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Bit of a Flirt

Request: Can you do a TJeffs image with 16,18, 21?

16: You’re cute with glasses.
18: What are you five?
21: Don’t give me that look! It’s not my fault!

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Warning: lots of sexual innuendos/jokes, swearing? but when do i not swear in fics lmao

Kink Tag: none!

Period: Modern

Song: “Thin Air” - Olivia Holt ft. Jordan Fisher

A/N: So I collabed with @daveeddiggsit for this one and it ended up way cuter than we expected?? lol hope you enjoy!! (also there are several criminal minds references bc i’m like that)

You pushed your glasses back up the bridge of your nose as you continued typing away at your final thesis paper of the semester. Hair up in a bun, and some ratty university sweatpants on, you were looking a little worse for wear. But that was normal during finals week, right?

The library you had been holed up in for the past five hours was dead silent, allowing you to completely focus on your paper. Your eyes were glued to your laptop screen when you heard the sound of a chair scraping backwards but you were too in the zone to look up. As long as they didn’t disrupt your concentration, you’d be good.

“You ever think that the reason you’re wearing glasses is because you’ve been staring at that screen pretty closely for about two hours straight?” You heard a curious, deep voice interrupt your thoughts.

“You ever think about how the library is a quiet place for people to work,” you retorted without looking away from your screen.

“If you really want a quiet place to work, we could head back to my place and work on some other things too, if you know what I mean.” You could practically hear the smirk grow on his face.

“That sounds like one of the first lines in a Criminal Minds episode. Hard pass.”

“You like Criminal Minds? How about you let me profile you.

You finally glanced over and you could see that there definitely was a smirk on the very attractive man’s face. His hair was wildly curly, yet somehow tamable to an extent, facial hair adorned his defined jawline, and his amused brown eyes stared into your slightly-narrowed ones.

If you weren’t supposed to email this paper to your professor in six hours, you probably would’ve taken him up on his advances, but what was more attractive than Smirky Guy was an A on your paper. Which you then turned back to.

“Are you seriously just going to keep ignoring me?” He asked.


“I’m just going to keep flirting with you until you talk to me.”

“You call saying random pick up lines to a girl whose name you don’t know and receiving little to no response flirting?”

“Yup.” He said, mocking you.

You rolled your eyes and continued to type your paper.

“Aww, come on, four eyes, take a break and talk to me. It won’t hurt anyone.”

You completely turned to him. “‘Four eyes,’ really?” You raised an eyebrow at him. “What are you, five?”

“Hey, ‘four eyes’ isn’t a bad thing. You look cute in glasses.” He grinned at you and even added a wink this time.

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Bartender Shawn PT.1

AN: *shows up 8 months later with starbucks* I haven’t finished it yet but I thought I’d just post this. I haven’t edited it yet but I have to go to class and want this up in hopes to motivate me to finish. 

Word Count: 5,981

“Can I get a Porn Star?”

I nodded before leaning back over the bar and reaching for the bottles to make the purple shot. As I poured into the small shot glass I looked for an ‘It’s my birthday’ sash. It wasn’t hard to find and neither was the number 18 on the big pin attached to it.

“Bingo,” I said to myself under the guise of the music.

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Not a monster


Summary: Bucky ends up teaching a class of seconds graders about WWII 

Warnings: copious amounts of cuteness

Originally posted by vanillaa-ice

   “(Y/N), pleeeaassssee?” Your sister whined in your ear, her voice high and squeaky as it came through your phone. “I just need them to come talk for an hour at most," 

  "They’re all super busy all the time, I don’t even think any of them are here today," 

  "What about Bucky? He’s still at home right?” You look over your shoulder at your fiancée, who, at the moment, was sleeping peacefully beside you. 

  “He is but I don’t know if he’d be comfortable enough to come talk,”

  “oh come on (Y/N)! Pretty please, I’ll do anything!” You go to open your mouth to respond when a separate voice cuts you off, this one hoarse and laced with exhaustion. 

  “Whatever it Is I can do it,” Bucky grumbles from beside you, his face smashed against the pillow. 

  “So you’d be willing to teach a classroom full of second graders about WWII?” Bucky hums a bit as he nods, burrowing his face into your thigh as he does so. 

  “Hell yeah, sounds like a great time,”

  “well then you better get up because we have to be there in an hour,” (Y/N) added, smirking when Bucky groaned. 

  “Give me five minutes to get up,” You smile widely as you direct your attention back to your phone call, your sister demanding to know what Bucky said. 

  “We’ll be there in an hour-" 

  "Oh my god, thank you so much!” Your sister cries happily, “I promise I’ll pay you back for this. You’re the best sibling ever,” You chuckle lightly as Bucky snores softly, the sound muffled due to your legs. 

  Well…maybe you guys would be taking more than an hour to get there… 

   Your fingers tapped against the steering wheel as you wormed your way through New York, slowly but steadily making it to your sisters school. She was a teacher at some small, old school. She taught the second graders and at the moment she was covering history. She had lightly touched base on WWII but since the kids seemed so intrigued by it she decided to get a little more in depth with the lesson; aka having Bucky come to class and talk about his experiences. 

  At first you thought he’d be too scared to talk to the kids but alas you were pleasantly surprised when Bucky came tumbling out of bed, dressed and ready to teach a history lesson. 

  The strong smell of coffee filled your car as Bucky drank at the steaming liquid intermittently. For the most part he stared at the road ahead in some kind of sleep stupor that not even coffee could get rid of. 

