so maybe no one will see it

He told me that he loved me, but it hurt.
I knew he would never love me like he loved her. I knew he’d never see me in that light, the light I wanted him so desperately to see me in, the one I shone on myself, begging him to please notice me.
Begging him to see my beauty, and my wit. Begging him to think my jokes are as funny as I try to make them. Begging for him to look at me a little longer, a little harder, so he could see all that I am. So he could see all that I could give to him.
Begging for him to one day come to his senses and realize that all along I was the one he needed.
—  v.m // maybe one day
warbreaker thoughts
  • ok reading vasher is so odd after already having met him as zahel like? am i getting to know you all over again? did I ever know you? boy what are you UP. TO.
  • maybe he’s figuring out a way to fall off this planet and land on another one
  • and lose his sword (child) while he’s at it
  • Sisirinah “I have no one to complain to so I will complain at anyone within earshot even if it is a guard who thinks they’re sending me to my death” princess of Idris everyone
  • ok but for some reason I kept picturing oberyn martell as denth ??
  • i was whetevs on tonk fah unTIL he “lost” his pets
  • screw him
  • vivenna is so so important
  • like how of often do we get to see our male characters get brought to the absolute bottom and then change for the better? 
  • answer is: all the time
  • how often do we see that happen to female characters tho??
  • like i love how she starts off pretty conservative, closed minded and kinda haughty but she gradually learns to be more accepting and less naive, but never bitter or resentful. i love vivenna. 
  • siri and susebron were so cute. so cute. like ma girl got herself a MAN 
  • loved ligthsong, aka actual God of Snark and Memes bravery 
  • also thank u branderson for Vasher, who you expect to be the epitome of assholish anti hero with 0 Feelings ™ but is actually going around being slightly socially awkward and fixing everyone’s messes. 
  • thank u for this book

Barry asking the Speed Force, “Can I see her?” about Iris, even though he knows he can only see up to past versions of her as he remembers, meaning the most recent memory of her is the one of crying in her funeral attire. So everyday he asks to see a different version of Iris in the Speed Force. One days it’s “Iris in her junior prom dress.” Another day it’s, “Iris the night she first told me she loved me.” “Iris smiling after she was promoted at CCPN.” “Iris at Christmas when we moved in together.” It’s the only way he gets by.

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If you zoom in on one of the pics you can also see the number 17 so maybe making shinguards for them both?

Probs! Or maybe it’s like a “you can’t wear my name at the back of your jersey yet but you can wear my number on your shin guards in the meantime” kind of thing

TalesFromRetail: The day I pretended to be someone's dad

The owner is a family friend and asked me if I could cover because they were short on staff. So, I think this counts on TFR. This takes place in a small convenient store.

There wasn’t much to do so I decided to walk around maybe reorganized misplaced items when suddenly a kid (maybe 3-4 years old) holds my hand. I kind of look around to see if someone lost their kid and then I see a young lady gave me a “go on” gesture. I’m a bit confused as what she wants me to do but whatever I was bored and this kid looked cooler than my friends. So I asked if he liked candy and asked which one he liked. He didn’t say anything and just pointed to some gummy worms.

Me: That’s cool. Me too! I like the sour ones because I can make this face. sour face

This made the kid laugh

Boy: I love you daddy hugs me

TBH I freaked out a bit and thought this kid couldn’t possibly be mine as I looked over to the young lady she started tearing up.

Me: I love you too, son

The boy ran back to the lady

The lady walks up to me and hugs me

Lady: I’m so sorry for that, my husband just passed away 2 days ago. This is the first time I saw him talk since that day.

Me: I’m sorry for your loss

Lady: Thank you

They proceeded to leave. The boy is waving his gummy worms at me and I do the sour face and he does the same.

By: whitethundar

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So far we've gotten isak's black eye from the teaser also noora doing her hair and eating that carrot now the only thing that's left is mikael's hair which i'm so freaking excited rn!!!!!!!

Hi, Anon!!

So me and @josteninski were discussing this right now, and we thought that, it could be a flashback, in the sense that, maybe, Even and Sana talk tomorrow, and perhaps, they talk about Mikael.

And MAYBE, Sana may have witnessed something between Even and Mikael ages back when they all used to hang out, like, Even running his fingers through Mikael’s hair, which, at that time, Sana may have thought of as completely platonic, since all the boys in the balloon squad do that to one another anyway, and we see her have a flashback of that, whilst Even is recalling his story, to which she then realises that, “oh, so that wasn’t platonic at all?”

