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marhsmallow  asked:

How would the multiple skelebros react to a s/o who was really into a musical but since they lived too far away they couldn't watch it, and how would they surprise their s/o with tickets? (probably with some teleporting involved)


-He’s sort of neutral on musicals, but he sympathizes that you have an interest that’s hard to pursue if you don’t live in a major city

-In general he tries to keep an eye on shows close by

-He pulls the tickets out after dropping a not-too subtle hint about a gift at the beginning of a date and then watching you go insane trying to weasel out of him what it is. Finally at the end of the date he pulls out the tickets with a massive shit-eating grin, then happily accepts the irritated but grateful affection you bestow on him


-His experience with musicals is mostly limited to Mettaton’s shows, but he’s supportive!

-He does the reveal through a scavenger hunt (always about that puzzle life), leaving a clue at your front door. The end game is him in a suit holding the tickets with waiting arms. Keep this skele at all costs.


-He’s more of a “buy you the soundtrak and asks you to use headphones” kind of guy. He’s not really about musicals. Two hours in a dark room where actors will randomly just snap their attention to the middle distance and sing their feels? Not really his thing.

-Still, he can tell you’re dying to go. Tickets are an expense he won’t spring for unless he absolutely has to, but teleportation is perfect for finding a perfect little spot in the rafters or a corner where you can watch the show and he can nap while cuddling into your hair.


-Iffy on musicals in general, he’s more an opera guy (pretentious little fuck)

-Still, he’ll give it o you, saving it for a special occasion if he can time it write.. He complains about it before and after, but he’s glad he made you happy.


-they’re not exactly “his thing” but he likes going to see them with you, he likes it when you get enthusiastic

-he hides the ticket in a taco, hoping for a romantic reveal. He ends up having to Heimlich you because you almost swallow the thing, but its still a sweet gesture


-Dude, he’s right there with you, this boy’s a theatre GEEK. Show too far away, babe, what do you think these powers are for?!?!?!

-No surprise about it, you’re both on his laptop, refreshing constantly while waiting for the ticket sales to open up. The second they do you’re shaking his shoulder, screaming for him to hurry up while he’s frantically trying to get his info in so he can just buy the damn thing

-The two of you have a great time


-Doesn’t really get it, but is supportive of a passionate interest in basically anything

-He really really wants to keep it a surprise that he’s getting the tickets, so he ends up yelling at you so much that he’ll never get them for you that he ends up making you cry. After which is a frantic confession that he was trying to throw you of the scent. Whoops.

-He might make a few scathing remarks about some performers but a look from you will shut him up.


-surprisingly he’s a bit of a snob about musicals? Like he’ll keep his mouth shut about the ones you like but he has very serious standards about his musicals

-Syrup spoils you absolutely rotten, so you’re honestly kind of surprised when you mention that ticket sales opened and he doesn’t do more than nod absently. You wait a few more days. Nothing. You start dropping a few hints, not wanting to nag or spoil a surprise or anything. Its like talking to a brick wall. Finally, its a week before the show, and you’ve resigned yourself to not seeing it, guessing that maybe you weren’t obvious enough, or maybe he didnt have the money and didn’t want to ell you…or maybe he doesn’t care  you think in your most petty moments. Anyways, you’re trying on a dress you haven’t worn in a while, to see if it still fits, but you find there’s a tear in the skirt. He gives you a once over. “Shame. Its nice, though, I’ll have to see if I can find one like it for when we leave.”

“Leave? What are you talking about?”

“Oh, did you not wanna go?” he pulls the tickets with a grin. “Guess I’d better return these”

Asshole. A very sweet asshole


Just to let everyone know, I’ll be absent for a few days while I finish up my thesis (it’s due Sunday). Maybe longer if more schoolwork pops up, which it undoubtedly will.


  • I got new pajamas. I have needed new pajamas for at least three years, so I’m excited about this.
  • I also got some word find books because brain exercise is good for you. Please try to do ten minutes of puzzles a day!
  • Might be going to Corpus Christi next weekend, which means I get to hunt for a Heracross while I’m south enough to find one.

That’s it! Have a good weekend! :V

Hi all sorry I haven’t been on here in 700 years, Ive been really busy lately and a lot has been going on (I’m ok it’s just tough stuff also I have a 9-5 job every day bc it’s summer now so yeah ) but I know I have a few messages and I’ll get to them in the next few days, srry for being so absent lol I might be more active on here soon
I hope u all are doing good!