  “Did you get enough sleep last night?” You ask as you spare a glance at Bucky, smiling when he slowly turned to look at you.

   "Meh.“ He replies as he takes another sip. "No more than usual,” you sigh softly as you reach out with one hand, clasping his knee gently. 

  “Are you sure you want to this? I’m sure Steve wouldn’t mind once he gets home from training-" 

  "No,” Bucky shakes his head as he takes another sip of his drink. “I can do it, plus, we’ve already got your sisters hopes up,”

  “Yeah, but she’d understand if you couldn’t do it-”

  “No, I really want to,” Bucky smiles at you gently, showcasing his beautiful teeth (honestly you were jealous). “I just need to wake up is all,”

   "well I’m sure a classroom full of excited second graders will do the trick,“ And low and behold you had been right. The minute you walked into the classroom Bucky seemed to jolt awake, the sounds of loud, happy children did have a tendency to jolt him awake, or anyone for that matter. 

  Your sister smiles as she runs up to you both, hugging the two of you tightly. 

  "Thank you so much you two,” she whispers as she hugs you. “I swear I’m going to get you the best damn wedding gift I can,” You chuckle as you pat her shoulder, hugging her back as you do.

  “We’re really looking forward to a kitchenaid mixer,” You give her a little wink as you step back, smirking just a bit.

  “Noted,” she whispers as he smiles and turns on her heel, looking towards her class. “Now kids, today we have a very special Guest," 

 "Is it (Y/N)?” One of the students ask, beaming up at you as they do. 

  You were a frequent visitor to the class, your sister often needed help with something and since you were only a few minutes away you were essentially at her beck and call 24/7. You were here so often that even the students who had never ever had your sisters class knew your name. 

  “No,” Your sister smiles, as she looks behind at the two of you. “But this is (Y/N)’s special friend, Bucky Barnes,” The kids all look up at Bucky with curious expression, eyes wide and lips parted as they crane their head to look at the tall man. 

  “Are they married?” A little girl with ringlets asks, a smile to her lips as well. “My sister has a special friend and now they’re married,”

  “Not yet,” Your sister smiles at her, giving her a gentle head pat. “But they will be soon,” The kids all nod in understanding, their expressions now contemplative. “But he’s not here to talk about weddings, he’s here to tell us all about WWII,” Your sister didn’t even finish her sentence when the kid all started cheering excitedly, damn near jumping off the walls. You chuckle softly as the kids all stare up at Bucky with wondrous little expression, a gleam of happiness in their innocent eyes.

   Your sister guides Bucky to a chair at the front of the room and instinctually every pair of eyes follow him, waiting for him to begin his tale.

  Bucky takes a seat, looking at you where you presided in the back of the room, smiling as you watched him. 

  “So uh- what should I start with first?" 

 "Tell them about your first day in boot camp,” you pipe up, smiling when all the kids cheered in encouragement. Bucky smiles gently as he leans a forward, resting his elbows on his kees as he usually did when concentrating on a task. 

  “Well, it was the summer of 1943, I was being trained at a camp in New Jersey-" 

  Bucky recollects his story, completely invested in his words, a soft, reminiscent smile on his face. The children all listen intently, every single one of them with smiles on their faces. Even your sister seemed completely invested in Bucky’s story.

   "Mr. Barnes?” A little boy raises his hand, stopping Bucky in his tracks. Bucky smiles as he nods to him, murmuring a soft ‘yeah’. “Did you ever have to kill someone?” It was an innocent question, the kid didnt know any better, he was just curious after all. 

  “Jeremy,” Your sister chides, shaking her head a bit. 

  “No,” Bucky smiles at her, “it’s really okay,” he then turns back to look at the little boy, smiling at him reassuringly. “I think everyone had to kill someone at some point, some people killed more than others but it’s the way things were back then,” The little boy nods, his face contorted in thought. Immediately another hand shoots up, the time belonging to a little girl in the front. Bucky looks at her and smile, acknowledging her hand.

   "Mr. Barnes, what’s with your arm?“ She points to his left hand, her fingers nearly grazing the metal. Bucky smiles as he rolls the sleeve up, revealing the metal plating to the kids. 

  "I lost my arm during the war, luckily some people made me a new one," 

  "Can I touch it?” The same little girl asks, her wide eyes shimmering with hope. Bucky can’t help but nod, offering her his hand gently. The little girl beams as she reaches out with a small hand to grasp Bucky’s, a finger or two if anything. Her smile remains steadfast as she touches his arm, running her fingertips along his palm gently. 

  “It’s cold,” she notes softly, not even tearing her gaze away from his hand. 

  “It’s metal,” Bucky flexes his hand, chuckling a bit when the little girl squealed and giggled. 

  “Mr. Barnes, can we touch your arm too?” Bucky nods and smiles at all the kids, his eyes twinkling so damn brightly it was nearly blinding.

   "Of course you can,“ 

  "Take turns though,” Your sister chimes in, smiling as all the kids lined up to touch Bucky. 

 You remain in the back, smiling as you watch kid after kid go up and touch Bucky’s arm. He wasn’t reacting much, other than that damn smile you loved, but deep down you knew he loved it. He saw his arm as an evil machine, something that had butchered hundreds of lives, so to have such young, starry eyed, innocent children touching him so softly and curiously surely meant the world to him. 

 It takes a while to get through each kid and by the time Bucky finishes it’s been much more than the promised hour. 

