so much better now let's be honest

who’s copying now?

yuuri: stop copying me

yurio: stop copying me

yuuri: i’m being serious

yurio: i’m being serious

yuuri [smirking]: victor’s my dad

yurio: victor’s my dad

yurio: wait, no! fuck

victor [looking at both]: you bet i am

yuuri [blushing]: wait, no! fuck

yurio [smirking]: who’s copying now?

I love sanvers and supercorp

Please please please don’t put sanvers against supercorp and maggie against lena. Both are great ships and we’re all from the same team! I love them all so much and like most fics I’ve read I actually wish ALL the episodes were about all four of them. We should all be happy!! I know how great it would have been to have 45 minutes of sanvers on valentines day but let’s be honest that was never gonna happen. Isn’t it better to have all our girls in the spot? That way we all win! And I mean, maggie and alex are regulars, and sanvers is canon so is not like there won’t be more sanvers in the future. I’m so so happy that we’re getting more lena, especially because she hasn’t been there lately and you guys have seen the pics! Sanvers is gonna be really great and really gay in that ep! Can’t we be all be happy for each other and get excited and fangirl about that gay ass ep? Please?

i can’t wait until the point when even has moved in enough to be able to do isak’s groceries for him. let’s face it - this boy will catalog all of isak’s favorite chip flavors (the weirder the better), his favorite brand of ranch (isak dips everything in ranch it’s ridiculous), his love of microwaveable meals because honestly even will cook for him when he’s over, but at this point isak genuinely likes lukewarm pasta because he’s eaten it so much. to be honest, isak probably loves this too, because now he won’t have to get out of bed.

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I don't know what to do! I have a close friend who seems to be avoiding me and doesn't want to be near me. I tried asking whats wrong and letting my friend have some space to feel much better, but nothing seems to be working. We already talked about everything and share our thoughts and care about each other. Now, it just feels so empty to think my friend dosent ever want to tell me anything anymore. I can't open up to anyone else anymore after this experience. What should I do?

I’m sorry I’m answering this late. I would be as honest as you can, telling them what you’ve been feeling and thinking about their actions towards you and asking for clarification.


I’m so sorry.

Better In Time 4

Since I haven’t written in a long time, here’s an extra long chapter to get you guys through until part 5. Please be patient while I go through my own stuff right now, and to be honest I had no clue where this story was going until now and was actually going to stop writing because it seems not many people were as into it as I thought. If you have ANY feedback please send it in. Even just to request part 5, it means so much you guys don’t even know. Ok enough blabbering let’s get into the story.

Part 1 2 3

Better In Time 4

The whole next day I had thought about who this girl could be. Calum before mentioned girls that came before me but briefly, never in full detail. They were either one time dates or people he had small crushes on but got over them, and they weren’t someone that he full on dating like me. As I laid on my bed with my arms across my face, I decided to ring Marissa to get the down low on this girl. Knowing her she’d have all the answers.

“Hey Y/N, you need something?” She answered after 2 rings.

“Uhm, well, sort of. If you can help me?”

“I’m all ears.” I sighed before answering her.

“Does Calum…does Calum have a uh, girlfriend?”

She slightly laughed but not in a comic sort of way, but more of an annoyed way.

“You know about Kiera huh?”


“She was his first real girlfriend for a good chunk of Calum’s life. I watched them spend every waking moment together for almost 4 years since they were young kids. Calum doesn’t talk about his relationships to anyone, he just builds up those harsh emotions and hurt from being rejected and dumped and stores it away. I keep telling him some day he’s going to find the perfect girl but will create assumptions about her based on what he’s experienced in the past, and blow up on her. He never listens.” She said in a monotoned voice. It seems like she’s stressed this idea hundreds of times and now talking about it doesn’t do any good.

“Do you know why they ended?”

“Well, like I said Calum never talks about his relationships to others, barely to the guys or me. So I had to observe and see what happened. About a month ago I found out she was playing him their entire relationship. Her friends, because they were all so wealthy, bet $50 every year she stayed with Calum. Girlfriend ruined him, but hey she got 200$.” She joked but her voice sounded hurt. I knew Marissa, and how much she cared for Calum like her own sibling. Anyone that hurts him, hurts her.

It all had finally hit me when she mentioned how she kept stressing him to not bottle up feelings and assumptions or else he’d snap on the wrong girl.

