so maybe she didn't get it

so who does the haus bills???? i’m pretty sure there’s no rent bc the hockey team owns it but who does the bills? who checks the mail and makes sure they don’t throw the envelopes out?? who makes sure the cable and heat and water and electricity is covered?? i’m sure ransom has made a spreadsheet for all the expenses, but who makes sure to pay it all on time??????? who sends out the reminder in the groupchat to give them money “unless you guys are fine taking cold ass showers for the next month”?????????????????

Voltron High School AU where Allura is an art teacher who leads an after-school club for troubled students and she gets assigned Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Pidge. she’s really struggling to get through to them so she recruits the help of the school’s new guidance counsellor, Mr. Shirogane, and it turns out he’s super hot and really sweet and great with the kids and the group is going great. and long story short Allura and Shiro are blatantly falling in love with each other right in front of four mouthy teenagers who livetweet the entire thing and keep asking them when they’re going to get together


100% inspired by @punziella


The things you need to know about Charlene.

Rant on ToxicKaramel

Kara was so focused on her job. On bettering herself as a reporter and getting somewhere in her career. She had goals. Now she was fired and for her to say that maybe being supergirl and having mon-el are enough. I lost it there. This independent woman had so much to her story. She was finding herself as Kara, the reporter, regular person with a job, then boytoy walks in and Kara has to convince herself that that’s all she needs. Has to effectively lower her standards and dismiss what she wanted and worked towards her whole life.

There are so many lines that make me want to scream at the writers, “ WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS OKAY?!” On a “revolutionary” “pro-feminism” tv show no less that’s all about “girl-power.”

The entire Mon-El/Kara pairing is built on everything that feminism and girl power are against, along with abusive themes that are concerning.

Mon-El makes Kara feel guilty for things. He victimizes himself and Kara is left to feel guilty when she has nothing to feel guilty for. Their whole relationship was built on Kara’s guilt of not fully reciprocating his feelings. She convinced herself to date him. She didn’t just jump in confident about her feelings. The whole thing started rocky because she was not sure. That in itself makes me hesitant.

Am I supposed to ignore my intuition because a cute individual is giving me attention and is the only one doing so at the moment? Am I supposed to convince myself all the mistakes and bad parts are not worth paying attention to? Am I supposed to just consider it all negligible and focus on the good and fun parts of being around that person? Well, that’s what Kara is doing, while hoping that Mon-El will change and be better.

She is giving him a shot because he is trying his best, but his best is not good enough when it entails horrible treatment. She does not have to give him a chance at all, his effort be damned. Mon-El makes mistake after mistake and some of them are just for the sake of humor like him telling everyone about their relationship right after Kara asked him not to. That was put there purely for a laugh from the audience. They chalk up his character as this comedic dude-bro as if it’s charming. Well I hate to break it to you, but IT’S NOT CHARMING! *dramatic gasp*

Kara continually forgives him for each mistake, and they aren’t small things that should be disregarded so flippantly. If they were to show Mon-El screwed up once and then have Kara upset with him for a long period of time and for Mon-El to give her space after apologizing AND Mon-El completely changing his behavior and never doing it again, then maybe I can understand, but at this point there are too many mistakes and too many I’m sorry-s and all the show is doing is telling me that it’s okay to forgive a partner who blatantly disrespects you, insults you, belittles you and expects it all to be okay in the end. EVEN THOUGH I WAS HESITANT OF HIS BEHAVIOR BEFORE I EVEN STARTED DATING HIM. It’s so easy to dismiss all the signs separately, but they add up. THEY ADD UP AND IT IS A COMPLETE MESS.

To a viewer who has seen an abusive relationship or been in one, it is triggering. The relationship of Kara and Mon-El holds all these abusive undertones and it is not right for that to be depicted in a show that has so much influence and power over so many people.

I have the maturity and the education to know that what is on screen is not always right and what is represented does not reflect what my own life should. The problem lies with younger individuals who do not know this. They will watch supergirl and see Kara Danvers in a relationship with Mon-El and think that their own relationships are healthy if they resemble Kara’s.

The responsibility a tv show holds is massive. They hold so much power over society and to disregard that fact and belittle their role is a grave error. Every member of a tv show that is in charge of content must hold themselves accountable for the message being portrayed and the resulting consequences. I feel as though Supergirl’s team has lost its ability to do so, given recent episodes. All TV shows should be aware of their massive influence and use that as a force for good, rather than a force for more destructive bs.

rwby prediction for the end of vol 4 for yeng……. assuming we only have 2 episodes left….. 

^This Yang, is gonna introduced on the last episode/near the end of the last episode. Basically another cliffhanger- perhaps she feels confident enough to get back out there and fight? I don’t see her going after Adam, maybe going to find Ruby with her dad? 

There has not been nearly enough development this season for Yang for her character to be able to jump to being this badass looking firecracker again. So much has been skimmed over, missed out, shoved to the side to make room for- ahem- unessential storylines. 

