so much adorable in one game

-{Offers this? Personal fave image so. Yeah. xD

This is seriously one of my favourite images of Gig. It captures that dickish side of his personality so well, like. What. You expected me to go somewhere? I ain’t going anywhere. Just, you know. Pretend like I’m not even here, it’s fine. Don’t even worry about it. Kind of like how in the game, if you get nekkid and have a spa bath, Gig apparently doesn’t care - but his affection for the protagonist shoots up a few points. You can’t tell me the guy doesn’t appreciate attractive figures every now and again.


EROS YUURI “you’re not looking enough” 🔥🔥🔥






The fact that it looked very much like BOTH Magnus and Alec were prepared to lose just to make the other happy, hurts my heart.

Magnus knows how hard it’s been for Alec as of late (what with almost dying, and the whole deal with the demon hijacking his body to commit a murder) and I feel like he was purposely holding back on his abilities —which I’m not surprised that he has, of course, because he’s over 400 years old; he’s had plenty opportunity to get super good at this game— because he just wanted to see Alec smile again.

(I believe he would have continued to the end of the game feigning to be a poor pool player, if he hadn’t noticed that Alec had noticed Magnus being less than his sassy self about it — and whats the point in them both pretending to suck? lol.)

As for Alec, he may not have known that he was being played, but it was clearly obvious to him that Magnus wasn’t really having too much fun with the game (which I understand, because if you’re really good at something and you have to hold back, I imagine that might be difficult and make things slightly less enjoyable), and Alec was all ready to lose in messing up his shot just so he could see that sparkle come back to Magnus’ eyes.

It’s because of this that I want to scream into a pillow right now. These two are so adorable together, and they are going to fall so helplessly in love with one another, and it’s already being, and I don’t think I can handle it guys. I’m going to fall apart.


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Hello! Yesterday i make this collection of pillows, rugs and bed covers!!! I gonna be making more CC for house and some clothes recolors so prepare your mods folder!!!

I love making this is so fun and helps me not to stress to much 
\(^▽^)/ So i hope everyone like it! 
Thanks for all the downloads in my last things! Thanks everyone! 

If the link don’t work click Open link in new Tab! If you want me to recolor somethings send me a message!


  • Pillows mesh (Orange Coussin) by @msteaqueen (52 colors) I love the pugs one is so adorable!
  • Bed covers mesh by Pilar (51 colors)
  • Rugs base game (54 colors)
  • Pictures by society6 (the best site ever)
  • Custom thumbnails (every recolor have it)
  • If you don’t find the recolors try type [PR_SS] Circa in buy mode
  • (^▽^)


CC i used from:

@leo-sims @mio-sims@mxims and paintings by me! Thanks you all for the lovely CC!

Thanks for downloading and Have fun!! WCIF friendly so ask me anything!

If something wrong with the links or other things, please send me a message :D If you use my cc tag me #PR_Supernovasims, mysims4screenshots or @mysims4screenshots (<— i prefer this one) and i will like it and reblog the pictures!!!!

I’m in such a serious Legend of Zelda mood this week it’s not even funny. I’ve ALMOST finished Breath of the Wild (I’m taking my time because I’m scared of the main boss and I actually just like climbing to the top of mountains and jumping off… yes I know… some hero.) and I got volume one of the Twilight Princess manga. Ok, Twilight Princess is my absolute FAVOURITE Zelda game, I love it way too much <3 

So have some TP Link doodles! The one on the left I tried to draw a panel from the manga that I REALLY love. I really like Akira Himekawa’s style, especially the eyes <3. The doodle on the right I just thought of for no particular reason. I love Link’s Ordon clothes, and I love how he is affiliated with animals in Twilight Princess (this game particularly…). I really love TP’s personality and his adorable little smile~

7 Seconds To Say Yes

i was very emotional in making this and i tried to capture the overwhelming emotion in this through my writing, so here’s a nice fluffy one shot ;)

summary: the most important 7 seconds of dan’s life caught on camera

warning: g for gay, feels, maybe improper tenses as i usually write past tense and might have messed up whoops

genre: fluff

word count: 1,446

Sometimes people ask me if it’s weird to have so much of my life on the internet for everybody to see. I always say that I don’t mind, as some of my happiest moments have been documented for the internet to see, and I wouldn’t want to ever lose those moments. The internet has done so much for me, it’s only fair that I let people see into my glamorous life for a few minutes. Everybody eats the answer up, and, while it’s mostly true, that isn’t the reason that I don’t mind.

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BTS Reaction: BTS notices that GF isn’t wearing a bra.


 Hey! Can I get a BTS reaction when they notice you (crush or gf) aren’t wearing any bra ? Thanks ^-^

♣ if you want something more smutty or specific, just say so~ this is not graphic, but I can make it for you, so just specify if you want it to be. you can add “fluff” “smutt” “angst” or whatever you want at the end of the request!!! thank you!! ♣

 • Namjoon: 
When he noticed through your gray sleevless shirt that you didn’t have a bra, this boy wouldn’t be embarassed, I think he would understand that it’s comfortable to just rest without anything bothering sensible parts of your body, even more when you were laying in your bed with you long term relationship partner. Even understanding this, he won’t stop staring when you are not paying attention until you caugh him and both of you stared at each other’s soul, making an uncomfortable silence, until you gave him a naughty smirk.

