so maybe i shouldn't post this oh well

me: okay this is the point in my NaNo where my characters are going get sexy with each other

me, after staring blankly at my document and trying to think of anything sexy: ….. i’m too ace for this aren’t i

Thank you all SO MUCH for all the kind words and support, I really appreciate it, more than I can say.  You guys really helped make the situation a little more bearable.  :)

I submitted an art theft claim to the site last night - it says it can take up to 24-48 hours to get a response, and yet I see the offending items have already been removed.  I don’t know if it was due to my claim, if the offending thief saw my posts and removed it themselves, or if it was just set to private instead, or what… but I can only hope the issue is resolved.  Guess I won’t know unless the site’s team gets back to me with any kind of insight.  

At any rate, hopefully this won’t happen again…  :/  But if you guys see a change in my watermarks from now on, you’ll know this is the reason why.  I’m really sorry, I’m so sorry there are people out there that make this sort of thing necessary.  For whatever good it’ll do…. since anyone with photoshop and enough determination can still do a lot of damage.  Sigh.

I won’t lie that this has put a bit of a damper on my drawing motivation, but I’ll try to be back up and running and with new art for you all soon.  :)  Thank you all again!


so @honeyhowells and i freaked out over this post over a few days ago and i made a vow to draw it, so here it is.

the world needs more dan howell in makeup let’s be real here.

@lowkeydaddylester asked for a tag as well so here you go friend <3