(Honestly, with Oscar, Whitley, Salem’s extended evil crew – please just build up the characters you have before introducing 50 more that I couldn’t care less about. Like geez, you have these 4 amazing main characters that you’re just… wasting! I can think of at least 15 underdeveloped/not even developed characters that rt still have yet to build upon! )

Han says there is too much Vader in Ben.

And god, how hard is that for Leia to hear. She knows Han wouldn’t say this in any way to hurt her or blame her, but it’s because of Leia the force is strong in Ben. Because of Leia her son is able to be twisted and manipulated in this way. Even as both her and Luke tried their best to stop it from taking hold.

Even after she learnt the truth from Luke, she’s never been able to feel at peace with her parentage and all of the atrocities that Vader committed. Especially the ones to her own people, her own planet. Her whole world. Yes, he might not have pulled the trigger, but he stood there and watched and said nothing, and to Leia that’s just as bad, maybe even worse than being the one to pull the final shot.

She can’t rectify Darth Vader with Anakin Skywalker and she doesn’t understand when Luke tells her they never were, really, one and the same.

She’s felt that pull though. Felt an anger burn through her, felt sadness tear through her soul, and knows that it would be so easy to let the darkness take over, close her eyes and let the dark side of the force take control. It’s inside of her she thinks, coursing through her bloodstream and spreading through her body. A child of Darth Vader, sithspawn. Watch out because Leia bites back.

The ugly whispers have always followed them both, but Leia knows she’s the one that struggles, the one that would find it so much easier to just let go. Luke is a firm and solid centre, a sun bright and hot to Leia’s dark and circling moon. She needs him to lean on, to stop the dark thoughts at times from spilling forth over the edge.

She thinks about Ben taking form inside of her, growing by inches, stretching his tiny fingers and toes. How he absorbed everything from Leia, how her body stretched and curved so that he could take hold.

Too much of Vader, Han says, but maybe there’s too much of his mother as well.

Sesshomaru’s mother tho...

that whole episode of That 70′s Show when Kelso gets a leather jacket to be like Marlon Brando but everyone keeps calling him The Fonz’ is a Thing I want Stan to go through

miss-moberg  asked:

You and ace are more Luffy's parents since y'all raised him (pls don't tell Robin I said that; I know she's his mom now) but, I mean, Dragon DID raise you. He's a matching sweater vest as a gift for you away from adopting you. Or maybe he considers you to be his adopted son. Idk how dragon's mind works.

I don’t want to be Luffy’s dad!  That’s weird!  I’m his brother.  I’d feel bad about beating him up in our fights if I were his dad!  But I certainly do know Dragon-san better than Luffy does.  It’s funny how that worked out.

And I suppose so..I wouldn’t say Dragon-san raised me.  Or he did, but only inasmuch as Iva-san or Ina-sensei did.  I just spent more time with him because he trained me.  I doubt he’d consider me his son!  

It would be kind of nice to be able to have someone other than my shithead biological parents to consider my parent, but Dragon-san has never expressed to me that he thinks of me as a son, so…..

I just really want a lot more of Winter bonding with team RWBY. Like a ton of it. And then having Qrowin moments because of it.

- Winter having more interaction with Ruby and totally playing along with the whole “formal” speaking terms thing

- Yang and Ruby teaching Winter how to play the Remnant Board Game and her occasionally playing with the team (She’s just as bad as Weiss but still loves it when she gets a small victory)

- Winter sparring with the team and giving little bits of advice with the occasional compliment

- Qrow getting super jealous about Winter and Ruby getting along and him trying to force Weiss to hang out with him (neither of them want to admit it but after the first few escapades they really enjoyed each other’s company)

- Qrow and Winter bonding over being the team “parents” and cheering super loud together at tournaments

Beefy mama rock!

Ok but hear me out! Rose is a quartz and so is Jasper. Peridot says quartz gems are usually pretty big and so i thought; what if Rose has he same body-type as Jasper? Right? Maybe she chose a softer-looking form after the war, but she must have started out with hella guns! Thats my theory anyway. 


Okay story time:

My parents are very musical-theatre-y people. For that reason, they taped Into the Woods [onto a real life VHS] when it first aired on PBS. Fast forward to my early kid-dom, when I was maybe five or six, and my parents showed me said recording. I was transfixed. I was especially in awe of the witch [aka Bernadette Peters]—she was funny, strong, and could belt like nobody’s business. While my friends were singing NSYNC songs, I was trying to get them to learn “Last Midnight” [I still somehow managed to have friends, despite this].

