so many words about this photo))

Of all of the victims, they’ve only released one name so far. 18-year-old Gina Callander. She’s beautiful. I just spent the past half hour going through her photos, her words. I wanted to know the kind of person who was taken from us after last night’s traumatizing events. I wanted to remember her name. She deserves as much.

Most prominently, she loves music. She absolutely lives for it. She’s met Ariana, Union J. She has so many photos posted from seeing Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, and One Direction live. Louis follows her on twitter, and she posted screenshots about how she immediately sent him DMs of how much she loves him (before his DM was open to the public). She travels for these concerts, for these meetings. Her excitement is palpable. She met up with Tyler Oakley and her posts brought tears to my eyes. She talks about engaging with these people with nothing but gratitude and love and amazement. She was so, so happy.

She is you. She is me. She is all of us.

I am so sorry. Sorry that these children are gone. Sorry that a safe place is now rattled. Sorry that we have to come together, yet again, in a time of crisis to lean on one another for strength. Sorry that Gina never got the chance to know how many people in the world love her.

A piece of our hearts was taken away from us last night. We have to get it back. For those who are gone, and for ourselves.


I want to do a day of Exquisite Enbies. I’ve seen amazing love going around for other minorities under such tags, and today has proven to me how important it is for the nonbinary people here on tumblr to get some love, regardless of how we present. I thought maybe if we can get enough high-profile enby-friendly bloggers supporting the idea, we could flood tumblr with photos (selfies and otherwise) celebrating the unique beauty and handsomeness of nonbinary folks. Text is of course welcome to accompany photos, but I want to see those diverse faces and bodies!

I’m more than happy to start it and reblog my heart out, but I need the support of as many folks as I can get.

How about April 30th? It’s close enough that hopefully this won’t be forgotten, but far enough off to build a good network of support.

So what I’m asking:

Reblog the hell out of this post!
Tag enbies and nonbinary-friendly bloggers and ask them to help spread the word!
Start snapping those photos!

This is needed. This is important. Help me spread the love.


nina‪: We started out as fetuses. Now we are women. The trips, adventures, and laughter I have shared with these beautiful souls makes me tear with joy. I love them more than I could ever explain or begin to put into words. Each of these photos is from season 1. We were all so young, and SO excited about the new and exciting show we had booked. And even more excited that we got to be a part of it together. It felt like we had this awesome little secret, no one had seen Vampire Diaries yet. But we couldn’t wait to spill the beans, for the pilot to air so people could see it. We hoped so much that people would like it. Prayed that it would be a success and continue for many years. We got our wish. 8 seasons later, some are engaged, some married and some have fetuses of their own. These are incredible women and forces to be reckoned with. I’m so proud of you all. #FlowerPower #TVDForever

Nct as Youtubers

Request: Do you think that maybe you could do short headcannons of the members as youtubers please?? Like, you said in the makeup voiceovers that they were also on YouTube but didn’t really describe in depth what they’re like so maybe that could be a thing(??) sorry if it doesn’t make sense

A/N: i hope this is what you were looking for!! i’m sorry if it’s short or repetitive, this was so fun to write, i hope you enjoy reading!



  • started out his channel for fun
  • mostly makes song covers & also tag videos
  • didn’t thought his videos would blow up
  • when he realised he was shookt??
  • because he’s such an awkward bun, his videos usually consists of his friends
  • and they help him out a lot because when he’s on his own filming most of the time he doesn’t know what to do or say
  • tries his best to reply to comments
  • when people recognizes him irl he gets all blushy and shy
  • “i’m not that popular!! you’re all so sweet”
  • we all know you are taeil


  • that one youtuber who posts random videos at the weirdest timings
  • his videos range from dance covers, to vlogs, to gaming then to even unboxing videos
  • despite all that he still gains much attention?
  • hardly ever talks in his videos but when he does all his subscribers get heart palpitations because wow
  • dance covers gets the most views and likes because they’re always on point?
  • promotes his channel on his instagram
  • random posts with captions
  • “new video”
  • “✌✌ video?”
  • see what i did there hansol he needs to stop with his peace signs
  • another one who’s awkward when fans recognize him in real life
  • but if they ask for pictures he wouldn’t mind so!!


  • mostly reaction videos
  • and probably many vlogs too
  • gaming occasionally, but only when he’s with his friends
  • has the funniest and most dramatic reactions to videos ever
  • tries to make his subscribers by making puns and jokes
  • “i guess you could say… that video was pun-believable”
  • daily updates on social medias
  • “how are all of you doing today? the weather’s great so i hope you all are well!”
  • doesn’t reply to every comment but he likes them
  • treats his fans like family and tries to chat with them he can
  • which is why when one meets him in real life he’s super friendly and tries to start conversations
  • an angel tbh


  • cooking tutorial videos
  • alongside with song covers too
  • sometimes he writes his own songs and lyrics too
  • often goes live so that he’s able to chat with his fans
  • one of the most genuine and sweetest youtubers!!
  • would reply to every one of the comments, and he never forgets to thank them for their support
  • “I’m stressed & tired” captions on his social media websites always scare fans but turns out it’s only because of the other boys
  • gets all shy when people recognize him
  • even when he’s rushing for time he wouldn’t hesitate to take photos or chat with his fans
  • the youtuber you just want to protect with everything tbh


  • gamer
  • also makes prank videos occasionally
  • and probably also videos on current issues/problems
  • and he shows so many different sides his fans love it,
  • especially when he talks about current issues he gets all smart & serious and is so good with his words he leaves everyone shookt
  • but on prank videos he’s all giggly and immature laughing at his successful pranks
  • while his gamer side can sometimes can aggressive and competitive
  • but despite all that he’s super sweet to his fans
  • holds meetups often and treats each of them like angels
  • smile and laughter can brighten up anyone’s day


  • mainly vlogs
  • travelling & visiting ones to be exact, together with his friends
  • takes really good videography and editing is on point too
  • another one who’s smile could make anyone’s heart burst
  • always recommending new places for people to go to, be it cafes or countries to visit
  • kun’s recommendations are trustable™
  • loves hyping his friends up in videos
  • doesn’t hesitate in promoting their channels too
  • deserves so much more subscribers & views


  • versatile videos too
  • song covers, reaction videos, vlogs, challenges & tag videos
  • is really well known for his talking skills and his intelligence
  • and also his sweet voice who puts people to sleep
  • cherishes friendships and often shows it in videos where he vlogs about outings with them
  • updates daily for fans too and tells them how much he’s grateful for them
  • also asks them for suggestion for new videos
  • probably nags at and gets upset with his fans when they do something that isn’t too his liking
  • “you all waited in the rain for an hour because of me??? what if you all fell sick omg please don’t do that again”
  • but it’s because he cares and loves them so


  • king of dance covers
  • makes dance tutorials too
  • when people want to learn a dance, ten’s videos would always help because they’re so on point?
  • random videos of him in stores and supermarkets
  • with him being amazed by new things he sees or learns about
  • attempts to make cooking videos too but fails
  • almost burnt himself and was caught on tape, uploaded on youtube & viewed by morw than hundreds of people
  • his fans’ words give him energy and he’s always thanking them
  • a little shy when gets recognized but he doesn’t show it, only that cheeky smile on his face