“So… do you wanna make this even more comfortable?”

Originally posted by jiminrolls

• SeokJin:

I guess he’d be kinda shy about it at the beggining, but you just got home after a long day at college and you just wanted to rest. Jin was your boyfriend, so why would you be embarassed about it? You took off your bra and threw it to the laundry, and then you just sat next to you boyfriend asking how his day was. I think that he’d try to avoid staring or act shy, so he would have a cheering attitude, but eventually you two would end up cuddling and he would rest his head on your clothed breasts. (dirty thoughts ofc)

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

• Yoongi:

I don’t think he’d make a scandal about it. He probably would find it completely normal, respecting the fact that you are comfortable that way, but of course that would be a first step for him to start something kinky (?). Like, for example, you two were in the bed watching a movie (of course you dragged him to the bed with you) and he just lifted your shirt a little and stroked your abdomen. These kind of games usually are just teasing, but sometimes it turns to something else.

Originally posted by minsecretsoul


This boy would just play around, massaging your boobs gently just to tease you. You would tickle him and it would be a constant game of teasing each other, playing around, just having a good time. But sometimes those games can take an unexpected turn; like when you’re cooking or organizing something and he hugs you from behind, squishing your breasts and laughing cockily, and when you turn around to kiss him, he would kiss you passionately, telling you how much he loves you, and stroking your back.
(i died writing this he’s so adorable adios)

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• Jimin

Let’s be honest, Jimin isn’t a fuckboy like many people think. Imo, he’s a piece of heaven, but like everyone he has his own needs. One day he got from practice and decided to visit you. You were about to go to sleep so you were using your pajamas, of course you didn’t have a bra on. Jimin and you decided to cuddle to sleep, but when he wrapped his arms around you he felt something more squishy than usual, and inocently asked if you weren’t using any bra. You just laughed and denied with your head, and he just chuckled and squished them softly playfully before falling asleep with you in his embrace. This would be a specific situation, but depends on his mood or in how tired you both are. He does the same that Yoongi does, he strokes your abdomen playfully and sometimes that leads to something else, but he’s always respectful.

Originally posted by gotjimin

• Taehyung:

Just like Chim, he wouldn’t have any perverted thoughts at the beggining, but would take it as something normal just like everyone. I really think that every member is completely respectful in that way, not taking the fact that you aren’t using any bra as a hint that you want their (agust) D, but instead of staying silent like Jimin, he probably would break the silence: “they’re so soft!!” “can I touch them?” “does it hurt?” “can I sleep on them?” you would laugh at everything, but when you wanted him to touch you lovingly, he’s smart, so he would understand and place his hands inside your shirt instead of just touching them with your clothes on.

Originally posted by btstaehyunged

• Jungkook: 

Okay, so every member thought that it was completely normal, but for Jungkook it wasn’t like that. I mean, of course it was, but it gave him some confidence to start something, even if not having a bra meant just comfort for you. He would, just like everyone else, respect your comfort, but he would also tease you with something, like lifting up his shirt “accidentaly”, like a hint. This would be months after you started dating him, the first time he saw you like that, he was jungshook. But he normalized it with time, he just wasn’t that used to it, but now he was more confident.

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ok but yuuri in no way would brush off viktor’s affection like? he would wholeheartedly embrace him and would not be cold toward him. since people were like ! oh Viktor is a golden retriever and all over yuuri it’s like ‘oh the tables have turned’ and Viktor is the one that would do absolutely anything, and the only one who expresses extreme affection outwardly as if Yuuri doesnt do all and everything the same in his own way. also yuuri forgets holidays when Viktor has the bad memory? no.

yuuri and Viktor have it all down. all of it. they love each other so damn hard it’s beautiful and it was meant to be and they know it and will show it. it’s a golden relationship adorned with diamonds and the two of them are full of courage and winning at the game of love that’s not a game- it’s their story they’ll keep writing together and boi howdy they’ll adore one another the whole time.


to one of my all-time favorite nintendo series, I would like to thank the Kirby games for always being entertaining, adorable, and epic! Kirby always puts a huge smile on my face <3

Happy 25th Anniversary, Kirby!

The Rise and Fall

Prinxiety ship, tickles of course. I just had a lil ~inspiration~ and really needed to write! Thought I’d submit it in. Hope you like it! ~Bun

Prompt; A pun from Morality dooms a friend.

Morality squeaked as Logic ended their round of Word games, hiding his blushing faced. Logic pushed up his glasses, hiding a smirk. They were sat on the floor facing one another and had been going back and forth like so for a while, Prince quietly observing while he pet a dozing Anxiety.

“I win.”
“That’s not fair, you took me by surprise with that!”
“Isn’t that the point of they game?”
“No! Well, yes, but not how you did that!!”
“How about we start again and you can demonstrate how I’m supposed to win. If you can. I’ll even let you start.”
“I can’t think of a word now, you’ve fogged up my brain!”

Prince chuckled at the two, finding their jokey bickering quite sweet and amusing. Logic glanced up, acknowledging him.
“How about you give us a word to start with, Roman?”

