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Day 5 : “Over the Airwaves” - Voice/Music 

Gabe singing just to cheer up Jack is my cup of tea ~

Didn’t actually think I would participate in the reaper76week but after reading through the list of what’s to come, I couldn’t resist making something after finding a song I haven’t heard for sooo long, and it brought back so many memories…

ya’ll wondering what song dis is?: Eternal featuring BeBe Winans - I Wanna Be the Only One

just FYI, I tweaked the lyrics a bit to my liking in some places..

I don’t think some of y’all understand swing dancing is not easy and is so cute and fun and romantic and it involves a lot of lifts and is very fast and is usually seen as one of the more fun, flirtatious dances and I cannot believe that Matthew Daddario, out of all the possible types of dances, can swing dance like it literally makes me swoon how nerdy and adorable is he like swing dancing is like Danny and Sandy in Grease dancing with all the lifts and the spinning and the laughing and smiling like I want to swing dance with him so badly and do a hip lift with him and have him twirl me around and see him laugh and smile because he said people want to dance with him because he looks like he’s enjoying himself and I’m so emotional over this guys more emotional than I should be but Matthew Daddario can swing dance


wasnt gonna post this but ok 


“Our Hearts are Connected…”

Finally, after 14 years of this game being such a huge part of my life, I can proudly show it. It’s beautiful and more than what I had imagined. I’ve built friendships, lost some, and have so many wonderful memories. I look forward to making more. Thank you for connecting all of us together.

Happy twenty years of Pokemon, guys!! Words cannot describe how happy and grateful I am to Pokemon for existing. Like… whoa. It’s been around for twenty years today. As well as for myself, and for anyone else who got started on it when the show came out. And it’s still going strong. I still definitely cherish it, that’s for sure. It’ll always have a special place in my heart. No matter what Pokemon is doing these days with Ash. Whether who he’s with or where he is, it’ll always be something I love. But I have an extra soft spot for the orginal trio. That’s what really hits home for me. Ash, Misty, and Brock. It started for me with the three of them and that’s how it’ll always be. And everytime I hear the original theme song for it, I’m seven years old again, sitting in my living room and watching it before going to school. It’s been with me through my childhood and into my adult years. Which can be said for anyone because it’s not just for kids, it’s for people of all ages. That’s just another thing that makes it so great. I have so many wonderful memories of it, and it’s been apart of my life during the best years. So, I have the creators to thank, and the voice actors for bringing them to life. Cause if it wasn’t for them, this amazing franchise wouldn’t exist. And then there’s you guys for being so totally awesome with your fanart and keeping the spirit alive! So definitely keep that going and spread the pokemon love with that. Anyway though! Big, big shout outs to Satoshi Tajiri, Veronica Taylor for being the one and only voice for Ash Ketchum, Rachel Lillis for slaying Misty, and Eric Stuart for voicing Brock like no one else can. This goes for the whole Pokemon crew. Team Rocket, Mama Ketchum, Gary and Prof. Oak. Etc. And YOU guys on Tumblr for taking the time to read this nonsense! ;~; THANK YOU! And happy Twentieth Anniversary of Pokemon!! xoxo

I also wrote up a fic for today as well, because I have to celebrate in every single way I can.

Title: Timeless

Characters: Ash, Misty, Brock.

Rating: K

Summary: The trio dives into an album and share some laughs, some tears, and a whole lot of love. May contain pokeshipping.

It can be found here.

A quick summary of my day in ITAcon...

So the con is over, and I am back home (finally)..and this is what I have to show for it, plus so many wonderful memories!

Autographs, Photo OPs and Meet and Greets with both of them separately and together…I think between myself and the lovely @shirasade who was at Matt and Dom’s panels, we covered pretty everything Matt and Dom were in.

It was a wonderful experience, I can’t believe I got to see and TALK to Matt and Dom, and they even recognized me! (especially Dom). They are both wonderful and so sweet, but I am still kicking myself for being an idiot an forgetting what I wanted to say to Matt..such wasted opportunity but honestly the man is so handsome, it almost put me in a daze. 

Highlights were definitely Matt reaching out to pat me in the arm because I was losing my words and straight up told him so, and Dom’s reaction when I told him how much we love and appreciate him. And of course….the Sherdario Meet and Greet was just…amazing.

