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HYYH on Stage: Epilogue - Press Conference in Nanjing~[TRANS]

Starting from Rap Monster, can you say what you think about the member to your right? Can you assess him?

RM → JM: Well, can I say that his height is 3 points and weight is 5 points? Jiminie works very hard. We have similar personalities. Many people can’t tell but  We think a lot when we’re alone and have similar thoughts despite having the biggest height difference in the group.

JM → JK: Jungkookie…I still don’t know what kind of person he is. Everyday, he shows a different side of himself. I think he’s a sincere person, but sometimes, I feel that he’s an idiot. He’s still young, so I think he’s the most innocent member. 

JK → JH: Hobi hyung is a hyung that I can learn a lot from. He’s always positive and has a bright personality. Usually, he asks to check and practice the choreography, Since we all have our own things to do, we get tired. So, he’d gather us together and encourage us to keep practicing. 

JH → J: Jin hyung is a member that nags a lot. He has a great personality. Really. He thinks about the members and takes care of us, so I want to say ‘thank you.’ I’d give hyung 100/100. 

J → SG: Suga is…firstly, he has a remarkable passion for music. We share a room together, and he doesn’t usually come home. If you go to the studio, he’s always in his room with the light on. As a member of the same group, I think he’s amazing. He also takes care of the members. When someone is hungry, he tells them to eat bread or something. He really takes care of us. 

SG → V: Taehyungie is always earnest with everything that he does. He takes things seriously and does his best. He has the ability to do well in everything, so I think that he has a promising future. 

V → RM: Firstly, Namjoonie hyung thinks about us the most in the group. For example, if a member is worried about something, he’d contact them to talk about the problem and solve it. Even when I’m tired, I could keep up because we encourage each other. 

(HYYH On Stage: Epilogue - Press Conference in Nanjing)


God, I remember the moment I saw pictures and videos of this event for the first time so vividly, because I was in Munich that day and I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!?! The one time my ass is in Bavaria she’s also there, and I didn’t even know?? Oh my god I wanted to kill myself back then. And Bavaria. But then I moved there. Which wasn’t good. What a surprise. Oh well… memories.


Ok can you imagine.

Ichigo and Inoue having a fight. But not a fight fight more like Ichigo isn’t paying attention that Inoue is bothered with something. And Inoue, being how she is around Kurosaki-kun, doesn’t want to tell him cause she doesn’t want to bother him. So she bottles her feelings up and goes about her days.

But then one day it was just too much and instead of going home after picking up Kazui after school she calls Ishida and asks if they can come over.

Ishida, despite his busy day, cancels or moves all his appointments just so he can have Inoue come over.

One look at Inoue and he knows that something is wrong, but he doesn’t press on.

So they try to make dinner and a catchy song comes up on the radio. Kazui starts dancing then Inoue and then Ishida after a little prompting from them both.

And they were just dancing and laughing and Inoue has never felt to happy and light in a long while.

The song ends and Ishida suggests to call for takeout instead and starts to walk to the other room for the phone. Inoue turns around and sees Kazui follow him with a bright smile on his face. She stares at them and realizes how good of a father Ishida could’ve been and her heart breaks for a little bit.

She blinks away the tears that were threatening to form from her eyes, puts a smile on her face and follows Ishida and Kazui into the other room.

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Hi I started shipping Gency and it's actually my first time shipping anything so I don't know some of the language people use. What does "canon" and "head-canon" mean? And what does "ot3" mean? Sorry for asking such dumb question but I've seen so many people use the word and I don't know what it means.

no problem friend! welcome to hell *waggles*

canon pretty much means any information that is given to us by the creators. so in this case: information given to us by blizz. (simple examples: it’s canon that angela is blonde, or it’s canon that genji is a cyborg)

headcanons are things that are made “canon” by the fans but not actually proven facts by the creators. so for the sake of this pairing, for example, it’s headcanoned that genji and mercy are romantically inclined. some people also have different headcanons for how genji’s face looks beneath the mask, and so on (for better examples, you can check out a lot of our headcanons here).

ot3 is more or less the threesome version of otp (which stands for “one true pairing”). basically when someone ships an ot3, they ship three characters together (i.e. i’ve seen the soldier 76/reaper/mccree ot3 around before).

hope that helped, and your questions aren’t dumb at all - everyone starts somewhere owob