That’s the only way I can think we’d have a flashback scene of Mikael and, whose fingers we assume, are Even’s? Otherwise? IDK when else it could happen in this episode tbh. It might be in episode 7, otherwise, where it turns out it’s not a flashback afterall, and it might not even be Even’s fingers, but one of the other boys in the balloon squad’s *AHEM*YOUSEF*AHEM* instead!

Who knows!

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I'm so happy to see you're moving on to bigger and better things. Though, there's so much to say abt this blog during it's time up and I'm simply not sure how to explain it. It just made me really happy. I loved the art style, the characters, etc. Maybe it just feels a bit nostalgic bc it's one of the first ask blogs I've come across. It's something that just stuck with me personally. Hnai, thank you so much for maintaining such a great blog. I'm happy for you, sincerely. Seeya around, maybe?

AAAH dont make me cry TTvTT

This blog feels nostalgic for me too kjshakl it was the beginning of so many things for me

See you around for sure, dude



i guess i should have made her a little smaller for the convention but SHES SO SOFT AND CUDDLY! It took so long to hand sew all her spikes on but im really happy with how she turned out! Maybe i’ll make a shiny one in the future! but for now I am all set for Colossalcon next weekend! My boyfriend and I will be bring Aquabats Friday and our Pokemon cosplay Saturday!

But first a birthday vacation celebration with some R&R! I’ll see you guys next week at Colossalcon!

Title: Playing with Fire

@negantrashlucille23​ requested: Maybe OC being the daughter of a very important customer… but like Ike is still married so that there can be some angst but there’s definitely something between Ike and OC And smut x) fluff anything you want really ^.^

Character(s): Ike Evans and Reader
Summary: Your father stays in one of the suites at the Miramar Playa, and the hotel’s owner, caters to his every need. But, when you finally see what this man looks like, you cannot help but tease him every chance you could get.
Word Count: 2,877
Warning: SMUT!!!
Author’s Note: Thank you, @negantrashlucille23​ for this request! It was so much fun to write. Plus, I wanted this to be as steamy as possible, so I hope I accomplished that! I also changed it from being Ike and an OC to Ike and the Reader, if you don’t mind! Thank you again, and enjoy! :-)

Forever Taglist: @disfigured-it-out || @chunex || @jasoncrouse || @oceanicseries || @dixonsbait || @negan–is–god || @see-you-then-winchester || @sable-the-trans-ham || @k4veggies || @labyrinthofheartagrams || @purplemuse89 || @ladyynegan || @scentofpineandhazelnutlattes || @may85 || @a-girl-interupted || @spn-cw123

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SKAM -lack of the title on the website in Sana's season

We all noticed how there is no Skam written on the website in front of Sana’s face. Why? Sana has nothing to be ashamed about.
Eva cheated on Jonas, Noora was ashamed because she fell for William and Isak because of him being gay (though obv he shouldn’t).
Also by now their shame is gone I think. Eva is stronger and more independent, Noora let’s herself feel and so does Isak. So maybe in the final season we get to see that feeling ashamed for your feelings isn’t right and that it ended for the characters. Maybe Sana knows it already.
Sana isn’t ashamed of her faith and life, she praises it. And maybe she could feel ashamed for liking Yousef, but she quickly understands she’s not the one who should be ashamed. Idk it’s a quick theory as there has to be a reason for it. It can’t be just because putting a word shame in front of her would seem insulting

  • Clarke: *on the radio* Bellamy, if you can hear me, you're alive. It's been 2,199 days since Praimfaya. I don't know why I still do this everyday. Maybe it's my way of staying sane, not forgetting who I am, who I was. It's been safe for you to come down for over a year now. Why haven't you? The bunker's gone silent, too. We tried digging them out for a while, but there was too much rubble. I haven't mad contact with them, either. Anyway, I still have hope. Tel Raven to aim for the one spot of green, and you'll find me. The rest of the planet, from what I've seen, basically sucks, so ... *sees ship* .. Never mind. I see you.

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JESUS CHRIST, HAJRUNDIN HAS A PAST WITH LINLIN. Oda better build something with this!

THIS! ^^^^

I’m so happy I got to see my boy Hajrudin again so soon (even if it’s just his child self)!

I don’t know why, but I loved him in Dressrosa for some reason.

I’d love to see Hajrudin appear out of nowhere and save the day, but Oda maybe plans to make Linlin and him meet each other later in the story. Who knows.