  “Okay kids, Bucky and (Y/N) have to leave now-” All the kids groan in disappointment ,pouting at Bucky as he chuckles. 

  “Can’t he stay a little longer?”

   "I’m sorry kiddo,“ Bucky reaches out and ruffles the kids hair affectionately. "I have to go back home-” Bucky’s sentence cuts off with a groan as quite suddenly a little girl tackles him (not really, but she tried) in a hug. She tried her best to wrap her small arms around his large body but it just wouldn’t work. 

  “Thank you for visiting us Mr. Barnes,” she whispers as she hugs him tightly. Bucky smiles as he reaches down to softly hug her back, his hands barely resting around her, as though she were made of porcelain. “Can you come back next week?” She looks up at him, pouting a bit. You could see Bucky practicality melt away at the pout and not a moment later he nods, much to the delight of the kids. “And you’ll tell more stories?”

   "Of course I will,“ Bucky smiles widely. "I’ll tell you the best ones," 

  "But for now-” Your sister rises from her chair, smiling softly. “We all need to get back to our seat and take out our math homework, okay?” The kids all groan, shuffling back to their seats and getting their work out. “Thank you Bucky, I owe you guys one hell of a wedding present,” Bucky smiles widely, chuckling just a bit.

   "No, it was my pleasure, I’m glad I could help. It was actually a lot of fun,“ 

  "Well then, I’m glad you’re coming back next week," 

  "Yeah, me too,” He looks up, his gaze connecting with yours. He smiles at you warmly as he makes his way towards you, only after saying goodbye to your sister of course. 

 You smile as you take his hand, intertwining your fingers together as you do. 

  “You looked like you were having fun,” you chuckle as you turn on your heel, guiding him out of the classroom as your sister begins to drone on about addition and subtraction. 

  “It was fun,” Bucky smiles, blushing as he does. 

  “Maybe you could be a history teacher,” you chuckle softly, shaking your head at your own joke. 

  “Yeah, maybe only to cute second graders," 

  "I’m sure they’d love it,”

   "You think?“ 

  "After watching those kids, hell yes. They loved you,” Bucky smiles again, blushing madly as he does. “See,” you nudge his arm gently, smiling at him as you do. “Not everyone thinks your a monster,”

   "Yeah,“ Bucky smiles as he turns his head, pressing a soft kiss to your temple. "I guess you’re right,”

distraction | osh [m]

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

oh sehun. reader-insert. 3,5k words. roommate!au. smut.

—sometimes you really need a distraction from college life, how lucky that sehun needs one, too

“Do me a favor, pick me up, take me out later / Are you down to be a distraction, baby?” —Kehlani, Distraction

requested by @sassyunicorns2 for the drabble game (although this one turned out to become a scenario ;;; the song is great btw!)

“I’ll make it quick—” you breathed out as you broke the kiss, supporting your weight on Sehun’s shoulders, “Unconventional sex, no feelings, no obligations. Are you in or not?” you shoot the question quickly, gazing into his lecherously dark eyes. 

“Babe, you could put all sorts of conditions. Right now I need you to take off your clothes and that quickly,” he spoke in between his panting, running his hands up your back, over to your neck to pull you down for another kiss. 

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good grief - ong seongwoo


word count: 2997 words
summary: ong seongwoo and his friends are infamous throughout your university. you don’t care for him, but fate seems to have other plans for the two of you, and you find yourself meeting in the most unlikely of situations.

  • okay so you’re in your sophomore year of uni right
  • and the college you go to isn’t particularly big, 
  • but it’s not so small that nobody has ever heard of it
  • basically, it’s the perfect size for gossip to spread around easily……
  • and BOY does it spread

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anonymous asked:

Do you guys have a list of gay books, preferably for a younger audience, written by queer men?

Yep! For Middle Grade, I think right now it might just be Tim Federle’s Nate books (Better Nate Than Ever and Five Six Seven Nate), though Will Walton’s Anything Could Happen has a 14yo protagonist and is definitely a good choice for a younger audience too. 

For older YA (so, still for teens), check out:

  • Pretty much everything by David Levithan, Alex Sanchez, and Brent Hartinger
  • More Happy Than Not, History is All You Left Me, and the upcoming They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera
  • One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva (also a good choice for the younger end)
  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz
  • The Great American Whatever by Tim Federle
  • Proxy and Guardian by Alex London
  • The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley, We Are the Ants, and At the Edge of the Universe by Shaun David Hutchinson
  • Wonders of the Invisible World by Christopher Barzak
  • Willful Machines and Tattoo Atlas by Tim Floreen
  • True Letters From a Fictional Life by Kenneth Logan
  • Highly Illogical Behavior by John Corey Whaley
  • Drag Teen by Jeffery Self
  • Boy Robot by Simon Curtis
  • It Looks Like This by Rafi Mittelfehldt
  • Last Seen Leaving and the upcoming White Rabbit by Caleb Roehrig
  • The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich 
  • The Culling by Steven Dos Santos
  • Runebinder by Alex R. Kahler (upcoming)
To help people in 2017

Guys here are some general tips I have accumulated over my terrible times.

