so much better than white christmas


Merry Christmas baby! I can’t believe yet another year has flown by so quickly, this is your second Christmas which means your second birthday is right around the corner! 

Today has been quiet; and after 19 years of hectic, drama-filled and family packed Christmases, it was perfect! It may not have been a white Christmas (is it ever in England?!) but it was definitely a cold one so we stayed in pyjamas all day but still pigged out on a huge dinner - I may or may not have eaten a pigs in blanket or two off of your plate because meat cravings plus pregnancy plus Christmas dinner does not a good vegetarian make. I’m really trying with this but it’s proving to be much harder than I thought.

It was amazing watching you open up all of your gifts now that you have a better idea about what Christmas is, although it’s safe to say you found the wrapping paper more exciting than the actual presents!

You’re asleep now, since it’s quite late and you were absolutely knackered. Kenji and I (and Noa and Baby D) are watching Love Actually and no, I’m not crying!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my followers, I hope you’ve all had amazing days, surrounded by love and happiness and that 2017 will be wonderfully memorable for you ♥

Merry Christmas

Anonymous: hey! could you write a Ricky horror one about the reader and Ricky visiting and staying her parents but they don’t really approve of him and he gets a little upset so she tries to make him feel better (with some fluffy smut of you want lol) thank you so much!

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Christmas with the Weasley-Potter family   “May all your Chirstmases be white!”

So, this is my gift for @be-a-muse! I knew you wanted something domestic, and I couldn’t help thinking about Harry, Ginny and their first Christmas as a family. I had a lot of fun while making this and hope you like it as much as I do. Happy Holidays!

As someone living in a tropical country, I’ve always wondered how it feels being able to see seasons change right before your eyes. It must be something, to see changes like that. Like a real change, a physical change. Seeing greens turn to fiery oranges then melt away to nothing before turning to blankets of white. It must be something. It must be enchanting.

Nothing like that happens where I am from and I admire it from afar. It must be something to experience them all four, especially fall. Of all the seasons, I think I like fall most.

Summer, I know, and I love so much. But summer, (at least the summer that I know) is really hot. Like oven hot, the heat that feels like you are being cooked. Or maybe the summer I know is better than yours, I am not sure.
Winter, though many from here romanticize a White Christmas, I don’t like much. I like cold, but what I know of cold falls so short to winter coldness. Winter’s cold is the kind that freezes, and i is not something I can welcome, or tolerate.
Spring is alien to me. We don’t have winter so there isn’t a time when everything comes back alive in a large scale. Spring must smell wonderful, I don’t really know. The pictures I see can only do so much.

Now fall, I picture of fall and I think, it must be really beautiful. It is orange, a bright orange that does not sting the eyes, like that of when the sun sets. I mean, how can anyone get tired of looking at that? Nobody gets tired of looking at sunsets, not even when it is the same thing everyday.
And not just the physical change, but the metaphorical falling of dead leaves. Never anywhere does letting go looked more beautiful, or graceful.

So I decide, yes, fall is my favorite imagined season.