A night of music, merriment, food, drinks, and dancing – there were so many words one could use to describe the masquerade. The hall was sprawling with people, people whose faces remain hidden under ornate designs, whose smiles seemed twice as bright, though perhaps that was only an illusion brought about by concealing the rest of their faces. As Alexei examined the crowd, eyes peeking through the holes on his mask, he thought about how the whole event felt like –– festive, yes, it definitely was, but if the doubts he had previously held about how pleasant everything was still remained, then the prince was sure that he wasn’t the only one behind a mask that night second-guessing what seemed too good to be true. A masquerade was a masquerade, and there was nothing wrong in enjoying a celebration if one was already a part of it, but what they were celebrating for –– the end of the war –– seemed like an idea that wasn’t quite hammered into everyone yet. With a sigh, he shook his head and dismissed his thoughts, taking a sip from the goblet he had filled with wine just a few moments ago. Looking ahead of him, he noticed someone approaching, and his default grin returned to his face, refusing to let anyone have a hint of the thoughts that were just running through his head. “Interesting mask,” he remarked, as soon as the person was within earshot.

To act and react - why being honest is so important

Now this may sound a little biased, so first off I want to make clear that I don’t expect every woman to be like the example described below. It was merely the way I experienced a few women in my life and I noticed a repeating pattern, which was the reason why I decided to write this post. Also, while I am aware that there are many different sexualities, I’m going to talk about a heterosexual example here.

I experienced that in general a lot of girls feel lonely but don’t put in the effort of initiating conversations and getting to know guys. This may stem from a biological reason, but everyone knows that social expectations and upbringing have their play in this too. But we’ll skip that part now because it’s not relevant to the point. So in other words many girls are passively waiting for something to happen but don’t feel motivated to act on their own. They simply react to actions coming from people around them. What I also noticed is that they do not ask for a confirmation to presumptions they may have. They simply perceive something that is offered or presented to them, and say yes or no to it.

Now for our example, let’s start with the stereotypical cliché movie situation of a girl sitting at the bar and a guy offering to buy her a drink. The girl doesn’t even find him attractive, but she appreciates free drinks. So what does she say?

Here’s the tricky part: Many girls are still told by their parents that they must 1. always be polite and 2. please men. …Which is both total bullshit. This probably makes even reacting the right way difficult for them, and so the one who initiates an action often doesn’t get a clear response, or even none at all.

So, back to our scenario where the girl has just been offered a drink. She looks at the guy, blushes, slowly mutters something but doesn’t turn away. They hang out, get to know each other better, and even start meeting up over the next couple of weeks. But the girl actually finds a lot about him really annoying, though she keeps quiet about it “out of politeness”. So what does the guy in our example do? Wanting to get out of the awkwardness of being new and unfamiliar with someone, he will naturally continue trying to push for boundaries, and seeing that she doesn’t say no to his actions, he understands that it is fine with her.

But now imagine that despite being uncomfortable, the girl simply endures it all, keeps giving unclear messages or even says yes “out of politeness” to things she absolutely doesn’t feel okay with.

Now let’s picture a scenario where the guy suggests having sex with her. In case she didn’t already pressure herself into saying yes, we can now picture that at some point the active party starts to believe that if she didn’t say “no”, she is still indecisive about it. So in his mind, a “maybe” could potentially still turn into a “yes” if he puts enough effort into convincing her.

If the girl now still keeps quiet about her true opinion, he will continue pushing more buttons and this could lead to a catastrophe (in other words: a huge drama with a lot of crying)

Girls… Please don’t be afraid to speak up for yourselves and let people know where your boundaries are as soon as possible. Don’t feel pressured to endure things you don’t feel comfortable with or bottle things up until you absolutely can’t take it anymore, because in the end this will only make it harder for everyone involved and may even leave mental scars. Don’t be afraid - we are not in the middle ages anymore and nobody gets punished for saying no to somebody!

You, like everyone else, have the freedom of choice and personal opinions when it comes to deciding who you want to hang out with or date. Please always keep that in mind, because it will spare you and everyone around you a lot of drama and pain.

There’s this one blog that seriously pisses me off and makes me feel awful whenever I read her toxic words. So many of my mutuals follow her, so it’s difficult to avoid seeing her on my dash (even though I have blocked her on xkit for being a privileged, Islamophobic b**** who pretends to care about minorities only when it can further her career). I saw one of her posts and it literally makes me feel sick to know that there are such vile, arrogant, self-absorbed people who view themselves as intellectuals and other people view /them/ as intellectuals when they are far from it.