In general I have many things to say but just some points:
- Dom is the biggest jalec shipper and it’s fabulous! 
- Matt and Dom care about each other SO MUCH. They are really close with each other and there is so much respect and love there. 
-Contrary to popular belief Matt didn’t drag anyone, much less Jalec or Dom. (I was in the meet and greet, I would know if I felt “dragged”). I think my next post will be about that, before I forget the details of what he said.

Honestly, Matt was wonderful, kind and sweet to everyone and  so can anybody think he would drag anybody over shipping preferences is beyond me. Especially when he outright supported people with different shipping preferences and honestly, he 
He knows what’s up in this fandom and he just knows how to be a grown up and a professional. Don’t twist his words to fit an agenda, it’s unfair to him and he deserves better. But more on that later because it’s a huge issue and I would ramble on forever.

That’s it! Tune in for Dom’s jalec AU ideas (all the plot bunnies tbh), Matt “dragging” jalec (lol), me being an idiot in front of Matt, Matt and Dom being wonderful human beings and the literal sweetest people ever, and of course tons of Sherdario goodness!

Of Course Pt. 2 (Kim Seokjin)

Originally posted by jinmini

“The saddest thing is that we fell apart so suddenly even though we did everything right.”  

Word Count: 1,039
Genre: Angst

A/N: I decided on a way to format this story, I’ll be going back in time through memories (I hope that makes sense) I do hope that none of you are too saddened by this, although it was rather painful to write this myself, the next part will be put up sometime before Sunday for sure, Enjoy <3

|Part 1|~|Part 2|~|Part 3|~|Part 4|~|Part 5|~|Part 6|~|Part 7|~|Part 8|~|Part 9|~|Part 10|~|Part 11|~|Part 12|

You walked straight to the nearest hotel, silently praying they had a room left. Thankfully there were a few available. After you paid the woman at the front desk kindly escorted you to a small room on the corner of the third floor.

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angel0sh  asked:

Can you write about how would RFA + saeran + V would react if They had unrequited love to their childhood friend then they meet her looking prettier than ever ?

This was so much fun to write. I’m sorry this took so long. Although, Saeran’s and Saeyoung’s don’t specifically have unrequited love because they were so young. Below the cut~

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Say you won’t let go

I really wanted to do another song fic and I love this song so much. 

Song- Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

I met you in the dark, You lit me up. 

You made me feel as though I was enough

Newt spotted you from across the bar. He was taken to celebrate his book by Tina and Queenie and Jacob. He sat in the corner, nursing a glass of firewhiskey when he sees you. 

You stand at the bar ordering some gigglewater. Your presence lit up the room in his mind. Something about you enticed him. He made his way next to you, ordered a drink and stood there awkwardly. 

It wasn’t until you smiled at him that he worked up the courage to talk to you. 

We danced the night away, We drank too much 

I held your hair back when You were throwing up

You and Newt hit it off rather well. You found him quirky and adorable and he found you stunning and interesting. You talked for most of the evening. when your favorite song came on you dragged Newt to the dance floor. It took a while but he warmed up to dancing. 

Unfortunately, you had drunk a little too much. You were in the bathroom with 

Newt next to you rubbing your back, “You don’t have to be here. You should be with your friends” you murmur. 

“I think you need me a little more than they do” he replied.

Then you smiled over your shoulder, For a minute I was stone-cold sober

I pulled you closer to my chest 

You looked up and smiled weakly at Newt. You had only met this man but he made you feel so special. Newt’s eyes lit up, he never felt like this before. 

He pulled you into a hug on the cold bathroom floor. He rubbed your shoulder and set his chin on your head. He knew that he wasn’t going to let you go. 

And you asked me to stay over, I said, I already told you I think that you 

should get some rest 

Newt was walking you to your apartment. You were all wrapped up in his coat and you were still a little tipsy and weak. 

“You should come up to my room Newt, I'm sure you’d love it” you offer. Newt walked you to your door and opened the door for you. 

“Love, I think you should get some rest tonight, maybe another time” he replies. 

He starts to walk off when you call out to him “Newt, your coat!” He turns and smiles at you. 

“Keep it, I’ll get it next time I see you”

I knew I loved you then, But you’d never know

‘Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go

Newt walked slowly back to Tina and Queenie’s apartment. He had a smile on his face he couldn’t get rid of. He couldn’t figure out how someone had managed to steal his heart so quickly. 

