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imagine skrullz are infiltraing shield, with shape-changing and person mimicking. Imagine clint, who's always had a crush, finally getting up the nerve to talk to coulson, dos so, and finds out it's a skrull. also with Phil having ears everywhere, he heard the whole thing and noe hw knows

At first, Phil fought by trying to regain consciousness. He managed to surface three times and even got out of the holding room once before they caught him and plugged him back in.  Then he tried all the mental techniques SHIELD taught, counting backwards from a thousand and repeating the lyrics to Led Zeppelin songs. But still the Skrull’s devices mined his memories, pulling out all sorts of details to feed to the operative who looked just like Phil.

Then Phil discovered that it was the little details that he could manipulate. While his Skrull self was sleeping, Phil filtered through memories, finding places where they were fuzzy, facts that had grown dim with age.  He sharpened the edges, subtly shifting unimportant points, using the truth to bolster the lie, hoping that the Skrull would trip up.  Until then, all Phil could do was helplessly watch as people he loved were sent into dangerous situations and put at risk.

Clint slammed into the office, blood and grime on his arms, his tac suit ripped across the chest and one thigh.  “What the hell was that?” he challenged. “You aren’t cleared for full field work.”

“Should I have let those people stay trapped?”  Skrull Phil replied.  “Besides, the last doctor’s report was very positive. No need to worry about me anymore.”

When they drew on his memory, it hurt, the mechanical intrusion firing through the synapses to find what they wanted. Phil winced at the pain as his mind filled with Clint, the Skrull trying to determine how to react to the anger.  

“Damn it, Phil, you’re acting reckless.  This isn’t like you.” Clint paused at the end of the desk, leaning on his hands. “I’ve already lost you once, I don’t want to live through that again.”

PHil couldn’t stop the surge of warm emotion so he let it flood the connection and tinged it with regret.  He replayed all his archived versions of Clint’s smile, the curve of his biceps, that laugh where he almost snorted. From there, he slipped into fantasies, the ones so crisp and sharp that might as well has been real. Clint, wet from the rain, drops running down his cheeks, leaning in and brushing his lips across Phil’s.  Then he let the truth color it all, the fact that he couldn’t have Clint, could never take advantage of him that way.

“I don’t plan on dying,” the Skrull said.

“It’s just … things have been weird lately, and I thought … I hoped … “ Clint’s cheeks flushed as he stumbled over his words. “Would you like to grab a cup of coffee? You and me? Like a date?”

A kiss in the rain, a refusal, pining, years of wanting what he couldn’t have. All of it bubbled to the surface.

“We’ve been through this, Barton. I’m your superior and any relationship couldn’t be consensual. I thought it was settled after the kiss in New Mexico.” The Skrull’s voice grew harsh as he walked to the door. “You’re running on adrenaline now, just like then. Go home and sleep it off.”

Phil wasn’t sure what hurt more, the Skrull machinery or the look that flitted across Clint’s face.  

“The kiss in New Mexico,” Clint repeated. “Thought maybe you’d forgotten that. Guess not.” He opened the door, pausing before the Skrull. “I won’t bring it up to you again.”

If he could, Phil would sigh and put his head in his hands. In his tank, hooked to so many wires, Phil could only watch as the Skrull laughed as soon as Clint was gone.


“Phil?” Clint’s voice reached him in the middle of a dark dream. “It’s okay, Phil. I’m here.”

The harsh light made his eyes water, and he squeezed them closed again.

“Come on, Phil. We’ve on the clock; Tony’s patch won’t last long.”

“C … Cl …” His mouth wouldn’t work, his voice rusty and unused. “Clint?”

“Yeah, it’s me.” He smelled like Clint, and Phil forced his eyes open. Fuzzy images came into focus. “Can you walk?”

“I …” Phil looked down at his bare feet and hairy legs; he put weight on one and almost went down before he got his balance. “Yes. I’m damn well walking out of here.”

“Good. Here.” Clint put a gun in Phil’s hand; he clutched it like a lifeline. “Just don’t shoot me, okay?”

They started to the door, Phil gaining strength with every step.  Shivering in the cold air, Phil was glad he had on boxers and a t-shirt at least. He could have been naked and that would be awkward.

