so many wires

Okay, but let’s not forget:

  • Carlos getting a brilliant start and hanging onto P6
  • Checo just calmly cruising to P7
  • Felipe making up TEN PLACES to finish in P8 from P18
  • Jenson in the points again in P9
  • Dany setting the fastest lap of the race and finishing in the points in P10
  • Esteban almost in the points in P11 after starting P16

Please make dua for my grandfather, he is the base of the structure of our whole family along with my grandmother. He isn’t breathing on his own, there’s just so many cables and wires stuck to him idk what to do but ask for your prayers.

Trying to sort through 20+ years of video game paraphernalia. Alistair is “helping”. 

… there is no way this ends with everything cleaned, organized, and ready to list on eBay. This ends when I decide to “test” Super Mario Bros. 3 and hours later my husband finds me in my study, cursing at Koopas.

A throw back to exactly one year ago! I was working with some seriously beautiful stones! I can’t wait until all the Arizona gem shows next year. I’m going to stock up on so many pretties for wire wrapping! 💕

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Meet Pretzel the Quetzal!

I had wanted to post this when I finished the pattern for it, but unfortunately that’s taking a lot longer than I thought. Lots of errors and other problems. *sigh*

I wasn’t happy with the other quetzalcoatlus I made, and wanted to make one that looked similar to the one in ARK. Goal achieved! Best part is that he’s pose-able in so many ways, even without wires. =]

EDIT: The pattern is now up on Ravelry!

DIY Wire Wrapped Leather Bracelet Tutorial from Unfortunately Oh! If you read my blog you already know that I post so many wire DIYs because wire is cheap and easy to use. TIP: Practice on cheap wire if you’re making something more complicated, then if it’s a special piece you can use more expensive wire (silver, copper etc…).

Knife- Greg Lestrade

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You groaned trying to move but so many tubes and wires were attached to you, you could barely move. An odd strangles groan escaped your throat as you attempted to take in as much air as you good, but the unusual sensation of the tubes around you make it hard to think straight.

A cough slipped past your lips instantly gaining the attention of the man who was half asleep in the chair next to your bed.

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Jay had been sleeping when the call came. Lily had been attacked. She had just come out of surgery and was in intensive care now. Jay tumbled out of bed and got dressed. A mantra of “She’s okay. She has to be okay,” passing his lips nearly inaudible.

He found someone to give him a ride to the hospital, though now he’s not sure who that was. Jay rushed to the nurses station to get the room number. He took the stairs two at a time, not risking an elevator ride. When Jay found the room he stopped. There she was. She looked so small on the bed and there were so many machines, tubes, and wires surrounding her. He quietly opened the door and walked in. Jay headed straight for the bed. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Hey, you’re gonna be fine. I know it,” he whispered, more to assure himself than anything.

Lily had been lucky to survive the attack, and to be rushed to the hospital in enough time. It just seems wrong and jarring even for Lily herself, for her to be like this so sick and weak. She’s normally so full of life and energy. Her teal hair a stark contrast to her pale face.

She’s semi concious when Jay enters the room, she smiles a little hearing his words “I’m a fighter… like my dad” she said, her voice soft, and hardly audible over the machines. A poor attempt at a joke, her dad had only pulled through because her mother had saved him. But she wants to reassure him that she’ll be okay, or at least that’s what she hopes.

I’m part of a Facebook group for trail runners in Northern Utah, and it’s hunting season which means the group is a mess of safety reports. The reports are a good thing, but what baffles me is how many people are commenting saying that it is inappropriate to discuss the actions of hunters lest anyone think anything negatively about them. Like, there are literally people shooting guns on trails that see hundreds of runners and cyclists a day? Hunters are leaving entrails on the sides of trails in mountain lion, coyote, and bear infested hills? In the middle of a city of 2 million? We’re going to be talking about this people, regardless of your attempts to stifle conversation.