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Thought I’d post some pics from my lab this past week!
This wrecked me. It was definitely interesting. And I learned some things about op-amps. But it was a struggle getting there and I still feel like I’m wrong haha

Dusk Till Dawn [Peter Parker]

Summary: You’re finally found after being kidnapped by hydra for 4 months, but with powers.

Words: 1050+

“We found her”

Those were the first and only words Peter needed to hear, he had initially tried to barge past Mr Stark, he wanted- no, needed to be near you after months of you being you being gone without a trace.

None of Tony’s advanced technology could track you, everyone had suspected you were dead until a month ago, they received a video from Hydra confirming that in fact, you were still breathing.

Tony gripped Peter’s wrist, preventing him from making what could possibly be a big mistake and barging into the room you were being held in.

“Look, Peter. She’s not the same girl she was when you last saw her, You saw what Hydra did to Bucky” He says “Y/N doesn’t remember me, there’s a large possibility she may not remember you and we can’t tell what’s going to happen if she freaks out"

“W-what did they do to her?” Peters antsy, he wants to hold you again, for the first time in months. “Does she have powers like Wanda, o-or Bucky?”

Tony shakes his head “We can’t tell just yet, she hasn’t shown any signs of supernatural ability”

Peter was overwhelmed with negative emotion, anger at the people who took you from him and harmed you, sadness thinking about the fact that you were most likely put through large amounts of pain and trials. But a part of him was feeling relief, you were back, even if it wasn’t fully the same girl that left 4 months ago.

“I need to see her, she’ll remember me"

Your eyes widened when he walked in the room, wearing a familiar gray sweater, which happened to be your favourite to steal and black skinny jeans you’d been dreaming about since you’d been taken.

Immediately your eyes began filling with tears and if you weren’t attached to so many wires and tubes you would’ve ran into his arms.

“Hey” He spoke softly, you noticed he wore large bags under his eyes, probably from lack of sleep. You were positive you were the same

Peter wasn’t sure what to do, should he hug you? Hold your hand?

“Hi” You reply, waiting a moment. “Don’t just stand there, i missed you”

Peter only takes a few small steps before he’s besides your bed. For a moment there’s no sounds besides the constant beeping of a heart monitor and if you weren’t so tired you would’ve thrown the nearest object at it.

You know that Tony and probably a few others are outside the door incase you turn all of a sudden and remind yourself to not become overwhelmed.

“You remember me?” Peter asks hesitantly, his voice shaking

“How could i forget the person that kept me sane for the last 4 months, They tried their best to make me hate you, when they realised that wasn’t working they just tried to erase my memory but neither worked” You laugh before wincing as a sharp pain struck your abdomen. “C'mere” You wiggle over, allowing Peter to sit next to you.

“I-i thought i lost you, w-we all thought you were dead” Peter feels himself falling apart, all of the emotion he’d been keeping in from Ned, Tony and whoever else that had asked if he was okay over the last few months was finally showing.

“Baby, I am right here” you take his hand, tracing his knuckles with your thumb. “Let me show you something, but you have to promise not to freak out, I learnt to get it under control”

Peter nods without hesitation and you lift your free hand, focusing on the spree of emotions you were feeling and holding your hand out straight, not even seconds later a blob of water is floating above your hand.

You were purposely trying to distract Peter from the realities of what happened at Hydra, the large amount of pain and torture you’d been put through was indescribable, it was something you never wanted to talk about.

“They gave you waterbending powers?” He asks, staring in amazement at the orb of water ahead of you. Peter thought the orb was beautiful and although he was angry at Hydra for giving you this without permission he couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty in front of him.

“I can do all the elements” In seconds the water is in an empty glass besides you and there’s a small flame playing on your fingertip.

At Hydra they tried to teach you how to use your powers for evil, for months you were forced to go to excessive lengths, doing exactly as they said fearing punishment.

You blow on the flame and it goes out like a light.

“Do you want this?” Peter asks, he hesitantly removes his hand from yours and brushes a strand of hair behind your ear.

You hesitate, thinking about your answer “I don’t know, but i do know that I don’t want to be alone again. I almost didn’t think i was going to see you again”

“You’ll never be alone, I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn” Peter doesn’t have to think twice about those words, he isn’t leaving your side unless it’s necessary

“You know, every night while i was there i would lay in bed and think of one memory i had of you a night” You begin “My favourite was our second date when you took my ice skating and i had to teach you how to skate” you laugh. The blankets rustle slightly underneath you.

“And i feel on my ass maybe four or five times” Peter’s face grows slightly red as he thinks about that night.