I’m also happy to see Oimo and Kashi again, waiting for Dorry and Broggy to finish their duel and come back.

Thanks for the ask!


Anyone notice that Face Time Aria it’s clear that her face has been distorted but the rest of the body might not have been. How did AD get an exact duplicate of her jacket?? Did A.D steal it from her?? Or this may be way off but hey, why the heck not… Maybe A.D is Aria. But It’s her alter ego. Her Alter ego is trying to get Aria on the same page as her. Of course you may ask how it’s possible for her to be calling herself maybe one of her minions is wearing an Aria mask, her conversations may have been pre programmed so what you’re seeing is a computerized Aria because the real Aria cannot be there at the same time she’s speaking to Aria.  Either she’s computerized or there’s a minion dressed as her and with her face mask because Aria is A.D.  Her alter ego is A.D and for A.D’s game to end she needs Aria to be on the same page. She may have blackmailed her with information that could also destroy the alter ego, but she;s not actually going to to do it, she’s using it as blackmail.  This could explain why Aria really never got harmed as much as the others. Remember in Season 6 when she took a picture of herself in the mirror but when Aria was looking at the pictures at the beginning of the episode she seemed to have no recollection of taking a picture of that doll.  That mirror photo was eerie, as if she’s changed to someone else. I believe Ezra has known about her having an Alter ego and has been working with her since the beginning. Maybe Ezra is the one speaking with Aria’s face maybe he was instructed on what to say to Aria by Aria’s alter ego.  I know this is some trippy, stoned out of your mind theory but hey, PLL has a tendency to do some really stoned up stuff. 


Must be love |Stiles Stilinski imagines|

Stiles x reader

Relationship: bf and gf❤
Y/N = your name or your nickname Y/L/n = your last name
Requests are open!

Anonymous said:
Stiles imagine where the reader and Stiles have been together for a long time and the reader goes away for the summer after the whole nogistune thing and when she comes back she is scared Stiles will hate her and fluff fluff fluff.


There you were standing in front of the house you’d lived in for most of your life. So why now did it feel so weird. Maybe because when you were last in this house your boyfriend was possessed by evil spirits. But that’s another story. You wondered if he was inside ready to see you. You wondered if he’d say anything or whether he just look at you disappointedly. You didn’t know which one would hurt more. You walked in a towards your living room. You met the faces of your happy parents as they screamed in excitement. You hugged them both while scanning the room in case your boyfriend was there.
“Honey he’s not here.” Your mother said sadly. You smiled at parents trying to hide the truth, you were hurt. You were hurt he hadn’t shown up or even texted you. Later that night Scott texted you saying he and the pack wanted to see you so you headed over to his house. When you got there, Mama Mcall greeted you with a hug. You walked into the living room and the happy screams filled your ears. You laughed and again, you looked for your boyfriend but he was nowhere to be found. Scott came over a hugged you. Your friends had made you all this food, you shocked they spent so much time doing something for you! After the party was over and everyone had gone you thanked Scott for everything.
“He missed you…” Scott said. You looked up at you giving you a shy smile. You gave him one back and then hugged him. You walked out. There was someone standing outside his house and as you approached him closer you saw who it was. It was stiles. He looked down at his hands.
“Sorry I missed it…”
“Are you mad?”
“Mad you left?” You nodded
“Yes but I only because I thought you were afraid of me…and because you left me…when I needed you most.” His eyes started getting glossy with tears and you instantly felt guilty.
“Stiles…I’m so so sorr-” you tried to say but was interrupted by stiles. He grabbed you face and kissed you passionately like he never had before.
“The good thing is that you are here now and I love you for that.” He said looking in to your eyes. You now grabbed his face and kissed him first.
“let me drive you home babe.” You looked at him and smiled. How could you live with out him? ❤

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to post! I love you all so much for sticking with me and being so patient! I love you all❤

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So, which one of the boys will pop up as a guest of Red Bull for the Monaco Grand Prix this year?

I’ll do it!!! Maybe this is Nial’s year though. We’ll have to wait and see who starts talking about cars or caffeine.

there’s a new trend on i’ve seen on fb lately where women post a status saying that if their boyfriend doesn’t see the status for an hour, the bf owes her a date that has to be planned out completely by him???????

if you feel the need to publicly pressure your partner into doing something nice for you……… maybe shouldn’t be in a relationship??