Help you fall asleep better:

  • Blue light filters on devices 
    • Flux for computers, twilight for mobile phones. (both are free, both take some getting used to but will make a difference)
  • Burn lavender candles/use lavender scented products - calms you down!
  • Nightly routine + calming tea/drink. (Chamomile/lavender, or something else without sugar that calms you)

Help you sleep better:

  • Sleep tracking app (monitors your movements, can give you insight on your sleep schedule, etc)
    • If you use android I suggest ‘Sleep as Android’ - I pay for the premium, definitely worth it for me! 
  • Overactive brain at night? Sleep playlist of calming music/playlist of nature sounds to focus on.
    • Bonus if you have a playlist w/music and you still can’t stay still, make it a game of if you can stay still through a whole song
  • Throw a towel/t-shirt over any blinking electronic lights like your laptop/phone

Wake up better:

  • The first time that alarm goes off should be the last time, seriously, don’t you dare go back to bed
    • Bonus, if you get a sleep tracking app, alarms that will wake you up when your sleep cycle is the lightest, it’s less jarring.
  • Lay out your clothes the night before, even if you’re just wearing sweatpants
  • Try getting up earlier, even if it’s just by a few minutes it will make mornings less rushed

Mind-gone-wild begone:

  • Listen to music whenever possible, and focus on that
  • If you’re learning a new language, try to think in that language, it slows down your thought process.
  • If you can’t stop thinking about something negative, think of memes instead. (thinking about your grade on your final essay? What about the dog/pants meme?)

Homework better:

  • Have a planner/specific little notebook where you write down your hw.
  • Specific part of your binder/or a folder where you put your current homework assignments
  • Keep returned tests in another specific part of binder/folder until the end of the quarter
  • This is provided you actually do your homework. Seriously it will change your grades so much if you just do your hw you do not know.

Note take better: (not a studyblr but tbh they intimidate me because they’re so neat wth)

  • Taking notes on graphing paper makes them 10x prettier don’t ask me how
  • Try and color code notes with different colors of pen/highlighter.
    • It can either be per class, or categories, like green for vocab, orange for definitions, etc. Associating a certain color with a class can be really helpful on a quiz, and if you do it by category instead your notes will be much easier to decode.
  • Try sectioning off your notes. For example, once you finish writing down vocabulary, then box it in. It saves space and again makes notes super pretty as long as you use a straight edge (I use the side of my phone).

General tips:

  • Drink water and bring a water bottle with you everywhere
    • Seriously do it ffs guys it will make you feel so much better
  • When you see yourself in the mirror and you’re alone tell yourself you look pretty, make an ugly face, and then tell yourself you’re pretty again and wink 10/10 times boosts your confidence
  • Chocolate is usually the answer to all of life’s problems
  • If you are really not feeling a class/having a really tough day you can ask to go to the nurse’s office. 
    • Only use this sparingly as you will actually have to go to the nurses and it will look suspicious if you’re in there too much, like only if a class is seriously overloading you or you just cannot take it the nurse’s is a nice soft quiet haven
  • Swearing is generally theraputic, but research how to do it in a language not common at your school
    • If your school mainly speaks like Italian for example, try swearing in Russian, French, maybe Swahili. Whatever floats your boat. Nobody will know what you’re saying and you can comfortably tell somebody to fuck off or get your annoyance out w/being reprimanded
  • If you have a doctor’s appointment write all of your symptoms down/questions because you will forget them 10/10 times
  • If you have to take your meds at a certain time every day set an alarm ten minutes before, five minutes before, and for when you actually have to so you are prepared af and do not miss it
  • Brush your teeth and floss, getting a root canal/fillings sucks ass guys
    • Wait 15 minutes after eating food to brush your teeth it saves your enamel.
  • On that note, if you have a sugary drink/food it is (1) much better to drink it quickly than slowly or don’t snack on it slowly and (2) drink water right afterwards or soon afterwards.
    • Sugar has less time to stick around your mouth, essentially. The water will help wash it down. Ask your dentist guys I am 98% sure they will say I am right that it is better.

Aight, hope some of this helps, peace out guys xoxo

The Annie Awards are happening tonight, and almost all of my favorite cartoons - including my absolute favorite - have been nominated for big awards! In order to celebrate, I drew all of my favorite Disney XD characters hanging out together during the red carpet pre-show! ^-^

Oh my gosh, was it fun to design outfits for everyone! I gave Mabel very special accessories - since she loves to make her own outfits, and the Annies is a celebration of animated films and the like, she got creative and made herself a film-strip hairbow and film-reel earrings! I gave Dipper an alien-head lapel pin as well; I couldn’t resist…xD

Also, this is my first time drawing Wander and Sylvia, and it’s one of the few times I’ve ever drawn Star and Marco (I haven’t gotten around to uploading the rest of my SVTFOE fanart yet…lol), so I certainly hope I did them justice. ^^;

To Alex Hirsch and the ever-lovely Gravi-Team Falls - thank you so much, yet again, for creating a show as beautiful, thought-provoking, suspenseful, and heartwarming as Gravity Falls. It’s sad to see that this is the last year you’ll be eligible for the Annies, since the show’s been over for nearly a year, but you guys crafted the greatest and most satisfying series finale I have ever seen, and you MORE than deserve the nominations you earned this year, ESPECIALLY the ‘best writing’ nomination. Here’s to hoping you get at least one more Annie tonight! I’ll be rooting for you, and I’m sure plenty of other Fallers will be, too!

To Craig McCracken and the wonderful Wander Over Yonder crew - congratulations on all your nominations! It’s SO GREAT to see you up for Best Animated Series/Special for Children for the second year in a row! I’m so sorry that WOY was cancelled before you had the chance to finish telling your story; you guys deserve so much better. But what you did have time to give to the world was simply wonderful, and at least ASIFA recognizes your hard work! Wishing you all the best of luck tonight!