The last time he felt like this was, Leta. Worry clouded his mind. He knew he loved you but he was afriad it was going to turn out like last time. He decided to keep his love for you a secret. 

Maybe after a few dates, he would tell you how he really felt, if it ever made it that far.

I knew I needed you, But I never showed

But I wanna stay with you until we’re gray and old

Just say you won’t let go

Just say you won’t let go

It had been a few months and they were someone of the best months of Newt’s life. You were absolutely perfect to him. 

You were kind, caring, compassionate, smart, Newt could go on and on about you. But, his own insecurities kept him from telling you. 

He wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. He wrote it all down in a letter and he kept it in a drawer until the time was right.

I wake you up with some breakfast in bed I’ll bring you coffee with a kiss

on your head

Newt never understood your love for coffee but he still made you some ever morning. He walked into your room and saw you asleep. He smiled and observed you for a second. 

Your chest rose and fell at such a peaceful rhythm. he leaned down and kissed you on your forehead. You stirred a bit and saw him above you. He had a cup of coffee and some toast in his hands. 

“Thank you Newt” you mumble. 

“Anything for you, love” 

And I’ll take the kids to school, Wave them goodbye And I’ll thank my 

lucky stars for that night 

“Hey Y/n, I’m going to look after our children.” Newt said, his head popping out of his case. 

“Our children? I thought they were yours, mummy” you teased. 

“Well, I may be their mummy but they still love you, would you like to help me feed them?” Newt asked. 

Your eyes lit up and you scrambled out of bed to get in the case. Newt watched with loving eyes as you interacted with his creatures. 

You belonged there, in his case, with him. 

When you looked over your shoulder, for a minute, I forget that I’m older

I wanna dance with you right now, oh and you look as beautiful as ever

And I swear that every day you’ll get better You make me feel this way


Newt watched you as you laid on the couch and read. It was peaceful but a bit boring. Newt stood up and walked over to the old record played. You looked up from your book when you heard soft melodies fill the air. Newt was standing with a flow in his hand. 

“Care to dance?” he asked, his hand out for you to take. 

You set your book down and take his hand. You both danced around like it was your first time. 

“You were a much better dancer when I first met you” you teased 

“I am a bit better at dancing when I’ve had a drink or two” Newt confessed. Laughter filled the air as you both danced the night away. 

I’m so in love with you and I hope you know

Darling, your love is more than worth its weight in gold

You and Newt were in Arizona. It had been a few years filled with wonderful memories. It was late and you out in the middle of the desert. Newt had set up a small picnic with some blankets. You laid side by side, hands intertwined. 

“That’s the constellation Andromeda, in greek mythology she was chained to a rock by her mother but was saved by Perseus and she eventually became the founder of Persia” you explained pointing to the beautiful night sky. 

Newt looks at you in amazement, he was never that good at astronomy. 

“That’s amazing, does Perseus have a constellation?” he asked. 

“Yep he’s right over there” you said. 

That night was filled with beauty and bad star jokes.

We’ve come so far my dear Look how we’ve grown

And I wanna stay with you until we’re gray and old

Just say you won’t let go

Just say you won’t let go

Newt was pacing, a letter and a box in his pocket. It was your birthday but you were forced to work that day. Newt had thought it over and he wanted you to know how much he loved you. 

You entered your apartment to find Newt standing in a tux with flowers floating in the air. 

“Y/n L/n, You have made my life everything I could have imagined. When I first met you I knew that you were the one, I even have this letter I wrote to you a couple months after meeting you. Every day I wake up, I thank Merlin you’re lying next to me and I want to wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life, until we’re gray and old. Will you Marry me?” Newt kneeled and held the box. 

You ran to him and kissed him before he could even open the box. Happy tears flowed from your eyes. 

“Of course I will” 

I wanna live with you Even when we’re ghosts

‘Cause you were always there for me, When I needed you most

“Newton Scamander you better not be out of bed” you yelled. 

Newt froze and slowly backed away from his case. You stood at the door with a disapproving look on your face. 

“Newt, you have a very high fever. You are in no condition to work” you say. Newt smiled sheepishly at you and made his way back to bed. 

“it’s like you’re a ghost or something, you came out of nowhere”: Newt noticed. you smirked and set some tea down by his bed. 

“If i’m a ghost then I’ll be just as I am now, very mother-like, minus the floating through walls thing” you joked. 