You nod, smiling genuinely for what feels like the first time in months “And at the end of the night you asked me to be your girlfriend”

That was also the night you two shared your first kiss. It wasn’t the perfect kiss, your noses may have bumped and your teeth may have clashed slightly but it was everything you could’ve asked for.

Stay With Me - Peter Parker x Reader imagine

Title: Stay With Me
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis: You’re in a car accident and Peter tries to save you.
Word Count: 731
Warning: Car accident so there’s obvs references to blood and stuff. 
A/N: Written for hammernailsandscrewdriver - ‘could you write a Peter x reader where reader is Peter’s girlfriend and reader gets in a car accident and is stuck at the bottom of a huge pile up, but Peter (as Spiderman) can’t get reader out?’

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Why weren’t they using their superpowers if they had their power orbs? Why was Kyungsoo the only one who had a cut on his face? Why is Baekhyun holding up a cat instead of looking for his power orb? Where the hell are they? Why did Suho faint? When is Yixing coming back?

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I love all the prompts, #76 Josh

Send me writing prompts!

76. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

“Who was drunk?” you ask through tear-filled eyes.  “He was drunk?” The words hung thick on your tongue, even after you said them out loud.

The officer shakes his head and adjusts his utility belt.  “No ma’am, the other driver, a twenty two year old male, was drunk at the wheel.”

You squeeze your eyes shut as another influx of tears surface.  You try to fight them back, but your efforts are futile.  You feel Tyler’s firm embrace around your shoulders.  

“Thank you officer,” he says, speaking the words he knows you can’t.

“I need to see him,” you say through choked sobs.  

Tyler nods sympathetically.  His eyes are red-rimmed, as well.  “I know,” he agrees, “we’ll wait here until they give us the okay.”

“I need to see him now, Ty,” you gasp.  “I can’t wait- what if-“ you hiccup, the thought utterly unbearable, but not unrealistic, “what if he dies?”

“He’s gonna be fine,” Tyler says through shaky teeth.  “He’s gonna be fine,” he says again as he leads you to the chairs in the waiting room of the emergency room, you’re not sure who he’s trying to convince.  

It’s an agonizing night.  Eight hours spent on chairs with absolutely no cushion.  At one point you attempt to use Tyler as a cushion, but his shoulders aren’t much better and after a while, your neck starts to kink from leaning over.  You think that you’ve memorized every magazine cover on the table by the time a doctor is walking through the double doors with a clipboard in hand.  

“Family of Joshua Dun?” he says, pulling a scrub cap off as he looks at you and Tyler.

You both stand up in an instant and rush over, despite the tingling in your leg.  

“It was touch and go for a while there,” he clears his throat.  “He lost a lot of blood.  And his lung was torn from the cavity wall.”

Your stomach clenches, hearing this doctor talk about Josh’s insides like they were medical facts.  

“We had to do some serious repairs to his spleen, but we were able to save it.  He’s got broken bones and severe lesions.  The next twenty four hours are going to be critical, but he’s made it through the worst of things.”

You let out a shaky exhale.  That had to be good news right?  Underneath all the grotesque, brutal talk about Josh’s organs was an silver lining.  He had made it through the worst.  

Tyler extends his hand and thanks the doctor.

“Of course, you can go see him now.”

That’s all you needed to hear.  The okay to rush down the hallway.  You waste no time doing so either.  

The CCU was an intimidating place.  You passed an assortment of rooms filled with patients with tubes and neck braces, hooked up to machines breathing for them, all sending shivers up your spine.  

If you thought that was bad, it was nothing compared to the chills you got as you pulled back the curtain to the room with the name J. Dun outside of it.  

At first you thought you had the wrong room, because that couldn’t be Josh.  Not with all the tubes and bandages.  You froze with your hand still on the curtain, your hand covering your open mouth.  Tyler was right behind you, letting out a slight gasp at the sight.  

“Jesus-“ he mumbled.  

You each pulled a chair up to the side of his bed.  At first you were scared to touch him.  There were so many wires and cords you didn’t want to unplug anything or make anything start frantically beeping.  But eventually the space became too much and you reached across the sheets and took his hand in yours.  

His skin was cold and rough.  But as you felt along his palm, the creases were all the same.  

“Hi baby,” you whispered through the sob boiling in your throat. “I’m here.  Tyler and I are both here.”

When you looked over, Tyler was now the one crying.  His head was buried in his free hand.  The other was gripping Josh’s forearm.  

Tyler had been the strong one through all of this madness.  The one to speak with nurses, doctors and the police.  You felt you had to speak up this time.

