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Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus (Dress Rehearsal Clip 2)

Teruma as William T. Spears Suit

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𝙻𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚛𝚊𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚛𝚊𝚐𝚐𝚎𝚍, 𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚗'𝚝 𝚠𝚎?


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Put some distance between your guy friend and you, even if it means not being friends for a while. Because, obviously, your relationship with your boyfriend means more, so yeah. Until feelings calm down, you need to distance yourself from that friend. Don’t cause any trouble, hon </3 Good luck! 

[trans] An Aeri’s boyfriend became a fan of Baekhyun after watching yesterday’s (LOL)ercoaster broadcast

Boyfriend: Go to EXO concert with me…. No, but I really like Baekhyun.

Boyfriend: That Hyung’s (Baekhyun) mental is good and he is good in LOL (League of Legends) too…. Hyung, please play LOL with me. I will become your fan. I will not be jealous of my girlfriend for liking you….

Boyfriend: How could i, someone who fights with his girlfriend while playing LOL, be jealous of someone with that kind of mental / mindset?

Fan: Ya!!! Have you lost your mind ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Boyfriend: His birthday is 6 May 1992, but he looks younger than me. Also, he’s good in playing LOL. Also, he’s a handsome guy with a good mental / mindset. Also, his blood type is O…

Boyfriend: Album? I will buy one too. You always say fans have to boost the sales, i will contribute too. How much is it? Help me buy one and give it to me.

Fan: Crazy…… Give me money, 16,000 Won.

Boyfriend: Ah, Hyung lost the game. Ah, Hyung let me lose the game on your behalf. Ah, what am i supposed to do, i’m going to cry

Boyfriend: What do i have to do to watch the other member’s broadcast?

Fan: Pay for it. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The fastest way is to buy the whole (V+ live broadcast) package, but it will only be uploaded 2 weeks later.

Boyfriend: How much is it? Can i use your ID….? Alright, i’ll buy it.

Boyfriend: By the way, if you go to the showcase, you’ll be able to see that Hyung (Baekhyun) in real life? I envy you…..

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  • Chuuya: [whispers] I would die for you~
  • Akutagawa: Chuuya-san. Stop confessing your love to wine
Busted (Eric Nam ft. Markson)

Type: Fluff

Request: Hello~ I loved your other Eric Nam scenario and i was wondering if you could do one where you are an MC for ASC and are dating Eric but it’s a secret and you let it slip while defending him from Markson’s teasing? Thank-you sorry it is so long

Summary: if people ragging on your boyfriend means you admit your relationship oh well.

“You look nice today” Eric said casually as you two sat down for one of the Markson show shows little script reviews before the two goofballs actually arrived on set. “Thank you. I like your suit jacket” you said looking at the pastel colored garment he had on. It was weird how casual you two could be with each other when not 20 minutes before arrive to the studio you were on each other like butter on bread. 

“You can wear it if you would like” he said slipping it off you laughed as you took it from him and slid it on. It went well with the light colored outfit you had on anyways, you slowly rolled up the sleeves just in case you got warm before you looked back down at your cards. “Don’t get it all wrinkly” he whined playfully “I don’t want to look like I have no arms Eric” you teased back “but you do that when you take my pull overs” he jokes. 

Soon you two were interrupted by the booming voice of none other than Jackson Wang as he came onto set with Mark in tow. “Ah it’s Y/N this time last time it was Jimin” Jackson says as he wraps his arms around you and Eric “how are my favorite hosts today?” he asks casually. “We were pretty good before you came along” you tell him “ah so I just made it better. Thank you Y/N” he jokes before he and Mark were handed things for their show.

As most people knew Jackson and Eric had a playful relationship, you and Mark had one as well. You basically yelled at Mark for not talking and then when he’d actually say something you would yell at him for talking too much. It was pretty funny to be around. You were someone who could add fuel to the fire in a humorous sense which made you a good choice for an MC for ASC.

As the show began and fans started asking questions you somehow ended up on the topic of relationship and were asked who do you think would be the one most likely to be dating within the 4 of you. “Obviously it would be Y/N” Eric says “really I was going to say you” you say back smirking at him knowing something the other two didn’t. “Why would anyone want to date Eric?” Jackson says you knew it was jokingly but it kinda riled you up. “He’s a good guy” you defend “but he’s Eric” Mark jokes “what’s wrong with being Eric?” Eric says with a laugh. “Well where do we start?” and that’s when the heavy teasing began on poor Eric.