This new Capitol Couture campaign is actually kind of brilliant.

Because at first I was like “Wow is everyone in Panem just very very good looking? Because damn District 7 you the real MVP” lol. But then I thought again and there’s absolutely no way these are true citizens of these Districts. They are way too healthy looking and groomed and the ones that are dirty and industrial looking are dirty in a very unrealistic commercially appealing way.

These are definitely Capitol people playing at being from the Districts (district 9’s eyebrows are snatched to the heaven’s. There’s no way she has time for such strong eyebrow game while doing such hard labor). So obviously this is very carefully planned Propoganda set out by the Capitol that is supposed to be perpetuating the “everything is awesome” agenda onto the nation, when really KATNISS EVERDEEN IS FUCKING UP THE SYSTEM HELL YEA!

I’m really liking the direction of this campaign so far. Four for you Lionsgate.
Sign language dictionary - SPREADTHESIGN
Sign language dictionary that works great as a reference and as a tool for learning. It covers languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese and several more.



So you can see what sign words have in different languages!!

(This is just so cool, SOOOO COOL!!!)

Just a Flirt

Part 2 - Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Being Natasha best friend has its perks. Getting to be around all those hot guys especially. But when one of them figures put your past will you cover be blown?

Warnings : Swearing

Notes: I have no fucking ideas how this happened. It was going to be a short one shot and then my brain decided to have a great idea.

Word Count: 3156 (I’m sorry🙈)

“Hey guys.” I smiled at the two cute strangers.
“Hey cutie. What can we do for ya?”
I chuckled, “How about we hang out sometime?”
The taller boy raised an eyebrow at me, “You want to hang out with us?”
I pouted, “Yea is something wrong with that?”
The smaller boy rushed to answer, “No it’s just you’re really pretty. Would you seriously give us your number?”
“She would, but I’m not letting her.” I rolled my eyes as Natasha appeared at my side, “Really Nat?”
The boys widened their eyes, “You’re the Black Widow!”
Natasha smirked, “Yes I am. Good observation skills. Can you observe that I’m about to kick your ass?”
The taller boy laughed as I crossed my arms over my chest, “We aren’t scared of you. Besides your friend here obviously doesn’t have a boyfriend.”
An arm wrapped around my waist protectively, “I’ve been looking all over for you babe. Who’s this ?” I was starting to protest when Nat pushed me further into the arms holding me. “Oh Y/N and me were just talking to these nice fellas right guys?” When I looked to where the guys were standing a second ago they were gone. I sighed and tried to pry myself out of those arms but Natasha would just push me further into them. “You guys would look so cute together! Obviously your couple skills scared them away.” I looked up to see a man with bright blue eyes and brown hair holding me. He laughed, “I’m Bucky.” I smiled, “Y/N. You do realize you can let go now right?”
He smirked, “I do it’s just such a comfortable position.”
“It would love to be able to argue with you, but I’d be lying.”
“Yea, I’m a very comfortable person.”
Nat laughed, “Cute. Now let her go.”
Bucky released his grip from my waist as Natasha pulled me away. I laughed, “Bye Bucky.”