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I want to dry hump fake's lap until he's squirming and totally hard and I can feel him through his pants, while kissing him and leaving hickies everywhere and eventually make him cum in his boxers

You wanna know what’s great about this? Fake habitually wears his boxers around the house, just like Real Frank. So it wouldn’t be hard to get catch him wearing nothing but his boxers and his shirt, maybe sitting at his desk, working on a video. He probably wouldn’t even care about you climbing into his lap, probably wouldn’t notice the way your hands linger on his thighs as you fix yourself in his lap. He just rests his chin on your shoulder so he can still see the laptop and keeps doing what he’s doing. 

He’s so distracted he probably doesn’t even realise you’re rocking into him, or that he’s moving with you. You just have to start up a rhythm, one hand on thigh, rubbing up and down in time to the rocking, the other stroking the nape of his neck. He doesn’t even notice until you shift, pushing the thigh you’re holding so more of your weight rests on his crotch. 

Even then he doesn’t realise what’s going on, all he knows is that he’s hard and you feel good against him and what exactly is happening here? He’s cute when he’s confused and flustered, right? I mean he’d probably just follow your lead, you pull away from him and he gives you the most adorable kicked-puppy dog look that you have to kiss him. Not deep though, definitely not deep, a soft peck that he sighs into. A chaste little thing that he’s leaning into and chasing down to the point you actually have to curl your fingers in his hair and hold him back. 

God imagine the noise he’d make. Something desperate and deep, almost grating in his throat I’d imagine. Lol, he’s such a bottom bitch, he wouldn’t even try to grab you and pull you into another kiss, all you’d have to do would be to pull his hair just a little and he’d be tipping his head back for you. You could start a line of kisses down his throat, bite as hard as you want, as gentle as you want and he’d beg for more. 

You could keep rocking against him, grinding down on his cock as you said and he’d just barely buck up into you. You could move that hand from his thigh to his crotch and he’d just moan for you, putty in your hands? Yeah probably, specially if you palm his dick, pressing just hard enough with the heel of your palm to make sure he feels it but not enough to really do anything for him. 

You could tell him that he’s only allowed to cum from this and he’d just whine, most likely cause he can’t form words. He’d let you keep grinding against him, let you hump his thigh and let you rub his cock through his boxers and not do a single thing but moan and whine for you before he’s a desperate little slut. A desperate little slut who cums exactly how you tell him to cum; who cums shuddering and breathless and lips parted around a hitching groan. 

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I've been wondering for a while, why/when did Robotnik accept Eggman as a name? He used to find that insulting! Now he embraces it!

I mostly think this is because Eggman has always been the doctor’s name in Japan. The English manual for the first Sonic game gave him the full name “Ivo Robotnik.” 

So I think its just easier for SEGA/Sonic Team to just refer to Eggman as one name instead of the other which is probably why we see Eggman so accepting of his nickname. 

Maybe the nickname became so popular that he just decided to roll with it. Hey, just because someone has a silly name does not mean they can not be a threat. 

~Mod Nerd

Request: I really love your fanfics ❤️ You have amazing writing skills, whenever I read your stories I always find soul and real feelings in your characters! 😊 I thought about it how Hvitserk is underestimated and maybe you can show him with a Viking Girl. She is fearless but in not a good way, she doesn’t think about consequences, but she’s so girly and cute always smiling (like sunshine Bellatrix Lestrange haha). It will be fun to see him dealing with her bc she is real troublemaker! 
Note: This one came a little on the late side, sorry dear! Will make it up to you by giving this a part two if you want? I hope I did good, the feedback is always welcome. ;-)

Words: 1934

You pushed the arrow into the crossbow, checking its tension before your crouched down, gazed aside you to the cripple who laid flat on his stomach into the grass. He challenged you, stating that a crossbow never could be that good as an normal bow. But you made that crossbow yourself, you learned a lot from your father before he ships you off to marry a prince in Kattegat. ‘That barrel.’ He pointed out. You brought the crossbow up into shooting position and looked over to the village. You were out scouting but instead you were playing around with a cripple.
‘Be amazed.’ You grinned while aiming. And when you shoot that arrow kicked into the barrel with a massive force of power. That wide grin jumped on your lips while you got up, making some victory dance for everybody to see. You weren’t the shy type, more the other way around. Your father married you off to a Ragnarsson in the hope you would learn to get some responsibilities. Well he was wrong. Your eyes traveled back to the barrel only to see the man standing aside of it, looking at you swinging around with your crossbow.
‘We are under attack!’ He yelled.
‘That was not the intention.’ You suppressed your giggling before turning around and disappearing into the woods with the cripple again. Everything was in some way a joke, even this marriage. It wasn’t even with the funny cripple to begin with; you had to do it with Hvitserk. He stood aside his brother when you and Ivar arrived.
‘You better get your weapons in order, we are about to go into a fight.’ Ivar announced.
‘What did you do now?’ Hvitserk asked you. You looked down to your shoes, or the crossbow that rested against the tip of your toes.
‘It was an accident.’ You reacted, titling your head and throwing Hvitserk an innocent seductive smile.
‘You gonna get us all killed some day.’ He shook his head, following his elder brother to prepare for a fight.
‘We needed to fight anyway, so why the delay.’ You shrugged, looking down to Ivar who chuckled and crawled himself over to the chariot. At least he saw the humor in your mistake.

