so maybe adding the close ups

Sometimes I think about the boys and how they will have obviously had fights. But I always imagined Dan getting worked up and storming off or just yelling without even adding in words. Just pure anger, it stopped being about Phil eating his cereal 10 minutes ago. It's just Dan getting so worked up because he's scared, scared of what's going to happen, scared of something. I think in that moment, that's when Phil just holds him. Not romantically but he holds him like he's scared that if he doesn't Dan's going to disappear. I think that's what makes it so real. The fact that maybe, just maybe, the reason they're so close and so perfectly matched best friends or lovers whatever you ship. I think it's because they're scared if they let go, one of them is going to drown. I think that they do love each other, not even romantically but as best friends, I think that maybe in their most vulnerable moments. They remember just how much they gave to be there together and they remember truly why they do what they do. Because it's not just for us, it's for them.

- behind the closed doors

The really quick skinny latest

There. See. I hate to say I told ya so but…. He didn’t shit on her for being skinny, and he stood up for her over people wanting to ban her. Best summarised by “There are plenty of unhealthy people, and people that are very overweight on this site that no one is trying to ban [so why Eugenia]?” 

He stayed out of it and briefly commented that ‘yeah, maybe she’s not super healthy, but who the fuck are you to say that and get her banned if shes not actually harming anyone’, while still adding in a touch of that good ole leafy morbid humour™

Case closed.

(I swear, people literally automatically assume the worst of Calvin lately without actually hearing what he has to say, like jesus christ the guy isn’t fuckin Stalin ok)

everyone’s been asking for close ups of the boys’ eyes, so here you go. :o
i’ll probably be figuring out a tutorial for how i do the eyes, it’s so simple. i’ll draw the “activated” eyes at some point too maybe. saffron belongs to @neskybo, i just felt like including him too since i draw him so often.

Home at Last: Part 2

You can read part 1 here!

Words: 1440 

You stood overlooking your sleeping son. You weren’t ready for him to see you yet, you were still afraid of the way the elfling would react, but you had to see him. Legolas looked only four, maybe five years old to a human, so young and lively, moonlight reflecting off his blond hair. He lay in the small bed, one hand up by his head while his other arm held what looked to be a handmade stuffed elk toy close to his chest.

“Are you alright?” Thranduil’s voice came from behind you as he entered the room. He wore different robes than earlier, robes which made him look more relaxed, and his head was clear of his crown.

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“Why are you being such a dick?” You asked Stiles in a hushed tone, the two of you were staying late in the library to study for an upcoming final. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Stiles said in the same quiet tone as you. 

“Don’t give me that bull Stilinski, you know you’ve been acting like a jerk, why?” You asked squinting your eyes at him. “I haven’t been a jerk, at least not to anyone who doesn’t deserve it.” He added the last part so quietly you almost hadn’t heard it. “And Isaac somehow deserves it?” You asked disbelievingly. 

He mentally cursed, he hadn’t wanted you to hear that. “Maybe.” He said simply. “What’s that supposed to mean?” You asked louder than you’d intended, the librarian hushed you and you rolled your eyes but nodded politely. “It means I don’t like you getting up close and personal with the enemy.” He said.

You rolled your eyes. “He’s a werewolf.” You said “In Derek’s pack.” He added. “Derek isn’t the enemy either.” You said too loudly, once again attracting the librarian’s attention, she held up two fingers signifying that this was your second strike, you smiled and nodded.

“Well we’re not exactly best buddies.” He said sarcastically. “Oh get off of your high horse Stilinski.” You said the librarian cleared her throat grabbing your attention. “What?!” You snapped at her. “Is there a problem Miss. (Y/L/N)?” She asked you looked at Stiles and suddenly it hit you.

“Not anymore Mrs. White.” You told her as you picked up your stuff. “When you stop being a jealous ass, come visit me.” You told Stiles harshly as you marched out of the school.

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So I was going through my facebook pictures because I was thinking of adding the boy I have a 😍crush😍 on as a friend and I came across this picture on the left.

In the left picture I was going to see Sex And The City 2 with my bestie and we dressed up because, hi have you met us? I was 20, maybe 21, when this was taken and I was probably close to my highest weight, maybe around 330-340.

The picture on the right was from New Years Eve, about 4-5 years has passed, I’m around 100-110lbs lighter and 100,000% happier. It’s not the best picture but it’s angled like other picture and with another friend so I chose that one to showcase.