  • hypebeast who makes videos of new clothes he got and hauls too
  • random late night videos where he answers fans’ questions and it’s just him chilling
  • food reviews too!!
  • his favourite videos because you can tell he gets all excited when he sees food
  • makes sure to update every week so his subscribers will be well fed
  • loves having live videos too because he’s able to interact with fans
  • holds giveaways for subscribers every time he reaches a milestone
  • acts all calm when people recognize him
  • but inside he’s super happy and excited because he feels extremely loved?
  • likes photos that fans uploaded together with him,
  • making them go even crazier


  • that one youtuber who’s always being complimented and praised by other youtubers
  • because he’s super sweet and soft?
  • pretty boy who shows off his face routines and tag videos
  • because he’s so shy he finds it hard filming videos alone too
  • which is why he calls his friends to join his videos
  • aka kun
  • they often go shopping together and you can tell he looks super happy and excited
  • vlogs about his daily life and has the cutest edits ever
  • even more shy in real life, he’d get super embarrassed and shy, cheeks flushed red if he notices people recognizing him
  • but he’d feel bad for rejecting them so he takes photos with them anyways
  • super cute


  • endless talents and seems to be able to do everything?
  • playing the guitar, song/rap covers, reaction videos, dance covers, gaming
  • he’s able to film quality videos
  • and at the same time he’s super humble and sweet it makes others love him more
  • has many collabs with other youtubers
  • his fans are blessed because they’ll always be a video related to him
  • a super shy ball in actual fact
  • when he does live videos he already gets all blushy and red when people compliment him
  • irl you can actually see him wanting to hide and run away because he’s super shy when it comes to compliments
  • but also tries to be friendly and talk to his fans when he can


  • mostly posts videos at night
  • so his subscribers can fall asleep soundly after watching his videos
  • mostly reviews
  • on clothes, food and other things
  • smile is the sweetest thing you’ll ever see
  • is also the softest when it comes to his fans
  • sometimes would also post short korean classes too
  • and his drawing videos
  • just really calm and satisfying videos honestly
  • super happy when he receives positive comments
  • still your no.1 moomin fan who has a big moomin plushie in his background of videos all the time


  • videos that are guaranteed to make you smile
  • like him playing with puppies and small fuffly animals
  • or even interacting with children at playgrounds in his vlogs
  • they’re guaranteed to make you s o f t
  • an angel who smiles and laughs at everything
  • super positive!!!
  • tries his best to reply to every comment and prove to fans that they’re noticed
  • mainly just vlogs of his daily life
  • but he’s always super cute in videos so!!
  • still the same angel irl because he’d be the one suggesting to take photos
  • and probably give you autographs too
  • sweetest little thing ever


  • games often
  • and always wins in games for some reason
  • also many prank videos too
  • and they’re always super creative and new
  • and you can see the look of satisfaction on his face whenever he succeeds in pranking his friends
  • really strong bond with his fans
  • they’d probably have inside jokes too
  • “thank you for always supporting your handsome donghyuck”
  • never runs out of ideas for videos
  • and loves it most when people leave positive comments
  • it makes him all happy and excited like a small child
  • and he’s ten times cuter irl like that because he’d have the biggest smile ever with his pink cheeks??


  • does weird challenges
  • and probably being a meme in every video
  • with thousands of different expressions ready for his fans to screenshot and use
  • also does tutorial videos
  • and tag videos
  • he loves talking and discussing about popular topics and sharing his opinions
  • loves spreading positive vibes too
  • super flirty & sweet with his subscribers
  • calls them his babies??
  • would occasionally film vlogs so as to show his fans his life
  • which is usually just him being that same meme and having fun
  • i miss him dkdndn


  • super energetic and fun
  • when you watch his videos, they’d immediately cheer you up because he’s always so happy?
  • makes reaction videos a lot
  • which ends up in his fans mentioning how their ear drums ache everytime they watch them because his dolphin laughs and screams
  • loves taking videos of sceneries and views during vlogs
  • but other times vlogs would just consist of his face
  • “my handsome is enough for you all”
  • knows he’s popular but still gets shy when he’s noticed
  • he’d always give that same cheerful laughter and thank his fans for their support


  • dance covers
  • ten is his role model
  • would film freestyle dances and also dances he’d choreographed and ask fans for their opinions
  • occasionally, he’d also film tag and challenge videos so his fans are able to know him better
  • super shy at first but as time goes by he opens up and he’d joke around a lot
  • still a child who gets fascinated and amazed by new things
  • still learning and is trying his best for his channel
  • which is why he’s super happy when he sees the amount of support and love he gets
  • making him blush like mad all the time

Happy Birthday to the lovely @ohscorbus!!! I hope you liked your impromptu gifts sorry you had to smuggle the chocolates. A little doodle I did which ended up taking too much time cause I couldn’t get their hair right - and now I know its a bad idea to sleep at 2am when you’ve got a two part show later that day. Thank you for letting me take it with Platform 9 ¾. I’m so glad to be sharing massive CC tears with you

I Need You

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2796

Author’s Note: So, I saw gifs of Stiles crying and decided to break everyone’s heart, whoops. It’s a cute ending tho, so yeah! I literally wrote this last night and I’m like wow. Also, thanks to one of my bbys @dumbass-stilinski for proofreading this for me!

Originally posted by hidden-in-a-dreams-gifs

I laid on my bed, scrolling through my photo album, looking at the many pictures that Stiles and I had taken, smiling lovingly at my phone, my heart swelling. Mieczysław Stilinski has been my boyfriend for about a year and a half, ever since the party Lydia had where she poisoned all of us with wolfsbane to resurrect Peter, Derek’s insane uncle. Stiles is the most loving boyfriend I’ve had and I can honestly see myself marrying him, if he’d ever want to. We have been through everything together, but lately, he’s been a little distant and I have absolutely no idea why and I want to help him, but he keeps brushing me off. My phone began to ring, Lydia’s name popping up on my screen as I sighed, answering it.

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Uchiha Family Analysis Episode 22

I wanted to not post anything until the next episode and then I was going to post an analysis of Gaiden but everybody has been so sweet with the messages and comments, I wanted to just leave a short analysis for episode 22. Thank you so much for all the love ❤️❤️ Let’s start off with Mamakura in this scene…

My interpretation of this scene was that Sakura is coming to her own realization and understanding of her daughter’s emotional trauma in regards to Sasuke. She always knew Sarada was struggling with the fact that she knew little about her dad and the trauma she must have experience with activating her Sharingan at a young age, but she always believed that Sarada would come to realize with time the depth of her dad’s love because they are “connected” by love. In the flashback, she adorably imitates Sasuke’s voice and phrasing by poking Sarada’s forehead telling her “I’ll tell you next time.” When Shin mentions that the bond between a child and parent is merely just a genetic transmission to promote evolution, Sakura vehemently denies it because she believes that “feelings of love” creates a connection not blood just as the rest of Team 7, Sasuke and Naruto, have learned. However, she is realizing that by keeping things secretive regarding Sasuke in order to protect her, Sarada could have misunderstand her bond with Sasuke just as Shin is.  Despite being told how much her dad cares about her, it is hard for a child to understand “feelings of love.” It would be understandable for Sarada to feel an empty “blood connection” rather than the “feelings of love” connection Sakura herself feels towards Sasuke.  Sakura now realizes that she needs to show this “feelings of love” connection to Sarada and show her first-hand how connected her and Sasuke really are. (The battle scene better be EPIC!)

