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a night out with the girls takes a surprising turn of events, and isaac’s not likely to deny his wife what she wants. (humor/smut)

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Come on down to recording town we got the whole gang here we’re not sitting around!
Take that frown and turn it upside down I’ve got the mic and I’m comin’ down!
Come on down to recording town where the magic is made and we wear the crown!
Step right up and hear that boom boom pow, come down, don’t drown this is our playground!

So, how ‘bout that chapter 2 huh? 

I have so many feels about Minkowski’s Polish roots
  • Her deep deep love for space that came not only from reading too many Lem’s books and just getting so much into it?  
  • Cursing in Polish/French whenever she’s really pissed off.  
  • She can speak perfect English without any sign of Polish accent whatsoever. She can also perfectly speak English with very heavy accent.  
  • Getting really pissed off whenever anybody suggests her that she made a gramma error following with her giving a lecture on English grammar
  •  Knowing lyrics to musicals in 4 languages and comparing them? Also this (legit polish musical for kids. this song is about a duck)
  •   “Oh I read this book in original” 
  •  “Why don’t you have a word for that?!”  
  • Arguing with Hilbert in Russian. Also just talking to Hilbert in Russian whenever she’s really, really pissed at Eiffel. (Eiffel finally starts learning it at some point). 
  • All kinds of hybrids of Polish, French and American food? aka. why is there so much cabbage on our thanksgiving 
  • Drinking straight vodka or posh wine (followed by “how is your head so strong?”)  
  • Rolling eyes whenever someone mentions how communism is the best solution to everything 

You ever listen to something enough times that the soundtrack becomes completely linked to the emotion of a scene

Like, not even the full soundtrack sometimes. Sometimes it’s just part of a phrase. But then when you hear it, you get a nice  sucker punch of emotions out of the blue when you were just chillin’ to some music a minute ago. 

I was having a nice productive workday until I switched over to the Wolf 359 soundtrack is what I’m saying.

Lunatic Part IV

Werewolf!AU You x Yoongi

Rated: M smut

Word Count: 3636

Part III | Part V

A/N: Here it is lovelies!  I tried to add some actual wolf part in here and I hope it’s good.  Honestly I expected part four to be the last part but you guys like it so much that I’m already thinking about what to put into part five.  

The day before you left their dorm Jungkook took you out for that walk he promised.  The city was still fairly empty so long as you both wandered around narrow residential streets.  Just like an older brother he questioned you over and over if you were positive about your decision.  Having him patronize you for the better part of 15 minutes was emotionally draining and far from your comfortable chit chat.

“Y/N I just want to be positive that it’s how you really feel about him and not because he said he needs you now.”  Jungkook huffed when you were getting tired of his endless barrage of questioning.  “Mostly it’s because of just how good he is in bed.”  You tried to joke and lift the mood but Jungkook gave you a very disgusted face.    

“Ew you are so nasty.”  He shook his head trying not to see any terrible image he’d rather never think about.  You laugh at his reaction and it reminds you of something you’d wanted to ask.  

“So, um, speaking of that.”  You started and he looked horrified.  “Please no.”  He begged.  “No what?  What do you think I’m going to say?”  You ask.  “I don’t know.  Anything.  Just don’t give me any details or anything.  I really don’t want to know.”  He grimaced and kept trying to keep his mind from wandering.  

“Ew.  Kookie you really think I’m like that?”  You couldn’t believe he would even imagine you giving him the little details of your sex life.  “No I just wanted to ask you how long you stuck around last night.  Like how long were you in the house?”  As you were asking the question Jungkook’s face slowly turned pale.  Now he really was remembering things he had tried so hard to drink away last night.  

He had to stop walking and rub over his face to collect himself.  “Oh god, too long that’s all you need to know.”  He mumbled and tried to pass it off but that only made you embarrassed and more curious.  “Like how long is too long?  How much did you hear?”  He groaned from your question and stepped away but you held onto his arm.

“Oh my god why do you want to know so bad?”  He still tried to brush off your questions but you stand firm.  “Just tell me please?  I just want to know.”  You whine and plead and he finally gives in.  “Fine.  When Suga shut the door I paced the hall in case you screamed or something, not because I wanted to hear anything.  For a few minutes it was totally silent until I heard some tearing sound and you yelped so I got closer to the door to hear if you needed help.  Yoongi said something about birth control and then there was another ripping sound.  After that the two of you started moaning and I had heard enough.  I figured you were okay so I left.  I’ll have you know that I drank quite heavily last night to try and forget about that but you just had to bring it back.”  

Jungkook crossed his arms and turned away leaving you red faced to settle your knew found information.  Having your best friend hear you having sex with his bandmate was just as mortifying as you expected it to be.  “Sorry..”  You said quietly not sure what else you could say in this situation.  “Kookie you’re such a good friend for looking out for me.  I don’t deserve you.”  You linked your arms in one of his and pout for good measure.  

