so may damn names for this ship

sapphirefairy asked:

I'm Katharina from Germany. My favorite color goes from green over blue to purple. I ship Gale/Gajevy to infinity but I absolutely adore EVERY SHIP in ft/(♡.♡)\. I luv chocolate icecream and I'd love to have a cat, but sadly my father is allrgic*sob*

Hi Katharina!! (Oh, such a beautiful name ;-; ) Nice to meet you!!!

Particular fave color you have, may I say…. but I love it xD

Oh!! Gajevy is so damn cute, those dorks are just perfect for each other uwu and yeah every ship in ft is adorable tbh xD (even the crack ones… omg)

Chocolate ice cream is one of my faves too!!! And seems like your father and I have something in common ;-;

I would love to have a cat but… allergy wont allow me to have one uwu

Thanks you for coming to my askbox sweetie *smooches you*