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I really wanted to do something special for this, and I know Core Frisk is usually a lot…darker looking, but a while ago I saw a more bright, golden, glowing version and fell in love with it. (If I ever find the video I’ll post a link to it!) So I took what I had from memory and did some interpreting - I don’t know a lot about Core Frisk, but I figured if she was a sort of battery that kept the Core in their world running, that’d be interesting..? Hence why she’s strung with so many wires and cords. XD

Anyway, I hope you all like it and thank you so much for all of your support so far! ^^

EDIT: Creator of Core Frisk didn’t like that I tagged this as having Core Frisk in it since they think it’s too different from their character, so I’ve removed this tag - replacing it with just “errortale frisk.”

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All this talk of a holy!Kurama is getting my wires crossed in the best and weirdest ways. Kurama who wears a habit and can't go into a church. Kurama with a shrine. Now thinking of Kurama in a kannushi outfit. Now thinking of Kurama the grumpy traveling warrior monk who isn't all that great at being a monk. Who either talks down, exorcizes, or kills demons or spirits and gains a rather diverse following of humans, half-humans, spirits, and demons. So many wires crossing... X.x

xDD All brilliant ideas, I love it. 

Knife- Greg Lestrade

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You groaned trying to move but so many tubes and wires were attached to you, you could barely move. An odd strangles groan escaped your throat as you attempted to take in as much air as you good, but the unusual sensation of the tubes around you make it hard to think straight.

A cough slipped past your lips instantly gaining the attention of the man who was half asleep in the chair next to your bed.

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Without you I’m nothing- Yoongi angst

I would like to request a really angsty Yoongi and it either somehow ends really fluffy or its a sad and painful angst end. Thank you. Xxx

A/N: To the anon who requested this. I hope you are happy. I cried writing this. XDDD

Yoongi stood there, in your hospital room, staring at your sleeping figure, and he couldn’t stop the tears from forming in his eyes. You were pale, your skin seemed stretched over your body, your frame looked frail and weak, there were purple circles under your eyes, and your lips were pale and chapped. He watched your body, hooked onto so many different machines and wires and liquids, he didn’t even know what three quarters of them were all for.

He was no doctor, but he knew having so many things connected to you at once meant nothing good, and his heart ached at the thought of it. He felt weak, he felt worthless. It was just now that he realized how small he was, how he was one small man, all alone, against the vast immensity and power of the universe. He was nothing. He had no power.

At moments like these, he scoffed when he heard someone tell him how lucky he was, how happy he must be, being an idol, seeing the world, and earning so much money, because not even all the money in the world, would be able to stop the inevitable avalanche of disasters that were about to come his way.

The only comfort he had now, was listening to your heart beat, and knowing that, at least for now, you were still there, still with him, but he knew that wouldn’t last long, and he feared the moment it would all end. He knew he wasn’t strong enough to carry on with life without you. You were his life.

Yoongi had always known you were sick, he knew your body was weak, and your health was poor, but he was drawn in by your smile, that held such love and happiness behind it, so much life radiated from you, almost as if you didn’t care that you were dying.

He never really gave much thought about what would happen to him when you died, because he had already fallen, the moment his eyes laid on you, and he didn’t want to think about the pain before it arrived. He now regretted his mistake, knowing he should have prepared himself for the agony his heart was feeling.

You had always told him you didn’t want him to treat you as if you were dying, you wanted him to love you just the way you were, you wanted to live your life to the fullest, without worrying about tomorrow.

“Death is but the next great adventure!” You quoted Dumbledore to him, smiling brightly, and he agreed, even though a knot tied in his stomach the moment you said those words.

He knew you couldn’t study, or work, your body was too weak for that, so he often had you at the studio, writing songs with you and for you, and hearing the music he made. You became his muse, all of his words flowed perfectly when he had you near, when he thought about you, because finally all of the words of love were sincere.

The boys disagreed with his decision of dating you, even though they too had grown to love you, because they knew he would be destroyed once you were gone, and they knew you would leave, even though Yoongi refused to see it.

He tried, really hard, to imagine a world without you, but that would be like asking someone to imagine a world without the sun, a world without air, a world without music. It just wasn’t right. It didn’t make sense.

He watched you stir slightly in your bed, sitting up slightly, opening your eyes, and smiling at him weakly. Yoongi wiped his tears quickly, and returned your smile with a gummy one of his own. You pressed the button to call the nurse, feeling slightly dizzy and faint.

“I think it’s time…” You whispered, feeling inside you Heaven was calling for you. Yoongi choked on air, and nodded, grabbing your hand tightly in his, and kissing the knuckles on it repeatedly. Tears began to roll wildly down his face. He didn’t usually cry, but right now he wasn’t the man he used to be, you had changed him.

“Will you stay with me?” You asked him, your eyesight becoming blurry. So you focused on his face, trying to remember every single one of his features to take it with you to the afterlife.