“You were in an accident,” you choked out.  “A really bad one.  But you’re okay.  The doctors fixed you up, and you’re gonna be fine,” you repeated Tyler’s previous statement with as much confidence as you could gather.  

“Your mom and dad are on their way.  Jordan and your sisters too.  They’ll be here soon.”

You bit your lip, watching Tyler’s sobs wrack his entire body.  He heaved in the chair across from you and you swallowed hard, trying to be the brave one for once.

Your glossy eyes traveled back to Josh.  You watched as his chest rose and fell at a steady, even pace that matched the beat of the monitor hooked up to him.  You tried to breathe with it, too.  But you were too anxious and found your lungs needed to pump faster, which had the opposite effect from calming you down.

“Baby-“ you choked out, unable to contain the tears from falling down your cheeks, “Baby, please..  You need to wake up because I never apologized for deleting that show you DVR’d, or for bleaching your favorite T-shirt.  You need to wake up so you can beat me at Mario Kart some more, and show me that lake you used to swim at as a kid.  You always said you’d take me there.”

The sudden influx of thoughts hit you like a brick wall.  All things you and Josh had planned, your future, all could slip away.

You squeeze his hand, “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you,” you choke on the last words, letting your head fall to the edge of his bed.  It was all too much.

Things got a little more bearable when Josh’s family arrived.  As much as you hated to leave Josh’s side, it gave you a chance to walk around the hospital and stretch your legs.  It gave you a chance to clear your head.

Ashley accompanied you to the cafeteria where you ordered nothing but a black coffee.  You were grateful when she made no comment on your purchase and instead sat in silence at a table closest to the window. You sat and watched the birds outside on the patio picking up scraps of food left on the ground, your coffee was left untouched.  

This became you and Ashley’s routine at the hospital.  Cafeteria trips, black coffee, and the window seat.  

Twelve days passed.  Twelve, desolate, dreary days.  

On the twelfth day, you and Ashley sat in your usual seats, staring at a robin paying particular interest in a french fry when you heard frantic footsteps entering the cafeteria.

You both turned your heads to see Tyler, looking grungy and out of breath.  

He gulps once before offering the news you’d all been waiting for, “he’s awake.“

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Pynch and 20, pretty please?

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pynch & you need to wake up because i can’t do this without you.

He feels his phone vibrating in his pocket, a happy little tune Opal picked out. For a moment, he feels annoyed - anyone who knows him knows that he’s working, and anyone who doesn’t has no business calling. Then he perks up as he realizes it could be Ronan, calling from home. He glances over his shoulder to see Opal playing with Calla, then pulls out his phone. “Hello?” he chirps.

“Uh, Adam.”

For some reason, the tone of Gansey’s voice makes his stomach drop. “Gansey?” he asks. “What is it?”

“It’s Ronan. Come quickly.”

Adam drops the phone.

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Worried sick

I looked at my phone to check the time, it was almost time for me to leave for Kian’s show. I checked my makeup one last time before getting into my car. Before I started driving I pulled out my phone to shoot Kian a text, “Hey baby, I’m leaving now. I’ll see you after your show! Break a leg, I love you😘”
I put my car in drive and started driving to his show. I stopped at a red light, waited for it to turn green and then started going. The car behind me honked, and I kept going unsure why he honked at me. All of a sudden my car was being pushed to the other side of the intersection. I looked up and everything in front of me was blurry, I heard sirens in the far distance and I tried to keep my eyes open until they got there. After a few minutes everything went black.

