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I’m gonna give my opinion that no one asked for, about Alex coming out to Kara.

I’ve seen lots of discourse as usual lol and I’ve seen some people being disappointed in Kara bc of how she reacted. Which is fine, and I in no way want to invalidate your reaction. But I thought I could share how I saw this entire thing. I really liked how the writers handled it bc it seemed so realistic to me. Kara wasn’t offensive in any way, she wasn’t hateful. But her reaction was weird.

What she did was ask so many questions bc she was just trying to wrap her mind around this. Which Alex then read as an attack. Coming out makes you vulnerable, and then to have someone bombard you with questions like that can seem scary, and you feel attacked. Alex’s reaction to retreat and leave was perfectly understandable. But so was Kara’s? She’s curious and she’s trying to put the pieces together bc she never thought of this possibility, and she’s also questioning herself and the fact that she feels like she never made Alex feel safe to tell her that earlier. Everyone’s experience is different, but mine was exactly like this. When I figured out that I like girls I started questioning myself and my entire life, and for months I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror. I’d quite literally stare at my reflection like who tf am I now. It’s the moment when your entire life flips 180 degrees. That’s the same thing that happened to Kara, only this time it was about her sister not herself. Alex being gay wasn’t a bad thing for Kara, but it was still a shock bc it was unexpected. Acceptance is a process, not just for us but for our family too. It’s usually easier with friends, but family are the people you quite literally grew up with and lived with, and the same way your mind goes back to repressed memories, their mind goes back to see what they missed bc it’s hard to accept that we never fully know the person that we’re the closest to. They wonder why you didn’t trust them, if they ever made you feel unsafe, etc. And they ask questions bc they want to understand, the same way you asked yourself those same questions when you first realized. Kara’s questions weren’t offensive imo.

tl;dr: Kara wasn’t hateful, she was just trying to understand. Our family goes through the same process of acceptance that we do. We asked ourselves questions and they ask the same. Alex, understandably, took those questions as an attack bc it was too much at once, it was overwhelming. I think this entire storyline was completely realistic. Kara then apologized for her own heteronormativity that affected Alex (which lbh is something that straights rarely do when we come out), and offered her support and love.

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It's just weird that so many people turn their heads to a person bringing a child into this world with the intent of bringing themselves fame and fortune. That their first act of parenting could be one so selfish is so beyond the scope of human decency. Honestly, this saint Briana treatment is loaded with racial bias. Black women get whole rap songs bashing their gold digging ways. The press goes hard on them. Any talk of Briana being a gold digger gets shut down real quick by the press.

damn you just got real…. i know tho how ugly

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 13 (2.0) PART 14 END

✨Hohoho! Finally got a plan to meet, and no better cliche than at their concert 😏 What will happen??? Will (Y/n) be okay??? Will Jungkook be okay??? WHAT ABOUT BIAS WRECKER JIMIN?!?! Thank you to everyone who sent messages or wrote in tags what they thought the last part should be! All pretty much said a fan fiction, but most of those said with addition of texts so I think that’ll be fun to put together hehe 😇 💕 I hope it’s chill if I do it in 1st person and not in 2nd person like I see usually… Just a few more to go! Also I have a masterlist in my bio thing so if you ever wanna check that out, for updates or whatever, it’s there!✨

Anonymous said: Mephistopheles baking cookies for a neighborhood potluck?

He bakes a set of chocolate chip and a set of oatmeal raisin and mixes the cookies together in the jar and watches as some people walk away happily and others walk away with a look of pure betrayal on their face.

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Why are you getting so many weird/negative anons lol. Im really excited about s4!! I cant wait to know about it. What would be your reaction if we get eskield, chris, vilde, magnus, sana or idk,,,fucking p chris??? idk, i would love anyone !

well pchris is not an option anymore :-) but im sure julie would make me love any character

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Hello sweetie, I was wondering if you have any recs for fics with a strong sense of poetry, or that the language is poetic and lyrical? I've been craving that recently but can't seem to find a whole lot. It's not so important what the fic is about, but poetic language would be nice. Sorry if this was a weird ask, and thank you :-)

SO MANY. Oh, anon, I have so many. Even trying to cull the list, I came up with actually like 75. Too many for one list. SO we’re gonna do three, sorted by length: fics under 5k, 5k-20k, and over 20k. That’s partly to break it up but also partly because the nature of a poetic, lyrical fic changes with length. There’s a level of abstraction you can get away with in shorter fics that you have to moderate in longer fics for the sake of clarity. In shorter fics I’ve gone for greater intensity, in longer ones for memorable imagery and lovely prose. We’ll start with the short ones today, mid-length and long to follow in the next two days. Enjoy!! And as always, please remember to leave love for these incredible authors!!