You maybe act like a spoiled dangerous girl; nobody could judge you on your fighting skills. You pulled out the two half long swords out of the holders on your back and turned them around your wrist as you saw the first couple of enemies coming. There wasn’t anything more trilling than the adrenaline of a fight and Hvitserk as your husband admired that about you. He loved to see you fight just as you loved it as he played along in your little games from day to day. You started to fight, ducking, stabbing and smile like an idiot every time you got one down. After some time in marriage you learned  to anticipate into your marriage, Hvitserk had a hard time handling you but when it came on a fight you covered him as much as he defended you. So maybe this was your favorite time with him, apart for the other things he was so good at. Those thoughts caused a elbow to push through into your ribs, causing you to gaps while you fell down to the ground.
‘Y/n.’ Hvitserk called out. The axe kicked into your offender before he dropped dead and you rolled onto your stomach, looking for some air. Hvitserk ran over, taking you with your shoulders to turn you around to him again. ‘Alright?’ He asked with a little concern. You held your hand against your chest while your breathing slowly started again.
‘I didn’t knew you could be that concerned.’ You said through gasps.
‘The gods are punishing you Y/n.’ He answered. You looked up to his slightly blooded face, smiling that innocents again.
‘You rather like the punish me yourself?’ You asked, biting your lip while tilting your head.
‘We both know the answer on that.’ He pulled you up and you grabbed for your swords again. Most of the battle died, it wasn’t a hard one to begin with but Lagertha asked for a justified one and you just totally screw that one up.
‘Can you forgive me?’ You asked, slowly laying your arm over his shoulder pulling yourself closer to him. He snuggled his nose aside yours, pulling that longing trace to your ear.
‘It’s not me you need to convince.’ He whispered. You traced back to him, placing your lips on his. He held still for a moment before he kissed you with that full passion. There wasn’t any love between you and Hvitserk, there was just desire. He was your husband, your father forced you to marry him and you never wanted it. Now Hvitserk had to deal with you and in some way it was fun to do. You pulled back out of that kiss, looking up from his lips to his eyes with that little grin all over your face. But before you even could enjoy more of him because he was very enjoyable on that level, you had to finish of another assailer. You pushed Hvitserk away, wounding the men by ducking underneath his sword, slitting the back of his knees while he stumbled past you. He got on his knees and you stand aside him, clenching your fingers through his hair and pulling his head up.
‘Never mess with the cute girls.’ You whispered in his ear, looking over to Hvitserk who studied you in a way you liked it. Your sword slit his neck, closing your eyes when little splashed of blood got onto your face and he dropped dead on the ground.
‘You are so much trouble.’ Hvitserk whispered.
‘Trouble you like.’
‘On an occasion or two yes.’ He smiled charming.