To Daron Nefcy and the amazing crew of Star vs. the Forces of Evil - my goodness, but you guys have been KILLING it! SVTFOE has turned out to be five times more intense and fun to watch than I originally thought it was after seeing the pilot two years ago! I can’t WAIT until the 'Star Bomb’ begins on Monday!

I’ll be posting this on Twitter as well, so hopefully, Alex, Craig, and Daron will see this! I hope everyone enjoys this! Now let’s (virtually, in most cases…xD) go to the Annies! :D

“We used to play pretend“

Songs Series #1: “Stressed Out“

(A/N): Announcement, but not really, this is the first chapter of the new series I‘ve been desiderating. I personally think that this song is so overrated, that it‘s underrated. Feel free to let me know which songs you‘d like me to use, enjoy x 

Words: 1,203

Originally posted by fulltimereject16

“I need a break“ Tyler snaps all of sudden and storms out of the room. 

You all have been stuck inside the studio, working on the new album for the whole day, with the only thing keeping you awake being caffein beverages. Everyone is intensely worn out, since all the energy has been drained out of your bodies. That‘s fairly noticeable by your bloodshot eyes defined with heavy black creases, longing for a good sleep. 

You immediately shoot Josh a concerning look the second after Tyler left the room to receive a simple shrug in response. The brown haired guy is for sure terribly exhausted, but so is everyone else. Meaning that could not be an explanation for his questioning outburst. Out of curiosity and confusion, you stand up from your seat and decide to go look for him. First, you had no clue where he could‘ve gone, but fortunately an idea popped into your mind. In less than five minutes after, you find him leaning with his elbows on the railing of the rooftop, he seems to be burying his head in both of his hands. Slowly, you make your way towards the guy. 

“Would you mind some company?“ 

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I know this has probably been written before and better but it was stuck in my head and I just had to. What happens after Sheldon asks Amy to go to comic-con.

Amy feels Sheldon walk behind her and place his hands on her waist. His large hands fit perfectly in the hollows at her made by her hips. A thrill goes up her spine, She takes a big breath to control her breathing. Amy can’t let him know how easily he turns her on. How close he is to getting his way.

“Hey sexy lady.” he greets her amping up the platitudes from yesterday’s pretty girlfriend. Amy turns around to face him. He has a lazy smirk on his face. He knows what he is doing to her.

“I’m still not going.” Amy tells him crossing her hands over her chest to hide the signs of her arousal. Even though Sheldon has probably no doubt noticed. Sheldon noticed everything.

“Can’t a man just compliment his extremely arousing girlfriend?” he asks feigning innocence.

“He can but we both know you have ulterior motives.” Amy tells him and he pretends to look wounded. It would be so easy just to give in to him. Amy knows that is not what he needs though after his mother and Leonard who had an easier to just give in philosophy with him. Amy knows she has to show that she has a back bone.

“I think what I’m about to show you will change your mind.”

“If it’s your long list again we both know how I was left wanting yesterday.” she teases him biting her lip. He knew what he was saying yesterday, what he was insinuating with his list. It had shocked her and at the same time it thrilled her.

“My long list didn’t leave you wanting. I remember you being quite impressed.” Amy gulps not sure if he is talking purely about the comic con panelists any more.

“I’ve seen longer lists.” Amy shrugs trying to regain the higher ground.

“Really?” he says raising his eyebrows. “I guarantee that what I’m about to show you in the bedroom. You’ve never seen before.”

“I’m listening.” Amy says tapping her foot.

“Come on then.” he says grabbing her hand and dragging her to the bedroom. Her heart is thudding in her chest as he pulls her inside and shuts the door. This could be the end of the once a year rule.

“Well?” Amy asks remaining cool. Sheldon just smirks.

“Cover your eyes.” he says his voice low and husky. Amy sighs annoyed but does as she is told. She hears him move to the closet and open the door. Then she hears rustling. “Okay open them.” he says.

“Sheldon!” Amy says exasperated looking at the authentic Dumbledore and Mcgonagall costumes he is holding out. “Isn’t this a little presumptuous?”

“A little perhaps, however I thought once you saw how amazing we’ll look you’re mind would be changed.”

“I’m not changing my mind.” Amy says firmly.

“Amy aren’t you being a little stubborn?” he says annoyed.

“Me being stubborn? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle stubborn!” Amy says throwing her hands up and moving to leave the bedroom. However Sheldon blocks her from exiting.

“Tell em one good reason you won’t go.” he demands.

“I already drove you five hours to an antique train museum and you’ve used up your favors. I have never held any interest in comic books or superheroes. The only reason you even want me to go is because everyone else canceled on you.” Amy says exasperated.

‘“I just said give me one reason, but alright.”

“Better yet Sheldon just give me one reason to go that’s not because you need a ride, or you don’t want to go with Stuart. Or you know I watch Once Upon a Time so I might enjoy that panel that you won’t even go to.”

“Just one reason?” he asks solemnly.

“I’ll accept more than.” Amy says.

“How about I love you? That I was worried about being away from you for five days because I would miss you so much. How I can’t sleep without you next to me anymore. That the guys canceling was less the reason I asked you and more the perfect excuse to ask you to come.”

“You wanted me to go before they canceled?” Amy asks touched.

“I put the bug in Penny’s ear about going to comic con. I was hoping you would follow suit. Only Leonard had to be a huge brat about it.”