Side Note: I am just gushing over how adorable our little Uchiha princess looks in this scene and Sakura rightly deserves the most beautiful kunochi title IMO.

Now to the next scene. SP this scene was not needed because we get Sasuke and there are so many more valuable CANON parts to animate, but if you are going to give me lemons I will try to make lemonade out of it. @hope2findthelight 😉 😉 😉

I’m going to interpret this scene positively and say that SP included it in order to further highlight how an aspect of her father’s personality that Sarada needs to learn is that Sasuke’s words sometimes don’t match his actions. In the first photo, you could obviously see the distress on his face, which Naruto understands well being well-versed with his method of communication, but Sarada knows little about her father’s personality. Sasuke is not a man of words, but rather a man of action and silent communication. He doesn’t need to react and openly display or express his worry. This ties into this feelings towards Sakura and how they are connected by feelings of love and how one simple look is worth thousands of words in expressing their longing, love, and understanding. Additionally, some part of Sasuke might believe that he is teaching Sarada a valuable lesson regarding the Shinobi way and to not get too caught in your feelings and an even bigger part of him wants Sarada to not be anxious in regards to her mother like how he was hiding his mission to avoid causing her anxiety. He even refuses to take her along until Naruto reminds him that she is safer with them. With no traces of Sakura known, it is more efficient to focus on getting Sakura back as soon as possible with a rational and level head rather than emotionally reacting uselessly. Obviously, his words don’t fully match his actions because he tends to be a bit “careless” in his Shinobi way due to his emotional feelings or as Naruto put it best…

I find it HILARIOUS how desperate and hurried Sasuke is about finding Sakura, but at the same time he is confident about her abilities to take down any enemy she is confronted with. The guy is so desperate that he doesn’t notice anything else happening around him, like when Sarada ran off with Naruto only to return with a dirty look for him (Naruto gave him one too). I swear if Sarada and Naruto didn’t get on his Susanoo, I am confident he would have left without them. However, I have to say that I am so salty about SP not including the line where he mentions that Sakura would have “tidied up the place” by the time they got to her, but I am appreciative that we at least got “my wife is not weak.” I mean nothing in the line came as a surprise to us because we always knew that Sasuke believed in Sakura’s abilities even before she was aware of them herself such as back in their Genin days and his knowing smirk after she displayed her full power in Shippuden. However, I just loved how he threw it in Orochimaru’s smug face…it was so satisfying. Sasuke was being so abrupt and brusque with his questioning that even the great Orochimaru seemed so insulted by his lack of manners. What he fails to realize is that there is no room for manners when Sasuke’s WIFE is missing. My wife my wife Sasuke was just perfect in this episode.  😂 😂

Just see how reacts in this scene…

You can see Sasuke straining to keep calm and be rational, but he struggles because he is overcome by anger towards the person who endangered his child and wife. He is downright threatening Orochimaru and cannot contain his anger. The last screenshot is interesting to me because it connects with a parallel theme throughout the manga and anime in which whenever Sasuke is in danger of expressing his true emotions, his facial expressions are concealed. We are not allowed to see his emotions as viewers because Sasuke the character will not show it to us. It is my absolute favorite parallel.

See here…

And even in the last episode when he was discussing Sarada. He tells Naruto that he won’t regret keeping Sarada in the dark if it means that her future will be bright. However, his facial expression is hidden from us immediately after because he knows he will regret it but doesn’t have a choice in order to protect her.

Or in this scene when Sakura walks passed him. His face his hidden from us again because he is concealing the regret he feels in not being able to comfort his daughter and be honest with her. (Sakura is concealing some emotions of her own in this scene…she must have unfortunately picked up the Uchiha way 😂 )

Side Note: This image CRACKS. ME.UP. Just imagine if Cho Cho was there when Sasuke was under the curse. She would just been shoving chips in his face as he is laughing maniacally and planning to destroy the world. Cho Cho needed to be in Shippuden.  😂

Lastly, the DNA test scene. Sarada just broke my heart and her VA is doing an AMAZING job in expressing the conflicting feelings towards her parents Sarada is experiencing. However, what I enjoy most about this scene is how Naruto and Sarada share a common connection here regarding their feelings of loss and loneliness.

Naruto sees himself in Sarada. In the last episode, he tells Sasuke…

Undoubtedly, he must be referring to himself and how Jiraiya protected him from the shadows. He knows personally the pain and loneliness Sarada will feel because Sasuke is essentially doing the same thing.

And it is in this scene where Naruto imparts the most important message he learned and imparted to those around him throughout the whole show especially to Sasuke and now to his one and only daughter. This message IMO defines the Sasusaku connection, Team 7, and essentially embodies Naruto’s character…

This is what makes Gaiden so beautiful to me. Even among all the unnecessary drama, it’s true message is about Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto all trying to teach Sarada that feelings of love are the only connection you really need. They all learned about this connection from being part of Team 7 and they want to impart this lesson to Sarada who represents one aspect of each member of Team 7: Sasuke and Sakura’s love and Naruto’s dream.

Sakura, by being the amazing mom she is, has been teaching her all along that feelings of love is what creates a connection. That’s why Sarada realizes that she cannot leave her mother and needs to save her because feelings of love connect them even if blood doesn’t (she is obviously misunderstanding the blood connection). In the next episode, Sarada will learn this lesson about how people are connected by feelings of love despite distances whether it be a physical distance like with Sasuke or a biological distance as she believes currently with Sakura. Sarada will learn about her connection to her dad through the connection she has formed all along with her mom.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any idea what "lie" Ciel is asking Sebastian about? Given 2CT is probably about to be confirmed, could it be about real!Ciel being dead or something? Aaah everything is happening so quickly now I'm;; Σ(゚Д゚ )

I immediately had an idea what they might be talking about in that scene but wasn’t sure if it made sense, but judging from the reviews I’ve seen on twitter as well as on the Kuroshitsuji fan thread, it seems many people in the Japanese fandom had the same idea, so I’m kinda relieved.^^;

Anyway, I think Ciel is referring to this scene where Ciel and Sebastian made the contract three years ago:

Ciel found the message on the wall and immediately understood what it was about. Assuming the 2CT is true, he probably thought of his twin brother (maybe the word “candy” was a secret code for the twins) but then dispelled that thought because he thought it was “impossible” for real!Ciel to be alive.

But later he found the pieces of the family photo that fell from Soma’s hand (which most probably showed the twin) and now he can’t exclude that “impossible” possibility, namely the retrun of his twin brother, anymore.