“Yea yea.  You’re right and you owe me.”  He states and you nod.  “I think I can pay for your therapy sessions.”  Finally he laughed with you and the two of you continued your walk.  

When you got back to their dorm everyone but Yoongi had gone out.  The two of you exchange phone numbers after you pack up your things.  He said he’d text you later and you could figure out how to have a date between their busy schedule and you being so far away.    

Jungkook let Yoongi come with you to the train station.  The trip was awkward to say the least.  As soon as you left the house Jungkook threw his arm around your shoulders like he always did.  Yoongi stood on your other side and wrapped his arm around your waist and gave Kookie the death glare until he dropped his arm and walked a bit further away.  


November has finally brought the chill down south.  It’s a very clear night when you’re walking home late from work.  Once again you find yourself watching the gleaming full moon more than watching where you’re going.  Not that you really needed to look.  You’ve walked these streets your whole life.  You could probably find your way home blindfolded.  

It’s been exactly a month since you visited the boys for chuseok.  Since then You and Yoongi had gotten to know each other over text and even one phone call but you still hadn’t had a date.  None the less he was always very attentive to your words and was overall very witty and charming.  

Looking at the moon tonight you couldn’t help but wonder how he was feeling this time.  You hadn’t heard from him in the last two days and you couldn’t help but wonder.  Was he craving your body?  Were you actually feeling a bit jealous that he could possibly be sleeping with other girls without you there?  Well he said it himself that other girls weren’t good enough anymore and you hope that’s true.  

A few blocks away from your house you get an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach.  Your eyes look away from the sky and scan your surroundings.  Everything seems normal but you can’t shake the bad feeling.  The closer you get to your house the more it eats away at you.  It’s drawing you in but making you want to flee at the same time.  Each one of your steps is slower and more calculated.  

Your doorway is finally in sight and you consider making a break for it.  That is until you hear a low growl come from the side street on the other end.  All of your hairs stand on end and you freeze in place.  A large dark form comes around the corner and you almost faint.  The only thing keeping you from blacking out is the two gold eyes staring back at you.  

You recognize them as Yoongi’s right away but actually seeing him in his wolf form makes you too scared to move.  He stops and stands in the light of the street lamp and waits.  It takes you still a few more moments and deep breaths to step forward.  You hadn’t expected him to be quite so large and intimidating.  He was more the size of a lion than a normal wolf.  His back could easily be more than waist high.  

He continues to silently watch you with those piercing eyes.  His breath rolls around his snout in large billows of mist through the frigid air.  Then finally he huffs and starts walking away down the street.  He takes a few steps before turning to look back at you.  You get the hint to follow him and the two of you move forward.  

It’s exhilarating to be following this great beast through the night.  You’re frightened to think about where he might be leading you and if anyone would see him like that.  When you notice that he’s heading farther and farther from the city your panic rises.  Your legs are starting to tire from how far he’s taking you after you’d been at work all day.  

He must’ve noticed your slow in pace because the gap between you has gradually gotten smaller.  The two of you now are only a few feet apart.  You reach a small woodland area and he stops before it slops up in a steep hill.  Your legs protest the thought of having to climb it.  Yoongi sits and looks back at you.  Somewhere you find some courage to approach him.  

He never stops watching you even when you’re right next to him at his shoulder.  He reaches out and tucks his nose under your hand like a docile puppy asking for petting.  You pull back your hand at first because you’re startled but he waits patiently for you to run your hand over his head.  You continue the motion taking in just how warm and soft his thick fur is.  

When he’s pleased enough he uses his front paw to pull you closer.  He points with his nose toward his back as way to tell you to get on.  You hesitate but he persists until you place your legs on either side of his back.  He stands back up and waits for you to settle and get a good hold on his fur.  Then he’s off straight up the hill at a run.  

With his long stride you’re at the top in no time.  He stops at a ledge with a clearing and sits carefully for you to get down.  Once you’re back on your own two feet he moves forward a bit to lay looking out over the edge.  You follow and are stunned by the breathtaking sight of the city below with the moon and stars over it all.  

Yoongi barely takes his eyes away from the sight while you sit beside him.  His stoic beauty only adds to the scenery.  His shimmering eyes soak in every ray of moonlight and make him look positively radiant.  

The two of you sit silently enjoying the moment for a little while until the cold night air is sinking into your bones.  Yoongi doesn’t mind you keeping your hands warm in his thick fur so long as you’re touching him.  

He rises and once again offers for you to get on his back.  If it weren’t for your aching cold body you might have protested but not tonight.  Again he takes off as soon as you are settled.  

