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Boldly Go #1 came out today, and I’m a bit floored. I honestly wasn’t expecting to see Jaylah for a few issues. So, naturally, I am just enthused about this. Granted, it’s only one page and Jaylah’s only in one panel, but it’s honestly just a lot more than I was expecting. 

My expectations were more like—Jaylah goes to the Academy on Earth and Scotty stays with the crew, wherever they wind up. I thought, at best, we’d get long-distance video chats of sorts between Jaylah and the crew (or Scotty) and that she really wouldn’t make it on board until issue five. But instead, we got this, and it is so much better than everything I expected and it’s actually everything I did not expect at all.

I mean, Scotty’s a guy who can only be dragged out of the Enterprise just short of kicking and screaming. The guy loves his ship. Said ship is undergoing massive reconstruction and I would’ve expected Scotty to stay on Yorktown where it was being rebuilt. Probably be an obnoxious backseat driver to everyone rebuilding that ship.

But instead, he goes to Earth. With Jaylah. Takes part in the Academy, and not just coming in as a one-off guest speaker, but as a teacher of Starship Safety Protocols. As a teacher of a class Jaylah’s taking. Like, it’s almost as if he’s decided to stick as close to Jaylah as possible or something.

So, no doubt, after reading this issue and adoring it for it’s pacing, writing, and overarching story setup (Borg, Borg, Borg!) all I can do is grin like an idiot at how happy it makes me to see Scotty’s on Earth with Jaylah. I want to know more about that situation. Like, are they inseparable still, even outside of the classroom? Is Jaylah shacking up with Scotty (and I mean this completely non-romantically, because I’d slay to see them in an awkward, sexual-tension-infused “platonic” roommate situation) or is she staying in the dorms? Do the other students see her as the “Teacher’s Pet” or…? Will we get to see Scotty showing Jaylah around Earth or San Francisco? How long are we going to have just Scotty and Jaylah on their own Earth holiday before they join back up with the crew? Are they supposed to be low-key parallel to Spock and Uhura’s sabbatical on New Vulcan?

Then, can I just gush for a minute about Scotty at the Academy, teaching? Scotty, who, initially had his application for the Academy rejected because he was “too smart for his own good?” (Ongoing #19) Like… Scotty, who wound up not getting into the Academy until about his mid-twenties (versus late teens) because he was rejected and spent a few years working freighters and came back as a much older student? That Scotty, back, when he could be taking part in the Enterprise’s reconstruction, to be close to Jaylah?

Man. Sign me up for this. Sign. Me. Up.

First off, sorry to my followers for all the SPN stuff but there were things in the most recent episode that were huge especially regarding Castiel (who’s my fav). But here are those things that were so important.

Castiel openly admitted that he might be dying.

This is the same guy who once said that he would hold back the other angels and next thing we know he was splattered all over the walls. The guy who told Sam and Dean that doing something would just “weaken” him and then not even five mintutes later he’s coughing up blood, saying he was better than he expected. Not too long later he does pretty much the same thing, is surprised he actually made it, and immediately earns the name Mr. Comatose. This is the same guy who’s brushed off death, lethal injuries, going insane, and so on and so forth. He’s come into the worse of situations pretty much saying, “Oh, that’s not good.”

Cas is known for not just his bluntness, but his severe tendency to understate a situation. It’s seems to an angel thing.

So for him to say directly, “I think I might be dying.” is huge. It means it’s bad.

And this is pretty much the first time he’s had someone to be there for him. It’s the first time he’s gotten a chance to say good-bye when he knew or thought or felt he was dying.

First death, only Chuck was there and Cas had sent Dean to Sam without any good-byes. With Lucifer, it was pretty much over in a snap (literally). Next time (not sure if this counts since it seemed to only be a second) his last words were “I’m sorry” and within moments he realizes the Leviathans were still there and his last conscious memory before they take over is probably yelling at them all to run. When he stayed in Purgatory, thinking he’d die there, he thought he would die alone like he deserved. With April, it was too late for good-byes again. Then when losing his grace, he prioritized everyone else and hid his condition. When he said yes, he thought he’d die and just hoped the boys would understand.

But this was different. And he took full advantage of it.

And that’s the other thing that’s hitting me about this episode.

Cas’s speech. Dear God, Cas’s speech.

It’s even more heartbreaking than what he said after he killed Billy.

Castiel, who started out not understanding a thing about emotions (no thanks to Naomi I’m sure), who is thought of as the “Angel with too much heart” by the more sympathetic in Heaven, said “I love you.”

Now it seemed that first was directed more to Dean (be still, my Destiel shipping heart), but then he included everyone in his “I love you all.”

Castiel has canonically said “I love you.”

And that… that…

Not only is it big for Cas to admit and say, but…

When have the Winchesters heard that much?