So he asks Sebastian “You didn’t ever lie to me, did you?” in the sense of “You DID eat real!Ciel’s soul that day, didn’t you?” and Sebastian replies “No, I don’t tell any lies.” meaning “Yes, I DID eat your twin’s soul.”. With that confirmation, there’s only one possiblity left, namely that his twin has come back as a **bizarre doll (anything else is impossible because the twin’s soul most probably doesn’t exist anymore). Hence, Ciel’s huge shock at the end of the chapter:

That’s how I and many others in the JP fandom interpreted the last scene. It might be completely wrong, but whatever, we’ll get to know the correct answer someday, anyway (hopefully, next month!) (=゚ω゚)ノ

((**Note: Many people tend to forget this, but in order to create a bizarre doll you need 1) a somewhat clean body including the cinematic records + 2) fake records + 3) future episodes, i.e. it does not require a soul. A BD does not have a soul, that’s why they are after living humans in the first place.))

Mary is the pearl of the Borgias and a the topic of the deal between Mycroft and Moriarty

First things first: Sorry that this will be soooooo long, I’ll really try to keep it short but I don’t think it will work out :) Secondly: I’m super sorry about my english - I will try to correct it when I find time, but that might take a while. I hope it’s understandable :)

I wrote something about Mycroft knowing where Moriarty (or his body) is and in that I mentioned why Mycroft and Jim could made a deal (see here).

This first occurred to me after I’ve read this lovely meta. It’s about the pearl of the borgias, mentioned in T6T. Now let me connect the pearl of the borgias to the deal between Mycroft and Moriarty.

First: Mary is the black pearl.

I belive Mary is the pearl. Let’s look at some rather interesting points:

  • The pearl was stolen in Georgia; the A.G.R.A. coup was in Georgia
  • The pearl is now in London (according to Interpol); Mary is now in London
  • The mentioning of Greta Bengtsdotter in T6T. It’s the story that Sherlock tells the man with the faded tattoo: His wife is a spy and married him only to get near another man, she planned this for 4 years. Greta is short for Magaretha wich means pearl.
  • Sherlock expected to find the pearl in the Thatcher-Statue; instead he found the memory stick with Marys Past on it.

In my opinion, it’s absolutly not unusual for bady guys to have nicknames (like Barry “the snake” or something), plus “The black pearl” would be some badass nickname :D

So let’s imagine that Mary is the black pearl. 

In 2009 the coup of A.G.R.A. went wrong (though I belive that Mary is in fact the traitor and planned this, but that’s not important right now). She went to England after that, let’s say in 2009 or 2010. She fled from Georgia. The pearl went missing.

In this theory here, I explain why I think that Mycroft made a deal with Moriarty: Mycroft gives Jim something he really wants and for that, Jim should fake his death and stay away from Sherlock. So, what could be so interesting that Jim would do that?

Maybe the black pearl.

Mycroft himself tells Sherlock that Jim had a huge interest in the pearl in last year before his death. He “died” in 2011, so his interest in the pearl began around 2010. 2010 he also met Sherlock by the pool. Remember that he was in fact just about to kill Sherlock, but then he got a phone call that somehow managed to change his mind. Most of the fandom suspects that the person on the phone was Irene Adler, but I always thought that it had to be Mycroft. 

Whoever it is, that person offers Jim something that seems very interesting, like something Jim wants reeeeaaally bad. It even made him change his mind. So what was it?

Maybe Mycroft called and said something like “I have the black pearl.” (like, look at that tweet from Gartiss - He really HAS the black pearl). Remember that later Mycroft acts like he wouldn’t know that Mary was a part of A.G.R.A. though that seems very unlikely? I’d think he would double check Marys backround when finding out that she is going to marry John, because with that she is close to Sherlock. And if he would have done that,he also would found out that Mary Morstan isn’t her real name, like his little brother found out before.

Mycroft indeed has Mary, or maybe just information about where to find “the black pearl”. But he has something.

So he gives the information he has to Jim in exchange for leaving Sherlock alone. That’s 2011. Shortly after that, Jim and Sherlock fake their deaths.

Mary is a double agent. 

So now we have a problem: If Mycroft gave Jim the information about Mary, he wouldn’t let her marry John, would he? Because if he had information about the pearl and gave that to the nemesis of his little brother, he would kept an eye on Mary and the very moment when Mary first approached John, he would intervened. Right?

But that wouldn’t be the case, if Mary would work for Mycroft. In TAB we see her working for him, maybe that’s a clue. But if Mycroft said something like “I will give your Information to Moriarty and you will play along, reporting me everything he does.” When John falls in love with Mary, Mycroft is okay with that because he thinks Mary will protect John (who he knows is very important to Sherlock).

But Jim also has plans for Mary: He got her in exchange for his death. So he knew that he wouldn’t be able to interact with Sherlock for quite some time. 

But he promised to “burn his heart out”, which is quite frankly a very weird way to tell somebody that you will destroy them. But if he sends Mary to John, who is an easy target in that time (broken, mourning the death of his best friend etc.) and get John to fall in love with Mary … Only to let her destroy him - that would be a nice little catch, don’t you think? Maybe he told her: “Go and get John Watson to fall in love with you. Get near him, get near Sherlock. When the time has come, we’ll burn them.”

Sherlock says that Greta Bengtdotter has that plan I’ve mentioned earlier about 4 years: 2016 - 4 = 2012. Supposedly the year Mary and John met.

Mary and John probably meet in 2011/2012. And what’s funny about this is, that when Mary and Sherlock meet in that reatsurant, she pretends to doesn’t recognize Sherlock, although she have to know his face (bear in mind that she first commented on Johns blog in 2013: on the same exact blog he writes stories about the cases and posts photos). She pretends to because she isn’t supposed to. The first time Sherlock really looks at her, amongst other things we see the words “Liar” and “Guardian“. 

Liar because, obivously, she lies. Guardian, because she was a guardian for John in Mycrofts order. 

So, Mary is the black pearl of the Borgias. Mary is a double agent. Mary was the reason Jim didn’t killed Sherlock. But whos side is she on?


Of course I don’t say I’m right. This is just one of the many many many theories I have in my mind :) But I really like this one, so I figured, I’d write it down to discuss it with others :) I would really love to hear your opinions, feel free to get in touch! 

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The Houses as Travellers
  • Gryffindor: always ends up having little to no showers, tries to visit as many friends as possible, is constantly on the move, dreads super long flights, makes sure to by loads of unique goodies from all the places they end up going to, wishes they could go to as many places as possible.
  • Hufflepuff: is easily able to sleep on any form of transportation, makes the best out of the worst situations, goes with the flow, every new place is so exciting for them, they want to share their adventures with as many friends and family members as possible.
  • Ravenclaw: wears the same clothes day after day without anyone noticing, h a t e s deciding what’s necessary to pack, their sleeping schedules are totally messed up, tries to record their travels as much as possible whether it be through photos, videos or writing.
  • Slytherin: no one back home hears any word from them until they return with loads of new stories, loves trying all the new food, always has a plan for what their next adventure is, likes to find out about their destination before they go there, always seems to know someone in each country they go to.

yarrayora  asked:

im dying someone sent me an essay about how duterte did nothing wrong but i don't understand it because there are so much (what i assumed to be) tagalog words peppered in that I just gave up reading it


y’all to all my dear followers if anybody comes to you saying Duterte did nothing wrong, here is a collection of photos you can reply with at your leisure

there are many, many more but let’s stop there

Yoongi Scenario: Through The Fire.

