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I think next time I ask for prompts I will forbid relatively “vanilla” Destiel or Dean/Jimmy/Cas - like, I’ll take those IF they hit on an out there kink, or I’ll take vanilla of like any other ship I ship, but not both. Not cause I don’t love Destiel but just cause I want to write more variety of stuff. (and PLEASE do not take this as any kind of attack if you sent me a prompt for a relatively fluff Destiel or D/J/C prompt cause I do not mean it that way, I’m just loving the way these prompts let me write a wide variety of stuff so I want to encourage that. :) )


Working Title: Kuroo “Common Sense” Tetsurou leaves for one second and Stuff Happens

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have it as proof that i’m still alive


The little voices inside your head (that drive you absolutely nuts).

(as in the Inside Out AU where Ryan doesn’t know what he did to deserve this)

sooo a week ago or so i saw @rosymamacita and others comparing bellarke to this very pretty couple from North and South (a movie which no I have not watched …yet) and dang their kiss was amazing… so i kinda felt compelled to doodle a bellarke version. ;)

protect him

In which Paul asks Drew for flirting advice (and isn’t nearly as smooth)….

Happy Ikarishipping Day! <3


I’ve never understood when people say that a fictional thing (a book, a show, etc.) has changed their lives.

A little over a year ago I wasn’t feeling great. I’d just finished a three year writing course at university, and a combination of essay writing about books I’m mostly not interested in (and ruining the ones that I am) and teachers saying that you have to get your work published in literary journals and apply for competitions because publishers won’t even want to touch your work if they can’t recognise your name. I loathe essays, and I don’t write literary fiction, the only kind of fiction this country seems to be interested in. I was losing the passion for the only thing I’d ever been passionate about, and the one thing I’d ever been half decent at.

Almost ten months ago I was becoming depressed. I couldn’t find a job - in editing, in writing, or even in hospitality or retail - and the government decided that if you want to be getting money for them you either had to be studying full time or applying for 20 jobs a fortnight. I’d only finished studying and there was nothing else that caught my interest, and there’s barely 20 jobs to apply for every two weeks, and that’s with me living in a well populated, urban area (I’d hate to imagine what it’s like for people living out in the country, where there’s five stores and nothing else unless you want to drive for half an hour). And of course coming into this depression was making the heaping amount of anxiety I already have much, much worse.

I was just losing the will to go on as I was, and I was mostly doing it for my friends and family.

At the end of my course I started reading Skulduggery Pleasant and my god, it was the best thing I’d read in three years. It made me smile, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me went to throw the book against the wall (but I’d paid like $20 for that book, so I couldn’t). It made me remember all the reasons I love reading and writing; to illicit such emotion is an amazing skill to have.

This made me feel great about writing, and I began my own novel as part of nanowrimo 2015. As of today I’m in the rewriting process (second draft), and the first draft had approximately 40,000 words; the most I’ve ever written for any project.

But of course we still need to fast forward a bit. There’s this whole, like, six months filled with some kind of depression and some awful anxiety and that one time I had a job for like a month but it made the whole thing worse and let’s skip over that part.

Let’s skip to now. Because of Skulduggery Pleasant I remembered my passion for my life’s craft. And if I’d never started reading that book and writing my novel, I’d never have applied for a screenwriting course at another uni, which we’ve been told is extremely difficult to get into; there’s countless applications every year, and there’s probably about fifty people in the (first year) class; I was part of the mid-year intake, and there’s ten of us, maximum.

Without Skulduggery Pleasant I wouldn’t be writing a novel I adore, or planning another one for this coming nanowrimo. I wouldn’t be planning my own show and slowly tapping away at the pilot, and I wouldn’t be planning two more with a friend I’ve made in this course that I’m enjoying so much more than my other one. I don’t know where I’d be.

I’ve never understood when people say that a fictional work has changed their life but now I do, because Skulduggery Pleasant has legitimately changed mine for the better.

Going to a con for the next 2 days! It’s the only one I go to every year, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again (and keeping an eye out for MP100 or Voltron or maybe even MHA merch…)

isabela-claire  asked:

do you take requests???

You know, right now (and for the past few months) my writing brain has been MIA and I haven’t been able to finish anything. I’ve also been sick for the past month, and I’ve been juggling work and making arrangements to move halfway across the country to start a nursing program. 

However, I do have a follower milestone coming up (in a few weeks maybe?) and I really want to get something out there for you guys so I’ve been really trying. Thing is, I don’t want to just churn out something I don’t personally love. On top of that, lately the only things I’ve been able to get excited about are things that would end up being long series and I also don’t want to leave you guys hanging for weeks in between updates (assuming I’m writing as slowly as I am now). 

So to answer your question, no, I don’t take requests. Not right now. I’ve still got a few (very) old ones that may never see the light of day. 

Should I become open to requests in the future, I will definitely let you all know. Right now I’m just a little…stressed. 

