so much UST

I’m FINALLY getting around to watching Sailor Moon. For some reason I never watched it as a kid, but I’m in love with it now.

Usagi and Mamoru bickering is my favorite thing.

(Also I’m watching the English dub, and it is so unbelievably bad. SO BAD. “PRINCE DARIEN.”)

My favorite part of this episode, is when you see Tom realize he lost his chance to win Star’s heart.  

When he makes the decision that he doesn’t want to be calm. 

He wants to be angry. 

attackontreason asked:

This DILF Eren AU is trash and I am so. so very glad that it exists. Imagine the summer when Eren is coming back from the ice cream van and catching the melted trails from the side of the cone before it goes on his hands, better yet, imagine how Levi would react to watching it.

BRB I’m writing this right MEOW - so much for sleeping tonight!