He stretched, disturbing the dark figure on his lap, who grunted half heartedly. Prince ponderes for a second, then smiled.
“You already said the perfect word! Roman.”
“Of course you’d go for yourself.”
Roman chuckled lightly. “What? Is it not good enough?”
“I guess I could work with that… Empire.”
“Ah like the Roman empire! I see what you did there, that was almost pun worthy!”
“It was not.”
“Was to!”
“Was not.”
“Was to!”

They carried on, Prince giggling at the two. Anxiety yawned and stretched, unable to carry on his slumber with all the ruckus.

“Are you guys seriously arguing again…? It’s impossible for peace with you two around. What is it even about this time?”
Logic looked up at the sleepy side.

“The Roman Empire.”
“…Why do I feel like you started this?”
Anxiety stared at Prince with accusing eyes, poking him in the ribs. He gave a small yelp, falling away from Anxiety.

“Oh my goodness, we just witnessed the rise and fall of the Roman Empire! Hehehe!” Morality chortled. Anxiety smirked, peering down at his lover with danger in his eyes. Prince raised his hands up, eyes widening in panic as he realised he just revealed a huge weakness that Anxiety seemed to want to use against him.
“Wait, I didn’t mean to start it! They asked for a word, all I did was give them one!”

Anxiety raised a single finger, waving it above Prince.
“And you just had to be witty about it. You could have said any word, but no, it has to be you. I’m sure they’d still be playing their game quietly if you didn’t say your own name.”
“No! Right, guys? Heheh, you’d have gotten bored by now!”

Logic fiddled with his tie, in thought.
“Hmmm. No. I very much like Word games, and it’s easy to entertain Morality. We probably could have gone on much longer.”
Morality nodded enthusiastically in agreement. Anxiety suddenly poked Prince, making him squeak and pay attention.

“See? And this is what happens when you wake a sleeping dragon, Princey. You fall.”

With that he dug in. Prince let out an ear ringing squeal as Anxiety skittered his fingertips up his sides. He shot his hands down to protect him, but the darker trait was surprisingly fast. Every time Prince thought he had managed to protect a spot, Anxiety’s hand was somewhere else in an instant. If he tried to protect his tummy Anxiety attacked his side, if he protected his sides he skittered up to his ribs, and so on. He waved a hand at the other too desperately.

“Well, if you’re such a strong, skilled prince, you should have the ability to protect yourself, or pry Anxiety off of you, correct? You shouldn’t need Our help, Morality and I don’t know the first thing about combat.”

Prince shook his head laughing wildly as Anxiety found a sweet spot below his ribs and exploited it without hesitation.
“Aaaawwww, You’re laugh is so cute! And he’s blushing, aw look Logan, he’s blushing!”

Prince tried to turn his head, wanting to hide his face. The knowledge of his blush was only making it worse, especially as Morality had a slight teasing tone in his voice. His head was pushed back towards the others, however, as Anxiety started a cruel onslaught of tickly nibbles and kisses along Prince’s neck. Anxiety would huff every now and again, as if it was wasting his breath, but really it was to send a tickly blow at Prince’s sensitive ears. To make matters worse, Prince’s body still buzzed with the ghost of Anxiety’s intense tickle attack there, but at least Prince could regain breath through his giggling.

“Ahahahanx! Pleheheaaase, I’m sorrryyyyy!”
“Mmmnnoo. I don’t think you really are.” Anxiety mumbled through Prince’s skin, sending ticklish wave across his neck.
“I ahahaham! I swear! Pleheheheease, it tickles sohoho bahahad!”
“mmmmnmnmnmnmnmmmnnoo, can’t be that bad. You’re only giggling.”

He tilted his head back in defeat and surrendered himself to the stream of giggles that plagued him. Anxiety hid his smirk behind more kisses, being sure to completely cover all the skin he can reach. As Prince’s giggles faded it turndd to content humming, enjoying the closeness of Anxiety, and the warmth of his breath against his neck.
“It appears the Prince’s weakness is neck kisses. We better keep Anxiety on hand if Prince is ever to turn to villainy.”

Prince realised how the other two didn’t restart their game, and the fact he was the centre of attention during Anxiety’s tickle torture made the crimson on his cheeks more noticeable.
“AWWWWW, he’s as red as a rose!! Who knew Princey could be so cute??”
“You should probably go turn the heating down, Patty. According to Prince’s face, it’s far too hot in here.”
“Shut up, smartypants!“
“I find that incredibly rude, Anxiety control your boyfriend.”

Anxiety muttered “K” into Prince’s neck, and took a deep breath.



Prince shrieked, latching onto Anxiety’s shoulder and pushing him away, laughing hysterically. Anxiety just watched him, yawning as if tickling his lover had tired Him out instead of Prince. He gently pushed Prince’s arms away, and they fell, weakened from the brutal attack. Anxiety laid down ontop on Prince, his head against his chest, listening to his fluttering heartbeat.
“If you move too much I will tickle your sides. I’m in perfect range to do it.”

Prince lent his head back so his slowly fading giggling wouldn’t disturb his tormentor, and put a hand against their back. And soon, the same hand was rubbing soothingly as Anxiety once again napped the afternoon away with Prince while the other two traits carried on with their Word games, the peace restored.

