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things maybe those other novelization posts missed

there’s been a couple of posts about the novelization highlights going around but whatever the world needs my thoughts right????

really just a rehash of my livetweeting sometimes direct copy and paste but whatever. LMAO THIS IS LIKE 5 PAGES LONG WELP SORRY FRIENDS. 

  • Even the excerpts from the rogue one novelization have not prepared me for the utter DRAMA that is cassian andor in this book omg
  • everything about bodhi rook made me cry. HE DOUBTS HIMSELF. THE ONLY THING HE’S SURE OF IS THAT HE’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
  • Hi. Just wanted to let you know that after Cassian said like 10 words to Jyn, she was imagining them on a date.
  • Jyn also is careful to try and shield cassian from a blast in Jedha city like you know just for safety and stuff. And standing close to each other. SAFETY THO.
  • Cassian: I’m cold, I bet Jyn’s cold. I’m tired, she’s probably exhausted. She beat the shit out of those guys, IS SHE CONCUSSED? CHILL, BUD
  • the. entire. time.
  • cassian really cannot stop thinking about jyn and how she’s fucking up his job/mission/life AND YET
  • the thing is CASSIAN IS VERY GOOD AT HIS JOB AS AN INTELLIGENCE OFFICER. he’s wildly good at it. and he’s sharp. so smart. the book constantly shows him sifting through his mental catalog of info he’s VERY SMART AND VERY PROFICIENT AT HIS JOB

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Dean owns a snake named Lucifer and a dog named Sam. Lucifer is kept in a glass container, but Sam always visits him and barks at him joyfully. Dean often finds the pair staring at each other. One day, Dean decides to open the lid to let Luci out. Luci then slithers all the way towards Sam and pecks the doggy on the cheek, before curling up next to Sam and taking a nap. Sam naps too. Dean thinks his pets have become soulmates, and it's kind of cute.

This is the most adorable thing I can imagine! I’m in love!

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Gabriel: Tortures Sam for months by making him watch his brother die every single day, over and over.

Fandom: Oh how sweet, he loves Sam so much, he’s just trying to help him. 

Castiel: Beats Dean twice, breaks Sam’s wall, betrays them multiple times.

Fandom: Look at that, it’s totes true love, they are so mfeo!

Lucifer: Manipulates and torments Sam into giving his body as Lucifer’s plaything, tries to pit him against Dean, tortures him for many years in the cage.

Fandom: Awwww, look. Luci is such a cutie, he and Sam are a perfect couple. 

Sam and Dean: Die for each other, sell their souls and/or go to hell for each other, put each other before themselves.

Fandom: Oh my God, brothers should NOT be that close, it’s sick and abusive and it romanticizes pedophilia, incest, etc.. OMG, you’re disgusting if you ship Wincest. 


The calzona journey: a summary.
  • me: i love calzona they're mfeo
  • calzona: *divorces*
  • me: it's cool, still mfeo
  • calzona: *don't talk to e/o*
  • me: so mfeo
  • calzona: *sells house once they called home*
  • me: i'm fine, i'm great
  • calzona: *callie's in love with penny, arizona dates*
  • me: they will rise
  • calzona: *gets into custody battle*
  • me: they will be fine, they're so mfeo.

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Normal people to Calzona shippers: Right, but Calzona had about 3 scenes together for 3/4 of season 12 ... callie also had a gf almost all of season 12 ... season 12 ended with a huge custody battle between Calzona .... season 12 ended with callie's character torn apart ... season 12 ended with Sara leaving - and you're telling me they have hope? Calzon shippers: I mean I hear you but they're MFEO so yeah they probs still gonna end up together. This is why I love our fandom - its unbreakable


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Samifer AU(-ish) where Sam finds Lucifer and brings him back to the bunker and Dean is less than happy. Sam’s determined to convince his brother that Lucifer can behave, and Lucifer that humans aren’t so bad, but Dean is ignoring them both and Lucifer won’t stop insulting the human race. However, despite Sam’s worries, both may be slowly coming round to the idea of at least trying to get along.

You know what though? Lucifer wouldn't even WANT a vessel who's easily manipulated...

This is one of the many things I find funny about people who say Lucifer manipulates Sam. Lucifer’s whole thing is he rebelled through anger at all his siblings just blindly doing as they were told. Lucifer is the ultimate advocate of free-thinking. He thinks the demons who have been fooled into believing he’s their ‘father’ who cares about them are funny, he totally dismisses them after killing a bunch: “what? They’re just demons”. Lucifer thinks people who are easily manipulated are awful. All he damn well wants is for his siblings to learn to think for themselves. He claims he was cast down “because I had a mind of my own”. He shows a fondness for Castiel, even though Cas doesn’t agree with him, but at least Cas isn’t just another drone, he can think for himself!

And then there’s Sam, who is a complete parallel of Lucifer. He’s always been the one with the different opinions, not like Dean in just blindly following their father. Sam’s a fellow individual, another independent mind, the kind of person Lucifer appreciates for being like him in being able to question injustices. Lucifer just wants to help Sam to keep using this insight. He doesn’t need to manipulate Sam, because he truly believes that if Sam were to use this independent mind of his to look at the situation with logic and an unbiased mind- without Dean, without the fixed concept of right and wrong, without the predetermined label of him being 'the devil’- Sam will come to the same conclusion as him and willingly side with him. That’s why all Lucifer does is talk to him and explain himself. Lucifer doesn’t manipulate Sam. Lucifer reasons with Sam. Lucifer doesn’t care for his demon army, because he considers them below him, but Sam is made for him, worthy of him, and as his other half, Lucifer treats him with the respect of someone as intelligent as himself. There’s a reason Lucifer says “any of this sound familiar?” because he considers them on mutual ground.

Lucifer isn’t certain from the start that Sam will say yes because he has confidence in his own manipulative abilities. He’s certain because he has confidence in Sam’s intelligence.

It makes me so damn angry when people say that Lucifer never cared about Sam. It’s not hard to mistake his actions for manipulation when he had despicable plans (the apocalypse), I get it. But he did care about Sam. There is so much proof out there that could make you realize just how wrong you’ve been for thinking that Lucifer is selfish and truly evil. If he didn’t give a flying fuck about Sam, then why did he chat with his vessel after he got the consent he required to possess him, huh? He even gave Sam the opportunity to relieve his anger on five people. Lucifer literally said “I know how you feel about them. Me too.” because he cared. And in the beginning of the scene, Lucifer felt Sam’s discomfort and said “ Look… I’ll take the gag off, okay? You got me all wrong, kiddo. I’m not the bad guy here.” Fucking tell me again that Lucifer didn’t care about Sam, fucking try and I will probably end up kicking your tibia bones.