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Yay for happy Starks prompt!! Jon/Sansa in GOODBYE MEANS GOING AWAY! I love that fic so muccch!!

He hears the squeals and giggles as he rounds the corner before spotting Sansa standing on the balcony, as near the ledge as her rounded stomach allows.  She is due in the birthing bed any day now, their fifth child in a half-dozen years, and Val often teases him that if he doesn’t stay off of her soon, they will have to keep locked in the stables.  This will be their last child, Sansa having declared it so after Sam confirmed this pregnancy, but Jon knows he’ll never tire of the laughter filling Winterfell’s halls now.

As he comes up behind her, Sansa leans back against his chest, sighing with pleasure as he slides his arms around her, his hands resting on her belly.  Immediately the babe starts kicking at his hands.  

“You’re supposed to be in bed.”

Sansa makes a noise Jon can only term dismissive.  “I was bored out of mind.  I can only mend so many shirts and make so many blankets.  Besides, I love to watch them.”

Jon looks down in the yard, smiling at once.  Rickon has Lyarra in his arms, their youngest daughter squealing in delight as her uncle dances her around to escape his nephew and nieces.  Brandon is leading the charge with his wooden sword, Jonquil and Alyssa at his heels, so identical it takes even Jon a moment to suss out which girl is which.  Rickon must be playing the monster, for he growls and catches Jonquil around the waist, lifting her off of her feet to fake shrieks from her and an outrage shout from her twin.  Brandon waves his sword wildly, and Jon thinks he needs to talk to his son about being more careful around his sisters.

“What are we ever going to do when we have a fifth child?”

“Sixth,” Sansa corrects softly.

Pure panic fills Jon.  “It’s not - Sam said there was only one child this time.”

She chuckles, twisting her face towards him.  Brushing a soft kiss against his lips, she assures him, “There is only one.  But…I’m starting to think mayhaps Rickon was right all those years ago.”

“How so?”

“We protect him.  We taught him his letters and manners.  You’ve taught him how to be a man, how to manage Winterfell, how to love and protect our children, how to teach them to be good.  We’ve had him longer than Mother or Father ever did.”  Sinking more deeply into his embrace, Sansa says, “We may have not created him, but we’ve made him the man he is and that’s what parents do, isn’t it?”

Jon swallows the lump in his throat, kissing the top of her head.  “Aye.”

He does not know how long they watch their children play in the yard, but Jon also cannot think of anything else he wants to do more. 


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10 Songs That I’m Really Into Challenge

(↑ I-is that its name? I couldn’t find the challenge’s original name. ;~; )

Thank you @oh-hey-it-is-lukha for tagging me! So here’s ten songs that have become my shower playlist recently.

1. Lone Digger by Caravan Palace
2. Liability by Lorde
3. we’ve never met but, can we have a coffee or something? by in love with a ghost
4. Here Comes a Thought from Steven Universe ✪
5. Wonder Woman’s Wrath from Wonder Woman (2017) (Tina Guo’s cover is equally amazing as Hans Zimmer’s original.)
6. Rays of Light from NieR Automata (I learn Chaos Language from this one. Lol)
7. The End of YoRHa from NieR Automata
8. Follow You by Bring Me The Horizon
9. Doomed by Bring Me The Horizon (I ♡ Live at the Royal Albert Hall ver. so muccch)
10. Killing Strangers by Marilyn Manson

And tag 10 people to do this challenge!

@nippoisalien @magicomiclaughter @peepeetah @principal-mc @zahranamazis @shazrystyles and anyone who wants to do it! 😚