But I mean, god fucking bless Laura Bailey for being a woman who clearly loves the hell out of both romance and D&D and doesn’t see any reason why she can’t combine them, because she and her friends are telling themselves a story and she deserves just as much of her own favorite type of story in the mix as anyone else does. Because it’s a lovely, public confirmation that someone like me can belong in the D&D world just as much as anyone else, that D&D/RPGs are exactly whatever you want them to be, and that there’s no one right way to play this game or tell these stories. I am so often left to feel a little bit on the outside of SFF geek culture, because my primary literary loyalty is to the romance genre, and even those people in SFF who defend romance usually do so because it makes money, not because they see any value in the genre itself. And gaming is SUCH a toxic subculture in SFF for women who don’t pull the “I’m not like other girls” bullshit, so it’s really amazing to have this now-popular D&D show that’s letting romance be one of the major ongoing storylines, where it’s just one part of what’s happening with the female character in question - but yet, something she’s allowed to be excited and enthusiastic about without anyone in-game or on-screen shaming her for it. 

I just have a lot of feelings about feeling welcome in SFF circles as a romance fan, and how much I love Laura for being utterly unapologetic for what she wants in this storyline. I adore her for it.

Title: Better Than Her

Title: Better Than Her

Type: angst

Characters: Reader X Yuta

Word Count: 1755

Summary: It’s already been 7 months but he’s still not over his ex

A/N: yall i was bored and felt angsty for some reason so i decided to write this with yuta. I hope it’s angsty enough for angst-loving binches like me 😅

hope you’ll enjoy it tho 💕💕


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gayasever  asked:

i was v turned on by maggie interrogating and i high key feel like alex would be to (aka we always need more smut written by you)

Alex watches.

Watches still with disbelief that this is her girlfriend.

That her girlfriend is interacting with her best friend.

That her best friend is clapping his hand on her shoulder because she’s fighting for him – she was fighting for him from the beginning – and he has no idea how hard.

Alex does.

Alex knows that her ass of a partner’s been racking up the number of lives he shatters and calling it fun in the precinct pool – the one competition that Maggie always turns down.

So she watches as Maggie makes that adorable little oh my god you weren’t exaggerating he really is as extra as Kara I love him so much what the hell how is he real face in response to Winn’s boom; watches as she teases Winn and maybe makes him a bit terrified: a good big sister’s job, as Alex comforted him lovingly last game night.

Watches as the woman she’s falling in love with – is already in love with – what’s this supposed to feel like, anyway? – whatever it is, it’s perfect – entwines deeper and deeper into her life.

“Think I scared him?”

Alex slings her arm around Maggie’s shoulder and relishes the way Maggie automatically leans into her, relishes the way she reaches up and puts her own hand on Alex’s shoulder.

“Almost as good as I do.”

Relishes Maggie’s adorable giggle, her perfect smile that Alex feels, hears, rather than sees.

“Take me home,” she tells her, and she relishes the way Maggie swoons at the intimacy of the statement, the way that – for the first time – it feels right, it feels natural, it feels perfect.

“Mmm, Danvers, my place or – “

“Nice work today, Sawyer. Good to see you arresting the bastards instead of protecting them for once, huh?”

And suddenly the perfection is gone, because Maggie’s body is stiff and her stance straightens and her perfect smile vanishes.

She nods stiffly at her partner, and Alex could kill him, and Maggie knows it, because Maggie feels the rage coursing through Alex’s blood. And that rage? That rage is what keeps her calm, keeps her voice level, keeps her suddenly slightly trembling arm around Alex’s shoulder bravely, as she counters smoothly, “Well, not all of us need to beef up our records with profiled cases, partner.”

“You accusing me of something, Sawyer?” His thin lips curl and Alex nearly reaches for the laser gun in her waistband and Maggie nearly lets her.

“Cool it, man, I’m just trying to go home for the night.”

His eyes drag up and down Alex’s body and he smirks.

“Bet you are, Sawyer.”

Maggie is out from under Alex’s arm faster than even her DEO agent girlfriend can react, and she is mere inches from her partner’s body and despite having nearly half a foot on her, he backs up. He’s seen her in action too many times not to.

“You look at her like that again and I swear to god you won’t have eyes left to look with, we clear?”

“No need to get all – “

“We clear?”

“Yeah. Yeah. Clear.”

“Apologize to the lady.”

“Maggie, it doesn’t – “

“Yes, it matters. You matter, Alex. Donnelly. Now.”

“Apologies, Agent Danvers. You have a lovely night now.”

He retreats through the hall quicker than Maggie’s ever seen him move when not chasing down an innocent suspect, and she sighs with her eyes closed and relishes the way Alex’s arms wrap around her waist, the way her lips nudge aside her hair and find the nape of her neck.

“You didn’t have to do all that for me, Maggie. I don’t want to make work harder for you.”

He makes work harder for me, Alex, not you. You never deserve to be disrespected like that, you – what?”

She’s turned her face to look at Alex, and Alex’s eyes are fire and fierce, fierce desire.

“What?” Maggie asks again, a slow grin starting to form, because she knows Alex, and she also knows what excited Alex Danvers looks like.

