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happy bi visibility day, everyone! i just want to remind you that your bisexuality doesn’t make you evil, untruthful or greedy. you’re not a bad person. you deserve being trusted, loved and cherished. you deserve that your partners and friends believe you when you say you’re bisexual without questioning or mocking your words. you deserve pride and happiness and acceptance and comfort in your bisexuality. your bisexuality isn’t bad and neither are you, i promise.

OKAY. I have gotten about nine thousand questions from people about Eliza’s tweet here: 

and how it can be interpreted as shade. 

I think a lot of the reason people are saying it wasn’t is due to her follow-up tweet here:

I totally see why there are people who wonder if Eliza’s original tweet is shade at all due to that last line: “Means we did our job.” 

But remember back before the episode aired?

Jason was pushing fans to watch live, and I can’t find the tweet right now but there was another one where he said, “If you only watch one episode live, 3x07 is the one!” or something to that effect. 

Eliza livetweeted with us the week before for the previous episode. Then this one, she and many of the cast mysteriously missed it. Then she says, “I’m SO sad I missed it!” Then there’s “The response has been amazing! You guys are so passionate!” 

The response? You mean the overwhelmingly negative reaction to Lexa’s death, not just from Clexakru, but from both sides of the fandom? Now, I can’t say I’ve been as deeply involved in any other fandom but I have never seen a fandom explode like this following a character death before. (I suppose maybe Red Wedding compares but that’s GOT and GOT’s fanbase is on a whole other level.)

#The100 trended for a couple hours. Lexa trended for 15 hours following the episode with over 300k tweets. Lexa deserved better trended yesterday for 8 hours straight with over 100k tweets. The response Eliza is referring to? That response is “Jason, you fucked up.” 

But, as Lindsey reminded us with her tweets… They have contracts. They have obligations. They’re not allowed to say or do certain things because these are their jobs on the line. 

Which is why, to me, that follow-up tweet is not Eliza brushing off the reaction to Lexa’s death. It’s her saying, “Yes. I’m heartbroken. But this is my job.” Means we did our job. It was out of her hands. It was out of Kim’s hands. It was out of Layne’s. This was on Jason. 

If that is not enough to convince you, remember during hiatus. Remember following the Clexa kiss. Remember how overwhelmingly proud Eliza was of Clexa. Remember how much she stanned Lexa’s character and the Clexa ship and ask yourself, do you really think the #1 Clexa stan was happy with the way things played out? 

If even that doesn’t convince you… remember this post (x). Look at how the cast has reacted to this. Look at how much support they’ve thrown out. Look at Kim’s tumblr. Look at Layne’s. 

At the end of the day, Jason is still Eliza’s boss. He is still their employer. But they are just as upset as we are. 

edit: thanks to @commanderofraccoons for pointing this out:

yeah. eliza’s with us.


(she wraps her pretty red lips -
a shade named pomegranate, not cherry -
around the neck of a bottle and bats her darkened eyelashes,
a wordless invitation to the man across the bar
who pretends not to notice as she slips in the heels
she stole from her mother’s closet)


(she lets him take her home -
makes her body soft, pliant -
he offers the seeds and she lets them stain her chin
like a sacrifice, like blood. she smiles as she kisses him,
and she lets him think that all this
was his idea)


(in this world, it it widely known
that the name persephone means bringer of destruction -
she is hunger, she is greed, she is want,
and there is nothing more devastating
than the ambition of a teenage girl)

—  conquering the (under)world: a three-step guide | m.c.p