so much as that she was gonna leave anyway because she wanted to travel and save the environment

The Tale of Korra and Katara

*Korra, Asami, Mako, Bolin, Tenzin (etc.) are visiting Katara at the Southern Water Tribe. Team Avatar is lounging around Katara’s home while she is out.*

Asami: “Do you want another blanket? It’s getting pretty cold…”

Korra: “No thanks. I’m good.”

Asami: “Are you sure? Here, have this.”

*Asami places another blanket on Korra’s lap. Korra doesn’t protest, but simply stares at it and gives a quiet thanks.*

Asami: “Katara should be back soon.”

Korra: “I know.”

*Silence falls between the four of them for a few moments. Korra stares into the dwindling fireplace.*

Bolin: “Hey! You know what would really cheer everybody up!? That traveling street show happening down the street! that’d be fun, right!?”

Mako: “Not now, Bolin.”

Bolin: *clearly disappointed* ”Sorry, just trying to brighten the mood…”

*Korra breaks her trance with the fireplace.*

Korra: “No, Bolin is right. You guys should go see the street show.”

Asami: “Korra, we’re not gonna leave you all alone-”

Korra: “No, really. You guys go, it’ll be fun. Katara will be back soon anyways.”

Mako: “Korra-”

Korra: “Mako- really it’s okay. Besides, what are you three gonna do when it’s just Katara and I in the Healing Room?”

Asami: “Are you absolutely sure, Korra?”

*Korra attempts a slight smile*

Korra: “Absolutely. Hey, if Katara and I finish early, we’ll meet you down there-”

Bolin: “Ooo! That’s a great idea! I’ll buy you and Katara some Pop-Kelp-Corn before it all gets sold out!”

Korra: *Korra smiles a bit stronger now.* “That sounds nice.”

*Bolin runs off to the Pop-Kelp-Corn stand while Mako and Asami reluctantly leave for the street performance. Korra stares back at the fire for a few moments waiting for Katara to return. She quickly becomes restless and throws her many blankets off of her. She picks up both of her crutches and lifts herself out of the wheelchair. Korra begins to move towards a bookshelf before stumbling and catching herself on it. Korra noticed some picture frames on the shelf before her. They were of Katara’s family. There was a picture of Katara with Aang and the children, along with one of Katara with another water tribe man that she did not recognize. A shelf below there was a painting. It must have been before photography, because it was obviously of Aang and Katara’s wedding. Korra thought they looked so happy in each other’s arms.*


*At that moment, Katara walked in.*

Katara: “My brother Sokka painted that picture.”

*Korra was slightly caught off guard and felt embarrassed about looking around Katara’s home.*

Korra: “Oh-hello,” Korra tried to say with as much of an upbeat manner as she could muster, “it’s a beautiful picture.”

Katara: “Well I would hope so. It took my brother about five tries to get it right. His painting abilities eventually grew better with age. My brother, Sokka, that’s him in that picture there. Oh how I do miss him.”

Korra: “Oh, uh, I’m really sorry- I didn’t know-”

Katara: “It’s quite alright, dear. Shall we go to the Healing Room?”

*Katara helps Korra into her wheelchair and leads her into a back room of the house with a large rectangular pool of shallow water. Katara lifts Korra out of the chair on a bed of water, and lowers her into the pool.*

Korra: “Not to be rude, but do you think this will really make a difference. A lot of healers have already tried–not that you aren't better, of course, but–”

Katara: “Please Korra, I need you to relax as much as possible. And yes, I do believe this will help.”

*Katara poured a vial of water into the pool.*

Katara: “This water has special healing properties. I've saved the Avatar once before with something similar to it. I was lucky enough to acquire it. This water, along with the full moon tonight, is the best healing combination there is to offer.”

*Katara began working the shallow pool of water around Korra’s body. The water glowed and Korra’s muscles relaxed in a way they hadn’t for weeks. Korra wanted to keep talking with Katara and find out more about her life with Aang, but the pool of water felt so tranquil and peaceful that she couldn’t gather the energy to speak. She had wanted to speak with Avatar Aang ever since Zaheer had been locked away, but since her connection to past lives was severed, there was no hope of that happening. The next best thing would have been to speak with Katara, since she knew Aang best. But alas, Katara was busy at work, and Korra too relaxed to speak.*


*Korra began to slip in and out of consciousness. It was very hard for her to stay awake in such a calming environment. She tried to stay awake; snapping back into awareness now and then. It was like her mind was slipping and she needed to focus. It was a similar feeling. It was the feeling she experienced when poisoned by the Red Lotus. The feeling of trying to stay out of the Avatar State. The feeling that if she slipped any further there would be no snapping out of it. And all of a sudden, Korra was in the Avatar State. Katara was taken aback at first, afraid Korra might lash out without thinking. But Korra with her glowing eyes simply stayed still in the shallow pool of glowing water. This was definitely progress since she had not been capable of entering the Avatar State since her accident. They were making progress. Katara continued healing Korra until Mako burst into the house yelling.*


Mako: “Korra! Katara! Katara there you are, listen we need to get Korra out of here- fast.

Katara: “What’s wrong?”

Mako: “Raiders, Equalists, Red Lotus, I DON’T KNOW, but some large army sized force is attacking. They’re only a few blocks away right now. They slipped into the port unnoticed, catching security off guard We need to go NOW!”

Katara: “It’s too dangerous to move her right now. We’re in the middle of healing process and Korra has just reconnected to the Avatar State.”

*Mako makes a move to go lift Korra from the pool.*

Katara: “STOP! There’s no telling what will happen if you touch her. She’s not conscious right now and she’s in the Avatar State. Her instinctive reaction will be to fight. We need to defend this part of the city.”

Mako: “We’re completely out numbered!”

Katara: “No, we’re not. Whomever is coming doesn’t know that they’re up against the most powerful waterbender in the South Pole. I can hold them off until Korra comes ‘round.”

*Katara looks away and closes her eyes. A single tear runs down her cheek.*

Katara: “I have the potential to be quite powerful under a full moon. More powerful than most people know.”

Mako: “Well if you plan on doing something, the sooner the better!”

*Katara begins to walk out the door.*

Katara: “Stay here. Watch after Korra. Do not move her unless there is absolutely no other option.”

Mako: “I don’t think you’ll be able to take on all of them-”

Katara: “I know. But I’ve got to try.”


*Katara turns to Korra’s glowing eyes.*


Katara: “I’ll be with you soon, Aang.”

*A tear outlined her cheek one more time, and Katara left her house under the full moon to save the Avatar one last time.*