The wrong girl was me.

I never knew Calum had so much hurt and anger plastered into him, so whenever we fought I just shot back every nasty word and action I had in my body, not even thinking about how something like that could trigger the hurt some other girl caused. And I was too stubborn to even consider his own feelings after he hurt mine. I had just assumed because Calum never talked about Kiera that there never was a Kiera, and that I was his first real girlfriend. This could be a major key in fixing our relationship! I could finally understand him, and be more considerate of him and work out our problems better and teach him that bottling up emotions will only end in disaster.

“Y/N! Are you still there?” Marissa slightly yelled into my ear, snapping me out of my deep thoughts.

“Uh yeah! Sorry. T-thanks for telling me. It seems like I’m invading his privacy but…”

“Dude I get it. Plus, I know you’ve been getting closer to him, you at least deserve that much. Cal doesn’t open up to people as fast as he has with you, you’re something special.” I blushed at her compliment, thinking of the wondering feelings of being head over heels in love again with this boy.

“Hey, I gotta go. Mom’s bitching at me to eat dinner. Talk to you tomorrow!” And she hung up, leaving me with my clouded mind.

Through tonight another thought had come to my head. The first time Calum tried to kiss me, I backed up and left early to go home because I felt embarrassed and couldn’t stay around any longer. However, because I kissed him, I stayed longer than I should have, and heard the conversation between him and Kiera. If I had let Calum kiss me the first time, I would’ve known about Kiera before hand, and I could’ve known about Calum harboring feelings. A simple few minutes really makes a difference whether you believe that or not. It’s like when you miss your bus or train to work by 1 minute, but then you hear that train derailed and everybody in their was killed. If you would’ve made it there a minute earlier, you could’ve been killed, but something before that stopped it from happening. I had to talk to Calum about Kiera before it’s too late, and get him to open up and share his feelings instead of letting it crumble him down.

“Woah look at that huge fish!” Calum yelled entering the aquarium, looking at the large cylinder shaped tank in the center of the room filled with fish the size of your thumb nail to the size of a tire. He ran straight to it with a smile so big it made his dimples shine through from miles away, and he touched upon the glass in awe. I brought him here to hopefully learn more about Kiera, but I’d make sure he’d have a good time before asking so he’d be in a better mood. This was also my favorite place to come to, so it was a win win.

“I know, he’s been in that tank for years. I use to come here when I was 8 and I even gave him a name. Swimmy.” He scrunched his eyebrows and laughed again, keeping his eye on the fat fish.


“If I have to repeat it again I was 8!”

We watched around the aquarium some more looking inside at all the wonderful creatures sea life had to offer. Calum’s skin glowed even in the dim lighting, and his face shined whenever he pinned his nose against the glass to get a better look in the smaller tanks. He was like a kid again, enjoying the animals and being just as fascinated by them as me.

“So, why’d you bring me here?” I couldn’t just say I brought him here to talk about the girl that ruined love for him as he knew it. ‘Oh I just brought you here to get you in a good mood before ruining it by asking you about the girl who used you for money and then left you.’ Yeah, that’s smart.

“Well, I love this place. Being surrounded by the water and all the animals that inhabit it. I’ve always been interesting in marine life. And being near this much water, I don’t know…calms my mind I guess. I just wanted to bring you here to experience it.” I shrugged. I wasn’t necessarily lying. I did tell the truth; I loved this place and marine life, but it wasn’t the only reason why I wanted specifically him to come with me.

“I love it, I feel like a little kid again learning about the animals and watching them swim around and interact with one another. Thank you.” He said smiling his genuine smile, and slipped his fingers through mine seemlessly. I couldn’t even feel it, until he looked down waiting for approval, and I smiled gripping his hand in mine.

We eventually ended up outside near the tadpols, tiny sharks, and other animals with the guides to teach kids more about them. Beyond the railing that showed the end of the outside portion of the aquarium was the great wide ocean. Calum leaned against the railing and stared, letting the slight ocean breeze whip across his face and he closed his eyes with a smile. I figured now was good a time as any. Here goes something new.

“Calum…” I breathed heavily, “who’s Kiera.”

I brought my eyes to his face seeing his side profile, and instantly his jaw clenched and his nostrils flared. He turned on his side, leaning one arm against the rail and one arm shoved in his pocket. He huffed and cocked his head before answering.