“Can you please just come with me? You can sleep over too.” I groaned, “Ugh fine. You’re lucky I carry my phone charger around with me.” Natasha laughed “Thank you so much! If they need me back it must be important.”
Natasha walked in and went straight toward the living area. I lifted my sunglasses and started looking around. There was a full length mirror that reflect me wearing a skater skirt and a crop top, with my Y/H/C hair falling over my shoulder in waves. I placed the sunglasses on top of my head and fluffed my hair. “Y/N? Come here.” I turned and walked over to Nat, “Yea?” She sighed, “They need me to decided what pizza to get.” I shrugged, “I’m down for pizza.” Her eyes lit up, “So I don’t have to drive you home?” I chuckled, “No but you should introduce me to them.” I motioned around the room. I knew some of them but others… I forgot their names. Natasha sighed, “Thy can do that. I’m gonna go order the pizza.” Natasha walked out of the room leaving me alone with everyone. “I’m Tony Stark. a.k.a, Iron Man.” I smiled. “I’m Bruce, or the hulk.”
“I’m Steve. Captain America.”
“I’m Pietro, or Quicksilver.”
“I’m Wanda, Scarlet Witch.”
“I’m Thor.”
I smiled, “Y/N, as you may have heard.”
Steve tilted his head to the side, “You forgot about-”
“Bucky? Yea we’ve already met.” Steve furrowed his brows, “When was that?” Me and Bucky said “Today,” at the same time then started to laugh. Tony smiled, “We can’t forget about Clint.” I turned around to see Clint walking in. When he saw me he opened up his arms as I ran into them for a hug, “Clint! I haven’t seen you in forever.”
“You sure are friendly to someone you’ve just met.”
Clint chuckled and let me go, “I’ve known her for a while. Me, Y/N and Natasha would always go out together.” I smirked, “Before Barton had kids.” Everyone laughed and Natasha rejoined us by my side, “Did anyone get bitten?” Tony shook his head, “We’d never bite her.” Natasha smirked, “I was referring to if she bit you.” The avengers shared confused looks as Clint and Natasha laughed, “Y/N is a huge flirt.” I huffed and rolled my eyes. Tony smiled, “I am too. We should be great friends.”
I pulled out my phone and started ignoring everyone out of complete aggravation. I always got mad when someone called me a flirt, because it remind me of the worst time of my life. Some people tried starting a conversation with me but I just nodded or gave a short answer and went back to what I was doing.
“Did I upset you? Did I hurt your feelings?”
I looked up to see Natasha staring at me with a fake pout on her face. I elbowed her in the stomach and told her to fuck off. Most of the avengers chuckled and Tony explained, “We don’t know many people who elbows the black widow in the stomach and gets away with it.” I rolled my eyes, “Being the black widow doesn’t make her special.” The other avenges exchanged confused looks as I sighed, “Nat, could you show me to the room I’ll be staying in tonight? I want to change.” Natasha grabbed my hand, “Come on.”

Bucky’s POV:
After Natasha and Y/N left the room we started talking in hushed whispers about what she just said meant. “‘Being the black widow doesn’t make her special.’ What does that mean?!” Steve furrowed his brow in confusion, “Do you think… I don’t know maybe she’s different too.”
Clint shrugged, “She has had some weird experiences but she never tells me about them in depth. She only talks about them to Natasha. I think they’ve known each other for a while.” I gasped as a memory flashed through my brain. I know Y/N, I’ve seen her before. She was at HYDRA with me. They’d called her… Flirt. I think they would have her flirt her way into the mission and then have her kill from the inside out. I remember training with her before too. I’m not sure if they… whiped her memories too, but there is a really good chance they did.
“Hello? Earth to Bucky! What just happened ?” Steve was standing in front of me griping my shoulders. I had to talk to Natasha about this, and I couldn’t tell anyone else, “Nothing just uh… Remembered dancing with some girls.” Steve laughed, “Well you did that a lot.” I got up and started to walk out of the room, “I’ll be back later.”
I caught up with Natasha in the upstairs hallway, “Hey Natasha! I have to ask you something…”
Natasha sighed, “If this is about you wanted to go out with Y/N…”
“What? No… Well maybe. But that’s not what I want to talk about.”
She sighed, “Then what?”
“So I just remembered something, and that memory had Y/N in it.” Natasha gasped in pulled me into a near by room, “You what?!” She closed the door and started pacing. “I had a flashback of being at HYDRA and Y/N was there with me. They called her flirt and she would get in and kill from the inside out. We use to train together too.”
Natasha was now massaging the side of her head, “This is not good. Listen, don’t talk to her about this because I’m not sure if she even remembers it happening. They wiped her memory too … And don’t fucking tell anther soul or I will murder you.” I sighed but then we heard someone coming in the hall. Natasha pulled me toward her and crashed her lips to mine. Before I could protest the door was being opened and Natasha nails were digging in to my skin.
“This is awkward…”
I pulled away from Natasha to see Wanda standing at the door not looking the least bit bothered.
“Oh hey Wanda. What brings you here?” Natasha casually leaned against the table. Wanda came in and closed the door, “I could sense Bucky’s unease. I wanted to see my f everything was okay.” Nat waved her off, “Oh ya. Everything’s fine.” Wanda sighed, “How about Y/N. She wasn’t… Okay downstairs.”
I looked at Natasha, because she was the one who was good on these situations but even she looked tongue tied. “I can read minds. Obávam sa…” The door opened and a flash of blue and silver came in, “Why are you worried? Je všetko v poriadku?” Wanda sighed and looked at her brother, “Everything is fine it’s just Bucky needed my help dealing with the memory he just got.”
Pietro smiled, “Okay.”
Pietro was out of the room in a flash and the door slammed behind him.
“Now guys. Tell me what’s actually happening.” Natasha sighed and gave a short explanation of what was going on. After being silent for a moment Wanda spoke, “We definitely can’t say anything to her about this. Now we should head down she’s probably already there.”
We got down stairs and Y/N was sitting on one of the couches with her feet neatly tucked under her. She had changed into leggings and a t shirt and now had her hair up in a bun. She looked gorgeous even though she’ wasn’t trying. I couldn’t let myself think like that. If I start to fall for her I’ll trigger more memories.