“You know Sheldon you could have just told me all this.”
“I’ve never been the best at expressing me feelings into words.”

“I don’t know if its a wise idea for us to go as wizards. You know I have a hard time keeping my hands off you when you’re in robes.” Amy tells him and he leans into her pressing his lips against her ear whispering softly.

“Does that mean you’ll go?” he asks and she nods in ascension. “Amy you have just made me so happy.” he says moving his mouth to hers and kissing her deeply. Amy pulls away and pushes against his chest.

“I have a few rules though.”

“Alright.” he says leading her to the bed. “Go ahead.”

“No abandoning me I’m not wandering around a convention hall asking every tall Dumbledore if he’s Sheldon.”


“You have to pull your weight and help me drive to San Diego. I know you have your driver license and it would make me feel important if you drove me once in awhile.”

“I can do that.” he says. “Anything else?” he asks looking at her with hooded eyes. Amy’s only response is just to kiss him again on his mouth. Which he returns and pulls her downwards on the bed wrapping his arms around her. They kiss for awhile and when it starts to get heated Amy pulls away before Sheldon can.

“Just know that if you are in those periwinkle robes I can’te be trusted around you.” she teases him running a finger down his chest. “I might break the public displays of affection clause in our relationship agreement.”

“I hope you do. I”ll have to beat the men off with a stick when they see you in your outfit. I’ll have to put my claim on you somehow.”

“I’m all yours, always.” Amy tells him kissing him again.

“Always.” Sheldon agrees rolling her on top on him.

me you

summary: a bad breakup sends you reeling - both into despair and the arms of your best friend

genre: fluff / friends to lovers

pairing: jay park x reader

word count: 9.7k

a/n: this was a request sent to me by the darling @kxxkiemonsterx ! i had such a good time writing this that it, uh, turned out pretty long i’m sorry haha. but thank you for the request dear & i hope it’s everything you wanted ;D

the title comes from san e’s song “me you” which you should totally listen to if you somehow haven’t yet~

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Full Circle (TF/TS Chris x MC)

Full Circle
By Misha

Disclaimer- I don’t own “The Freshman” (or “The Sophomore”) or any of the characters, I’m just borrowing them for a little while and will return them unharmed.

Author’s Note- I actually wrote this a while ago, but never got around to publishing it (many because I wasn’t quite sure how to end it). It’s a fluffy Freshman piece set at the end of Senior year.

Pairing- Chris/MC

Rating- PG-13

Summary- The gang plays one last game of “truth or truth”.

Words- 1378


“This is it,” Zack announced, leaning back in his chair, “our last night at Hartfeld.”

“Four years have gone by too quick,” I commented, looking around at the five other people in the room. My first friends at Hartfeld and the people responsible for many of the good memories I had of the previous four years.

“How should we celebrate?” Tyler asked, his arm around Abbie’s shoulder.

“With one last game of truth or truth!” Kaitlyn yelled out excitedly. She looked at all of us. “Please.”

“Don’t you know all our truths by now?” Zack grumbled with an eye-roll.

“We can get creative,” Kaitlyn said enthusiastically. “Come on guys, what better send off than to recreate our first night together?”

“I agree,” Chris said, wrapping his arm around me. “I think it could be fun. Bring back old memories.”

I shrugged. “I’m in.” The game was pretty fun. Plus we already knew so much about each other, what were a few more questions? And it was our last night together and it could be nice to recreate that first night.

I remembered how nervous I had been, but how I had felt connected to these five people right from the start. Plotting with Zack to get Abbie and Tyler together, bonding with Kaitlyn, falling for Chris…  That night had been the beginning of a fantastic four years.

“I can’t believe that four years later, we’re still playing this game,” Abbie grumbled good-naturedly.

“What can I say, it was a brilliant invention,” Kaitlyn said with fake modesty, doing a little bow. She looked around the circle, obviously trying to decide on her first victim. “Zack.”

“Hit me,” Zack said with an easy grin.

“Of the guys you hooked up with at Hartfield, who was the best kisser?”

“Nathan,” Zack said after a moment with a grin, referencing a guy he hooked up with Sophomore year. “I mean, neither of us was interested in pursuing anything serious but we had fun together and he was a really great kisser.”

Zack turned to Tyler. “What was your biggest slacker moment of the last four years?”

“Blowing off class for a D&D session because we were in the middle of an epic battle and didn’t want to wait,” Tyler admitted. “I think that session ended up lasting 10 hours all together until we were starting to fall asleep in our chairs.”

“At least you didn’t slack off an entire term,” Kaitlyn pointed, making a face. “I still can’t believe I did that or that you guys managed to help me pass.”

“That’s what friends are for,” I reminded her with a smile. “And we all had some slip-ups over the four years, but we’ve been there for each other. Friends forever.”

Tyler smiled at me. “On that note, Savannah, how did you and Becca become friends? One moment you hated each other and the next, she was joining us at Aurora and you guys were hanging out and you’ve never said a word.”

“It was Freshman year, I had a bad night. I was fighting with Zig and Kaitlyn and James and Chris and I went to the bar to drown my sorrows,” I admitted, “Becca was there and she ended up giving me a ride home and letting me crash at her place for the night and I saw a new side of her and I think after that, neither of us saw the point of being enemies and then, gradually that became friendship.”