“When this is over and we’ve kicked every Skrull’s ass, we’re going for coffee,” Phil said as they paused to check the hallway for hostiles.

“Now there’s the Phil I know and love.” Clint turned red as he realized what he’d said. “Not that I .. I mean … “

“And by coffee, I mean dinner and a nightcap and then breakfast in the morning,” Phil clarified.

“Sounds like a plan,” Clint agreed.

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I really wanted to do something special for this, and I know Core Frisk is usually a lot…darker looking, but a while ago I saw a more bright, golden, glowing version and fell in love with it. (If I ever find the video I’ll post a link to it!) So I took what I had from memory and did some interpreting - I don’t know a lot about Core Frisk, but I figured if she was a sort of battery that kept the Core in their world running, that’d be interesting..? Hence why she’s strung with so many wires and cords. XD

Anyway, I hope you all like it and thank you so much for all of your support so far! ^^

EDIT: Creator of Core Frisk didn’t like that I tagged this as having Core Frisk in it since they think it’s too different from their character, so I’ve removed this tag - replacing it with just “errortale frisk.”

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What do you wish you had First-Year during move-in, and what did you wish that you left at home? I'm trying to pack/shop and I'm finding it super overwhelming!

WOW. It’s almost a year since I moved into college. Dang time flies. Anyways, I made a quick compilation of things I wish I brought/wish I
didn’t bring.

DISCLAIMER: This list will vary for your different colleges you all are going to. Of course, you can tweak this list to your needs and this list should not be set in stone! For my college, we have free printing and irons provided in the laundry room, and we are not allowed to loft beds or use nails (so therefore I did not bring a toolkit), and we did not have access to cable, so check with your college to see what is available at your school!

Things I wish I brought with me during move in day (obviously other than essentials)

  1. Duct tape/packing tape: holy shat this is vry important and you will need this.  I didn’t have enough so it was a real struggle, but it’s really important so that my plastic shelves would stay in place and so I could tape all my wires to the walls so they will stay hidden. Also later on, if something falls apart, that tape fixes all.  Also YOU WILL NEED DIS MOVING OUT NIGHT FOR SURE. 
  2. PAPER TOWELS/CLEANING SPRAY: Dorm rooms are very dust. Very gross. Bring it
  4. More snacks: I actually didn’t think about packing snacks, but I got REALLY hungry later that night. I remember that they provided meals that day but I was so nervous/anxious I didn’t eat any of the meals.  So after initiation (lol) that night, I was STARVING. Move in day is exhausting so make sure you have some food in your room. 
  5. Real obvi if ur a female, but tampons/pads. I completely forgot my stash at home, so I had to awkwardly ask a new person I met for the first time for a tampon, but it’s ok bcuz we are friends now, but still. And then I had to trek to CVS. 
  7. Scissors: If you wanna make little signs/decorations for your room and make it all artsy fartsy bring scissors. And paper. Cute paper. BUT SCISSORS WILL MAKE INSTANT FRIENDS. 
  8. Sunglasses: I brought mine, but I want to STRESS how important it is to have them with you at all times. I wore mine all day to avoid awkward moments when people catch me staring at them. Also they always make you go outside move in day/ orientation so if u don’t wanna be squinting all the time bring them. Just bring them. 
  9. ID holder thingy (coinpurse or small plastic slot thing): You can either buy the plastic thing at the bookstore or bring your own coin purse. You actually don’t know how many people lose their student ids the first week. 
  11. A nicer/dressier outfit: Move in day/move in week = a lot ceremonies at many colleges.
  12. Straight up ca$h money. Thank me later.
  13. I can’t really think of anything else so I’ll add later when I do think of more things, but if you want be to do an essential dorm packing list lmk via message. 