“How do you know about her? Huh! Who told you!” His slight outburst scared me, and reminded me of how much worst his yelling could get. It took an army in me to stop the tears from even starting.

“N-nobody! I heard you on the phone that one night we kissed and I heard the conversation-“

“It was Marissa! I knew it! Can’t trust anyone these days!” He flung himself off the railing with his arms up in the arm before walking towards the stairs down to the ocean that was clearly marked ‘employees only’. I quickly followed after him.

“If you would just open up and explain to me who she is then this conversation would be over by now Calum!” He started quickly walked down the steps with me close behind him.

He quickly turned to me and said, “I don’t ever want to talk about that bitch ever again don’t bring her up.” and turned back walk down the steps again. I stopped in my tracks with all the anger and hurt from Calum and I’s fights that would soon come if I didn’t stop this. I was a ticking time bomb, and I just exploded.

“Well maybe if you’d just stop surpressing your feelings and holding them in you wouldn’t be such a depressed mess inside!” I screamed from the middle of the stairway, while Calum was just about to reach the bottom. He stopped, one foot in front of the other. His hand was gripping the rail, and I could see his shoulders bobbing up and down. After a few seconds I spoke up again, seeing as he wasn’t going to.

“You can’t keep doing this to yourself. You’re holding in every emotion from this girl and eventually those feelings are going to come out and scare away your soulmate if you don’t stop. She’ll end up being the one who got away Cal.” I slowly walked closer to him down the staircase, my voice softer but still audible. It felt like the world had stopped for us. The trees were blowing with the steady wind making slight crunching noises and the oceans mean waves had calmed to a simple crash on the shore. We didn’t hear anyone’s voices even though they were right above our heads. I got close enough to Calum to touch him, and placed my hands on his shoulders, feeling his tension drain away.

“I want to help you forget Cal. I want to help you remember what real love is again. I want to make sure you know you’re valued and actually mean something to me, not just dollar bills. But I can’t do that if you won’t open up to me, please…talk to me.” He turned to me with droppy eyes and a frown stretched out on his lips. I brought my hands to his cheeks and rubbed under his eye.

“She used me. For money Y/N…for money. I just…I felt so betrayed and felt like I was worthless and that I’d never truly be loved…” He began rambling, so I pulled him into my chest running my hands through his slight curls, just listening to him finally pouring his heart out in words.

“And you’re right. If I keep holding my anger and hurt inside I’ll someday blow up at someone who means a lot to me and scare them away. It’s just so much easier that way, to me I felt like I was making everyone’s lives safer that way.”

“But Cal you’re wrong. The next girl you’ll hurt because of the assumptions you’ve built up about love and girls is going to seriously break that person and their assumption on love. It’s going to be a domino affect.” I was finally telling him in a calm way all the feelings I had during our rough patch, the things I was always afraid saying because of how angry he’d get at me for feeling the way I did. He was understanding, and a flame grew in my heart knowing this was the start of fixing it all.

“I don’t know about you but…I’m falling for you every second I look in your eyes.” His dark brown ones couldn’t be looking any deeper than they were right now, and I leaned my forehead against his, hearing the waves behind us.

“Me too Cal, me too.”

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I hope you're doing alright, just wanted to say that I really care about you and I really admire you for your strength. we've interacted a few times and you've given me a lot of strength through your poetry and just how honest and good you are as a person. anyways, I might make a poetry blog. I'll let you know if I do, and I really hope you feel better soon. -j

ok so, j again, sorry to bother you with another ask haha, but i did end up making that poetry blog, so if u want feel free to check it out @ judas-lachesism altho i dont have much on it right now besides one recent poem and a couple old stabs at poetry.. -j

thank you so much for all your love and support, j. i slept for three hours so i no longer feel like i wanna crawl out of my skin, which is helpful lmao. i’m excited about your poetry blog! i know you’re going to write some amazing pieces. 💖also i got your rec for ‘i am mordred’ and i’ve added it to my reading list


“Jude, don’t let that big fat liar come with us! He’ll just stab us in the back again!”

Right Time, Wrong Place

Description: Dean x Reader fluff attack! With much debate, Dean tries to work out how to propose to the reader… and is safe to say his timing could be better!
Words: 2,130
Warnings: None?
Author’s Note: Brotherly moments, sassy moments, funny moments, cute moments… it’s nice to be back to writing. Exams are finally over so theory is I have a bit more time now! Woo!