We were still friends. She had graduated two years earlier, but we kept in touch by text and e-mail. She had never become an easy person to be around, and the others had never really warmed to her, but Logan had been right when he’d said she was a great person to have on your team. I had experience having Becca as an enemy and as an ally and I’d much rather have her on my side.

I paused, considering my victim. “Abbie, what’s your weirdest hook-up story?”

Tyler choked on his beer and Abbie turned bright red at my question.

Kaitlyn grinned. “Savannah brings her A game!”

Abbie took a huge sip of her wine before answering. “In the woods when we were camping with his parents. We snuck away for a little while and found a nice secluded spot to hook up, except it was dark, so we didn’t check our surroundings properly and we ended up in a patch of poison ivy. We were both itchy for a week in very uncomfortable places.”

We all burst into laughter trying to picture that.

“I know I shouldn’t laugh,” Zack said between bursts of laughter, “but…”

“I can’t help it,” I finished for him. “That must have been awful.”

Abbie turned to Chris. “What about you Chris, where’s the wildest place you’ve ever hooked up?”

The question was obviously meant to get back at me, but I just grinned unrepentantly. I didn’t embarrass easily. Chris was quiet for a moment, pondering four years worth of hookups and trying to pick the best one.

“It shouldn’t take this long to come up with an answer,” Zack teased, “are you saying that the two of you don’t have one wild hookup story? I refuse to believe it.”

“It’s more about narrowing it down to just one,” Chris said, his arm tight around my waist. He smiled down at me, “what do you think, Savannah? Football stadium, corn maze, or classroom?”

“Corn Maze,” I answered with a grin, remembering our long-ago road-trip. “Though foyer of a fancy L.A mansion is up there too.”

Our friends all stared at us.

“Damn,” Zack said admiringly. “You two aren’t afraid of a little danger, are you?”

I laughed. “Not particularly. The risk is part of the fun.” Though somehow we had managed to never get caught. I grinned at Chris. “It’s not my fault that he’s so irresistible.”

I’m the irresistible one?” Chris asked, kissing my neck, “you are underestimating yourself.”

Everyone groaned.

“You’d think after all this time, you’d have gotten sick of each other,” Zack said with a groan. “Or at least stopped being so cute.”

“I think they’ll be cute forever,” Kaitlyn said, shooting Chris a look I didn’t quite understand. “Chris, it’s your turn to ask a question. If you can let go of Savannah long enough.”

“I guess I can do that,” Chris said, gently moving me off his lap. He picked up my hand instead and looked directly into my eyes, my first indication that this wasn’t your typical truth or truth question. “Savannah, will you marry me?”

I stared at him for a moment, afraid that I had heard him wrong.

“The night we met, I had a feeling that my whole had just changed,” Chris continued, “I fell a little in love with you that night and I’ve kept falling deeper every night of the last four years and I never want that to end. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If you’ll have me.”

“Yes!” I answered, throwing my arms around him. “A thousand times yes! Of course I’ll marry you.”

Our friends started cheering and started crowding around Chris and I to congratulate us.

“OMG!” Abbie exclaimed, jumping up and down before giving me a hug. “I’m so happy for you both.”

“Congrats!” Zack said, giving Chris a high five.

Kaitlyn pulled me into a hug. “I’m so happy for you. You guys are just perfect together.”

“You knew!” I accused good-naturedly, realizing that this had all been a set-up.

She laughed. “Yes. Chris enlisted my help to come up with the perfect proposal and what better than recreating the night you met?”

“It was a great night.” I agreed. The rest of the first semester hadn’t been so great between Chris and I, but things had started off well. That first night and our first kiss would always be one of my favorite memories. I was also happy he had done it like this, so our friends could be there since they’d been such a big part of our story and I hoped they always would be.

Things were changing, but I honestly believed that our friendship would last forever, just like Chris and I’s love.

-          End

Simsrena: the day I realised I’m a perv...

I know. Those of you who know me will be thinking, but Rex, we already knew this. Actually, anyone who follows me probably knows that. Am I right?

Originally posted by fallontonightgifs

So in Simsrena land, Bernie and Serena are unfortunately still living as neighbours and they even swapped keys! There was lots of kissing at work after they gave each other the keys but I forgot to take pictures….

Originally posted by havi-corredor

But the joys of our wonderful women having keys to each others places means that they can just waltz into each others homes. So me being me thought, lets just let them do as they please and see what happens…

Bernie being Bernie jumped straight on the treadmill.

Me: BORING!!!! (and also silently judging you for wasting precious groping Serena time on working out!)

Until…. I knew we could count on Serena!

Let’s face it. We’re all Serena in this photo. Am I right? I mean, who wouldn’t ogle Bernie in her work out gear?! 

This is just example one of me being perv. There’s more to come.

Once again Serena is being the entire fandom if we ever saw Bernie sweating and panting…. example two of me being a perv…

Serena eventually had to leave for work and I decided to leave Bernie playing in a bubble bath and follow Serena around for a little while. 

But before I move on, here’s a picture of Bernie playing in a bubble bath. I know. You’re welcome!

Do I need to point out that this was example number three? I mean, can you blame me? Bernie. Naked. Bath. 

Yeah, I can feel you judging me and I’m judging you right back! You know you’d be doing the same thing!

Originally posted by hurricanedelrio

So when Serena finished her shift, I thought wouldn’t it be fun if Bernie came over and watched Serena work out?

So I bought Serena a yoga mat and guys I have to say, she’s doing much better than I remember her doing!

Let’s just take a look at the last time we saw Serena doing yoga shall we?