THINGS U DON”T RLY NEED WHATSOEVER JUS DONT BRING IT PLZ: (didn’t bring most of these items but my friends did and i wuz like wtf)

  2. printer: that shit’s expensive to replace all the ink and stuff when it’s FREE at the lib. Srsly, spend your $$$ on something else. 
  3. Keurig: Just because everyone got one for their graduation presents doesn’t mean you need one. And your roommate will probably have one. 
  4. Tool kit: This one doesn’t even make sense but a lot of beauty gurus always stress how ESSENTIAL it is. No. never. Never did I regret not getting a toolkit. 
  5. Iron: wut.
  6. 10,000 pens/pencils (vry guilty of this) NOPE. Just ended up losing all of them or never opening packs. Just get a pack and be responsible. 
  7. Notebooks (vry guilty as well): For some reason, I thought that bringing 8 notebooks was reasonable???? Nope. Just bring 3 or 4. Something called laptops. 
  8. High heels: BOSTON COBBLESTONE+MY HEELS=NEVER AGAIN. Just bring a pair and that’s it. 
  9. Bread: Don’t ask me why I thought it was a good idea to bring a loaf of bread??? 
  10. those little bath and body work plug in scent things: NO. YOUR ROOM IS SMALL SO POTENT SCENTS WILL CAUSE SUFFOCATION. RLY. SO BAD> 
  11. Absolute junk: don’t live in the past. Don’t be a hoarder and give up some things. Your room and your roommate will thank you. 
"If you love me let me go" (Sammy Wilk imagine)

BTW I love stassie (think that’s correct) and I got this idea from another imagine so I wanted to write it about a different person and change it up so shout out to you and I hope you enjoy lovelies have a good day!

Here I am again for the third time this week waiting for Sam to get home. Every time he’s out this late I go to bed, but I’m done with his lying and staying out and ignoring me. Its currently 3am and I’m getting really tired but I pull through knowing he’ll be home soon. While I waited for his arrival I turned on PLL and grabbed some cookies and a bottle of water and enjoyed a mini Netflix marathon to distract me from getting angry before I found out the truth of what’s going on.

As I watch my show I hear the door shut softly probably him thinking if he’s quiet I won’t hear him and his ass will be saved till tomorrow. Tricks on him! I hurried and threw everything on the floor as quietly as I could as he made his way upstairs and to our bedroom. And rolled over to act like I was asleep.

When he walked in the room I heard him sigh seeing that I was asleep and he climbed into bed. He rapped his arms around me and right as his hand touched me I asked,“so care to tell me where you were? You ignored my calls and texts and everything you’ve been doing is sketchy ”

“(Y\N ) would you MIND for one night not being in MY business, if I wanted to talk to you I would of called you back, so fuck off would you”



By the time he said yes I had a suitcase out and was throwing my stuff in there. Believe it or not his words hurt like hell so if I’m such a bitch I guess I should leave and his new friend can live with him. I was way beyond done and my vision was beyond blurry and I could hardly see what I was doing. But there was no way I was staying with him besides after his last words to me he just went out to the couch and ignored me and acted like everything was just perfect. When I was done packing I put all my stuff in the trunk of my car and went inside and said, “I’ll come by tomorrow to get the rest of my belongings so please don’t be here between 2-4. Thank you!”. And with that I got in my car and drove off to the Jack’s place since that was the only place I could think to go to.

On the way to their house I glanced at the time and saw it was 6am and turned on the radio to distract my mind, and to help me stay awake for the next 15 minutes of my drive. That’s until mine and Same song came on the radio then the tears fell down again as I belted out the lyrics and read the letter he wrote me when we first started dating, then suddenly I heard a horn and car breaks and blood everywhere.


I was hanging with the guys and told them the story and they were all pretty ticked with me and I couldn’t blame them I felt pretty guilty and didn’t mean what I said. I was worried sick and I tried to call her but everything went straight to voice mail even when the others tried to call her. Then while me and the guys where talking I heard my phone ring and everyone went quiet and I answered and put the phone on speaker phone mode. “Hello?” “Hi, I’m calling for a Sammy Wilkinson this is the Petersburg hospital”, said the random on the other line. “ This is he.” “Oh good, well kind of, I’m calling because your girlfriend so I suppose considering the note that was beside her, is in the hospital in very bad condition her name is (y\f\n) (y\l\n), I’m sorry but she also lost both babies” ,and with that they hung up and everyone started crying but me I felt so emotionless.