Request: I want to request one for yoongi where you are his gf and you start living together and news of it goes out to the press so the sasaengs start being crazy and all that and you two keep it together and strong but then there’s a really creepy person/girl who continuously goes there to bother you so you try to ignore it but then one time she gets inside and tries to attack you and yoongi protects you? Sorry if its too much, thank you! You are great writers

Genre: Romance / Drama.

-It’s best if we just stay home for today- Yoongi said as you two checked out how the news developed online.

 You were sitting together on the sofa, with Yoongi’s laptop over his legs and your head resting on his right shoulder so you could see everything he did and read. There were several pictures of you together scattered all over the internet, with even more articles that narrated the dating scandal, too many of them with added details that weren’t true.

-They even said you gave me a car- you said not helping the little laugh that came next, it was ridiculous since you were basically always in public transport.  

-Yeah, I don’t know where that came from, maybe that what time you were driving mine- he mused still rolling down the articles.

-You are not too late to make their speculations come true though- you snickered making Yoongi stare at you with an amazed incredulous smile.

-Aren’t you kind, just to please the masses- he laughed too.

-Of course, you know I live for the greater good-

-I guess I could…-

-Yoongi!- you interrupted him. -I’m joking, God, maybe when we’re a bit more stable after all the apartment shopping, then you can help me- you said trying to get away from his poking attacks.

The laughs died down as Yoongi’s phone rang for the umpteenth time that day, he saw who it was and disregarded the call, there were way too many people calling him, including online gossip sites that wanted to get some words from him about the girl in the photos, you. You kept going through google and naver, seeing several sites so you could know to which extent was this spreading and how people was reacting.

Both of you were planning to make your relationship public soon after moving together, but someone had snapped a few shots during the moving process which added to the fact that there were previous rumors of Yoongi seeing a girl only left everyone the choice to take it as if it was proved. 

Big Hit was taking the matter professionally and not out of proportion like some companies would, you appreciated that they treated your relationship like a normal thing and not as if it was a major crime or a sin. So at first you were being positive about it, Yoongi being the one worrying that this would cause you trouble, but then Yoongi worried about every single thing, you figured it was your job to help him look at the situation without such a pessimistic sight. Big Hit was taking care of the gossip and the press, the boys were supportive about you two together, they were not young boys anymore, and Bangtan had such a strong fan base, you could take this, everything was going to be ok.
Even if the comment section of the site you were reading lead you to think that it wasn’t that simple.

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A Message

Brief moments of footage; vague words of warning. A problem that quickly got out of hand. The slow fight to the surface. Warnings to threats; moments to seconds. The battle for control. Post to post; video to video. Suddenly a shift in the war.

A finale to end it all. A shadow, a voice, a message:

I̡̓̃t̠̝̠̣̫̮̀͆ͮͮ̓͛'̮̞̖̘̭̞s̹̦ͬͬ͋̀͊̓ ̛̗̹̙͉́̉ͧͥ͑̀̂a͛̃ͩ́͞l͊̒̄ͦ͋̉̈́҉̥l̛͛ ̦͖̪͐̌ͨ̑y̛̜͉̝̱̦̐͐ͮ͛ͭoͩ̊̍ͨ́̚u̢̜̫̤̠̱͚͈͛ͧ̾̄̋͋r̖͕̆̓̒ ̞̩̤̦̙̹͇͂ͤ̔̌͌f̥̳̼̙͉͆ͫ̽̅ͪa̫u̬̠̯̗̭̖̜lț͍̗̳̫̜̙́

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A Study in Pink sets the stage for all of our future expectations. Nothing in this show is done by accident, and the way it is all handled is masterful. Seeds are sewn in this first episode that will never cease to matter throughout the duration of the show.

Take the first meal Sherlock and John share together at Angelo’s, where Angelo insists that the pair must have a candle for their table:

It seems like sort of a “joke” in a way–something that could easily be brushed off if we didn’t all know that TJLC is real. And the candle thing continues to be a theme. Illumination itself is a subtle theme throughout the show, with all the color-coded lights and the fact that Sherlock dubs John his “conductor of light” in “The Hounds of Baskerville.”

I noticed something recently when watching what is surely one of the favorite scenes of all Johnlockers: the reunion of Sherlock and John at The Landmark in the episode “The Empty Hearse.” This is the night Sherlock returns, supposedly from the dead, and interrupts John’s (rather lackluster) attempt to propose to his girlfriend Mary in a rather half-hearted effort to, in his own words, “move on” from Sherlock.

Notice anything missing from John and Mary’s table?

There’s a lamp, sure, but no candle. Maybe that isn’t terribly unusual. But look at the other tables in the restaurant:

Most have candles.

It doesn’t stop there. When Sherlock catches his first (heart-stopping; you can clearly see that in his face, just as it has been pointed out that if you isolate certain audio tracks in this part here you can hear Sherlock’s thudding pulse) glimpse of John after two years away…

how does he see him?

There is a candle placed strategically between them, clearly visible from Sherlock’s vantage point.

This isn’t the only throwback to Angelo’s on this night. If more is needed, I’m including this little bonus below. The writers have done this *so many times,* where certain words and phrases come back again. It isn’t an accident and it isn’t lazy writing. We’re talking about the combined efforts of two very good writers here, and though John’s nerves on this night aren’t exactly hard to pick up on, we get this cherry strategically placed on top:


How could you do that? Hmm? ;)

Too Much || Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by nnochu

Word Count: 1.5k 

Genre: Angst

When the sun set that night you didn’t know what to do. Hoseok was still gone and the apartment was still empty. So many thoughts had been rushing through your head that day and each one itched at the back of your brain. There were so many things you wanted to say, but you didn’t know how to word a single thing without hurting him.

It’s not that you didn’t love him anymore because, god, there was no one you loved more. But you couldn’t live like this anymore. There were the messages, the photos, the comments, the standards. So many things you had to live up to. So many things you had to accept and deal with.

There wasn’t a single thing you had told him about. It wasn’t Hoseok’s problem and there was no way you were going to throw something like this on to him. He didn’t deserve to have to deal with you on top of the fans and his career. You were just another problem, and you weren’t going to let yourself continue to be that to him.

Your phone screen lit up on the coffee table, but you couldn’t bring yourself to reach for it. The familiar chime was enough for you to know what it was without even looking. It was another message or comment telling you that you weren’t good enough. Another fan telling you that Hoseok would never love you.

As much as you knew it wasn’t true, a small part of you believed that. You didn’t want to. Nobody would ever want to feel that way, but being with Hoseok meant that you had to deal with it. You had to deal with the ideals everyone wanted you to live up to, and it was becoming to much.

