so many wires man

thelolzer  asked:

How do you think aliens would react to humans creating artificial life? Would they be impressed by how technologically advanced we are (but somehow still needed to wait for the aliens to come to us instead of just making a ship or two and finding some aliens on our own), or would they see us as some sort of gods, capable of creating life with nothing but wires and metal?

Oh man, there are so many ways you could go about this! 

My personal favorite would have to be aliens being advanced enough to not only have created artificial life too, but to also consider them to be people too, and being very confused at why humans act like they’re just machines. But that might be because I’m very fond of robots.

Aliens being impressed at humanity being advanced enough to create artificial life is good too! Aliens being confused as to how humanity created AI before spaceships. Aliens comparing humanity’s artificial life to their own. Aliens just being very confused as to how advanced, yet primitive humanity is.

And aliens being astounded at AI, that’s really interesting. Aliens borderline worshiping humanity for creating life from metal and circuits, for giving souls to something without their own body. Aliens treating AI just like humans, perhaps giving them special names, since they weren’t born, but made (assuming they’re robots or the like). Aliens being slightly scared of humanity’s sheer power.

Which one of these is your favorite?