As we sat in the waiting room no one dared to talk we all silently sat there with blank expressions when finally Johnson says, “bro, she was pregnant? With twins?”. And everyone’s eyes turned to me. “ I didn’t know anything about it I swear”, I sigh realizing she probably didn’t tell me because she wanted to know what was going on with us first.

“(Y\f and l\n) family and friends are now welcome to visit her at any moment, she’s in room 415 on the third floor”, said who I’m guessing is (y\n)’s nurse. I got up and ran to the elevator the guys following closely behind and we all got on the elevator. By us all I mean Nate, the Jacks, Dillon, Hayes,Tez, Swazz ,and a few more including (y\n)’s best friend Andrea Russet a good friend of mine too. Anyways when we got to the third floor we all ran trying to find room 415. After the search we found it and when I walked in it was like my worst nightmare.

She looked so dead and lifeless and she was pale and her lips were blue. She looked like she had lost so much weight which isn’t good because she was tiny before this. She had so many wires hooked to her including a oxygen pump and much more. An IV poked out of her arm and I pulled up a chair and took ahold of her hand and cried this feeling away.

“ hello I’m Tracy! I’m (y\n)’s nurse so I have good and bad new, the good news I can wake (y\n) up right now, but the bad news is she is paralyzed from her waist down and has two broken ribs so…let’s do this”, and when she said that my eyes widened huge and I looked around the room and saw everyone had the same reaction. I watched closely as Tracy did her thing and talked to (y\n) and (y\n) slowly opened he eyes and she laid their lifeless. The nurse explained he condition and explained about losing the babies and she just sat there and nothing came out, no tears, nothing. Then she looked up at me and the guys and said the last thing I thought she would with all the support, “Sammy you best leave and everyone else to I need a new start please if you love me let me go” without questions I just walked out the guys following walking right past me and Andrea came out and started crying and slapped me hardnand left.

Part 2?

Knife- Greg Lestrade

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You groaned trying to move but so many tubes and wires were attached to you, you could barely move. An odd strangles groan escaped your throat as you attempted to take in as much air as you good, but the unusual sensation of the tubes around you make it hard to think straight.

A cough slipped past your lips instantly gaining the attention of the man who was half asleep in the chair next to your bed.

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It’s okay.
I’m okay.
But I’ve decided it’s too much.
But I’m not. I’m not enough. I’m wrong. There is so much in me, so many things wired wrong. I was made wrong. I was born wrong.
I’m giving up having a personality. I’m giving up my identities. I don’t want to be anything. I don’t want a name. I don’t want a gender or a sexuality or interests I just want to give up.
I’ve survived things I shouldn’t have. I shouldn’t be here. I’m not supposed to be.
I have a horrible horrible illness and it won’t rest until the ones I love leave me for good. You should. I’m in your way. There’s so much wrong with me.
I don’t want to feel good. I don’t want to talk it out. I don’t deserve anything anymore. I am disgusting. There’s nothing that’s right about me. I ruined everything, and then some more. I feel sick.
The sun has set. Goodnight.

Accident - Jason DiLaurentis Imagine

Requested by anonymous

“Hello?” you said, picking up your phone.

“Oh my god, Y/N.”

“Jason? What’s going on?” you asked nervously, hearing the pain in his voice. You had a huge argument with your boyfriend of six months only an hour earlier and you were worried he may have returned to his previous habits.

“Y/N,” Jason moaned again.

“Jason, what is going on?” you asked, as the phone began to break up. “Jason?! Jason!” you shouted but there was no longer an answer. You texted Emily, knowing she was with Jason, or was suppose to be, but she didn’t respond. You had to do something, what if he was hurt? You pulled your phone out again and called Spencer.

“What’s going on?” you asked as she answered.


“Where is Emily?”

“Her and Jason went to his dad’s- wait, didn’t he tell you this?”

“That’s not important, Spencer. Has Emily texted you?”

“No. Wait, she just sent me a SOS,” she said sheepishly. 

“Me too,” you said as your phone buzzed. “I’ll be over in five,” you said as you hung up the phone and grabbed your keys. 

“Hey,” Hanna said when you arrived at Spencer’s house. 

“What’s going on?”

“Y/N,” Aria said, placing a hand on your shoulder. “We don’t know yet, we’re gonna head down to the hospital right now.”

