so much artistic liberty


Yup rather weak performance this time too lmao. But I just really wanted to draw suits and and and…. *deep sigh*

Why do I always draw things that I know will take me forever and a day. Why. WELL IN ANY CASE. I love Cherche and Minervykins. You know I do because I spent an eternity shading them. B’)

FINALLY Cresselia is done! 

Her fashion is based off Chinese fashion from the early and late Tang Dynasty. I think technically her dress is incorrect (her wearing a high waisted ruqun hanfu underneath a daxiushan and all) but I just love a lot of the styles from this period so I took some artistic liberties :q Much like I do with my other gijinkas and designs ahaha~

Hope you like! Some more ‘modern’ historical fashion is soon to come, I’m actually pretty excited to tackle them >V> 




Prussia: Denny’s sure is fun, eh denmark?

(grand slamwich on table)

Denmark: You didn’t just bring me to this place because we share the first syllable, right?

Prussia: (sweating) ha ha ha, whaaat

Denmark: You brought me here because my name starts with “Den” didn’t you

(Prussia shoots Denmark)

(Prussia gets the fuck out of dodge)

Sorry it doesnt follow the original plot, i was in cleveland without too much wifi when i wrote this so i had to take artistic liberties.