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after taking me over thREE HECKIN WEEKS TO MAKE my first animation meme is finally done!! :0 chose to do Posin’ with Knockout and Breakdown since I thought it fit them well pffffftt. This was lots of fun to make (albeit really challenging too) and I’m really happy with the way this came out!! you can totally expect to see more of these from me in the future!!

*all proper credit/links to originals are given in the video’s description


3 Days until Woohyun’s Birthday - Those “Wtf Woohyun” Moments


Joonyoung’s message to congratulate his favorite hyung on his special day.

Jongmin was crying so much.

Taehyun was crying so much.

The staff was crying so much.

The whole 1N2D fandom was basically just bawling their eyes out at this moment haha…. ha…. aaaah… T_T

This show really managed to stay on air for so long because it was made by and with such a lovely bunch of caring people!

1N2D is ♡
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12 Days until Woohyun’s Birthday - Woohyun through the Eras  

oh my gosh

i’ve written about how i wasn’t in love with pristin’s title track “wee woo,” but i am seriously enjoying their live music show performances. they look so confident and happy and i want them to step on me i’m so proud that they’re very clearly singing live! like even if they sound a bit breathy they’re all still very stable, and i don’t think most groups (esp. when debuting!!!) sing 100% live on their first performances of a song 

and freaking BLACK WIDOW sungyeon’s cartwheel 💕 that should be illegal

and these stage outfits man pledis is investing 

ok i’m ending my incoherent fangirling sorry 


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My 9 favorite boys for produce 101

Kang Daniel

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Woo Hyuk

Kim Seong Lee

Hwang Minyun

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Kim Jonghyun

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Han Jongyeon Yu Jinwon