“Take me home,” Alex repeats, and Maggie gulps and grins and giggles and practically yanks her out of the precinct.

They’re barely even in the door before Alex finds herself slammed against a wall, Maggie’s lips crashing up into hers, Maggie’s tongue slipping into her mouth and making her melt, making her moan, making her reach down to undo Maggie’s belt.

“Uh uh, Danvers. You gotta earn it,” Maggie chastises with a kiss to her nose and a grin so sexy Alex’s knees threaten to buckle.

“I didn’t earn it, Maggie? I busted a crime ring for you, I – “

“Yeah, you did, and while we can… discuss… how attractive I find that later, while you were spending your twenty three hours and fifteen minutes beating the shit out of bad guys, I spent my twenty three hours and fifteen minutes jumping through administrative hurdles and holding off my terror of a partner from hauling Winn’s ass back into the precinct and getting my ass investigated for assisting a criminal enterprise.”

“Well, see now,” Alex gasps as Maggie nips at her neck and runs her hands through her hair. “That’s the kind of day that deserves a reward. And that’s all I wanna do, babe. Reward you. For protecting my friend, for protecting his girlfriend and her brother, for putting yourself on the line for someone I love, for your principles. For putting yourself on the line for me. For looking so damn sexy in that blazer – “

“Oh, you liked that blazer, did you?” Maggie asks between open-mouthed kisses, letting Alex back her over to the couch, nodding when Alex asks with her eyes if she can lay her down and, practically whining with desperation when Alex asks if she can nudge her legs open with her thigh, if she can hold her hands down above her head, and grind down with her thigh. Hard.

Maggie gasps and tries not to let it become a scream, and Alex smirks.

“I did. So much authority in that interrogation room, Detective Sawyer.”

Maggie chuckles breathily and glances at the way Alex’s hands are holding her wrists down.

“Not so much here though, huh?”

“You can change that if you’re in the mood to,” Alex invites, and Maggie moves.

Moves faster than Alex has yet seen her move in bed, until Alex is pinned beneath her, panting and whimpering and spreading her legs and sighing in relief when Maggie presses her thigh between them.

“So am I any closer to earning it?” Alex wants to know, and the frustration of Maggie’s day, the tension in her muscles, all ripples across her face, throughout her body, as she practically growls down at her beautiful, perfect, preening girlfriend.

“Keep being a good girl for me and we’ll see.”

Alex shrieks and Maggie grins and kisses her forehead. “All good?” she makes sure, and Alex rolls her hips up into Maggie’s thigh in response.

“Please,” she pants.

“Please what, Danvers?”

“Take me.”

Maggie tosses her head back and groans from deep in her throat. “Yeah, Ally? You want me to take you?”

“Well you already took me home, so…”

Maggie’s heart leaps and Alex’s eyes soften from the lust because they’re not in Alex’s home. They’re in Maggie’s.


Their home.

In the same moment, Alex leans up and Maggie leans down and their lips crash together because home, home, home, and Maggie makes good on Alex’s plea to take her.

Takes her with her jeans still on and her hair a tousled mess, takes her with her thigh between Alex’s legs and her wrists held carefully above her head. Takes her with Alex’s desperate pleas for more and Maggie’s body shifting so she can unzip Alex’s jeans, so she can slip her hand beneath her underwear, so she can check in one, two, three more times before Alex begs her to just fuck her, please, please, please, and Maggie does, she does, and Alex grabs at her ass and prays for more and Maggie obliges, bracing herself with one hand next to Alex’s waist so she can get a better angle, so she can fuck her deeper, fuck her harder, palm her clit firmer, and she reminds her what a good girl she is, and she reminds her how tight she is, how amazing it feels to stretch her out, how incredible it feels to take her, her, her, hers.

“All yours,” Alex breathes right before she slams over the edge, and Maggie watches her face because her face is beautiful and her face is rapture and her face is lust and her face is something that Maggie dares to hope is love.

And it is, it is, it is.

Slap😂 (Simon Request)