Normal POV:
After changing I went back down and sat on a couch. Nat wasn’t back down yet and Bucky and Wanda had gone missing too. I started conversations with the other people there including Steve. “So what’s it like being Captain America?” Steve laughed, “It’s alright I guess. The best part is getting to help people.” I smiled, “Words a true hero would say. I bet most of you feel that way.” Steve smiled blushing a little, “Yea. We’re all pretty lucky getting to help people. It’s a once in a life time thing.” I sighed, “I wouldn’t know the feeling. There’s nothing I’ve ever done that’s special.”
Steve opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by Natasha, Wanda and Bucky come back in the room. “I’m back.” I rolled my eyes, “We can see that Nat.” She chuckled and took a seat next to Clint, “Geez… Rude much.” I laughed, “You know I love you.” Wanda sat down next to Pietro and Bucky sat down next to me, the only remaining seat left. Steve coughed, “As I was saying. You are special, maybe you just haven’t figured out how yet.” I sighed and thought of how I could be special. You could say I’m special because I was kidnapped by HYDRA. Or you could say I was so special that I didn’t remember my past. Or even, I was so special that I was a trained assassin that killed innocent people. “I guess.” Steve smiled, “So. What do you do for a living?” I chuckled as all the avengers suddenly looked interested, “Nothing. See I told you I won’t ever do anything special.” Steve asked confused, “Nothing?” Natasha laughed, “She didn’t always do nothing. She did cosmetology, then she became a dancer, then she taught dance for a year. Now she just floating around because she doesn’t have a job lined up. Steve gasped, “Wow that’s a lot! You are special, you do so much.” I smiled through gritted teeth. The only reason I did these things were to see if the made me feel better. I didn’t want to be a bad person, but so far I couldn’t shake it. “Thanks Steve.” Steve smiled, “So now that we’re getting to know each other, how old are you?” I smirked, “24, you?” Steve laughed, “97.” I gasped, “Uh how?” Natasha sighed, “He was frozen for a while. How don’t you know this? Aren’t you always on your phone??” I rolled my eyes at Natasha, “I don’t read the news.” Clint laughed, “You just talk to the guys you gave your number to. Or do you ignore their texts?” I huffed, “Don’t hate me for having a lot of people like me. It’s not my fault you’re married and can’t flirt around anymore.” Everyone laughed as Clint looked flustered, “Whatever.” I crossed my arms triumphantly and smiled, “So you’re from Brooklyn right Steve?” He smiled, “Yea me and Bucky. Where are you from?” I opened and closed my mouth a few times searching for an answer, but it wouldn’t come. I didn’t know my home town. I don’t even remember my family. I smiled trying to cover up my distress, “I would travel a lot so…” Steve chuckled, “Why do you live here now?” I wanted to live somewhere where no one knew what I did and who I was. “It’s a beautiful city.” I turned to Bucky who was staring contently at me, “So are you and Natasha friends ? Or did she put you up to earlier today.” Bucky snapped out of his faze and chuckled, “I actually did that on my own. Figured it would be better then letting Natasha kick their asses.” I smirked and turned back to Natasha, “So you let Bucky wrap his arm around my waist but no one else?” She chuckled, “I only let him because it was to make those idiots leave.”
“But you pushed me back into him and said, ‘You guys would be such a cute couple.’” Natasha waved me off, “Fine then yes I only approve of Bucky. And that’s because he’s an avenger.” I sighed, “Are suggesting I can only date avengers?” Natasha smiled, “Yea but you kinda got limited options. Tony is taken so is Clint, and Thor. So that leaves, Steve, Sam, Pietro, and Bucky.” I smirked, “What about Bruce, Natasha ? Is he in between?” Natasha huffed and looked flustered. I sat back in me seat satisfied, and leaned against Bucky. Tony laughed, “I’ve also never meet anyone who can make the Black Widow flustered. What other talents are you hiding ?” Being able to murder. “Not much. I can speak anther language though.” Pietro perked up, “What do you speak? Other then