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Okay, I wanna touch on something for a second here. 

I’ve gotten a couple asks and a few messages recently, from people asking me to be their mentor / teacher / whatever term you like. (I’m not naming names, don’t worry.) And while I am honored that you guys think I would be a competent teacher, it is just not something I offer, or think I ever will, for many many reasons. 

What I do here is share resources, and offer advice, but the direct one-on-one mentoring is just not what I feel comfortable doing. 

Again, I am super honored that you want to learn from me, and of course I’ll help people in whatever way I can, but I just don’t have it in me to do any sort of direct teaching or mentoring. 

For those of you that are looking for a teacher or mentor, there are plenty of other blogs that offer networking for such things. @adoptawitchling is one such place. You could also try @witch-yellowpages and see if anyone there is looking to teach. 

my skating practice today was productive and also very funny because all competitive skaters were at the rink watching our practice and they started laughing at the fact that the left side of my body is REALLY into the idea of doing double jumps already but the right side of my body wants to land as soon as possible

Hey everybody, this is Griffin McElroy, your dungeon master, DM, best friend, friend, very good friend, lover?, life colleague, best buddy in the whole wide world, good good buddy, main man, dad, that guy who sat behind you in gym class, confidant, Harvey Fierstein, benevolent anonymous benefactor, long lost uncle, yoga instructor, bosom buddy, dirty little secret, partner in crime, dog…whisperer, personal trainer, fungeon master, worst enemy, guardian angel, personal trainer, personal chef, local handyman, onion blaster, weatherman, part time Spanish tutor, second hand news, other thing, sleepy time boy, local sheriff, personal chef, sommelier, ice skating trainer, a real human being and a real hero, big dog - big dog on campus, clock, just your best friend, not alone guy, trusted source for all the latest Hollywood gossip, secret santa, number one fan, oatmeal eater, local hvac repair person, number one 100% gamer boy, midnight boy, finale boy, tardy boy, your very grateful and very relieved cohost of the Adventure Zone podcast. Thank you for listening.


“More than anything else, I just want you to know my sincerity.”
Happy Birthday to the our one and only angel Jimin! ♡


IT (2017) dir. Andrés Muschietti

You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. YOU’LL FLOAT TOO.