“The hospital?!” you asked desperately. The girls looked at you sympathetically as you followed them to Spencer’s car.

You pulled up to the hospital and rushed in. 

“Jason DiLaurentis,” Spencer said at the front desk. 


You spun around and saw Emily walking towards you.

“Emily, what is going on?” you asked for the third time that night.

“Jason and I went to his dad’s apartment to get the picture. We were on our way back up when the elevator came to a stop. Jason lifted up the doors so I could get out, and once I did, he started to come down when the elevator plummeted to the floor.” You sat there silent for a moment taking in what happened.

“Can- can I see him?” you asked hesitantly. Emily nodded and led you down the hall. You walked through the door Emily indicated and closed it behind you. The girls let you go on by yourself for a while. 

“Emily?” Jason asked hoarsely.

“No, it’s me,” you said, making yourself seen. This as the first time you got to see the damage Jason had and it took your breath away. He was strung up in so many different wires and cords, he could barely move. “Jason,” you whispered to yourself as you walked towards him.

“Did Em call you?” he asked. You nodded. “Good.”

“How do you feel?” you asked, knowing it was a stupid question. He felt like shit, he just fell down an elevator shaft. 

“Not great,” he said bitterly. You sighed and he looked at you concerned. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you said dismissively. You both sat in silence for a while. Spencer came in and saw the uncomfortable tension.

“I was just bringing Jason water,” she said as she swiftly exited the room.

“I’m sorry about earlier,” he said finally breaking the silence. You stood up and looked at him, beginning to pace a bit. You didn’t really wanna talk about this right now.. He placed an arm on your waist and sat you down on the bed next to him. “I know it’s not your fault that A keeps threatening our relationship. It’s - it’s just so hard not being able to do anything to protect you. To protect us. I was way out of hand.” You placed a hand on his chest, and he covered yours with his. “I love you, you know?”

“Yes, Jason. I know. It just felt like you were attacking me, and with A actually attacking me, I needed you to be there for me. I’m sorry about the things that I said. I was so terrified when you called me, and then when it broke off. I thought- I thought you might-”

“You thought I went back to my old ways?” Jason finished. You nodded.

“I know it’s crazy, and I should have more faith in you but, it was the first thing that came to mind. One of the worst things that came to mind as well.”

“It’s not crazy. I understand,” he said with a squeeze of your hand. “But have a little bit more faith in me, babe.”

“I love you, and I have faith in you,” you whispered, leaning over to kiss his soft lips. He flinched slightly and you pulled away. “Sorry.”

“I didn’t say stop,” he said with a laugh. You kissed him quickly but didn’t forget about the pain he was in. You laid down next to him and he shifted slightly so you could both fit. You laid your head on his strong chest and concentrated on his breathing.

“I will kill whoever did this to you,” you said before Jason and you fell asleep.

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Without you I’m nothing- Yoongi angst

I would like to request a really angsty Yoongi and it either somehow ends really fluffy or its a sad and painful angst end. Thank you. Xxx

A/N: To the anon who requested this. I hope you are happy. I cried writing this. XDDD

Yoongi stood there, in your hospital room, staring at your sleeping figure, and he couldn’t stop the tears from forming in his eyes. You were pale, your skin seemed stretched over your body, your frame looked frail and weak, there were purple circles under your eyes, and your lips were pale and chapped. He watched your body, hooked onto so many different machines and wires and liquids, he didn’t even know what three quarters of them were all for.

He was no doctor, but he knew having so many things connected to you at once meant nothing good, and his heart ached at the thought of it. He felt weak, he felt worthless. It was just now that he realized how small he was, how he was one small man, all alone, against the vast immensity and power of the universe. He was nothing. He had no power.

At moments like these, he scoffed when he heard someone tell him how lucky he was, how happy he must be, being an idol, seeing the world, and earning so much money, because not even all the money in the world, would be able to stop the inevitable avalanche of disasters that were about to come his way.

The only comfort he had now, was listening to your heart beat, and knowing that, at least for now, you were still there, still with him, but he knew that wouldn’t last long, and he feared the moment it would all end. He knew he wasn’t strong enough to carry on with life without you. You were his life.