English of course.” I smiled, “Romanian.” Bucky, Wanda and Natasha stiffened but apparently I was the only one who noticed because everyone else was asking me to say something in Romanian. I sighed, “În cazul în care nu au fost pentru greșelile le-am făcut, nu aș fi în cazul în care eu sunt astăzi.” They all looked impressed and confused, “What does that mean?” I smiled, “If it weren’t for the mistakes I’ve made I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Someone who’s killed hundreds of people. Some innocent. Steve smiled, “I think Bucky speaks Romanian too.” I looked over at Bucky who was now looking at Wanda and Natasha. I waved my hand in front of his face, “Earth to Bucky!” As if he’d woken up from a bad dream, Bucky snapped his eyes upward toward me in a glare, “Tired are we Bucky?” Bucky huffed and looked down, “No.” I chuckled, “Then tell me a little about yourself.” Bucky looked up at me in disbelief, “You want to know more about me? Haven’t you seen the news?” I sighed, “Some. But that doesn’t matter, it-” A memory flash through my mind. This almost never happened, but when it did it hurt like hell. I remembered Bucky, working and training along side me for… HYDRA. I held my head in my hands as the pounding grew stronger. When this happened I was usually alone and I would break things until the pain stopped. But this wasn’t home, I wasn’t alone and I couldn’t break anything. I gasped and got up, “I’ll see you guys later.” I ran out of the room and tried to find mine. With no luck I headed on to a near by balcony. I opened the doors and stepped out to the edge. I kept taking deep breaths until the pain in my head went away. When it did I was left thinking about the memory that crossed my mind. Did Bucky remember it too? Am I imagining this? Does Bucky know about my past? I sunk down to the concrete and let my head fall on my knees as a tear threatened to fall.
“Are you okay?”
I looked up to see Bucky closing the doors behind him as he stepped onto the balcony. I sighed, “If it was I wouldn’t be sitting here on the ground.” Bucky softly chuckled as he sat besides me, “What happened back there?” I opened my mouth and then closed it biting my lip. What if he doesn’t remember it? He’ll think I’m crazy for sure. “Y/N… I - How about I confess something to you first ?” I looked up through my lashes at him, “Okay…” He sighed, “Earlier today I had a flashback… And you were in it. I remembered training together with you for missions. I think your name was Flirt?” I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding, “Yea. I had the same memory and that’s why I had to leave the room. I’m usually not very good when those flashbacks come.” Bucky smiled, “I’m not either.” I let out a soft chuckle, “I’m a horrible person Bucky. You can’t tell anyone about this.” Bucky bit his lip, “You’re not a horrible person. They wiped your memory, you had no idea what you were doing. Besides I’m no better I’ve done the same.” I huffed, “You are making up for it now. Saving people. Being an avenger. I’m just over here trying not to murder people when a memory surfaces.” Bucky sighed, “Y/N… You’re not horrible. If you were horrible all those avengers wouldn’t think you’re a great person. All those avengers wouldn’t be worrying about if you are okay right now.” I looked away, “That’s because they don’t know who I am or what I’ve done.”
Bucky tilted my face back towards his, “That’s not you. That murderer HYDRA created is not you. You are the girl who danced and did cosmetology and became a dance teacher. You’re the girl who has black widow as a friend.” I sighed, “I only did that stuff to make me feel better. Plus she’s my friend because…” Bucky whispered, “Because you’re amazing Y/N. I’ve just met you today and I can already see how perfect you are. You light up every room you walk into. Your laugh is like music. You yourself are absolutely gorgeous. If it doesn’t help that I think that, all the other avengers do to. They’ve never warmed up to someone that fast.” I smiled and pressed my forehead against Bucky’s, “I’m far from perfect. But…” I bit my lip, “Hearing that you think all of that about me makes me feel ten times better.” Bucky smiled and pressed his lips to mine in a passionate kiss.