“Can you stop” you say seriously making them all turn to you “Y/N it’s fine they’re just playing” Eric says. “But it’s so annoying it’s not even true” you say rolling your eyes almost completely forgetting the camera was on you guys. “Wait Eric has a girlfriend?” Mark asks confused “yes yes he does he’s had one for like a year” you say. “Y/N” Eric hisses getting more embarrassed from you saying something about your love lives. “I just think you’re trying to save him from embarrassment Y/N” Jackson says slowly catching onto why you were mad. “No I’m trying to stop you from teasing my boyfriend” and as soon as those words left your mouth your eyes went wide and your mouth stayed open. Eric’s jaw dropped and he was sure other people’s had as well “what?” Mark said looking at you and then Eric rapidly.

Jackson stood up and cheered “I knew something was going on ah. Mark you owe me money” he says as he ventures over to the two of you and pushes Eric’s seat closer to your’s before he rushed back over to his seat and sat himself down. “So now that has been spilled I hope that answers your ‘who would get in a relationship first?’ question. We should do more questions like these. I feel like I will be learning so much from Y/N, she seems to also have a big mouth” Jackson says while Eric, Mark, and You were still in shock from your out burst. 

“Guys the show” Jackson hints elbowing Mark making him snap out of his trance. Eric following after him, he glanced over at you slightly seeing the bright red face you had as your head fell forward onto the table with a thud “don’t hurt yourself because you’re that embarrassed” Eric says picking up your head sitting you up straight “at least we don’t have to hide anymore” he mumbles as he picks up his cards.

Monsta X reacting to you telling them that they’re your first boyfriend.

Anonymous asked: Hi! Could you do a gif reaction for monsta x when they’re your first boyfriend? Thanks! :)

(We do not own any of the gifs unless stated otherwise.)

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Shownu: ‘’What? You’ve never had a boyfriend before? But you’re so cute! How’s that even possible? *starts asking a billion questions*

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Jooheon: ‘’So I’m your first boyfriend? I see…guess that means I’m the best you’ve ever had then, right?’’

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Wonho: ‘’Yeah? Good thing I’m such a great boyfriend.’’

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Minhyuk: ‘’Come here you cutie, give me a kiss.’’

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I.M: ‘’You’re all mine for sure now!’’

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Hyungwon: ‘’Aww that’s so cut- wait what?’’ *begins to overthink if he‘s been a good first boyfriend or not*

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Kihyun: ‘’Oh I see what you’re doing here…’’

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I went to the Regional of First Robotics Competition in Mexico City the past two days. I was the only woman in my team of 16 people. As far as I could see there was not a single all-women team. But entirely male teams were common, and the few girls attending were often referred to as the “cheerleaders”

These are a few of the various sexist comments I received in the past two days. The ones in italics were said to my face. 

  • She is the sex appeal of the team. 
  • So, which one of them [ meaning my teammates ] is your boyfriend? My gf is the Safety Captain too. 
  • Dude, ain’t them afraid she’ll mess something up? She is tinkering with the robot!
  • Can you tell one of the guys to pass you the wrench so that you can give it to me?
  • They will not gain any extra points if the girl doesn’t smile more. 
  • Journalist:  I can come back later when the person you are holding the spot for is back. 
  • Your team should really uhm… [ staring at my cleavage ] invest in more flattering outfits for the cheerleaders. 
  • “Do you think she is single?” “Yeah, but I don’t think the guys will appreciate it if we steal their chick.”
  • Is someone that actually knows about mechanics here?
  • Can you lend me a hammer? It’s the one that looks like Thor’s tool. If you can’t find it I will help you, babe. 
  • I told you only fat girls got into these contests. 
  • “They are actually letting her into the driving team?” “Maybe it is to distract the others.”
  • It’s a shame they don’t let you use skirts here, right? You must feel very unfeminine. 

So don’t you dare telling me that feminism is not relevant now that women can vote. Don’t you fucking dare telling me that fighting for women’s rights is a waste of my time and I should choose another field of work. 

I missed you - Mark

Woo! I wanted to get this one out as soon as possible because a certain someoneโ€™s birthday is coming up and who would I be to not celebrate it? And yes, there will be a birthday scenario coming up for this dork and I hope you all look forward to it. For the anon who requested this fluffy Mark scenario, that is literally doing damage to my heart, where he is super clingy because he missed you so much.ย 

Transitioning from seeing someone almost every to not seeing them as much anymore was really hard. Vacation was sweet and something so precious nowadays since you were starting to work again and so was your boyfriend. Work means heavy schedules, long hours, and little communication through the phone. Separation wasnโ€™t fun, but when you did get to see each other, it was always worth it. If anything, it made you appreciate each other more, but this time around it was a much longer and the distance was agony.

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me: “so me and my boyfriend –”

straighty: “wait, youre gay?? i mean like… im totally cool with that, im just surprised. but like i Love gay rights. ellen degenerous is like… my idol. and fuck trump!! hes an awful man.”

me: “… Anyway,”