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“Here’s what I know about Dean Winchester”

> final version

it sounds like I should be able to play Pop'n at MME ;0;


THE 100 AU » “We provide…leverage.”

When asked to handle a crew of notorious criminals, Bellamy Blake thinks the world’s gone mad. But when their first job goes south, they reluctantly become a team, along with an old “friend” of Bellamy’s, Clarke Griffin. Slowly, the group becomes a family as five people who have always worked alone, learn to work together. Clarke Griffin is a world famous grifter, Bellamy Blake is an ex-insurance agent, Raven Reyes is a thief -who if he’s being honest, Bellamy’s pretty sure is insane- Monty Green is a brilliant hacker, and Octavia Blake (Bellamy’s previously estranged sister) is their…specialist. Together they build Leverage, a company who helps people in need by breaking the law and providing leverage to those the government has wronged.

Let’s talk about recent upd8. Why? Because certain things need to be told, because apparently a lot of people reading latest issue has problem with connecting facts and remembering important things. In a different case I wouldn’t be standing around and talking about this, because in the end it’s a personal experience how a comic and a character from it is viewed; however, in here, we’re dealing with extremely dangerous  thing, which is whitening a Narcissist with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and this is a short path straight to excusing abuse and all shit punk!Vriska is capable of and that she -is very likely to pull off in the future-.

(for anyone wondering why I keep inserting Abel with a harp into these posts, it’s cause his face calms me down)

So yeah, let’s start with a reminder that this Vriska

and this (Vriska)

are not two different beings where one is abusive trash and the other is pure cinnamon roll. (Vriska) wasn’t born the moment this page showed up

both of them started from exact same spot and shared their path until Terezi and John joined forces and derived Vriska from possibility of becoming (Vriska).

In other words, this pile of sadness, *Sniff.*ing and *So8!*bing about being dumped and left to suffer the post-death experience she doesn’t like right here

is just as guilty as Vriska of all horrible things that made Vriska horrible in the first place. Let’s recap:

-killing Aradia;

-crippling, bullying and finally killing Tavros;

-blinding Terezi;

-creating Jack Noir and undermining the whole session of Beta Trolls thanks to that (albeit this has to do with another doomed timeline);

…and just to add to all this, let’s not forget mass ghost!genocide just to 8ait Lord English into following her around.

(Vriska)’s thoughts on all this?

She doesn’t have reflection on all she did wrong in her past, she doesn’t recall her wrongdoings and think about them or any certain specific person she manipulated or made feel bad (be it any of people mentioned above or Equius, Eridan, Aranea, slampora!ed Cronuses, etc.), all she thinks about is herself and how it all mattered to her only as long as she managed to put herself in the good light. She doesn’t stop this either, cause, be it thanks to role inversion or actual piece of Tavros inside her that makes her a little more submissive than usual (same thing with Vriska’s piece inside booty-Pupa-shorts!Tavros that makes him a little less prone to taking bullshit), she completely changes herself and tries to appeal to Meenah just so she’ll see her in good light (in the other words: like her). It’s a clear honeymoon phase of relationship they currently have a fall out from right now (anyone familiar with cycle of abuse surely recognizes this phrase).

So, (Vriska) isn’t a good cookie at all and if you were deluded by her tears or how she let’s her own self bully her, you need a memory check.

Why am I talking about all this? Because of this

Vriska’s tattoo has a lot of relevance, since it’s a really important symbol that already has been aviable in our culture, which is (as I already posted yesterday), this thing

An anchor, right?

Wrong. It isn’t anchor at all. The fact that Vriska owns it (and she shouldn’t) is a very dangerous sign (and the fact it’s redrawn to resemble anchor says a lot); when this is mentioned in literature, the person wearing it usually symbolises two things:

-hope for absolute overturn of events, back of the utopia, brand new world s/he resigns in and leads, which means absolute leader and hero;

-war that preceeds change of events, cruelty and paradise lost, as with losing the old world we lose the paradise we were never aware of we had, misery and danger personified;

That all being said, Hussie is known for putting symbols on characters that say a lot and promise a lot and then never uses/fulfills them, mostly because they’re callback to events past (like troll ancestors) and not the ones to come. This one is different, because (Vriska) gains it as the plot goes on and focuses on her; so things can turn really, really interesting for (Vriska)…

…and I would be really, REALLY PISSED OFF if it happens, because IT’S A STOLEN SYMBOL OF CHARACTER RELEVANCE AND IT’S OBVIOUS FROM THE MOMENT IT APPEARS (but Hussie has a plan as he always had, I’m sure). 

That’s all I have to say about the latest vriskagram(2) for now. Thanks for your attention.

Peridot:You cannot catch the peridot ! Nehhahaha !

It’s my first time using markers , I pretty like how it come out
Those YouTube tutorials help me a lot !

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Cisco Ramon | Vibe

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Eobard Thawne | Harrison Wells | Reverse-Flash

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Cry Wolf: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, Finale

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