Newt’s face changed to a small frown, “Well I certainly hope you don’t haunt me, I wouldn’t want to be left on earth without you in a physical form” he said. You suppressed a laugh, the fever was getting to him. 

“Tell you what Newt, we can be ghosts together” you said as you lean and plant a kiss on his forehead.

I’m gonna love you 'til My lungs give out

I promise till death we part Like in our vows

You frowned as you looked at yourself in the mirror. You had grown older and you felt a little self-conscious, Newt still looked amazing, of course. Newt leaned on the door frame and he watched you. He still thought you were the most stunning person on the entire planet. He walked over and wrapped his arms around you. 

“You look amazing love” he whispered in your ear. 

“Yeah well you have to say that, we’re married” you muttered. 

“Anyone with eyes can see how beautiful you look.” you laughed, he always knew how to cheer you up. 

“I love you and I’m never going to stop”

So I wrote this song for you Now everybody knows

That it’s just you and me Until we’re gray and old

Just say you won’t let go

Just say you won’t let go

Newt holds a piece of parchment in his hand, it’s your anniversary today. You hand Newt a box, he opens it to find a new scarf, one hand knit. It had the colors of Hogwarts and Ilvermorny together in a spiral. 

“Because we can never agree on which school is best, I thought you could represent both” you say excitedly. 

You worked really hard on it and you really hope Newt likes it. Newt’s face broke out into a smile. 

“I love it, It’s perfect. I’ve never gotten something that had this much thought and love in it” he says admiring the scarf. 

“So, um about my gift. I’m not really a poet or a creative writer so I asked Queenie for help but I wrote this for you” Newt hands you the parchment and waits anxiously as you read it over. 

Your eyes start to water, the “song” brought back so many wonderful memories. Like when you first met, to proposing. It was more then you could have asked for. 

“Oh Newt” you hug Newt and pepper kisses all over his face.

”This is, the best thing anyone has ever given me” you say. You bury your head in his neck and let a few tears slip. 

“I’m never letting go of you Newt, ever”

This turned out to be one of my favorites tbh.

We Lost Them- Steve Rogers x Reader One Shot

Summary: (Y/N) and Steve have been married for a couple of years and have finally decided to take the next big step; having their first child. Everyone is supportive, knowing that it’s going to be a little hard because the father is Captain America for God’s sake. But not everything is so perfect.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader (platonic), Sam Wilson x Reader (platonic), mentions of the other Avengers x reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Miscarriage, sad, arguing, Tony but if swearing, only some fluff

My hand subconsciously rubbed my baby bump, a feeling of not still spreading through me. I had always wanted children, a family of my own. So many people had told me that being pregnant was a wonderful experience, despite the obvious pain at the end of it all. I totally agreed with them.

Steve and I had been married for three years. It had been tough seeing as he was an Avenger; I was constantly worried about him, fearing that he wouldn’t come home one day. But I knew I couldn’t think like that, how could you live a life like that? We shared so many wonderful memories together along with my second family, the other Avengers. When we finally decided to have a baby and were successful we received nothing but support and happiness from the others.

I was alone in the Avengers Tower, the others had gone on the mission but should have been back that night or possibly the next morning. Steve and I had our own place in Brooklyn but Tony insisted that we move into the tower whilst I was pregnant; Steve would have to go missions at times and he wanted me to be safe. I understood, thinking it was a good idea myself. At first Steve thought that it would be too claustrophobic, however t was totally the opposite. Having the baby’s aunties and uncles sound me Just brought more happiness.

I decided that it was time to finally get up. Although I was almost three months along I was already getting tired easily. It was a small bump but still a sign of life inside me. Forcing myself to stand, I felt a wetness between my legs. Had I wet myself in the night? Looking down at my sweatpants, my eyes widened at the realisation of what had happened.

There was blood everywhere.

I let out the most blood curdling scream I had ever heard in my life. This could not be happening. This had to be a nightmare! I felt frozen, I didn’t want to move. A series of urgent knocks sounded at my door but I couldn’t answer. My eyes bore into the red source spread all over my crotch and legs.

“(Y/N)?! Can I come in? Why are you screaming?” I heard Sam’s voice. Wasn’t he on the mission?

He waited a couple more seconds before barging into the room. I didn’t even blink as he ran up to me. I couldn’t breathe, tears were running down my cheeks but no more noise was coming out of me.