The wind whips by and stings at your eyes.  Steam billows around you from his heaving breathing and you can barely make out any of the buildings that fly past your vision.  This time he keeps running until you’re a block away from your house again.  

You walk the rest of the way to your door and he follows along behind.  After punching in the keycode you stand in the doorway waiting for his decision.  You are afraid that the magic of it all might burst and fade as soon as you step inside your house alone.  “You can come in.”  You say through chattering teeth.  

If a wolf could smirk you’re sure that is exactly what you saw.  Yoongi walks right up to you and through the door that you hold open.  You follow and close the door behind you.  He sits patiently a few feet away while you turn on some lights and undo your winter layers.  You stand there awkwardly not sure what to do.  “Um. Can I get you anything?  Water maybe?”  You ask and he nods.  

You both go to your kitchen and you open one of the cupboards.  You go to grab a cup but stop.  “Do you want a cup or a bowl?”  You turn to ask him.  He taps his foot twice on the floor.  “So bowl?”  Again he nods.  You fill the bowl with water and set it on the floor for him.  He drinks it down quickly and you fill it again.  The sight of a huge wolf drinking in the middle of your kitchen is certainly bizarre and unexpected.  

Yoongi continues to quietly follow you around the house while you get ready for bed.  When you’re ready to finally crawl into your sheets he’s there standing in your bedroom doorway unsure if he could come in or not.  “You can sleep here.”  You say patting your pillows.  Your queen size bed would be much cozier tonight with him there.  

He comes in and jumps up onto the bed and it creaks a bit under his weight.  You slip in under the covers next to him and turn the lights off.  Sleep threatens to drag you in the minute your head hits the pillow.  

Then you feel a heavy paw fall over your chest making you look over at him.  Like always you can mostly only see his eyes in the dark but the moon is shining in through the window and you can see most of his face.  

He’s looking at you expectantly and you’re not really sure what he wants.  You try to busy yourself with petting the soft paw.  He leans in to lick your cheek again and as if on instinct you kiss his cheek in return.  Immediately the wolf fades away to show the man and Yoongi is laying naked on your bed.  

“Oh finally.  I thought you’d never kiss me.”  Yoongi smiles.  His lips connect with yours right away in a gentle kiss.  “Sorry for the unannounced visit love.  I just missed you so much.”  He growls the words against your lips before continuing to kiss you.  You let him lead and always grant any advance he asks for.  How did he always make you melt into him so easily?

Somewhere between the heated connection of your lips Yoongi has torn the bedding off of you and replaced it with his own warmth.  He keeps his hips pressed firmly against yours but they are uncommonly still.  In fact compared to the last time Yoongi is much more patient and attentive.  Perhaps running about all night under the moonlight helped him to channel his energy.  

Each movement of his tongue, touch of his fingers, press of his lips is calculated.  He’s memorizing every piece of you and making mental notes about what you like the most.  He catches just how much you quiver in excitement and fear when he trails kisses down your neck.  He even dares to barely graze his teeth along your shoulder muscle just to watch you squeal and squirm.  

Your hands tug tightly in his hair and moan out his name.  It’s a plea for him not to bite you and that only makes it so much more tempting.  He takes in a shuttering breath to control the urge and you’re scared he might really do it.  He lifts himself away with a grunt and comes back to staring into your eyes.  

“What I wouldn’t give to sink my teeth in deep and claim you for good.”  He grumbles lowly.  Both of you tremble from the thought.  You know it must be quite hard for Yoongi to be holding back his instincts to claim you until you’re fully ready.  “Thank you for being patient.”  You whisper and run your fingers through his silvery hair.  

Your gentle words and gesture help ground Yoongi again.  “Anything for you love.”  He whispers back and kisses you again.  He’s right back to taking his time but starts progressing forward.  While he busies your lips, his hands smooth down your waist and slip into your shirt.  His rough fingers rub soothing circles into your hips.  

Gradually they work their way back up, pushing your shirt along.  You sigh into the kiss as he starts to massage each of your breast.  He pushes your shirt over your chest and breaks the kiss to suck a nipple into his mouth.  He takes his time to suck and lick each of them until you’re whining and shifting your hips up against his.  

Yoongi’s hips start moving in time with yours and you’re suddenly reminded that he had been naked the whole time.  You can feel the heat and thickness of his erection through your shorts.  He growls into your skin when your wetness starts seeping through the thin fabric.  The rumble it makes in your chest gives you goosebumps and that’s as far as he can take it.  

With a lewd pop he lets go of your nipple and stares up at you.  His irises are hazy and smoldering.  There is such large contrast from the clear sparkle of earlier that evening.  The intensity of the gaze only heightens the fire coursing through your own veins.  