Kian’s POV
JC and I were on stage doing our skits when my mom all of a sudden was backstage frantically waving at me to come over to her. I knew it had to be important for her to stop the show like this. “Uh hang on guys sorry, my mom needs me real quick, I’ll be right back.” I walked off stage in what felt like slow motion. I knew something terrible had happened by the look on my mom’s face. “What happened?” I asked not sure I wanted to hear the answer. “There’s been an accident, we need to go now.” She didn’t say who but I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. My family was all here. Y/n didn’t make it here before the show started. I took off running to my moms car. She was right behind me, giving me a heartbreaking look. “I’m sorry honey” “is she okay?” I can barely manage to get words out over my tears. “I’m not sure, her parents didn’t say.”
We got to the hospital as fast as possible and I took off running for the doors. I walked in and ran up to the counter “y/n y/l/n is she here? Please tell me she’s okay.” I’m still crying. I can’t believe this is happening, I need her. I’m barely breathing when y/n’s Mom comes out and gives me a hug. She leads me to her room but stops me before I go in. “She’s not awake. She wasn’t awake when the paramedics showed up, she was t-boned going through an intersection. The doctors aren’t sure when she’ll wake up. Luckily her brain is okay, and none of her vital organs were hurt. So once she wakes up she should be perfectly fine.” I kiss her Mom on the cheek and run into the room. I see my baby laying in bed asleep. She’s got so many wires hooked up to her chest and arms that it makes me sick. She’s still got blood on her head from the crash, and cuts all down her arms that have been bandaged up. I pull a chair up next to her bed and grab ahold of her hand. “Baby, it’s me Kian. I’m not sure if you can hear me, but I am begging you to please wake up.” I start crying again as I sit there with my head laying on her arm. “I need you so much, I couldn’t function without you. Pleas y/n you have to be okay. I love you so much.” I looked at her beautiful face and reminisce on the day I asked her to be mine three years ago. I remember the smile on her face as she nervously looked at me waiting for whatever I was going to say. I had only known her a week back then but I knew, even then I knew she was the one. I must have fallen asleep because the nurse tapped me on the shoulder “I brought you a cot, her mom said you could stay as long as you want, let me know if you need anything.” I smiled at her and kissed y/n’s hand. “I love you baby, I’ll be right over there.” I laid down on the cot, and drifted off to sleep. I woke up a little while later and resumed my position next to her bed. I held her hand and whispered into her ear begging her to please just wake up.

Your POV
I can hear someone sniffling and begging me to wake up. I open my eyes and see Kian next to me holding my hand. I look around and don’t recognize where I am. “Kian, What happened?” I asked quietly. “Ow” I groaned “why does it hurt to breathe and talk.” Kian’s head flies up from my hand and he kisses my forehead as he hits the nurse button on my remote. “You were in a car accident baby.” He says gently “but you’re okay.” He kisses my lips gently. “I was so worried, I couldn’t stop crying. The doctors weren’t sure you would wake up..” he trailed off “how long was I asleep?” I asked quietly “a week.” He answered even quieter. The doctors come in and do some tests and finally after a few hours come back and tell me I can go home, as long as someone is there to take care of me. He makes Kian promise that he won’t leave me home alone, and that he’ll call him if even the slightest thing out of the norm happens. Kian shakes his hand and turns to me kissing my cheek. “You heard the man, let’s go home.”

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I really wanted to do something special for this, and I know Core Frisk is usually a lot…darker looking, but a while ago I saw a more bright, golden, glowing version and fell in love with it. (If I ever find the video I’ll post a link to it!) So I took what I had from memory and did some interpreting - I don’t know a lot about Core Frisk, but I figured if she was a sort of battery that kept the Core in their world running, that’d be interesting..? Hence why she’s strung with so many wires and cords. XD

Anyway, I hope you all like it and thank you so much for all of your support so far! ^^

EDIT: Creator of Core Frisk didn’t like that I tagged this as having Core Frisk in it since they think it’s too different from their character, so I’ve removed this tag - replacing it with just “errortale frisk.”


Liam x MC

Riley struggles to keep her eyes open sitting in the back of another ballroom, in another city, wishing with all her heart this royal engagement tour would be over.  Which reminds her…“Maxwell, what happens at the end of the tour?”  She noticed Maxwell and Bertrand eye each other, both shifting uncomfortably, “Uh… well… the…” Maxwell stammers before looking to his brother for help.  Bertrand cleared his throat before stating, matter-of-factly, “at the end of the engagement tour, there is a large celebration in Cardonia…following the wedding.”  He finished the sentence quietly.  Riley’s sat up straight in her chair, her eyes moving quickly but not really looking at anything.  She was calculating how much time she had before the wedding. Before HER love marries another.  


A few days later, on a rare day off from courtly duties, Riley sits in her room attempting to relax before bed.  She turns on the TV hoping for a mind-numbing comedy.  Instead she sees Madeleine and Liam… “Breaking News from Cordonia.  King Liam and his bride-to-be have announced what some would consider the best kind of scandal.”  The film cuts to Madeleine coyly telling the reporters that she was pregnant… with Liam’s child.  Riley felt her heart fall and she fell to her knees with it, dropping the remote.

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Professor Pride Week 29

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: Professor Pride Week 29

Characters: Professor!Pride x Reader, Gibbs, Dog!Tony

Word Count: 1,437

Warnings: fluff

A/N: Next week is the LAST part to this series. So when this is all said and done, give me some feedback? <3 I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3

Series Masterlist

Monday morning, Pride woke up bright and early.  He was more than ready to have you back at home.  All last week he would turn over in bed, hoping to find you next to him, but you weren’t there.  There was an extra pep in his step this morning, knowing that he could finally bring you home.