Yoongi had always known you were sick, he knew your body was weak, and your health was poor, but he was drawn in by your smile, that held such love and happiness behind it, so much life radiated from you, almost as if you didn’t care that you were dying.

He never really gave much thought about what would happen to him when you died, because he had already fallen, the moment his eyes laid on you, and he didn’t want to think about the pain before it arrived. He now regretted his mistake, knowing he should have prepared himself for the agony his heart was feeling.

You had always told him you didn’t want him to treat you as if you were dying, you wanted him to love you just the way you were, you wanted to live your life to the fullest, without worrying about tomorrow.

“Death is but the next great adventure!” You quoted Dumbledore to him, smiling brightly, and he agreed, even though a knot tied in his stomach the moment you said those words.

He knew you couldn’t study, or work, your body was too weak for that, so he often had you at the studio, writing songs with you and for you, and hearing the music he made. You became his muse, all of his words flowed perfectly when he had you near, when he thought about you, because finally all of the words of love were sincere.

The boys disagreed with his decision of dating you, even though they too had grown to love you, because they knew he would be destroyed once you were gone, and they knew you would leave, even though Yoongi refused to see it.

He tried, really hard, to imagine a world without you, but that would be like asking someone to imagine a world without the sun, a world without air, a world without music. It just wasn’t right. It didn’t make sense.

He watched you stir slightly in your bed, sitting up slightly, opening your eyes, and smiling at him weakly. Yoongi wiped his tears quickly, and returned your smile with a gummy one of his own. You pressed the button to call the nurse, feeling slightly dizzy and faint.

“I think it’s time…” You whispered, feeling inside you Heaven was calling for you. Yoongi choked on air, and nodded, grabbing your hand tightly in his, and kissing the knuckles on it repeatedly. Tears began to roll wildly down his face. He didn’t usually cry, but right now he wasn’t the man he used to be, you had changed him.

“Will you stay with me?” You asked him, your eyesight becoming blurry. So you focused on his face, trying to remember every single one of his features to take it with you to the afterlife.

“I promise” he choked out, his tears running down his cheeks and nose, his eyes red and puffy, and his voice hoarse.

You gently wiped his tears with your thumbs, still smiling, although your eyes started tearing up.

“Don’t cry… I’ll be fine. I’m not scared Yoongi.” You assured him, although something inside you shifted when you said that. He nodded, and kissed your lips, once, twice, three times, trying to remember the way they felt, the way they tasted.

“I love you Y/N… Never forget that. I love you. I’ll stay here until the end.” He promised, kissing you once again, before resting his forehead against yours.

The nurse came in, and injected something into you, to sedate you, so you wouldn’t feel it when you passed. She looked at you with sadness in her eyes, and she wondered once again, why she had ever chosen this job.

“I love you too Yoongi, more than life itself. Thank you.” You told him, smiling, a tear rolling down your face, over your lips.

“For what?” he asked, his voice gruff.

“For teaching me what true love is. For making me happy in my last moments. I love you Yoongi…. I love you.” You replied, your eyes fluttering shut, as things started to become dark.

“I love you Y/N…” He replied, trying to stay strong for you, but the moment your hand’s grip lessened, and the monitor flatlined, he lost all his cool. He knew you couldn’t hear him anymore but he screamed out for you, holding onto your hand.

“Y/N? Y/N! Y/N PLEASE DON’T GO! Y/N PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME! I NEED YOU! PLEASE Y/N I NEED YOU! PLEASE DON’T GO!” He yelled, tears now rolling out of his eyes so quickly his vision had become blurry. A couple of doctors had to come in to drag him out of the room, while he screamed and fought against them, trying to push his way back into the room. His heart broke. His soul left his body, and he no longer recognized himself.

Without you, he was nothing. He was less than half the man he used to be. Without you there was no life, no hope, no music. He dropped to the floor, on his knees, a loud how of pain leaving his throat, as the tears hit the cold marble floor. He clutched at his chest, where his heart had been ripped from, and silently he made you a promise.

“I will be there with you soon.” He thought to himself. Because without you, living wasn’t worth it at all. Without you, nothing had a meaning. Without you, he was already dead.