There are days I can’t believe this is happening; I’m losing weight, living a healthier life style, enjoying exercise and learning to be happy. I used to dream at night I would wake up and be 100lbs lighter and now I wake up every day 138lbs away from my highest weight. I can run up stairs, I can chase my niece and nephew, I can lift boxes and fit comfortably in opera house seats. This picture motivates me to loose goal of 50 more pounds because if I’m this happy 75% of the way there, I can’t imagine how much my life will change, how much I will change when my goal is 100% met.

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❤ yoO

I wouldn’t say I’m a MASSIVE introvert, but I am rather introverted at times and you’re one of the few people who isn’t tiring to talk to in the slightest. Actually, you might actually even give me /more/ energy at times, and I really appreciate that.

I’m just so happy that we’ve met online. Partly because you’re close-ish distance wise, but also because you’re such an incredible all-round amazing person, you know? Like, you’re an incredibly talented writer; very good at setting up an atmosphere. It’s as if you can put down an entire landscape with a couple simple brushstrokes. I’ll NEVER stop gushing about that. Added to that, you’re not only about details in writing, but also in general. You always notice things I don’t see, or see something /just/ slightly differently. Maybe that’s what makes you so exciting, because you’re shedding a different light on things.

And I love that you’re a pocket-sized grumpy hedgehog at times and it makes me want to hug you and pet your hair (DESPITE NOT BEING ALLOWED TO!!).

You’re just one of my best mates and if this ever ends I’m gonna massively beat myself up because you rarely find someone that clicks /this/ much and I wanna keep you. <3 (In a non creepy way) (Of course..)
Mutuals send me a ❤️ & I’ll compliment you.

“Just a few more minutes!” Brianna shouted as she added some final touches to her make up. She knew she said that 20 minutes ago and another time 20 minutes before that, but she was sure that she was actually close to be being ready now. 

She knew how annoyed Jamie had to be, but it’s not they were running late. Not yet at least. Plus, she didn’t want to toot her own horn, but she knew that she was looking damn good. So, it’s not like she was taking long for no good reason. She hoped that maybe once he saw her that he would forget about how long it took and just focused on how good she was looking. 

She polished on a little bit more highlighter onto her cupid’s bow before getting up from her vanity set and sliding on her black dress. She made sure not a piece of hair was out of place before finally appearing out of her bedroom that she had been shut into while she was getting ready for the past two hours. 

“Zip me up?” Brianna asked, turning around for Jamie to do so. 

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to the people saying that you should go to bed if you wanna see harry at the grammys, or that he's definitely in london, I could see the cheeky boy doing what Adele did and just having a commercial of his voice, so maybe it is worth staying up for. don't get your panties in a knot people!

We never know what could happen with Harry and when it comes to releasing his music; he could be in Los Angeles for all we know (which I highly doubt because he only flew back to London a week or so ago) because he’s so quiet and hidden away from everyone.

He could pull some sneaky stuff and close the show or he could drop a song during an ad-break or an advert for it. Who knows with him. It’s all to keep us on our toes; his team knows what they’re doing. xx

OKAY so CRYPTIC POST IS CRYPTIC YEAH let’s move on yes?? For the sake of clarity Ford is grunkle, Lee=6 fingered nerd.

Okay so what I think MAY have gone down is the two grow up being close.  Like peanut butter and jelly.  Up to a point.

Lee is bullied for his extra digits.

Ford fights with his dad, maybe even leading to him getting kicked out of school or even the house.

Hell, we can assume he wasn’t very good in school.  At least… not as good as Lee.  Their father probably noticed.  And didn’t make it a secret that he noticed.

So what if this added to the tension that’s always between siblings?  What if it became a wedge and they started fighting?  And words were said?  Words that can’t be taken back?

What if the broken swing doesn’t represent a missing brother but a brother who made a mistake?  What if it represents Ford’s guilt?

So Ford gets kicked out, he does his scams and nothing works.  He even gets thrown in a jail in Columbia.

But eventually he makes a call.

And Lee picks up.

And waits

For the nameless drifter who arrives

But what if Lee’s already too far gone?  What if he’s so paranoid he doesn’t even recognize his own brother?   Granted it’s been years but… what if there’s more?

What if a protective brother tries to step in?  Or what if he tries to pull in one final scam that leads to a terrible accident?

Or what if he makes a deal with Bill?  And it all goes wrong?

we can’t see his eyes!