“Come on everyone wants you there!” Simon whines, grabbing your gaming chair and spinning it round so you face him again.
“Its a sidemen meet and greet” You comment, “Sidemen!”
“You’re basically one of us anyway!” your boyfriend shrugs.
“No I’m not” You chuckle, “I’m your girlfriend”
“And they all love you” He responds, “Not as much as I do but still”
“Babe” You stand up, “You’re being adorable and I love it but you don’t have to worry about me being home alone for the weekend”
“Im not worried about you” He lies, “I’d just prefer if you were with us”
“But I don’t think any of your fans will care” You mention, heading over to grab your phone.
Simon hurries over and grabs it from you, clicking onto your Twitter and posting- ‘Thoughts on me coming to the meet up tomorrow?😐’
Soon enough the replies are flooding through from all of yours and the guys viewers telling you that they wished you would come too.
“Point proved princessss” Simon grins, kissing your cheek.
“Prick” You mutter jokingly.
~~~Time Skip~~~
By early Saturday, you’re all in the minibus driving up to Manchester for the meetup the boys had planned there.
Simon hadn’t stopped smiling the entire time, he loved whenever you came with him to meet his viewers. They all loved you and definitely loved you and him together.
“You excited babe?” Simon asks, resting a hand on your leg.
“Can’t wait” You smile, kissing him lightly.
“Get a room!” JJ yells from the back of the vehicle.
“Fuck off you lonely dickhead” Simon retorts before his friend reaches over to hit him on the head.
“Don’t be mean JJ” Josh calls, “They’re in loveeee”
You and Simon roll your eyes before he turns to kiss you longingly.
Within a few hours, you are finally at the location of the event with a couple of hours (to recover from all of you sleeping on the journey up here) until the event begins in the afternoon.
Events like this always became busy and exciting and a brilliant way of showcasing how much the guys cared for their viewers. And as soon as the doors opened to let you guys in to the main room today, the screams began.
“Oh my god (y/n)!!!” A voice you hadn’t heard before squeals.
You turn around and see a pair of girls run towards you excitedly.
“Oh my god I didn’t think you’d actually come!” One of them exclaims.
“Hey guys” You grin and give them both a hug.
From the corner of your eye, you notice Simon smile in your direction. It always made him so happy whenever he saw you meeting people that loved both your channel and his. It was like meeting one of the extended family.
After an hour or so of endlessly meeting and chatting to loads of people, you’re finally reunited with Simon.
“Oh my god guys can I ask you one question” One of the girls you had previously met and knew as Keeley begins.
“Yeah of course” Simon chuckles, resting his hand round your waist, he seemed so natural with showing your relationship in public now.
“(Y/n), can you slap Simon?” She giggles and Simon raises his brows instantly.
“More than happy to” You grin and turn to face him.
“Woah woah do I not get a say in this?” He steps back, holding your arms lightly.
“Beat me in RPS” You state.
The pair of you glare at each other until he choose paper and you go with scissors.
Keeley and her friend burst into laughter as your mouth stretches to a big smile.
“On three okay?” You comment, “1…2” You begin before hitting his cheek.
Simon’s face turns to the side and he gasps as it happens.
“Oh shit did I miss it?!” Tobi exclaims, running over.
Simon turns back to look at you with a slightly reddened cheek.
“Aww no I feel bad” You pout, wrapping your arms around him even though he doesn’t return the gesture.
“Nope nope” He shakes his head, stepping back.
All of the now formed crowd ‘aww’ at the couple in front of them and Simon chuckles.
“Right that’s it” He states, throwing you easily over his shoulder.
You shriek as he does and grip the material of his T-shirt to stop yourself from falling.
Simon begins walking off with you and leaves behind the laughing crowd, “They love you babygirl”
“Bitch we’re such goals!” JJ exclaims and you turn your head to see him carrying Vik in the same way beside you.

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Headcannon of maybe the boys reaction to a s/o drawing their portraits and showing it to them? (I can't tell you how many times I've sumited this to another blog and it never gets answers 😫😣)

Ah, sorry it took so long to get to your request- especially given that you haven’t had this request filled anywhere else you’ve requested (though that has probably changed since you dropped this request in my inbox, huh? :D) I’ll write these as legit headcanons because I’m reaaaaally tired and I just want to get some good content out before I conk out for the night! <3

Tagging: @nifwrites, @itshaejinju, @rubyphilomela, @xalexanderxkozachenkox, @stunninglyignis, @blindbae, @the-lucian-archives, @asendioncosplay, @hypaalicious, and @lady-asuka :D


Noctis: Noctis admires that you are interested in drawing. Although, given that he doesn’t like getting his picture taken a lot, he’s probably not too keen on getting sketched either. Not to worry though, you end up sketching your sleeping prince because that’s when he looks the cutest! It doesn’t take you very long to get it right- you’re only drawing for fun anyways- so you plan to show him the sketch when you go to visit him at the Citadel during your summer break. When you eventually show Noctis your sketch, you feel a little nervous because you’re just trying to prepare yourself for the very real chance of Noctis getting angry that you sketched him without his permission- and while sleeping at that. But you really wanted to share your work with him, so you took the plunge. Luckily, Noctis is pretty gobsmacked by your talents and ends up shyly placing his arm around your shoulders and nuzzling into your neck in a display of rare affection. “Thanks for this, y/n. I really like it- you can draw me whenever you want- I really don’t mind.”

