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Romantic Gestures - Taeil

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A/N: A list I made of some of the cute and soft romantic gestures I think he would do for his S/O consciously and subconsciously to show his affection.
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  • smoothing his hand over your own, brushing his fingertips over the soft plane of your hand
  • gently pinching the skin at the juncture of your neck when you do something cute & he can’t help but grin
  • draping his arm around your shoulders when you’re cuddled close & letting his fingers idly toy with your earrings & the shell of your ear subconsciously
  • taking a gentle whiff of your hair each time you embrace him
  • stuffing small, mostly practical, things in your bag such as lip balm during winter
  • guiding you to his other side in a protective manner while strolling
  • keeping small tokens from dates or adventures together
  • texting you early in the morning about the weather in hopes you’ll be prepared
  • getting his fingers tangled in your hair on occasion
  • asking to join you in many things because he loves to be around you
  • patiently awaiting for you, even when you tell him not to
  • attentively avoiding having you do burdensome or laborious work
  • collecting coupons & vouchers for you
  • muttering to subconsciously let you know he’s jealous
  • slightly raising his voice as he scolds you for not taking better care of yourself before nagging you gently in a drawn-out whine
  • fixing your stray strands of hair attentively
  • cradling his head in the palm of his hand as he listens intently
  • cleaning up after himself to lessen your burden
  • placing his hand on your shoulder & pointing his finger, letting it press into the soft skin of your cheek as you glance over your shoulder, both of you giggling
  • tying/buckling your shoes first when he kneels to do his own
  • taking candid photos of you when his heart swells with adoration
  • being your cheerleader

No one told me this… When you join the Phandom your sleep schedule gets messed up. 1am and you’re watching pinof then 2am you’re reading Phan fluff. Then 6am when you finally fall asleep for a hour only to be woken up at 7am by your mum saying, “Morning -name-. Are you okay? What time did you go to bed at?” Then you lie and say, “10 I think? Maybe 9:30 I kinda forgot.”

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