It was hard for you to fall asleep at night now a days, always thinking about the next moment, the next comment, wondering what part of you they would pick at next. A shaky breath left your lungs and you wiped at your eyes, feeling your shoulders sink against the back of the couch.

Another ding rang throughout the apartment and you knew what it was. It was his text tone. His message that made the screen light up. You didn’t want to reach for it, but you had too. You had to answer him and tell him what was going on. There was no way you could continue to live like this. You couldn’t deal with the pressure from everyone.

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“Nice to Meet You”

Alex Ernst x Reader 

request: do you do alex ernst imagines? can you do one where the reader is an up and coming youtuber and she’s visiting LA to see if she wants to move there and she meets alex?

    As you boarded your plane at 2:00 a.m, you hugged your family and home-town friends goodbye. You had visited L.A so frequently to hang out with people you had met or to audition for commercials, ads, movies, and separate things, but at the moment, you were focusing on your career as a youtuber, you decided to Check out L.A as a place to live, permanently.

    You weren’t some hot shot youtube star with 1 million subs, but you were close, with 750,000 people were bound to recognize you, especially in a place like Los Angeles. You were staying with your close friend Y/F/N who recently moved to L.A but wasn’t anyone famous, once you heard first class being called you knew it was time for you to board, You hugged your family one last time and grabbed your bags while reaching in your wallet to grab your ticket. 

    As you walked out of the airport, your legs were shaking, the warm climate was nothing like you were used to, sure, it got hot where you lived, but nothing even close to this, it was almost comfortable but something made the air taste different. Pulling down your sunglasses, you walked over to the car where your best friend was waiting. 

“Hey! ready to go?” 

    Your friend asks with such excitement, they pull out a list with stuff they want to do while your there, and you roll your eyes, you knew something like this would happen, considering Y/F/N was so organized all the time, unless it came to their room. 

“Let’s get this show on the road”

You laughed hopping into the passenger side of the car, headed towards downtown L.A.

You got out of the car and instantly heard the sound of millions of people talking, some recording, others yelling at random people on the street, it reminded you of New York, a place you wanted/had to visit so many times.

    You pulled out your vlog camera and started talking, this was normal for downtown Los Angeles, it was the center of youtubers, you probably passed about 10 people holding video cameras, you talked to your fans about possibly living in L.A and if they saw you to come up and ask for a photo 

“Don’t be shy”

were your words exactly. 

   As you were telling your camera about some really exciting differences you’ve seen between your home city and L.A, you bumped into a stranger causing your camera to drop to the ground. 

“I’m so sorry” 

   The stranger said, picking up the camera and placing it back in your hands. 

“Don’t worry about it, I’m new in downtown L.A, better watch where I vlog next time”

    You laughed wiping the dirt of the camera previously placed in your hand, you looked into the strangers eyes and noticed how inviting they seemed, after an awkward moment of staring he coughed and said

“I’m Alex, you Mentioned you were new here?” 

“Yeah, just arrived, and I’m y/n” 

     You shook his hand, and he told you to wait, he pulled out a black sharpie and flipped your hand onto it’s back, exposing your palm. He pulled the cap off with his teeth, leaving the cap between his lips, he wrote his number on the palm of your hand, and told you…

“If you need anything call, I’m Alex, once again” 

    He added for the second time, winking and walking away, and as you watched his figure disappear in the crowd you turned to your friend saying…

“I think I’m going to like it here”

I want you back

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Featuring: Robert Downey Jr.

Words: 1663

Warnings: none

Request: none

Tags: none

Notes: I hope you like it! I just came up with this and I felt like writing it. It was a bit tough since I have a massive cold with a massive headache but oh well, I did my best!


Originally posted by 107th-infantry

Finding an outfit for this red carpet had been a real challenge. Usually, you didn’t care much about this kind of stuff but for some reason, you really wanted to look stunning that day. Of course, you knew why. He was going to be there. How couldn’t he be when he was a part of the movie? But it had been almost a year since the last time you saw him. Almost a year since he stormed out of your apartment after you broke up with him.

Every time you thought about the fight you realized how stupid it had been. He had been filming so many stuff, barely having time for you and you just got sick of it. You were his girlfriend, not just someone to sleep with. But it hasn’t been fair and you knew it. Your schedule wasn’t the best either. Being an actress, like him, made it hard for the two of you to find time but that didn’t mean you didn’t love him with everything you had, just like he loved you with everyone he had.

The question was…did he still love you? Maybe you would find out at the Infinity War premier that night. Sebastian aka Bucky Barnes, was going to be there, along with the whole team who knew what had happened between you two. Awkward? Nah.

As you were getting closer to the premier you were getting nervous seeing all the crowd. Your relationship hasn’t been a secret so the spotlight probably was going to be on the two of you. No pressure. Your car stopped and you took a minute to calm down before nodding to the driver so he got out of the car, walked around the car and opened the door for you, helping you out so you wouldn’t crash your head against the floor which could happen easily with the heels you were using. Damn fashion.

Immediately, you were blinded by all the flashes and you started hearing your name being called. As you used to do, you took your time fixing your dress to compose yourself before looking up with a bright smile. Fame was all about smiling after all. You approached the fans that had been waiting there probably all night and started taking photos with them before you posed for the cameras. The same old thing.

“(Y/N)!” You heard your name being called by a familiar voice. When you turned around you saw Robert walking over you.

“Iron Man in the flesh!” You smiled hugging him. “How are you?” You asked him after you two pulled away. “Nervous?”

“Oh c’mon, you know I don’t get nervous with these things” he laughed. “Actually, I could shit myself right now but let’s keep that between us” he winked making you laugh out loud. “How have you been? It’s been ages!”

“You know, here and there, working a lot” you shrugged. “Nothing new to be honest”

“Your last movie was great I must admit” he congratulated you.

“Thank you! I’m so happy about how it turned out” you said.

“(Y/N)! Robert! Please, a photo!” a paparazzi said.

“Work time” you both said laughing before you turned to pose for some pictures.

“I’ll catch up with you later, alright?” Robert smiled. “Oh, by the way, he’s somewhere over there” he added before walking to the fans.

And that was exactly what you needed to know. Suddenly you felt your palms sweating and your heart beating with strength. You thought you were mentally prepared for this but maybe, just maybe, you were wrong. Taking a deep breath, you ignored the nervousness and walked over the fans to keep on taking photos.

“(Y/N)! Can we have a word?” A journalist said.

“Of course” you smiled.

“First of all, let me and all our readers congratulate you for all the amazing work you’ve been doing lately” the woman said.

“Thank you so much, I’m so proud of it and so happy. I never thought it would turn out that fine to be honest” you smiled.

“So tell us, is it true that you’ve been casted for the next season of Game of Thrones?” She asked making you laugh. You had been asked about that so many times lately.

“A girl has no answer” you winked making her laugh. “I’m not allowed to say anything” you shrugged.

“Are you excited about this movie?” She asked.

“I am! I’ve always been a huge Marvel fan and I can’t wait to see what they’ve done this time” you nodded.

“So you know nothing about the plot?” She asked.