Request: Hi! I have been dying for someone to do this but could you do a ReaderXDean when Dean wants to propose but knows the reader isn’t into the traditional fancy proposal so he spends days trying to figure it out and reader notices he’s acting weird and gets worried but in the middle of a hunt they get into a fight about why he’s been weird and he just randomly shouts out “will you marry me?” And Sam is gets all upset because now is not the time for marriage proposals?? Love your blog omg


It had been one of those that every time you looked at the clock it had barely been 5 minutes. Research for this case was slowly driving you all insane, so you had decided to check into a motel for the night.

“It’s definitely not the Hilton,” you muttered, swinging your legs out of the impala and onto the gravel car park. The old neon sign looked as if it had long since blown out and judging by the paint peeling off of the outside walls, you didn’t hold out much hope for a comfy bed or a good night’s sleep.

“Nope, but you’d complain if it was normal, besides, it’s better than another night of Sam’s gigantor legs getting in the way in the impala,” Dean said just loud enough for you to hear as he walked around the side of the car to stand with you.

You gave him a knowing smirk but quickly masked it as Sam ambled around to meet you. Dean locked up the impala and the three of you went into the reception of the motel, the smell of stale cigarette smoke hit you as you walked up to the main desk and rang the little bell.

“Just coming!” A voice rang out from a small back room. Withing a few seconds a jolly little woman came out to meet you, she looked the three of you up and down, eyes resting on Dean’s hand that was lightly around your waist. “Not often we get married couples through here, what can I do for you?”

“Oh we’re not-” Dean started to say, but you cut him off.

“We’re not stopping long, we’re just on a road trip travelling for our honeymoon, aren’t we sweetheart?” You said giving Dean a subtle poke in the side and shooting Sam a look.

“Right, um, yeah!”

“Aren’t they adorable?” Sam said with a sarcastic smile.

“Oh, I do love newly weds! How did he propose?” She said, leaving forward to rest her chin on her hand on the desk.

“It was as unusual as he is, let’s just say that,” you coupled it with a girly sounding giggle for effect, which seemed to work perfectly.

“That’s so lovely, I tell you what, I could probably swing you a discount… it’s nice to have a normal couple for the once, let me just grab the books.”

You thanked her and with a big wide grin, turned to face Dean as the woman ducked behind the counter.

“What?” You mouthed at a wide eyed Dean, who simply opened and closed his mouth a few times. He was about to form some sort of sentence when the woman popped back up with a ledger in hand.

“Can I take some names then?” She smiled, looking between the three of you.

“Of course,” Sam stepped forwards with a smug smile, “I’m Sam Singer, and this is… well, Mr and Mrs Singer.”

1 month later

Dean pushed open the door with a shoulder, carefully balancing a small stack of take away boxes in his arms.

“Is that Chinese?” You said, the familiar smell wafting over to your fort of research. Everyone had been holed up for much too long on this hunt and you were nearly there, but of course, Dean couldn’t begin to think about research on an empty stomach.

“Yeah, I got your favourite!” Dean chuckled, placing the boxes down on the only patch of space not covered in papers and books.

“You’re a star.” You grinned, gladly putting down your pen and wandering over.

“Don’t you forget it,” he replied, pulling you in and quickly stealing a kiss. You relaxed into his embrace and let out a small, contented sigh. The pair of you were going steady, but working on the road with Sam meant that you had to savour every available moment.

“Alright guys, do you have to do that around the food?” Sam said, ambling out of the en suite.

“Way to ruin a moment, don’t worry, there’s rabbit food for you Sammy,” Dean said, taking a step back.

“It’s not rabbit food. If you ate healthy for a month you’d-”

“I’d feel the difference? Broken record, Sam.”

“I’m just-”

“Oh guys, you bicker like an old married couple.” You laughed, rolling your eyes and snatching up a box of noodles before retreating back to your spot. As you turned, Sam muttered something that you couldn’t quite pick up but it clearly struck a chord with Dean judging by the scoff and expletives you just about heard as you sat down and carried on.

2 hours later - Dean POV

“Pull yourself together,” Dean muttered to himself as he threw his duffle into the trunk. He took a deep breath and turned to lean on the impala.