After one more roll of his hips Yoongi is shuffling down the bed, pulling off your shorts, and tossing them to the side.  You help by doing the same with your shirt.  He comes back to the same position and rolls his hips against you again.  You both hum at the feeling of bare skin on skin.  

“You’re always so wet for me aren’t you pet?”  Yoongi drawls from his length sliding along your folds with no resistance at all.  You can only nod in response.  

He hasn’t even entered you yet and you’re already a panting mess from him rubbing against your clit.  He knows just what he’s doing too.  A smirk plastered across his face as he’s running his tip over your sensitive nub.  

He keeps teasing your clit until you’re begging him for more.  “Ple..Please..Yoongi..”  The words barely make it out and he gives you a cute confused look.  “Please what love?  What do you want?”  He even sounds genuinely concerned like he wasn’t the one making you like this.  “Ah..please..fuck me..”  

Your words break his façade and make him groan.  “Since you asked so nicely dear.”  He says before he slides all the way in with one slow stroke.  The both of you still for a moment.  Neither of you have yet to get used to how incredible it feels to be together.  

Yoongi starts to move but keeps his maddeningly slow pace.  You’re sure that it was the full moon so where had he gotten all of this self control?  With the way his head is dropped forward and he’s biting down hard on his lip you figure it must be sheer will power.  Just to rile him up a little you squeeze tightly around him.  

He snaps in warning and tears a bit into your sheets.  “Don’t test me Y/N.”  He glares up at you again and you gasp.  He makes his point clear with a hard thrust and just like that he starts rocking his hips harshly into yours.  You can feel the bruises on your thighs coming back again but it doesn’t concern you in the slightest.

The only feeling you care about is the continuous abuse to your spot that Yoongi is hitting each and every thrust.  You’re gripping tightly to his back and shoulders to keep yourself anchored from his hips snapping into you.  He hisses from your nails digging into his skin but he’s enjoying the bit of pain.  

Yoongi sits up and barely gives you a second to catch your breath while he throws your legs up straight against his torso.  He wraps his arms around both of your legs and continues pounding into you.  The new angle has you both moaning out loud.  It’s so good you can’t help it this time when you clench around him.  

He moans a bit louder and his hips stutter slightly from your actions but it only drives him to push harder.  He’s chasing his own high and you know he’s not too far off.  

You wonder if he had been reading your mind when his focus shifts back to pleasuring you.  He lets go of one of your legs to reach down and press against your clit.  With each thrust of his hips he bumps into his finger to have it press and rub at your bundle of nerves.  

The electricity burning through you is almost too much to handle.  Your hands uselessly reach to grasp his until your orgasm is rushing over you.  Yoongi isn’t too far behind you from the way you’re quivering and gripping around him like a vice.  It feels honestly so satisfying the way his cum fills you past capacity.  

This time he doesn’t pull out right away but instead he leans over to kiss you first.  Like usual he cleans up everything for you before bringing the covers back over you both.  He pulls you over to lay on his chest and you feel so content.  The two of you look at each other for a while.  His eyes are soft and crystal clear again.  

“So I was hoping that our little walk earlier could constitute as part of a first date.”  Yoongi speaks first.  You giggle a bit at the thought of having a date with a wolf.  “I suppose so.  Do I get more of a first date tomorrow?”  You ask shyly.  He smiles right away, glad to hear your offer.  “Of course love.  We can do whatever you want this time.  I was in a bit of a tight spot tonight.”  

You nod and rest your head back against his chest.  “Did you come all the way here because you were horny?”  You tease figuring that’s what he meant by a tight spot.  He laughs too at being caught.  “Maybe.  It’s just too hard to resist on the full moon.”  He says pleading his case. 

“So should I expect to see you every full moon from now on?”  You ask.  Yoongi tries to decide if your tone meant you wanted that to happen or not.  “Only if that’s okay with you love.”  He figures that’s a safe answer.  “Well I guess I don’t want you to suffer alone.”  You keep teasing and he laughs again.  After that the two of you snuggle into the covers and eventually drift off to sleep.



An Unexpected Journey - Appendices: Dean O’ Gorman’s Audition for Fili.


SCILIAM || Scott x Stiles x Liam || PARENTING 101 || They’re doing it right || S5E01 || TEEN WOLF || No matter what your kid freaks out about, always tell him to stay in the car, where it’s safe.

slow dance scene from Heart as Black as Night by thepsychicclam :D

commission for unashamed-fangirl 

i absolutely love the fic, and although i was very nervous it was amazing to draw for it, thank you dear <333


its still sciles day on the west coast so i didnt miss it >:3c i decided to do a redraw of a trans sciles pic i did last year, and also bc the amazing kat @sleepy-skittles wrote a thanksgiving trans sciles fic for my bday ;_;