“Absolutely nothing. I’m as clueless as you guys” you smiled.

“(Y/F/N), what a pleasant surprise” a voice said behind you. That voice.

You turned around slowly and your breath got stuck in your throat as you saw him. He just looked so good in that black tux, with that stubble and that warmth in his eyes.

“Seb” you smiled a little.

As soon as the paparazzi spotted the two of you, they started taking photos like crazy, which made you feel a bit uncomfortable since you knew it would be all over internet in less than an hour, people would be speculating about the two of you and you really didn’t want that. But there was nothing you could do about it.

“How are you?” He asked taking a step towards you as you did the same.

“Fine” you nodded. “You?” You asked back.

“Nervous” he chuckled.

“I’m sure the movie is great” you said.

All you wanted to do was hugging him but you didn’t want to do it in front of all the press. And somehow you knew he wanted the same thing.

“Congratulations on your new movie” he said quickly, making you smile widely.

“Thank you! But you don’t have to congratulate me today, Barnes” you winked, making him laugh. Before he could say anything, someone called his name so he sighed and looked back at you.

“Can we talk later?” He asked.

“Yeah, sure” you nodded, feeling how your cheeks turned red.

He smiled at you and looked around, like he wanted to do something but wasn’t sure about all the people. Finally, he just leaned in a placed a small kiss on your cheek, too close to your lips and left, making you feel like a nervous wreck, like a fifteen-year-old teenager all over again.

“Damn you, Stan” you chuckled to yourself.

Soon enough, you all went inside the theater to watch the movie. Just like you imagined, it was amazing, the best Marvel movie so far and it sucked that you just couldn’t share this moment with Seb. You remembered when you went with him to the Civil War premiere. It was so special holding his hand during the movie, letting him know how proud you were and how good the movie was. This time all you could do was watching from afar how people congratulated him.

What you didn’t expect was that he was going to walk away from everyone and approached you, ignoring all the people trying to talk to him.

“Can we talk?” He said when he was in front of you.

“Yeah…” you said nervous for the sudden urgency.

He took your hand and dragged you out of the room where everyone was. He started walking through the theatre until he opened a door and walked in with you. Immediately you recognized it as the projection room. He closed the door and took a deep breath.

“I really needed to get away from all that” he chuckled. “It gets overwhelming” he added.

“I know” you smiled at him. “So…what did you want to talk about?” You asked.

Probably he expected to have a little more time to prepare himself since his face looked shocked. Maybe you should give him some time but the two of you had had enough time already. Almost a year.

“Okay, I kind of had prepared a whole speech for this moment but screw it” he laughed. “I love you. I’ve always loved you. When I walked out of your apartment that evening I was loving you more than ever before but when I realized it was too late and I was too proud” he said.

What he was saying was exactly what you needed to hear from him. You felt exactly the same way and you missed him like crazy as well. These past few months had been tough without him.

“I missed you too” you said with a smile.

“Miss you? No, I didn’t miss you. I’ve been miserable without you, incomplete. I need you in my life, always and I was an idiot for not coming back to you the moment I left” he said walking over you. “I want you back” he sighed.

You bite your lip trying to hide your smile which was impossible to do. You had been waiting so long for this moment you didn’t even know how to react now that it had happened. There he was, the love of your life, telling you he still loved you. And there you were, silent like an idiot.

“(Y/N)?” He asked in fear.

“I…” you chuckled and looked down. “I should’ve chased after you that day you know? Maybe you were an idiot for walking out of my apartment but I was an idiot too for letting you go” you said with a shrug. “I’ve missed you more than words can explain and I’ve dreamed of this moment even when I was awake” you said taking his hand in yours.

“Does that mean…?” He asked biting his lip.

“That there still is an empty drawer for you at my place” you said looking up at him. He smiled widely and pulled you closer.

“I love you” he whispered before kissing you slowly, making you feel complete and whole again, like finally nothing was missing in your life. Sebastian was back. Everything was back in place after all this time.


Does he (Rob) read what the tabloids are saying about him? I ask.

“Not really,” he replies. “because the narratives they set out for me is the most repetitive thing ever. It’s depressing.”

It’s certainly hard to deny that Pattinson tends to have been portrayed and defined in a certain way by the media. And that is probably why, when given the opportunity to curate his own section for Wonderland and exercise total creative freedom over his cover shoot, the former teen-idol jumped at the chance to explore something surreal and unexpected. “I like doing things that I haven’t done before,” he muses. “I like how it makes me feel rather than consistently repeating myself. It’s such a great feeling when a magazine basically lets you do whatever you want. That’s only so many opportunities in life to do that.”

~ Words by Benji Walters, excerpt from Wonderland magazine.

”Teamed up w/ Rob Patz to create his 1st self directed photo shoot/covers for Wonderland. He’s a true artist w/o judgments of most, and so open, kind, patient, generous, no ego in spite of fame. Magic to support his vision and connect him w/ the brilliant #YuvalNoahHarari author of #Sapiens They chat Obama, Elon Musk, Art, psychology and lack of flamboyance in most men today in spite of historic trends and male animals being most colorful and flamboyant by nature. When #Enews released chatter began about what it means for Rob to do this look… interesting judgment of art. It’s just art here, no hidden meaning people. The articles and images in issue have subjects from his new insanely good film #GOODTIME to #PamAnderson, brilliant women in activism and film, insight into gossip writers and the great #SafdieBrothers & Musican talent #oneohtrix to name a few.. Enjoy! THANK YOU everyone who made this possible including Rob, Meghan & IDPR. Shot by #sandykim at #Pier59Studios #NYC  #robertpattinson #wonderland #milanfashionweek #diorhomme thx also to #habibGuabintani of #Dior @rimowa @johnvarvatos @swarovski @naitian @666999666999 @tiptopprops @refineryhotel  @eccopn @joshsafdie @goodtimemov and the creator of wonderland @huwgwyther 💕🦄🌈😻 buy now online @wonderlandshop #mfw”

~ Producer and Entertainment Direction, Erica Cornwall shared on her Instagram.

“NEW WORK 💁🏼 for wonderland out now. thank god for @tiptopprops who loaned me 90% of their inventory so Robert Pattison could choose any prop his little heart desired for his first self directed cover shoot. #propsgonewild #propstylist #tiptopprops #robertpattinson #twilight #goodtime”

~ Erin Gray, Prop Stylist/Set Design for this photoshoot via her IG

Ease - Part 1

Genre: angst/fluff

Pairing: reader/taehyung

Length: 1.4k

Summary: You and your best friend Taehyung have recently got into the same university in the capital of Seoul. Hoping that this was your year to finally admit your romantic feelings towards your said best friend, uni seems an exciting prospect. But of course, the future never really goes according to plan.

A/N: This is my first fic so go easy on me! This parts sorta just an intro. It’s set in Korea but I’ve written the reader as being  from another (English speaking) country so I hope you can go along with that :)

Originally posted by jeonbase

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“Do you think we will stay friends at university?”

You heard Taehyung chuckle at your words. “And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Everything will be different in a month. New city, new people, new friends. I just… don’t want you forgetting about me, that’s all.”