If he hadn’t known better, he would have thought he was going crazy. 2 years ago, nearly to the day, he’d gone on a date with you. It was unconventional at best and had included taking a trip to a gun store, but it had been perfect. To him, you were perfect and he wanted everything to be perfect for you.

Perfect, perfect.

It was a horrible word, it was something hunters didn’t get, which is why when he opened that little velvet box and said that short little question, he wanted it to be right for you. He’d even sat through a few crappy rom-coms as research but none of it was explicity “Y/N” and deciding was driving him insane.

“You’re thinking about it again, aren’t you?” Sam’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

“What? Um, yeah, right, we’ll need to be quiet on this hunt, element of surprise, there’s too many to go barging straight in.”

“You know that’s not what I’m talking about,” Sam said with a smirk, “whenever you do it will be the right time, you know.”

“Huh, easy for you to say.”

“Yeah, it is because I’m right.”

“Y/N isn’t going to go for a rose petal down on one knee thing.”

“Then don’t do that? Dean, for God’s sake just-” Sam was quickly stopped by an elbow to the ribs as Dean heard you shut the motel door.

“Oh, Sammy, pass me the torch,” Dean said in a voice a little too stained to be natural. He felt his heart miss a beat, desperately hoping you hadn’t heard him.

“What the hell, man? It’s right-” Sam snapped before his eyes went wide and he caught on.

— Reader POV —

“Right, I have the floor plans here and a freshly sharpened blade, let me at ‘em!” You said, hoisting your bag up on your shoulder as you approached them.

Research had at long last paid off and you’d narrowed the location of the vampires down to an old toy factory on the outskirts of town. It seemed a bizarre place for them to make their lair but you had long since given up trying to understand the psychology of the things you hunted.

“Yes I do,” Dean blurted out.

“Yes you do, what?” You said, screwing your face up in confusion.

“I do… um… I do, well, have seen the floor plans too,” he stuttered out.

“You’re a weirdo,” you laughed, opening the door and dumping your bag into the back seat. You saw Sam shoot Dean a strange look before clamouring into the car after you.

It was a short drive to the factory and you drove in an odd silence, you had tried starting up a few conversations but quickly gave up. Dean was cheerful but jumpy, usually he spoke to you about most things and it was bizarre but you put it down to a few too many sleepless night.

At the other end, you slowly got out of the impala, closing the door as quietly as possible behind you. Dean had parked not even 200 metres from the factory and sound travelled annoyingly well at that time of night. Wandering round to the back, you clicked open the boot and had started kitting yourself as the brothers came around to join you.

“Dean, do you want a machete?” you muttered, only half paying attention. After a few seconds of silence you turned around to his wide eyed face.

“Um, earth to Dean? Machete? Do you want it?” you said slower.

“No! What? Sorry, I mean yes! Yes!” He said loudly.

“Jesus, do you want them to come running? Indoor voices, Dean, remember?” Sam huffed.


You raised a questioning eyebrow at Dean, whuch he shook off with a head shake and shrug. It was weird behaviour for him, he was usually the most serious of the three of you on hunts, but you brushed it off and passed the blade to Dean with a quick smile.

“The floor plans say there should be a service entrance to the east,” Sam said, before looking poniently to Dean and saying, “and remember, element of surprise is key here.”

“Sounds good, lets go,” you nodded, slipping a final dagger in your waistband.

“What she said,” Dean mumbled, closing up the trunk and beginning to speed walk on towards the factory.

Sam and you followed on, quickly falling into step behind him. Within a minute, you came to a stop in front of a rusty iron door. It looked as if you’d have a job opening it, meaning your subtle lock-pick-the-back-entrance plan was out, but Dean seemed determined to go ahead.

“Dean, even if you get through that lock, that door’s going to be squeaky as hell, this isn’t going to be the silent approach,” you whispered, leaning over his shoulder.

“One second,” he hissed back.

“She’s right, Dean, let’s find another-”

“I can’t think of any other ways, I just-”

“Dean? What’s up with you, step back and take a breath for 2 seconds!” you said as loudly as you dared.

“You really want to know?” He hissed back, putting his lock picking tools down a little too noisily. You followed his hands with your eyes warily, he was shaking and it instantly put you on edge.

“Dean, are you-”

“Stay out of this Sammy,” he said holding up a single finger, “you really want to know, Y/N?”