“Oh shit.” he whispered to himself.

“S-Sam…” I mumbled.

“Come on, we have to get you to the hospital ward.”

Sam helped me to my feet, holding me close to him. He alerted FRIDAY, instructing her to have the hospital staff ready for me. My steps were slow and small, I felt that every time I moved it would harm the baby even more. Was there when a baby left? Everything seemed rushed, I hadn’t even realised that we were in the hospital ward now. Nothing was processing in my mind, I couldn’t hear anything.

Sam held my hand throughout. He had become a close friend of mine and like a brother. He was always there for me, especially when Steve wasn’t.

“Why?” I blurted out as the doctor was trying to explain what was going to happen.

“I’m sorry Mrs Rogers, ‘why’ what?” The doctor questioned me.

“Why did this happen?”

“There isn’t always a reason, it just sometimes happens.”

“But why me?” I was starting to cry again.

“Again Mrs Rogers, there is no clear reason. One thing we do know is that it was not your fault, don’t ever blame yourself for this.”

After the appointment with the doctors and getting rid of the miscarriage, Sam just held me. I had only been able to get changed but after that I couldn’t bring myself to move. My loud wails of pain were echoing throughout the ward, tears soaking Sam’s shoulder. His arms were tightly wrapped around me and they never loosened.

“I came as fast as I could.” I heard Bucky come into the room.

“Bucky, what are you doing here?” I sobbed, pulling away from Sam.

He sat on the bed as well, holding my hands.“I was at training at headquarters when Sam called me. I had to come.”

“I just don’t understand.” my voice was croaky.“What did I do wrong? Did I do something to desrve this?”

“Of course you didn’t. These things happen but you just don’t think about them, who would?” Sam added.

“What about Steve?” I gasped. He was going to be so upset. Would he be mad at me?!

“They aren’t going to be back until tomorrow morning now. Do you think you can wait till then?”

“Let’s not get into that yet.” Bucky stopped us.“You need to rest, it’s been a long morning. Do you want some time alone?”

“Could you please stay? Or at least one of you? Just till I fall asleep.”

They both agreed to stay. Both of them sat in a chair either side of the hospital bed, patiently waiting for me to fall asleep. It was a horrible task. My arms wrapped around my stomach already missing the feeling of my baby. Steve and I were good people, we hadn’t done anything wrong. What if it was me? What if I couldn’t have children? My dreams of a family would be crushed.

I didn’t dream. Maybe it was a good thing, there was nothing reminding me of reality in that moment. When I woke I had hoped that it was all a horrible nightmare and I would be waking up with my baby still growing inside me. However I knew that it couldn’t be. As soon as my eyes opened I started to sob loudly again. Bucky and Sam jolted from their own naps, returning to my side to comfort me. It had been three hours meaning it was late afternoon. It was still so long until the others got back.

“I need him.” I wept.

Bucky started to think of ideas.“Maybe we could try to get him back-”

“We don’t know where they are right now.” Sam interrupted.“They may not even be able to take a simple phone call.”

I buried my face in my hands.“It hurts so bad. I literally feel like I’ve undergone a major operation to take my previous baby away from me.”

“Do you need a doctor? I’ll go get one!”

“No Bucky, my emotional ache has turned into a physical one. Ice never felt like this.”

“It’s a big loss, especially since it’s your first. But once Steve is back, he’ll be right by your side and so will the others.”


I hadn’t slept all night and it showed. The hospital let me go seeing as I was in the same building and FRIDAY could keep an eye on my vitals. Sam and Bucky were hesitant to leave me but I needed time by myself. It was now physically impossible for me to shed anymore tears, it had made me exhausted along with everything else that had happened today.

Steve was going to be so angry. What if he didn’t want to be with me anymore? What if he wanted someone to provide a child for him? All I needed to do was carry and protect this child growing inside me and I fucked up. But where had I gone wrong? It infuriated me, there was nothing I did wrong! It was still my fault though.

Seeing as there was no point going to sleep now, I got dressed into something a little more presentable. I still looked a mess. FRIDAY informed me that the team would be back in an hour; that was an hour for me to workout how I would tell Steve. I contemplated my words over the small breakfast I made, still not knowing what to say. I was emotionless. How the hell could I drop this bombshell on the man I love?