Your view of the clear blue sky was suddenly obscured by a black-haired boy with a cheeky grin as he hovered over your head, a twinkle in his eye. “Y/N, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t forget about you if I tried,” Taehyung said, his smile growing wider. “We have a framed photo of you in our house, and there’s only so many times I can accidentally smash it.”

“Yah!” you exclaimed, pushing your friend’s chest so he fell back into the long grass you were both lying on, making him laugh at your reaction.

It was a few weeks until you both left for Seoul, or as Taehyung put it, a few weeks until he could finally dye his hair without his parents freaking out. You two had already discussed arrangements on meetups and film nights, but there was still that nagging worry in your chest that you were going to lose the closest friend you had.

Staring back up at the cloudless sky, you heard Taehyung giggling to himself before you felt his hand grab yours amongst the stalky grass.

“You’re my best friend, Y/N,” he said solemnly, “and I’d be a fool to ruin that.”

You let yourself be comforted by his words. Although you weren’t completely reassured, just feeling his warm hands wrapped around your fingers put you more at ease.

After so many tense days of waiting, the big move to university finally arrived. With only a few bags of your belongings, you were packed and on your way to Seoul. Sitting on the bus, with your head lulling against the window, you peered out onto the streets to admire your new home. As the bus drew ever closer to the place you would be staying, more and more butterflies made a nest in your stomach. Just the simple thought of meeting your housemates made your hands tremble slightly, which is why you had them jammed between your legs.  Your mind kept drifting back to when you moved to Korea, and how scared you were then about meeting your class for the first time.

Spotting your assigned classroom, you ran to the door whilst checking your watch. One minute to spare. Once inside, you looked around at all the students already seated at their desks, chatting to their friends or making one last text before the class started.

You shifted your weight from leg to leg, hoping to cover the shaking in your knees. Come on Y/N, get a grip. Just find a desk and sit down. Your eyes frantically searched for an empty chair, but there didn’t seem to be any available. A blush grew on your cheeks as you realised how many people began to stare at the new international student, standing gormlessly in the doorway of the classroom.

Just as you were considering turning around and leaving to save yourself from more embarrassment, the teacher at the front of the room cleared his throat. “Park Jimin, if you would like to sit on the chair instead of the desk, maybe there would be enough room for everybody.”

A boy, supposedly Park Jimin, had spread himself across two desks, and with a red face, he got up and slid behind the desk closer to the blackboard, creating room for you. Smiling gratefully at the teacher, you edged your way to the back of the classroom, plonking down on the chair with relief.

Just as your cheeks had cooled down and the teacher had begun the lesson, a scrunched-up piece of paper landed in front of you, flying in from the left. Looking at your neighbour, you found yourself staring at a pair of dancing eyes, belonging to a cute boy with a boxy grin. He wiggled his eyebrows, implying you to open the piece of paper. Intrigued, you opened it up and slowly deciphered his scruffy handwriting.

‘I’m Kim Taehyung and you got my friend, Park Jimin, told off. He was annoying me, so thanks. Owe you one. What’s your name?’

Smiling gently, you turned over the paper and wrote your name, hoping your Hangul handwriting was better than Taehyung’s. After returning it the paper to him, you got it thrown back at you with a new line of text underneath yours.

‘Hello Y/N. Want to eat with us at lunch?’

Ever since that first day several years ago, you and Taehyung had become glued at the hip. You shared the same sense of humour and you were both interested in the same things, and it made the move to South Korea a whole lot easier. Taehyung always helped you out when you needed it, whether it was improving your grammar or showing you the best food places in town, so you knew you could rely on him. Your parents were relieved that you had found a friend so quickly, and Taehyung’s parents had become like your own.

Even sitting on the bus on the way to your new city, you could imagine Taehyung sitting next to you blabbing on about a new video game he was obsessed with or how difficult he found the maths homework. His personality was infectious, bringing you warmth and comfort even when you felt your lowest. Perhaps that was why you had starting falling for him, and began to see him in a different light.

“Y/N! She’s coming this way! How do I look?”

Without removing your head from your locker, you reply, “You look great Tae. Who’s ‘she’ again?”

“You didn’t even look!” Taehyung whined. “It’s Yeji! The girl who I’ve been talking about for the last three months? Have you been listening to me?”

You turned and looked at Taehyung, your heart sinking a little when you heard the name ‘Yeji’. You knew you were jealous; only jealousy could describe the panging sensation you got whenever Taehyung stared lustfully at another girl, or when he would comment how pretty Yeji was. She was pretty, so you assumed that that was where the jealousy was originating from. It had to be, surely?

Yeji walked past with her friends, chatting about exams and how much work they were doing. Taehyung looked straight at her, his dark brown eyes following her every move, but not once did Yeji look his way.

When she was a safe distance away, Taehyung let out a wail and dropped his head onto your shoulder, pretending to have a sob. “She doesn’t even know I exist!” he cried, tufts of his soft hair tickling your neck.

As you patted his head and breathed in his honey scent, you tried to ignore how your heart rate had increased and palms had become clammy. Just jealousy, you told yourself. Just jealousy.

“How about grabbing some pizza on the way home? I’ll let you choose the film,” you offered.

Taehyung stood up straight at your words, his eyes shining once more. “This is why we’re friends,” he grinned, linking his arm through yours before pulling you down the corridor.

That’s all you two would ever be: friends. When that realisation stung your heart, you knew deep down that Taehyung meant more to you than you’d ever imagined.

Shaking your head, you pushed those feelings aside. I’ll tell him, you told yourself. I’ll tell him next time I see him. But for now: housemates.

When you came to realise you liked Taehyung more than a friend, all you’d ever done was push those feelings aside. You didn’t want to ruin what you already had, and what you had was a friendship most people only dream of. He’d tell you his darkest secrets, and you’d share your greatest ambitions, but you also made him laugh with your stories of your home country, and he would always crack a joke to lighten the mood.

Climbing out of the bus, you wished for the thousandth time that Taehyung was standing next to you. He was probably excited to meet his housemates, and probably friends with them all already by now.

Taking a deep breath, you rang the doorbell to your share house.

Our first prompt is to make a “Double Exposure”

The prompt runs from Monday, July 31st to Sunday, August 13th, 2017

You can find all information about this technique and some ways how to do it in this (click the link) wonderful post by Matt @catharticexperience 

These prompts are not meant to be competitions btw. It is all about creativity, about learning, experimenting, having fun, and pushing our own boundaries. So it doesn’t really make sense to use old photos, right? Make new ones.

… and post your “double exposure” photo (or set) to your own blog until Sunday, August, 13th (do not submit it to @letstalkphotography )
Please use the tag “photoprompt” (in one word) as one of the first five tags, so that we can find your photos with the “tagged search”.
Of course you can make and post as many double exposures as you like, but only the first “entry” will be posted to @pws-popup
So be sure that your first entry is the one that you consider to be the one you like best.

@photosworthseeing will reblog their favourite photos (of course with a little comment) from your blog.
But there is more: We already had messages that some other supporting blogs of original photography will do the same in their own way of curating.

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