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Excerpt from tell me that you love me too by @ciuucalata

Keith looked up at him then while drinking the coffee and Lance saw something shift in his eyes but he couldn’t understand what. He smiled once again at Lance as he set the mug aside, head tilted just a little to the side. Enough to make Lance want to scream at how cute he looked.

Keith let out a huff of breath, almost like he was laughing at himself, and without warning he leaned in and kissed Lance on the check.

Now Lance was sure that he wasn’t breathing. He could hear the beating of his heart in his own ears and his vision became a little blurry with all the blood that suddenly went to his face, his knees felt a little weak and his arms were useless at his side. He was gone for sure but he still heard the two words Keith whispered in his ear. “Thank you.”

I’d like to thank the author for writing this beautiful fic because it’s freaking perfection this has been a PSA


another messy doot doot

in the end lance let keith sleep on him awkwardly because he wants him to rest and he loves him~ <3

(my anatomy sucks i know i’m working on it)


A thrilling saga in which Vaermina tries to squish herself against a 1/2″ wide ledge and ends up rolling off onto the floor. 

Unfaithful [ Lionel Messi + Neymar ] pt.2

@jordiabla you asked for it!! rip

part one is here

Neymar doesn’t know why he finds himself lying on the floors of his house, cheek pressed against the cool hardwood. He halfheartedly bounces a tennis ball against the wall, entertaining Poker.

“You don’t hate me right?” He asks his canine, though he half expects the dog to start yelling at him too. He seems to be pissing everyone off nowadays, to the point where his dog seems to be the only one on his side. Then again, who knows what Poker would say if he could talk. Neymar has a feeling that he doesn’t want to know.

He hears the door unlock from down the hall.

“Pai?” He calls, maintaining his position on the ground even as Poker scampers on by with the tennis ball between his jaws. The Brazilian rolls over onto his back, yawning, “You’re back home early.”

“Well, I bumped into your friend earlier.” Neymar Senior enters the room, kicking his shoes off while an excited Poker trails behind. “The tall, loud one.”

“Geri?” Neymar raises his head in interest. “What did he say?”

“He pulled me over on the side of the road, waved like a lunatic so it was hard to miss him.” Pai laughs to himself. Neymar smiles- he can imagine it. “So he comes up to me saying, ‘sir, Neymar can’t leave, sir’. And the kid starts listing these reasons why you can’t go - my god, at this point we’re holding people up on the road.”

“He…he did?” Neymar sits up; there’s that lump in his throat again. “Then what?”

“I eventually tell him that he’ll know by tomorrow, that you’ll announce your decision yourself at the press conference for Rakuten.”

Neymar looks away. Tomorrow is it, tomorrow is the day that this all ends. Tomorrow, he will tell the truth to the whole world. After tomorrow, he will no longer be a Barcelona player.

“You’re making the right choice, Ney. You’re being brave.” Neymar Senior seems to notice the young Brazilians unease. “You’ll do the right thing, won’t you?”

“…Yes, Pai.” 

Pai leaves soon after dinner and once again, Neymar has the house all to himself. Poker sleeps soundly on the couch while the young man flips through one of his photo albums. Who would have thought that he’d have one when his whole life was practically already documented through social media?

A knock on the door has him off the couch.

“Can I help -” He yawns sluggishly as he opens the door, “-Oh.”

Lionel Messi is at his door.

“Can I come in?” The Argentine asks almost sheepishly, averting his gaze downward to avoid looking at the Brazilian for too long.

“Oh, uh, sure, sure.” Neymar hurries along, realizing that he had remained silent. He holds open the door, his thumb running over the door frame anxiously. Why was he here? He isn’t sure if he can take another fight.

Once La Pulga enters, he awkwardly settles in on the couch beside Poker. A few stiff pats are given to the dog though it’s clear that he too finds the situation unsettling.

The TV continues to play, filling the uncomfortable silence. Neymar isn’t sure what’s worse - turning the TV off and dealing with silence all together or letting Keeping Up With The Kardashians continue playing.

Finally, much to his relief, Leo speaks. The Argentine clears his throat, gesturing towards the table in front of them.

“You keep a photo album?”

“Yeah,” Neymar scratches his head, picking the album off the table, “I guess I like to keep important moments stashed somewhere close. Want to see?”

Upon seeing his counterpart nod, Neymar sets the book down between them and starts from page one. Baby pictures of him and Rafa back in Brazil are first up. All smiles and in the arms of their parents ; although Ney cannot remember these exact moments, they’re still special to him.

“You were a chunky baby.” Leo comments, an element of fondness lingering in his tone, “Like a balloon about to pop.”

“Hey!” Neymar is quick to defend, his lips forming traces of a smile, “I was overfed, that’s not my fault.” That’s a lie - he’s been told that he used to take all of Rafa’s food too.

“Mhm.” Messi shakes his head and smiles as he continues to turn the pages. Neymar proceeds to defend his honor for a few passing moments before eventually agreeing that yes,he was a little overweight during the earlier stages of his life.

“Don’t.” Neymar warns when they get to his pictures from his Santos days. He already knows what the Argentine is going to say, “Don’t you dare-”

“But your hair-”

“Shut up!” Neymar quickly flips to the next page despite Messi’s laughter. This happens every time. Every single time.At least I didn’t have a mop living on my head unlike someone.”

Minutes filled with laughter and snarky comments follow. For the first time in ages, Neymar lets his transfer slip out of his mind. In this moment, his troubles are no longer on his shoulders - he’s free.

It’s not until they get to the more recent pictures that the laughter dies down and fades back into silence. Neymar’s gaze flickers across Leo’s expression in an attempt to read his thoughts. What is he thinking?

“I’m in here?” Leo speaks after a while, his voice soft. His thumb runs over one of the pictures of them, a subtle smile spreading across his face.

“Didn’t I say that I keep important moments in here?” Neymar smiles, “Important people too.”

Leo looks up in surprise, though Neymar isn’t quite sure what there is to be surprised about. Didn’t he know?

“Ney…” Leo sighs softly, looking down at his lap. The Argentine looks up after a moment and leans back into the couch, “Geri told me about tomorrow, the press conference.”

“You know I can’t-” Neymar starts, thinking that Messi is here to get answers which he cannot provide. To his surprise, Leo holds a hand up to silence him.

“I know.” It appears that Leo isn’t here for that. Rather, the older man sighs again, this time in understanding and acceptance. “Where you go doesn’t change anything. I believe - no - I know, that wherever you are, you’ll become the best in the world.”

The best in the world, perhaps even the greatest of all time is telling him this. But most of all it’s Leo who’s telling him this. Neymar really wants to interrupt but Messi pushes onward.

“Yes, you’re incredibly fickle and an idiot but there isn’t a soul on this Earth that’s kinder than you. You’ve got so much talent Ney, so don’t you ever let anyone tell you how to use it whether it’s me, your father, or anyone else. This is your life, you have to do what makes you happy. I need you to-” Leo places a firm hand on his thigh-

“-I need you to promise me that you will.”

Neymar stares, unable to form words. His eyes are once again watering (god damn, he cries easily), his lips quivering. A loud sniffle follows as he nods determinedly through his tears. One final promise to Leo-

                       “I promise.”


I don’t know if I was ever able to become what you wished of me, but I came this far because you were always holding my hand.
But now… The only way I can protect you is by letting it go.

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