Pride quickly got dressed, glancing over at the clock.  He wondered if you were awake this early.  Were you waiting for him to come and get you?  He grabbed his keys from the nightstand, pushing off of the bed.  He couldn’t wait anymore.  He needed you here.

The ride home was pleasant for you and Pride.  He was smiling from ear to ear the whole ride home.  You were smiling too, but you were still in a little pain.  Who knew a gunshot wound would hurt so much and for so long?  It didn’t stop you from singing along to the music Dwayne had on in the car.  It felt good to have the wind blow through your hair again.

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Accident - Jason DiLaurentis Imagine

Requested by anonymous

“Hello?” you said, picking up your phone.

“Oh my god, Y/N.”

“Jason? What’s going on?” you asked nervously, hearing the pain in his voice. You had a huge argument with your boyfriend of six months only an hour earlier and you were worried he may have returned to his previous habits.

“Y/N,” Jason moaned again.

“Jason, what is going on?” you asked, as the phone began to break up. “Jason?! Jason!” you shouted but there was no longer an answer. You texted Emily, knowing she was with Jason, or was suppose to be, but she didn’t respond. You had to do something, what if he was hurt? You pulled your phone out again and called Spencer.

“What’s going on?” you asked as she answered.


“Where is Emily?”

“Her and Jason went to his dad’s- wait, didn’t he tell you this?”

“That’s not important, Spencer. Has Emily texted you?”

“No. Wait, she just sent me a SOS,” she said sheepishly. 

“Me too,” you said as your phone buzzed. “I’ll be over in five,” you said as you hung up the phone and grabbed your keys. 

“Hey,” Hanna said when you arrived at Spencer’s house. 

“What’s going on?”

“Y/N,” Aria said, placing a hand on your shoulder. “We don’t know yet, we’re gonna head down to the hospital right now.”

“The hospital?!” you asked desperately. The girls looked at you sympathetically as you followed them to Spencer’s car.

You pulled up to the hospital and rushed in. 

“Jason DiLaurentis,” Spencer said at the front desk. 


You spun around and saw Emily walking towards you.

“Emily, what is going on?” you asked for the third time that night.

“Jason and I went to his dad’s apartment to get the picture. We were on our way back up when the elevator came to a stop. Jason lifted up the doors so I could get out, and once I did, he started to come down when the elevator plummeted to the floor.” You sat there silent for a moment taking in what happened.

“Can- can I see him?” you asked hesitantly. Emily nodded and led you down the hall. You walked through the door Emily indicated and closed it behind you. The girls let you go on by yourself for a while. 

“Emily?” Jason asked hoarsely.

“No, it’s me,” you said, making yourself seen. This as the first time you got to see the damage Jason had and it took your breath away. He was strung up in so many different wires and cords, he could barely move. “Jason,” you whispered to yourself as you walked towards him.

“Did Em call you?” he asked. You nodded. “Good.”

“How do you feel?” you asked, knowing it was a stupid question. He felt like shit, he just fell down an elevator shaft. 

“Not great,” he said bitterly. You sighed and he looked at you concerned. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you said dismissively. You both sat in silence for a while. Spencer came in and saw the uncomfortable tension.

“I was just bringing Jason water,” she said as she swiftly exited the room.

“I’m sorry about earlier,” he said finally breaking the silence. You stood up and looked at him, beginning to pace a bit. You didn’t really wanna talk about this right now.. He placed an arm on your waist and sat you down on the bed next to him. “I know it’s not your fault that A keeps threatening our relationship. It’s - it’s just so hard not being able to do anything to protect you. To protect us. I was way out of hand.” You placed a hand on his chest, and he covered yours with his. “I love you, you know?”

“Yes, Jason. I know. It just felt like you were attacking me, and with A actually attacking me, I needed you to be there for me. I’m sorry about the things that I said. I was so terrified when you called me, and then when it broke off. I thought- I thought you might-”

“You thought I went back to my old ways?” Jason finished. You nodded.

“I know it’s crazy, and I should have more faith in you but, it was the first thing that came to mind. One of the worst things that came to mind as well.”

“It’s not crazy. I understand,” he said with a squeeze of your hand. “But have a little bit more faith in me, babe.”

“I love you, and I have faith in you,” you whispered, leaning over to kiss his soft lips. He flinched slightly and you pulled away. “Sorry.”

“I didn’t say stop,” he said with a laugh. You kissed him quickly but didn’t forget about the pain he was in. You laid down next to him and he shifted slightly so you could both fit. You laid your head on his strong chest and concentrated on his breathing.

“I will kill whoever did this to you,” you said before Jason and you fell asleep.

A/N: Walking Dead reference! Brownie points to whoever gets it! 💜