Standing on the landing bay, I felt Bucky and Sam come up behind me. They had been such good friends in the last couple of hours, I knew they weren’t fond of each other, but coming together for me was one of the reasons I loved them. Taking a deep breath, I watched as the jet landed, the door opening as soon as it hit the ground. Steve was first off, eager to see me. As soon as he dashed off I saw his smile and it crushed me.

I collapsed to my knees, hunching over as I started to cry. Bucky and Sam fell next to me though I could feel the familiar hands of my husband trying to pull me up. When that didn’t work he joined me on the floor.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N) what’s wrong?” he panicked.

“I LOST THEM! THEY’RE GONE BECAUSE OF ME!” I screamed. I could feel the rest of the team surrounding me.

“Who? What are you on about?”

I finally looked up at him through blurry eyes.“Our baby! I-I woke up and there w-was blood everywhere and-”

Judging by the look on Steve’s face I figured he knew what happened. He easily lifted me into my feet, taking me inside. I guessed that he wanted to be away from the team who respectfully stayed out of it. We made it all the way to our room in complete silence, except from the occasional sniffle from me. Steve locked the door, leaning back on it as he let out a shaky breath.

“Our baby….”

I couldn’t stand to see him broken.“I’m so sorry Steve. I understand if you hate me.”

His eyes widened as he marced over to me.“Don’t you ever think like that! It’s not your fault. I love you as much as I did when I first saw you, that will never change.”

He pulled me into his chest, embracing me with his huge arms.

“I….I can’t believe they’re gone though.”

“I just want to have a family with you, is that too much to ask!?”

“Shh, of course it isn’t.” he started to stroke my hair.“This will just make us more determined.”

“What if I can’t have children?”

“Have you seen a doctor?”

“Sam rushed me down to the hospital yesterday morning.”

“Did they mention anything about that?”

“No. I didn’t really ask.”

His voice was starting to get shaky and I could feel his tears dropping into the top of my head.“Then we’ll make an appointment and get us both checked. We are having a child (Y/N) and we’ll be the best parents there could ever be!”

He sounded so broken yet so confident.“I love you Steve. I promise that I’ll have our child.”

“I love you too. And I know that you’ll love up to that promise.”


“Come on, Grunkle Stan! You love pancakes! Don’t you remember, you called them ‘Stancakes’?”

“No, I d- yeah, yeah I did, didn’t I? Ha! Yeah!”

Ford stood just behind his bedroom door, listening to the conversation going on in the kitchen down the hall. Something sunk into the pit of his stomach, making him feel hollow yet crushed at the same time. He listened as his brother and the two young twins chatted and laughed together. He listened as the kids explained things to Stanley, as his brother gradually began to remember more and more. He covered his mouth with a hand and took a step away from the door, sitting down carefully on the sofa running along one wall of his room. His fingers tugged at his hair, his eyes burning with unshed tears.

This was his fault. His brother, his best friend since birth, was sitting in the other room struggling to remember his life story. Ford knew just how upsetting this was for the kids. They had spent the entire summer making so many wonderful (and sometimes scary) memories with their Grunkle Stan and now he could barely remember a thing. All their work, all their time spent together had nearly been lost completely. This was all Ford’s fault. Ford had noticed that the longer he was around, the more danger arose and the more Stanley seemed to be angry, the kids seemed miserable. Of course, he didn’t know what the twins were like before he’d returned, but he could only assume that they’d been much happier.

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honestly all these adults can knock the internet and how shitty it can be, but one of my most treasured memories in my life so far is watching Star Wars - A New Hope on an online server with about 50 other people to commemorate the night Carrie Fischer passed, and no one can ever take that experience away from me 

Because I’m feeling so sappy tonight; I really want to say a huge thank you to everyone. I have made so many wonderful friends and have so many wonderful memories thanks to this show and this website and I wouldn’t trade these past 5 years in fandom for anything. I’m so grateful for all of you and I’m so happy to have gone on this incredible journey of watching Captain Swan get their happy ending with you all. 

I’ll definitely be staying around, and definitely still making things, but I just wanted to say a thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you. A thank you to all the amazing writers and artists and graphic makers and live bloggers and EVERYONE; thank you for bringing so much life into this fandom. I freaking love you guys.

So you think you can come up knocking,
Or rather you don’t even knock, you come barging,
In the little place that is our escape,
And you think you can change the whole landscape,
Just by spreading hatred,
Isn’t there already too much of it in the world?