They aren’t ones to really say it. Mary’s still kinda awkward with her babies being grown up. Dean has never said it in the entire show except for once in a memory with Mary I think. Sam kinda goes with the not saying this sort of stuff even if he is the supposed touchy-feely one. So they don’t hear this said to them usually.

But Cas says it. He calls them family. He thanks them.

I just…

Let me go cry over this scene some more. I hope I got my point across.

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i have to admit - i would totally bang you

Lmao not to dissapoint but im much better at writing than doing. i tend to get super awkward and say dumb shit like last time i got it on with this guy he was all ‘ur so wet’ and i literally responded, dead pan 'gee i wonder why, its not like youve been fingering me for five minutes’ so yeah turns out sarcasm isnt good sex talk.

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OQ Smut Week, First Curse Sex

A day late and more than a few dollars short.

Thanks so much to Allison ( @somewhereapart ), Brooke ( @brookeap3 ), Hollie, ( @outlawqueenbey ) ,  Hannah ( @the-alpha-incipiens ) and now bea ( @repellomuggletum15  )I would be nothing without you guys. <3

She’s five years older today.

She’s five years older today, yet her body has not aged. The people around her have not changed.  Seasons change, the budget meetings vary from day to day, but everything’s all the same.  People let her win every argument.  She always wins.  

She’s lonely.  

She has Graham, but he doesn’t notice that time passes.  He doesn’t remember the secrets she tells him, and in some ways that’s comforting.  She can open up to him and cry, cry about her vindictive mother, her cowardly, stupid, loving, too-trusting father.  She can avoid the details that are damning and just open her soul up to him, and he’ll hold her and cradle her head and tell her that she’s not alone, that he’s with her.

And she can sometimes believe it, but within days the memory of what they shared fades.  That’s part of the curse.  It erases his mind.  Resets him.

And the distance grows.

She’s calculated it. It’s five days before the clock in Graham’s head resets, five days until his memories slip away, lost to the curse forever.  

There is no relationship that can be formed in this curse.  Nothing can grow when the lifespan is only five days.  Oh, it’s a dark curse, and she paid a dark price, all for the dark sense of loneliness she is doomed to live for…all eternity?  Is this her own special version of hell?

Her only consolation is that as miserable as she is, Snow White is even more miserable.  Miserable and alone, and pathetic.  

But it’s been five years.  Five years of seeing Snow sad and alone.

And it really isn’t that satisfying after all.

Today she takes the afternoon off, leaves her elegant office in favor of her favorite place in the woods, where a fallen log makes the perfect bench.  It’s beautiful here, just the beginning of autumn; crisp, radiant leaves surround her, frame the beautiful view of the sunset in front of her.  She has her travel coffee mug - a coffee mug she’s filled with hot chocolate and laced with a generous pour of whiskey.  Oh hell, who is she kidding.  It’s whiskey with a generous pour of hot chocolate.  Still, it’s warm, and delicious, and it dulls the pain a bit.  The pain of knowing this is an anniversary not only of the curse’s birth, but of her father’s death.  

God, she misses him.  But if there’s one thing she knows, she knows a man as kindly as him is in a place far better than this hell. Better than the life of a man who was married to an evil woman and fathered an even more evil, ungrateful daughter.

Five years he’s been free.

“To five years,” she says, toasting to the setting sun before taking a long sip and swallowing hard, fighting the tears in her eyes and willing them to settle, not to fall.

“Five years of what?” says a voice behind her, and she jumps, her mug dropping to the ground, spilling the contents.

She curses and scowls at the stealthy intruder.  Locksley. God, he is insufferable.  It seems every time she wanted to be alone he’d show up.  

“Apologies, m’lady.  I didn’t expect to find anyone here.”

“Yes, well, this log is occupied,” she says tightly.  “Be on your way.”

“Well, I can’t do that,” he says, sitting down next to her. “You see, I am the park ranger.”

“I’m aware,” she says, before adding, “I hired you.”

That’s not… exactly true.  She did cast The Dark Curse and she had a say over the lives of many over whom it was cast but… the curse itself filled in where she had not set up a specific plan.  She did not know this man from the Land of Magic.  Didn’t know his past, who he was before…this.  But the curse had made him a park ranger, so he must have had some connection to the woods.

So technically, The Dark Curse hired him.  But he doesn’t need to know that.

“Indeed you did,” Locksley agrees, taking out a flask and helping himself to a generous sip.  “And I believe I am to enforce rules.  And one very important one” —he points to her coffee mug, a devilish smile on his face— “is no alcoholic beverages on park grounds.”

Why that little—!

She could just—

But it’s a joke, he’s made that clear, especially with the flask he’s holding now.  He’s playing with her.  Trying to engage her.  And for what purpose?