Actually, I probably spoke too soon… OUCH!

But as we all know, our Serena is no quitter! She got back up and…. 

Wow! Guuurl you’re very flexible…

Oh no…

Dirty thoughts…

Originally posted by thenthersthat

Well this gif doesn’t help… pervy moment example number four… or maybe the original dirty thoughts was number four and then further dirty thoughts after Serena’s little smirk was number five…?

Oh… then this happened…

Pervy moment number…

I’ve lost count… 

Guys, it’s official… I’m a desperate perv…. fuck it!

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This is what happens when you get deep into Yuri on Ice and still have a place in your heart for Destiel so here’s some ice skating + Destiel

“Oh my god. Look! Is that who I think it is?”


“Right over there! On the ice rink!”

Dean rubbed his hands together briskly as he half-listened to the conversation that was getting louder from directly behind him in line. He frowned at the hole he’d just noticed in one of his knitted gloves - but they were something he’d quickly picked up at the dollar store, so he couldn’t be too upset over cheap quality.

“I don’t know what you’re -”

“I swear to god, Anna. Use your eyes and tell me that’s not him.”

The skate rental line wasn’t as long as he’d been expecting, but Dean had already been standing in the cold air for five minutes with nothing to do for entertainment but eavesdrop. Trying not to show he’d been listening in, Dean casually looked over his shoulder until he had a good view of the people currently skating on the rink. There were a few families slowly dragging each other along the ice, plenty of couples holding hands and laughing, a few people racing around the rink, and one lone skater doing a very impressive spin in the center that eventually slowed to a stop.

“Oh, I think… I think you’re right…”

The voice that had previously seemed to doubt her friend apparently belonged to a redheaded woman that was almost directly behind him.

“Told you.” Dean saw the blonde woman smirk out of the corner of his eyes. “What the hell is Castiel Novak doing here?”

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After Credits 7x16 (Together ch.3)

Their first time as a couple was so much different than the night they shared five years ago. In many ways tonight felt more like their first time together than their actual first experience together.

They spent hours gently exploring each other’s bodies. Slowly feeling every inch of skin with their fingertips. Leaving light traces of lips over curves. Every move contradictory to the fast paced teenage hormone induced night five years prior.

This time they worked together, finding themselves in a synced rhythm. Their bodies knowing exactly how to respond to the other.

Nothing but pure love, devotion, and a passion for each other was expressed. No hurt, anger, or desperation that fuled their first intamte moment.

They were both more experienced sexually since then. It’s not exactly a secret Emily has had her fair share of women, especially so after she fell into despair after her father passed. She found the company of others to be a welcome distraction, if only for a moment. It temporarily nummed the pain, even if she felt a small pange of guilt afterwards.

Alison on the other hand, unbeknownst to Emily, went into that night five years ago, with no prior experience. Emily was her first.

When she was young, many of the guys she had “flings” with, if you can even call it that, were much older than her. She knew better than to let them to let too close. She mainly used them for temporary enjoyment anyway. None of them lasted long. When Alison ran away, she had no time for relationships, let alone sex.

Finding her way home and back to Emily, felt right to her. Giving herself to the one person in her life who always gave themselves to Alison, made sense to her. Emily had always been the only person she was ever truly vulnerable with. She knew she could let her guards down and be herself with her. So when that night progressed into uncharted waters, the blonde embraced the moment content with who she was sharing it with. During their five years apart, Ali added a small number of people to her list, but none of them compared to Emily.

Finding themselves together again, with an actual relationship in the midst, they felt like they were on a whole nother level. This night was nothing less than magical for them.

Alison held Emily in her arms, while Emily’s head rested atop the blonde’s chest. Both slowly trying to steady their breathing. Ali traced light circles over Emily’s shoulder, placing a gentle kiss to the brunette’s head every few moments. She can’t keep her lips off her for long. Emily lazily draws patterns on Alison’s stomach, mentally noting how her child, their child, is growing just below the surface. She shifts to tenderly kiss the spot before leaning up to look Alison in the eyes.

“I never told you,“Emily begins, there’s a short pause where Alison furrows her brow, “I love you too.” There’s an immediate wash of relief over the blonde’s face before her smile widens impossibly so. She leans up to kiss the brunette.

“I love you Em, I’m so sorry it took me so long to admit.” Emily gently caresses the blonde’s cheek, nodding as if to silently say ‘I understand.’

Emily leaned in to kiss Alison again, letting her hand run through her hair. When they part, Emily rests her forehead against the other girls, soaking in the moment and the feeling. She felt like this night was too good to be true, and yet Alison was right there, smiling the biggest lovedrunk smirk she’d ever seen, looking in her eyes as if looking away was impossible.

“What are you thinking?” Alison asks quietly as she rubs Emily’s upper arm.

“There was a time in my life where I thought I’d never be able to tell you the way I really feel about you.” Emily alludes to the time she came out to her friends back after Alison disappeared. Her eyes gloss over with unshed tears, and there’s a long moment where she’s silent, visibly fighting to keep her emotions in check.“It’s just a little overwhelming is all.” She makes a half hearted gesture to their current position.

It was Alison’s turn to just nod in understanding, she doesn’t know how she’ll ever be able to apologize for the anguish her fake death caused. So instead she ushers Emily to return to her previous position, head over Alison’s heart. She holds the girl as close as physically possible. A comfortable silence falls around them, Alison presses another kiss to Emily’s head before they both drift off into a peaceful slumber.