So many amazing poets we have here,
So many writers utilize this place to overcome their fear,
And yet you come in like a bully,
Hasn’t your soul ever seen a day that’s sunny?

Why is there so much darkness in you I wonder?
Or was it, on your part, just another blunder.
I have no clue how many of you are there,
Maybe one or two, or maybe layers upon layer.

This mask behind which you are hiding,
In your insecurities, are you gliding?
Take it off and come with a good heart,
You will see everyone wishing well in your fresh start.

So many beautiful people here indeed,
Why would you ever want to insult/bully denmysterywoman and writerscreed?
For they create so many beautiful memories,
Same goes for the wonderful people from Poetic stories.
All you do is spread bitterness, disdain and whine.
It only motivates our amazing autumn sunshine.
You can do all you want and brag,
Not one of you have even an ounce of strength like our Meg.

Are you really scared because you think you’re a failure?
Taking out your frustration on the wandering saylor.
I wouldn’t want to say this but in your arrogance you have become so freaky,
Showering hate and insult upon our ever bright, creatingNikki.
Did you give your words even a second glance?
Before pointing them out on the littlemissimaginary of the illustrans.

Anon, you have been warned,
For we are artistic collaborations that simply can not be swamped.
We will bring to you a poetry riot,
No portal you can ever go to such as the poetry portal,
There exists among us broken souls,
Some are voiceless waiting to be recognized.
But I’m sorry, you my friend, here you do not come,
You are definitely not welcome here, in this place we call home.

- AA

P.S. I’m really sorry if I’ve missed out here on people who received anon hate / bullying and I also apologize if I included anyone in this who hasn’t been on the receiving end of that hate.

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Adventure (Mafia!Jungkook)

Plot: A secret relationship with mafia!Jungkook

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Word Count: 858

A/N: so this is a bit short bc the next part (which is for the most part written so when you guys wanna read it, let me know !!) is gonna be a big part and I just wanted this to add some more to the relationship so I added a bit of fluff and I was listening to Lost Stars and the line of “take my hand, let’s see where we wake up tomorrow” for some reason hit me so hard so this entire thing is literally just that one singular line bc of that soft lil breathy voice and his emotions while singing and fuck I think I need a hug he sounded so sad I’m not over this but moving on before I start fucking crying, the link for this is mafia!Jungkook (here)

“Do you know where we’re going?” you laughed as you followed him down the empty street, taking his outstretched hand.

“Nope. But let’s find out.”

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Goodbye Club Penguin

Today, March 29th 2017 marks the closing of Club Penguin.

Ever since 2005 the community has been growing and so many wonderful memories, experiences and friendships have been made over these years and I’m so happy I could be a part of that journey! 

And gosh am I happy that this game existed and gave me a opportunity to express creativity and share who I am. If it weren’t for the advertisement I seen on the Disney channel 5 years ago that awed me I would have never been where I am today and I’m pretty sure everyone else can say the same. 

This game just means so much to me and I’m sad to see it finally reach its end but with the release of Club Penguin Island today I’m looking forward to all the new experiences we’ll have together!! 

Don’t forget how hard the Club Penguin Team has worked to bring this game to life and shape the world our favorite penguin pals live in! If it wasn’t for the original developers and Disney none of this would have happened and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love Club Penguin and I always will.

I suck at writing these sorts of things but I hope you can see my point haha.

Thank you everyone for making this such a great game and here’s to many more years of penguin party nonsense!!

- Zedoimi

Cold Hearted

Dean Winchester x Reader

1250 Words

Warnings: Angst

Summary:  Dean breaks things off with you, and you leave in a huff, walking right into a  trap.

Part 1 of 3

“Don’t do this Dean.” You whispered, holding onto the chair in front of you as if it was your life support.

“Dean, I don’t think…” Sam started to speak up on your behalf, but Dean sent him a deadly glare.

The two exchanged a glance, silently communicating, before Sam sighed. Giving you a soft smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes, he turned and left the main room, and your shoulders slumped, knowing you were on your own.

“Y/N, there is no other choice.” Dean told you, his voice calm, his eyes looking everywhere but your way. You held back a sob, your heart breaking at the thought that the man you loved more than anything didn’t even care enough to glance your way.

“Dean, we can make this work. I know we can.” You all but sobbed.

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