“Of course, I love you, I-”

“There’s no going back after I say this.”

“Dean, what the hell, you’re scaring me, what’s wrong?” You said, feeling the tug in your lungs as your breathing quickened.

“Y/N, I’ve tried to find a way to say this but,” his voice wavered, but he swallowed, put on a smile and carried on, “Y/N, I love you, will you marry me?”

You stopped in your tracks, mouth hung slightly ajar. You stayed silent, your brain desperately trying to make sense of what you’d heard. That couldn’t have been what you had just heard, it must have been something else, surely to God.

“Y/N? Say something?” Dean said, his Adams apple visibly bobbing. “I… I’m sorry, this was-”

“Did you-? Oh my god, YES!” You squeaked, “Of course!”

“Guys-” Sam hissed, but you weren’t listening. Dean’s face lit up within an instant.

“Really? You’re not just saying it to make me-”

You cut Dean off mid sentence, closing the small distance left between you and pulling him down to your level. With shaking hands gripping his shirt, you hurriedly pressed your lips to his with a little more force than you meant, but he certainly didn’t seem to mind. His hands quickly found your the side of your jaw, holding you in place and you could feel his smile as much as you could your own.

“Guys.” Sam said again behind you.

“I love you,” Dean mumbled into your lips.

“I love you too.”

“Guys!” Sam shout whispered, this time putting a hand on your shoulder.

“What?” You snapped, stepping away and turning to face him.

“Now’s not the time! I’m happy for you but unless you forgot, vampire lair?” He hissed, waving an arm at the factory building.

“He’s got a point.” You grinned, stifling a laugh. You were so full of adrenaline you were finding it hard to care about staying quiet and one glance at Dean told you he was the same.

“Is that any way to talk to your future sister, Sammy?” Dean smirked, not taking his eyes off of you.

“Seriously? You know I’m over the moon for you guys,” Sam whispered, cracking a smile, “but we do need to focus.”

“The quicker this is over, the quicker we can celebrate?” You said, barely audible, to Dean.

“God I love you,” Dean said just loud enough for you to hear before increasing volume a little again, with a short laugh, “let’s go gank these sons of bitches… After you, then, Ms future-Winchester?”


The embrace was welcomed and the touch was pleasant. What could he say? Even after everything, he was still a sucker for his hair being played with. Although he felt a slight ping of disappointment at Pitch’s comment on the matter not being his duty, he didn’t take it too personal and decided it was better to let it go.
“I hadn’t come with anything in mind. To be honest I had been above, but it had begun to rain.” Jamie never went far when he would adventure up into the world. He always lurked outside the entrance and only at night. So much time in the caves had weakened his eye sight and made it hard to tolerate bright light for long periods of time.
“Perhaps it has stopped by now.”

Saying it was Jamie’s duty was not meant to be taken cruelly. The boy did not have to worry about such things and he didn’t want him to get involved with such forces. Jamie was too pure for that. Every so often he was letting him go to the surface but it was a process he was still getting accustomed to. Behind the scenes Pitch was working on a project that he hopped Jamie would appreciate.

“Perhaps it has.” Pitch hummed and tried to help Jamie off his lap. “Would you like to come with me to find out?” Standing up, he offered a hand to the boy to see if he would go with him on this adventure.

“You messed the end up here. Now I have to change it.“

Erm, no Booth, you better not have changed it!!! What could be a more fitting end to this video for Christine, than this honest, beautiful live display of love between her parents?!

The tackle hug is such a wonderful moment- Brennan is so overcome with emotion and she just has to let him know how much he means to her.

And look at that face!!!! That’s what love looks like! (Of course Booth’s speech was amazing and it makes me super emotional but I won’t go into that now because otherwise I’ll be here all day, lol.)

(Also, I love that in the video you can see Brennan’s adorable little head in the background, lol <3)

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The Creator Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Admits There’s One Character He Probably Will Not Kill Off
After years of saying that 'no one is safe' on 'The Walking Dead,' Robert Kirkman seemed to suggest that one character IS safe.

“The Carol that’s in the comic was my attempt to show just how broken an individual can become from the zombie apocalypse. The Carol in the show, which is a much better character let’s be honest, actually is made stronger by all the more horrible things that happen to her in the show. Killing her would definitely not … we can’t do that.”