My love for Into the Woods and Bernadette Peters continued over the next few years, and my parents got tickets for us to see her in Gypsy on Broadway, but our plans had to change because of my untimely hospital stays. However, in February 2004, I was finally able to go see her as the legendary Mama Rose in Gypsy. A friend of my family is a part of the Broadway community, and she managed to get my family a backstage visit. While my parents and I were waiting to go into Bernadette’s dressing room, I sort of fangirled into overdrive and may or may not have started crying [full disclosure: I did cry a little, thus why I’m bright pink in the first picture, and, not pictured, there were tissues balled up in my hand]. Bernadette Peters is surreal in my memory; she was so down to earth and kind to me and my family. She even gave me a stuffed animal dog from her dressing room [because of Broadway Barks]! My family and I departed in a cloud of wonder. We had encountered someone truly great.

Fast forward once more, this time to yesterday [aka eleven years later], when I was walking through Washington Square Park only to discover that scenes for Mozart in the Jungle were being filmed. I figured Bernadette’s presence would be a long-shot, but I decided to check out what was happening anyway. Lo and behold, there was Bernadette freaking Peters strolling across the grass of Washington Square Park, finishing a scene. I was pressed for time, but just as I was about to leave she finished her take and started walking across the park [right near where I was standing]. I somehow stayed composed and told her who I was and how great she is in everything she does. She said she remembered me and asked after my family and the family friend. I sputtered out a few cohesive sentences, asked to take a picture with her [where she looks like she’s literally radiating talent and magic], and we said our goodbyes. And also I died.

The end.


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“In a constellation, the brightest star is called the alpha. I thought maybe you meant that she’s … like … your brightest star.” Cress, Ch 47

Delilah is back & Daud didn't fail

So after seeing Delilah back, I felt like all the things I achived in the DLCs were in vain. She eventually got the throne and Daud fucked up. Again.

Buuut my gf pointed out, that I missed a small detail. It was never Dauds mission to kill or get rid of Delilah permanently. He just had to solve a mystery. And the mystery was that Delilah wanted to posess Emily. Which he prevented.

So Daud didn’t fail. He had a different objective and he might have believed that he also got rid of Delilah forever. But he managed to save Emily.
Emily is not posessed by Delilah and WILL get her throne back. (At least I hope so)

BTS reaction to their idol crush saying that he is her ideal type on tv

Jin: *Still can’t believe it*

Originally posted by rninjoon

Suga: “Another fantastic day of Suga’s life”

J-hope: *faints*

Rap Monster: “Oh she really said my name???”

Jimin: “I told you all she likes me back”

V: “So she said like.. my name? Taehyung? Maybe she meant Daehyun? if not i am cool with it like really”

Jungkook: “bye everyone i need to leave now and say that i like her too so we can get married tomorrow”

The Librarians 2x08


1. First, to get this out of the way, I’m 99% sure Ezekiel remembers. Maybe he didn’t at first, but I think it would gradually come back to him. The only downside of this is the possible horrendous trauma.

2. The Casekiel was strong. So strong. And It struck me upon a second re-watch that the first time they die, Cassandra is basically torn from his grasp. And let’s not mention him fucking burning his hand when he sees how scared she actually is. And while I’m sure that the ‘you’ in “I can’t watch you die anymore.”(the first time around) was actually a plural ‘you’, the fact that Cassandra was singled out as the one he said it to just makes me want to die tbh (in a good way). 

And that bit when he tries to convince them on the last loop? With Stone and Eve it was about stories about people in their past, but with Cassandra, with her it was more intimate, because it wasn’t some memory, it was about her deepest thoughts and feeling about her condition and her love for math. And that’s just. Heartwarming. And no, I will not mention that utterly adorable cheek kiss. Nope, I will not.

3. Not only has Ezekiel proven himself by saving his friends (and oh look, he actually called them his friends), not only was he very adaptive and creative and an incredibly fast learner (I don’t think he went through each learning loop more than once) thus proving why the Library chose him as far as intellect is concerned, but, after who knows how many hundreds of loops, he never gave up, never broke down, he never lost hope and he saved his damn friends. And that is why he’s a fucking Librarian in his own right.

4. Alternate Ezekiel last season saying his Eve was like a mother to him was everything I could think of during that “I like the way you look at me when you tell it” scene. Look at this scene and tell me he doesn’t secretly see Eve as a mother figure. I dare you.

5. And last but not least, I swear to GOD, if I hear one more condescending quip from Jacob Stone regarding Ezekiel from now on, I will kill something. Just sayin’.


+1: Those scenes with Jenkins at the start and end of the episode? Not ominous at all. 


The last thing she expected was to see another human in the Underground, as Frisk trekked through Snowdin with am armful of Iscream, but when she got over her initial surprise she realized that it wasn’t exactly impossible. Why couldn’t someone else fall down here? Maybe they were someone from her neighborhood, which had surely by now been spreading rumors of how she disappeared. 

… She just didn’t know how anybody could get past the Ruins.

Right now she was a bit at a disadvantage, her arms occupied by snacks, but she faced the child quickly. “You! What are you doing here?” She barked.