“I promise” he choked out, his tears running down his cheeks and nose, his eyes red and puffy, and his voice hoarse.

You gently wiped his tears with your thumbs, still smiling, although your eyes started tearing up.

“Don’t cry… I’ll be fine. I’m not scared Yoongi.” You assured him, although something inside you shifted when you said that. He nodded, and kissed your lips, once, twice, three times, trying to remember the way they felt, the way they tasted.

“I love you Y/N… Never forget that. I love you. I’ll stay here until the end.” He promised, kissing you once again, before resting his forehead against yours.

The nurse came in, and injected something into you, to sedate you, so you wouldn’t feel it when you passed. She looked at you with sadness in her eyes, and she wondered once again, why she had ever chosen this job.

“I love you too Yoongi, more than life itself. Thank you.” You told him, smiling, a tear rolling down your face, over your lips.

“For what?” he asked, his voice gruff.

“For teaching me what true love is. For making me happy in my last moments. I love you Yoongi…. I love you.” You replied, your eyes fluttering shut, as things started to become dark.

“I love you Y/N…” He replied, trying to stay strong for you, but the moment your hand’s grip lessened, and the monitor flatlined, he lost all his cool. He knew you couldn’t hear him anymore but he screamed out for you, holding onto your hand.

“Y/N? Y/N! Y/N PLEASE DON’T GO! Y/N PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME! I NEED YOU! PLEASE Y/N I NEED YOU! PLEASE DON’T GO!” He yelled, tears now rolling out of his eyes so quickly his vision had become blurry. A couple of doctors had to come in to drag him out of the room, while he screamed and fought against them, trying to push his way back into the room. His heart broke. His soul left his body, and he no longer recognized himself.

Without you, he was nothing. He was less than half the man he used to be. Without you there was no life, no hope, no music. He dropped to the floor, on his knees, a loud how of pain leaving his throat, as the tears hit the cold marble floor. He clutched at his chest, where his heart had been ripped from, and silently he made you a promise.

“I will be there with you soon.” He thought to himself. Because without you, living wasn’t worth it at all. Without you, nothing had a meaning. Without you, he was already dead.

Okay, but let’s not forget:

  • Carlos getting a brilliant start and hanging onto P6
  • Checo just calmly cruising to P7
  • Felipe making up TEN PLACES to finish in P8 from P18
  • Jenson in the points again in P9
  • Dany setting the fastest lap of the race and finishing in the points in P10
  • Esteban almost in the points in P11 after starting P16

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“A memory I have about Haruhi?  I have so many memories of my little girl.  Perhaps one of my favorite memories was a rare moment that I was awake enough on a day off to spend time with her after school.  I tried to help her with her homework, but she didn’t need it.  After she was done, we ended up putting on the radio and singing songs until we laughed.  We made dinner together and eventually fell asleep on the dinning room floor,”  Ranka took a moment to think, “As far as a memory that makes me angry? Kotoko had been in the hospital for a few weeks when I got the news from the doctor.  She was undergoing so many tests and so many wires and tubes were hooked up to her.  But the doctor said there was a slim chance that she was going to make it.  I was so angry!  Why couldn’t I have stopped this?”  It was a rare moment that Ranka was trying to keep his voice down from the anger, “I should have been able to protect her!  It isn’t like I had not protected her before!  Of all the things we should have been able to accomplish, a long life together was key to our success.  And I couldn’t do anything to help her!”

Trying to sort through 20+ years of video game paraphernalia. Alistair is “helping”. 

… there is no way this ends with everything cleaned, organized, and ready to list on eBay. This ends when I decide to “test” Super Mario Bros. 3 and hours later my husband finds me in my study, cursing at Koopas.


Jay had been sleeping when the call came. Lily had been attacked. She had just come out of surgery and was in intensive care now. Jay tumbled out of bed and got dressed. A mantra of “She’s okay. She has to be okay,” passing his lips nearly inaudible.

He found someone to give him a ride to the hospital, though now he’s not sure who that was. Jay rushed to the nurses station to get the room number. He took the stairs two at a time, not risking an elevator ride. When Jay found the room he stopped. There she was. She looked so small on the bed and there were so many machines, tubes, and wires surrounding her. He quietly opened the door and walked in. Jay headed straight for the bed. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Hey, you’re gonna be fine. I know it,” he whispered, more to assure himself than anything.

Lily had been lucky to survive the attack, and to be rushed to the hospital in enough time. It just seems wrong and jarring even for Lily herself, for her to be like this so sick and weak. She’s normally so full of life and energy. Her teal hair a stark contrast to her pale face.

She’s semi concious when Jay enters the room, she smiles a little hearing his words “I’m a fighter… like my dad” she said, her voice soft, and hardly audible over the machines. A poor attempt at a joke, her dad had only pulled through because her mother had saved him. But she wants to reassure him that she’ll be okay, or at least that’s what she hopes.