do so much better made me upset, if I could have gotten better, I would have. But she is perfect to me.

And I knew that I was not loosing my girl like this..

I called her friend and told her the entire situation and she promised me that she would help. She was going to give Y/N little clues and then at the end I would be there, and hopefully get her back.

“She’s on her way good luck!” A message from Y/F/N said. I got nervous. The same nervousness that I got on our first date. This could end with us together or could go down in flames. The doors opened and I looked up at Y/N, she looked so beautiful. She smiled and put her hands over her face. She came to me and I took her hand and guided her to the table. “Before you say anything, I know why you wanted to break up with me, because you didn’t think your good enough and that I deserve better. Are you crazy? Y/N your the only girl that I need. You make me smile every single day and if that’s not good enough then I don’t know what is. Please Y/N, I love you so much.” I said. I could feel the tears starting to fill my eyes. “Okay. I’m sorry for putting you through this.” She said getting up coming over to the side of the table that I was at wrapping her arms around me. I looked down and placed a kiss on the top of her head.


Every toned, tanned, and oiled inch of Nikki Bella is pure woman (with the exception of perhaps her chest, which the wrestler admits has been augmented by modern medicine). But mess the wrong way with the WWE Divas champion, and you’ll get something from Bella that is decidedly unfeminine: the “Nikki Rack Attack,” her signature finisher, when she hoists her opponent up onto her shoulders and then slams down to her knees, causing the fool on her back to fall to the ground, flailing and defeated.

I can literally lift anything on my shoulders—I know I could even get my own man up on my shoulders,” Bella says. (And that, folks, is saying something, considering her “own man” is 250-pound pro wrestler and bodybuilder John Cena.)

How did the 31-year-old wrestler, crowned 2013 “Diva of the Year,” get so strong? Part of it stems from the power of two: Bella’s twin, Brie, also competes in WWE, and the pair often wrestle together under the evocative moniker the Bella Twins. But Nikki Bella’s brawn also comes from copious time spent in the weight room. For more on how Bella trains, along with why she’s a self-proclaimed “doughnut queen” and “huge wino,” keep reading.

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i’m so fucking sick of playing a part in this theatrical performance so many of us put on in life that numbs what we really feel.

i got hurt because someone got over me first. i miss him. i shouldn’t. it gets better. it hurts less than it did last week. i really wish i was having sex with someone right now. i really wish i wasn’t where i am. i wish i had makeup on, and i wish that i could feel alive without seeking it for myself. i hate how white the sky is during the winter. i hate the monotony of small talk so much that i avoid it. i think my standards for myself are too low. i’m not even sure i have standards. i pick my scabs too much and i hate the scars they leave. i don’t actually like starbucks as much as it seems like i do. yesterday, i had the opportunity to weigh myself, and for the first time in years i didn’t because i don’t care about how much my bones and skin add up to. those bones and this skin is the same set of shit that’s been with me since i was 6 and had stitches in my chin, to when i was 20 and started crying five minutes after i lost my virginity because tom told me how relieved he was that we weren’t doing anything serious. i hate that i bite my nails, but i still get a sweet release when they’re all miserably short. i fucking hate men because my dad left me and now i see him everywhere. i was molested when i was little and i feel guilty about it. i once came 17 times in one day. i am the happiest when i’m by myself getting lost on wikipedia, learning about the things my professors are too busy to get into.

i’m so tired of muting my humanity for the sake of acceptance. i’m not accepted when i mute it, so i might as well turn that shit up on full volume. i wish people would stop being robots and start saying what they really mean and what they really feel. i’m so tired of meeting the same colorless, vapid person again and again, just with a different name and hairstyle.