Lagertha send the sons of Ragnar to this village to negotiate, she said to use no violence and yet here you stood, a whole village slaughtered down except for some good people, farmers, slaves.  Because it was to late to travel back to Kattegat Ubbe wanted to stay the night here making you in the excellent mood to make a big camp fire. As the only girl of the group everybody gazed at the way you danced around the fire, throwing another log of fire on it so the flames grew in strength. You looked up to the dark sky and laughed, enjoying this magic time for yourself. ‘Dance with me?’ You asked Hvitserk who sat aside his two other brothers. You shifted your weight from the one leg to the other, gazing at him with that tempting innocent glare.
‘I sure would if I had the legs.’ Ivar breathed out, looking at you all admiring. You drank up the last of your ale and threw your cup behind you in the fire.
‘We could do other things to.’ You suggested the cripple. Ivar his smiled darkened before Hvitserk pulled you in his direction just as you arrived at the youngest brother. You landed on his lap, giggling while you threw your hands around his neck. ‘Not eager to share husband?’ You asked gentle. His hands traveled to the small of your back, pulling you even a little closer. ‘I take that as a no.’ You whispered before placing your lips on his, trailing your fingers over his jawline and neck. That every Viking around had a clear shot on this didn’t matter for you, it only made it so much more enjoyable. Hvitserk nipped on your neck and you closed your eyes, humming on the feelings he caused. A hand traveled up over your leg underneath the dress and you opened your eyes, looking aside to Ivar who just couldn’t keep his hands home.
‘She’s mine brother.’ Hvitserk warned him. Ivar pulled back, giving you that smile you almost couldn’t resist yourself. He could be some trouble in your life you gladly would welcome. But Hvitserk wasn’t planning on sharing you so all focus got back to him. His lips traveled more down to your chest, snuggling his nose under the fabrics of your clothes. A soft moan escaped your lips.
‘If this is punishment for my disobedience I have to disobey more often.’ You whispered, pulling his braids so he looked up to you again.
‘You are right, we should stop.’
‘You can’t.’ You challenged him. When you looked aside to Ubbe he was giving you a rather angry look. ‘What is on your mind Ubbe?’ You asked him a little annoyed.
‘You have to explain this to Lagertha tomorrow.’
‘I was practicing my shooting, somebody saw it, done and done.’ You shrugged.
‘This was important, you blew it, I hope you live under the mercy of the queen.’ Ubbe reacted while standing up and walking away. You looked back to Hvitserk.
‘He is right you know.’ He softly agreed with his elder brother.
‘I can handle myself.’
‘I hope it for you.’

Lagertha was in the not slightest amused by your stunt from the day before. You stood there before her in the great hall, Astrid and Torvi loyal at her side like two watchdogs obeying her every command. You never liked that kind of a position, you were made to bend the rules, be a queen yourself. The idea crossed your mind somewhere when your father gave you away to Hvitserk but it never sat foot in your actions. Now looking to that stern face of that woman in the throne just seemed to spark that. ‘You accidently shoot an arrow and somebody saw you?’ She repeated your statement. Hvitserk stood against the wall aside Ivar who just needed to do his best not to chuckle. ‘And it caused an attack in which you had to kill everybody?’ She followed. You shrugged.
‘That covers it.’ You nodded. Lagertha rested her hand on her wrist and looked over to Hvitserk.
‘Can’t you not contain her?’ She asked him. What?
‘I’m a free woman, no need to contain that.’
‘You are a wife; it’s your duty to live up to your husband.’ Lagertha hissed softly. You lifted your chin a little up, looking to her in stubbornness. ‘Lucky for you, you are married to a son of Ragnar, otherwise I would banish you. Now I just need to find another way to punish you.’ She announced. Punishment?
‘Because there was an attack?’ You asked, spotting on the words she just said to you.
‘An attack you caused Y/n.’ Lagertha shouted, standing up from her seat. ‘Who doesn’t obey just has to feel. Take her.’ She ordered her woman. Astrid and Torvi came from their position.
‘No.’ Hvitserk jumped between you and the two of them. ‘My wife, my responsibility. I will take the punishment, whatever it is.’
‘So be it.’ Lagertha smiled softly. Before you even could register it they took Hvitserk instead of you.
‘No!’ You protested. Astrid pushed you outside after Hvitserk.
‘Go home girl.’ She commanded you.
‘What are you gonna do with him?’
‘Not of your concern is it?’ She smiled coldly, following Torvi and Hvitserk over the other path. You stood there, looking how he walked of and all you could think of was why the hell you shot that arrow. That cheerful girl inside of you died a little.
‘Nice job Y/n, really.’ Ivar hissed. You turned away and looked over to him, he was angry, just as everybody was. In that moment you realized at least two things, you cared for him and you needed to get him out.

quarkmire  asked:

Hi, I really enjoy your blog! I am leaning toward pursuing materials engineering, but I have considered architecture as well. I love math and science (especially physics) as well as art. Do you happen to have any advice for deciding between engineering and architecture, maybe some important differences between the disciplines to keep in mind? Thank you so much!

Tough question and one that I struggled with too! 

Materials engineering seems like an exciting field, with opportunities for growth in your lifetime. Architecture is a very different field more focused on clients and design vs research and innovation. I am afraid to make any recommendation because I know very little about you but think about what would inspire you more, discovery and development of a new material or seeing a building completed.

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