He’s so… He makes her so mad, has this way of pressing her buttons and bothering her.  That’s not supposed to happen in the curse, she’s always supposed to win, and yet…

She should just get up from this log and leave, make a comment about drinking on the job being a fireable offense, and let that be that.

But the sunset is beautiful, and it’s unseasonably warm, and he’s holding out a flask to her, and he’s sitting right next to her, their legs are touching, and the physical contact is just… oddly soothing.

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For Leo rankings, mag 7 tf, fierce five tf, and final 5 tf


3. Fierce Five 
Because honestly I REGULARLY forget that they wore the red leos in TF instead of the American flag ones??? I will never understand? They could have done so much butter with the leos for 2012.
Like who thought THIS:

Would be better to win the 1st team Gold in 16 years than THIS???:

2. Magnificent Seven TF

These leos will always be ICONIC. The only TF leo that supersedes it IMO is:


A close second for the Rio Leos is: 

Because I am a whore for Aly in red.


Let Me Love You pt. 4

Summary: She never really looked at Bucky that way, but she just recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend and Bucky is more than willing to help her get her mind off of him. Maybe she would let him help, if only he would stop being so infuriatingly annoying for just one second. A five part mini-series based on Ariana Grande’s ‘Let Me Love You’

Word Count: 1,596

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Unnamed female character

A/N: So, this kind of took a turn. However, I like it better this way. Warning! Smut! Also, I probably won’t be able to post the final update until Friday. So, I apologize for that. And thank you guys so much for being so awesome. I never thought I’d get so many notes. Wow.

Part onepart two, part three!

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“I gotta go.”

“You’re not going anywhere,” Bucky replied as he pulled her closer to him and planted a kiss on her temple. They had been like this for hours, just laying in his bed, and if he had it his way they’d stay that way for a few more hours- or days, whichever.

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Why?? The fuck?? Is literally?? No one?? Acknowledging?? Kei’s character development?? Like?? TF?? 

 Literally he started as the biggest douche ever, hating everyone, thinking he’s better than everyone, thinking that volleyball is pointless or whatever and now he’s so much less of a douche I mean seriously 

 He high fives his teammates now, he congratulates Tadashi, he acknowledges his brother’s struggles, and he’s genuinely proud of his child hood friend He’s not the best at showing affection, yeah, but he’s such a sweetheart inside who loves dinosaurs and strawberries 

 Ughhh Why don’t you guys understand how much Kei has transformed??? His teammates are such a good influence on him, especially Tadashi UGHHH

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Belle deserves her happy ending. And that ending is Rumple. Period.

The Belle French tag always seems to contain so much amounting to “Belle deserves better.”

And she does.

She deserves more than five minutes of screentime per half season. She deserves a storyline of her own, not to be hauled out for exposition or to prop the guy who tried to kill her four times and never even apologized. She deserves not to be used as nothing but a pawn against Rumple by the so-called heroes of the show. She deserves to have friends who show up more than once a season, and to have someone somewhere thank her for the numerous times she’s saved them and support her when she’s in pain. (Thank goodness for Grumpy and Archie.)

And she deserves a partner who loves her completely and is honest with her.

And that partner can be no one other than a Rumple who finally has his shit together. He has part A down pat; it’s time for part B.

No other substitute for Rumple will do. (Especially not a married man who drinks too much and responds to hearing that her heart has been torn out of her chest with a nasty dig at her ex-husband, or a dead guy whose only recommendation is that he’s good-looking and related to the scum who tried to kill her, or even a woman who chained her to a table and didn’t even bother to come back and set her free.)

Anyone but Rumple, no matter how well he or she treats her (and Belle’s rebound, much as I loved him on his own show, did not treat her very well), is second choice at best for Belle. That’s not a happy ending; that’s being content with what you can get. (Neither is having a true love baby, if   your husband is dead, missing, or permanently estranged is not a happy ending.)

Belle and Rumple have loved each other longer than anyone else on the show (they had lived together for months or possibly years by the day that Snowing met). And Belle has suffered more for her love than anyone, including Snow and Charming. She was imprisoned in a tiny cell, chained to a wall, for YEARS before the curse. She’s been targeted by at least four of Rumple’s enemies, two of whom tried to kill her (one tried four times). She’s suffered the agony of seeing her true love die for her, not to mention seeing him held in a cage like an animal.

Rumbelle have the only relationship on this show that is actually BASED ON honesty, growth, and believing in each other. And Belle’s happy ending is and can only be having her trust and love finally rewarded and returned–by the one man she loves and always has loved.

That’s why Rumbelle, with a Rumple who redeems himself and manages to be the man he’s been trying so hard to be for more than three seasons, is her only acceptable endgame.

And that’s why this show is a mockery of “hope” if it ends in any other way.