jealousy incarnate has this great ability to make things funny and sad at the same time???

like hwa shin and jung won’s argument in the news room and then hye won “what a sight”. like jo jung suk acting his heart out and hye won is literally looking at him like he is so pitiful

the mudflats fight where it’s a mess but little pyo na ri catching her octopus. jung won dragging hwa shin through the mud but at the same time we know that hwa shin is hurting so much physically (bc his breast) and mentally.


and can we talk about the scene where bang ja young says she’s chi yul’s mom and accepts him she sees reporter gye is having a moment with her daughter and doesn’t wanna embarrass them. woow

2012 me: XD so randum!!! lol warrior cats spoofs n tacos

2013 me: DOO WEEE OOO also bendy straw cabbagepants and dean winchester uwu

2014 me: OwO what’s this? looks @ emo bands. nice

2015 me: im emo as hell somebody help me

2016 me: pokemon is my life and also i seem to have played earthbound too many times.

i just want to meet tom felton so bad :( and tell him how much he made my life so much better and how he helped me in my studies and that i want to tell him he’s just an amazing and a talented person and that i will always and forever support him in anything

is that too much to ask? :(