Prompto: Prompto LOVES to take everyone’s pictures, but similarly to Noctis, he doesn’t really like it when others take pictures of him. He’s pretty much got the same attitude towards being sketched. One time, when you tried to sketch him at the Crow’s Nest, Prompto got so uncomfortable he choked on his food and called it a night early. From then onwards, you learned not to sketch Prompto while he was having meals- although you found his eating habits extremely adorable, you weren’t going to make Prompto feel uncomfortable to capture it on paper. It took you a while to figure out when it would be safe for you to sketch Prompto, but you finally found your chance when Prompto was immersed in an intense game of King’s Knight with Noctis, Gladio and Ignis. You ended up sketching Prompto’s intense look of concentration, getting the angles of his beautifully handsome face just right before you grinned at your final rough product and brought it to your lips to kiss affectionately. Later that night, just before bed, you surprised Prompto with a kiss to the cheek and handed him a piece of paper- the sketch you had made of him playing King’s Knight- before taking a seat beside your boyfriend. Prompto merely stares at it for a few moments before turning to you, tears misting over his usually clear blue eyes. “Do you… really see me this way? Do I look this perfect to you?”

You, of course, nod. “Of course,” you say “you’re my sweet angel and I love you.”

Gladio: Gladiolus Amicitia doesn’t have any qualms about himself or your habit of sketching him doing random things throughout his daily routine. You’ve sketched him while he was working out, you’ve sketched him while he was out on a grocery run, you’ve sketched him while he was in the shower, you’ve sketched him while he was in post-coital bliss… you’ve got a drawing for almost every aspect of Gladio’s life. This time, Gladio’s cleaning his broadsword when you approach him with a pen and paper in your hands. You left your drawing things in the Regalia, so you had to improvise and beg Ignis for a blank page out of his recipe notebook and a pen. Ambling up to Gladio, you grin down at him and plop down beside him while raising your drawing utensils up to his face. “You mind if I draw?” you ask Gladio. Gladio shakes his head, a small smile gracing his thick lips.

“No, of course not. Get my good side, yeah?” Gladio jokes, throwing you a wink before you roll your eyes and get started on the sketch. The two of you sit in mutual silence, Gladio cleaning his sword and you sketching his perfect side profile as he worked. After around and hour, the two of you are finished and Gladio immediately turns to you and wraps you in his large, strong arms. “So babe, whatcha got for me today?” He takes your sketch and smiles down at it adoringly before pressing a tender kiss against your temple. “You’re so talented- thanks y/n. I love these sketches.”

Ignis: You like to draw Ignis while he cooks different dishes. And Ignis enjoys getting a copy of your sketches of his delectable masterpieces. So initially, you’d hidden the sketches you did of Ignis, and just offered him the sketches of the food. He was absolutely thrilled to see how detailed you could make your art, and praised you endlessly. One day, after a particularly trying hunt with a behemoth, you decided that after dinner, you would show Ignis the sketches you had done of him DURING the cooking process of his prized recipes. Ignis is washing up after providing you and the rest of the guys a wonderful, nutritious meal, so you approach him with a rather teeming pile of sketches in your arms. Ignis glances at your briefly and offers you a welcoming smile. “Hello love, something the matter?” he asks, his brow furrowing slightly as he rubs against a rather stubborn piece of dried food on a plate.

You sigh and shake your head. “No, not really. Just… I drew you something.” Ignis’ smile widened and his moss green eyes lit up in excitement. Your heart soared at his reaction. He was always so openly enthusiastic about your art.

“Oh, well then- let’s take a seat after I finish up and you can show me your meal sketches-”

You smile up at Ignis, cutting him off. “They’re not… meal sketches. They’re of something- or someone- else.” Ignis stops his movements for a moment before nodding carefully.

“Okay. We’ll take a look at those then.”

When Ignis finally sits down and views your numerous sketches of him, your cheeks and flaming red. Ignis, however, is dead silent for a few moments. Suddenly, he turns towards you and his eyes a brimmed with fondness and appreciation.

“Y/n… sweetheart. This devotion you have for me is unfounded- I am only a man, and not a perfect one at that. And yet you draw me like I’m divinity.”

You smile and shrug gently. “You are to me.”

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‘we’re on a roadtrip with some friends and we have to share a hotel room and there’s only one bed and a whole lot of sexual tension’ Nessian au

I adored this prompt so much so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

Nesta, Cassian and their friends stop at a hotel during their roadtrip. Now Nesta and Cassian are put in a room together. With only one bed to share. This leads to an evening where Nesta does everything in her power to make Cassian on edge after the endless amount of flirtatious remarks.

But she’s not the only one playing in this game. And Cassian isn’t one to admit defeat lightly.

Nesta fumbled with the hotel key card as she tried to adjust her backpack that slouched precariously on her arm.

“Need help Nesta?” Cassian asked from behind her as he too held his own duffel bag on his arm.

“If you kept quiet for once that would helpful,” Nesta bit out as she swiped the card and the door opened with ease. She stepped into the darkened hotel room and flicked on the light switch.

Cassian followed behind her and both stopped dead in their tracks as they looked at the bed. One bed. Not two as they were told would be waiting for them.

“Are you kidding me?” Nesta asked and whipped out her phone to call Feyre who was in her own room with Rhysand. “This has to be some sort of joke or nightmare.”

“More like this is a dream,” Cassian laughed and launched himself onto the bed. His arms spread out wide as if they were wings. He took up most of the bed space with his large muscled body as he stretched out his torso that inadvertently caused his grey shirt to rise up enough that Nesta caught a hint the skin hidden underneath.

Nesta rolled her eyes at him and waited for Feyre to pick up the phone. Her sister failed to answer not once, but four times as Nesta continually tried to call. She received the same lack of response from Mor who was rooming with Azriel.

With a frustrated sigh Nesta made her way back to the door fully intending on going to the front desk to fix this problem.

“Where are you going?” Cassian eased up on his forearms to watch her grab her purse.

“What does it look like? We obviously can’t share this room together,” Nesta replied.

“Why not? You weren’t to opposed to it earlier,” Cassian raised a brow and the corner of his lips began to turn up in a smirk Nesta knew well enough.

“That was only because my sister and Mor guilt tripped me into staying with you so they could have some alone time with their boyfriends,” Nesta tried to push away the imagery that came with that sentence. She now had a good guess as to why none of them picked up their phones now. Which also meant there was no way she would be tempted to even knock on their doors for fear of hearing what may come from the other side.

“So what’s the big deal,” Cassian rolled back onto the bed, but turned his head to face Nesta who was reaching for the door. “Are you scared, because there’s only one bed?”

Nesta froze with her fingers mere inches from the door handle.

“Scared? Who said I was scared?” Nesta faced Cassian with ice in her eyes.

Cassian schooled his features. Making sure not to smile in triumph before shrugging with disinterest. “I’m not the one running out the room in a fluster.” He paused to raise a brow. “I never took you to be a woman who gives up so easily.”

And that did it. Nesta’s ire rose to new heights as she strode back into the room with lethal grace.

Her nose wrinkled in annoyance, but Cassian always found the little movement adorable. Especially when the rest of her face was hardened in stone. He knew that when her nostrils flared that is words were breaking down those walls of steel she kept up between her and the world.

“I’d say your repulsive stench is enough to make the entire floor leave the building,” Nesta sniffed the air once to add emphasis to her statement. “ There is no way I’m getting in that bed with you smelling like a pig.”

“Nothing a bath won’t fix,” Cassian gave her a cheeky grin. He didn’t smell bad. At least not as bad as everyone else from the road trip today. They all smelled faintly of sweat after hiking in the woods, but in the enclosed space of the car he could easily pick out Nesta’s faint scent among the others.

“Then why don’t you wash off the filth before you get it all on the bed,” Nesta waved to where he was still lounging on the bed.

“I’m going to go through my stuff first,” Cassian stood up and walked to where he put his bad at the foot of the bed. He looked up to see Nesta flicker her eyes from his backside up to where his eyes met hers.

Had she been checking him out? Cassian thought with a tinge of pride and excitement.

“Unless of course,” Cassian gave her his trademark cocky grin that always managed to get under her skin. “You would like to join me in the shower?”

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Joffrey x Sister Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine Joffrey falling in love with your beauty and soul despite the fact you are his sister.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Hello there, may I request a Joffrey Baratheon x Sister! Reader one? Where he’s fallen for her despite the fact they were siblings. Just fluff between the two.


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boi if there's something i need in my life, it's pre fall!reyes, jesse mccowboy and reinhardt with doggos. like, headcanons about their preferred dog breed and such. man i love dogs so incredibly much i need this in my life

Originally posted by inccption

Pre Fall! Reyes

  • totally despises chihuahuas
  • One probably bit his mother when he was a kid.
  • He loves Pitbulls and Doberman’s the most.
  • Mainly loves them because they are very misunderstood breeds and have a lot of energy.
  • He adores the fact that dogs are loyal to the end.
  • Unlike someone with a statue

Originally posted by zevzevarainai


  • He loves lazy but energetic dogs.
  • Probably grew up with alot of hunting dog breeds.
  • His all time favourite ones are Labradors and Borded Collies
  • But he also grew up around bloodhounds and dogs used for game.
  • Gets a little unnerved when near dogs that can be bigger than him.

Originally posted by damageamplified


  • big dogs, big dogs bIG DOGS
  • This man loves giant dogs.
  • He grew up with German Shepherds and loves the breed.
  • But he also had alot of big dogs in his family.
  • He’s had a St. Bernards dog before but sadly lost him to the omnic crisis.
  • During the gold days of Overwatch, he got another St. Bernard puppy.
  • He named them, Cookie.
  • This man loves doggies very much.
  • Even small ones.

I see so much concern about charts on my dash, but guys please please remember that one of Harry’s absolute best qualities as an artist has always been how incredible he is during live performances. He somehow manages to both be “totally self-adoring and cosmically benevolent” at the same time, and all that. Sign of the Times is doing fantastic right now, even if Harry were planning to drop off the face of the earth for the next month and never promote it again. But that is not the case. He’s playing the long game here. Not only has he yet to release a music video for it, but he has also yet to perform it. Harry and his team know what they’re doing. Harry has wild amounts of charisma and stage presence. He’s been working on his voice and technique. (He may even be playing a freaking piano????). So when he comes out and does this song on SNL, it’s going to absolutely blow up online, and people will take notice. The song’s popularity will skyrocket, creating a whole new wave of interest. This goes for the music video as well, and other live performances, and magazine releases, and album promo, etc. He has so much more coming, there’s absolutely no reason to be worried right now. If people wanna talk shit because he doesn’t score a #1 his first week (which is still such a premature prediction because the song has only been out 3 days), then let them talk. It’ll become clear pretty soon that this song, nor Harry, is going anywhere anytime soon.

Sorry I just see so much stress going around, and this is supposed to be an exciting, amazing time for us as the Harrie fandom! Of course we all want Harry to do well, and I encourage that if you are able/want to stream or request the song, then definitely do so. But also enjoy the moment and know that the song is largely being supported by the general public right now, and while interest may wane a bit in between, it will pick up again in a major way very soon. Let’s put some trust in Harry and his team, just like we did about his promo (which was incredible), and the song (which could very well end up being iconic). Harry’s got this 😊