Darry Rec: Poetic Writing (Under 5k)

The Artist by lumosed_quill - PG-13, 1k - They said a thousand Galleons would buy the best. I should have known. Nobody uses language like that unless they mean him.

As the Hand, the Glove by dulcemia - NC-17, 3.5k words - “I say it again: the spirit loves/ the flesh, as the hand the glove.”

Bound Skerry by Frayach - M, 2.5k - Harry has a secret hidden away on the remotest of the Shetland Islands. (and sequel, The Postmaster by Vaysh)

Cicadas by rhoddlet - M, 1k - (no summary)

Cigarettes Will Kill You by @femmequixotic - NC-17, 4k - He lights a cigarette across the pub, his hand cupped to his mouth as the tip sparks to life in a faint orange flare, and my breath catches.

Coins by inell - NC-17, 2.5k - Coins make a certain jingling sound whenever they are tossed onto the top of a wooden bureau.

Cold by @sophiefrench77 - M, 3k - Once the cold settles in, it’s pretty hard to find warmth again.

The Coldest Winter Ever by themostepotente - NC-17, 1k - Harry gives Draco an ultimatum.

Draco/Rest by zeitgeistic - NC-17, 1.5k - Harry’s estranged husband has never really been estranged to him.

The Den of So-Called Iniquity by Snegurochka - NC-17, 4k - Potter is watching you, as usual, his fingers tight around his glass. You know what will happen if you swallow that potion in such close proximity to Potter – the same thing that has happened every time you’ve done it so far.

Grind by Snegurochka - NC-17, 2k - He drags the back of one wrist over his eyebrow, soaking up the moisture threatening to drip into his eyes and fog up his glasses, and then he forces himself to pull it together, scanning the crowd. There is only one reason he’s here, after all.

Hurt for the Right Reasons by traintracks - NC-17, 4.5k - Everything was so cocked up. He just wanted this one thing. He wanted to hurt for the right reasons for once.

I Am Your Shadow by @eidheann - NC-17, 3k - Love (n) An intense feeling of deep affection. Yield (v) To give up or surrender (oneself).

I Lit a Candle in the Window by penwyn - NC-17, 4.5k - You always light a candle in the window when he goes on raids.

I Shall Not Speak by @birdsofshore - R, 1.5k - Six drops of clear, colourless, odourless, blasted nightmare. Facing Auror Potter under the influence of Veritaserum is something of a speciality of mine.

Kailash, When it Rises by Mirabella - PG, 3.5k - Harry can’t sleep.

Kiss Me With Fire by Lucilla Darkate - R, 4k - They know each other, heart and soul, but still it changes nothing.

a lifetime of calamities followed by dangerous illnesses by blythely - NC-17, 3.5k - “Isolation. Two weeks. Mr Potter, I’m surprised you haven’t that Muggle immunity potion in your blood. Mr Malfoy, I would prepare yourself for some unpleasant itching.”

The Next Twenty Four Hours by Sara’s Girl - R, 3.5k - In twenty-four hours, the Ministry will take your life. Until then, I’m all yours.

Pieces Left Incomplete by @firethesound - PG-13, 2k - It’s always too quiet these days, at least until he shows up.

The Postmaster by @vaysh11 - NC-17, 3k - A new postmaster comes to the remotest of the Shetland islands.

Rapture by @dictacontrion - M, 2k - To fuck is not to know. You like it like that. Except. Tonight. Next to the bar. You won’t learn a face but you know that hair, that walk, know the jut of that hip and the smirk on those lips, and though it’s been ten years he is no less to you. You feel him the way you feel your own hands, your feet, the thrum of the room.

Seven Minutes in the Garden of Wizarding Delights by Zahra - R, 3k - Draco Malfoy is resolutely heterosexual; Pansy Parkinson will attest to this. So will Queenie Greengrass, Orla Quirke, Eloise Midgen, and if pressed, Blaise Zabini. (Game: Seven Minutes in Heaven)

The Slytherin Urn by @icmezzo - NC-17, 4.5k - Nothing turns Harry on quite like redemption.

Straciatella by @vaysh11 - NC-17, 4k - Draco. Harry. Ice cream. Unf. This is incredibly, viscerally sensual, and the story has the perfect combo of lushness and restraint. It’s beautifully, beautifully written and, whilst transporting me entirely into the world of the story, had me alternately craving ice cream and….other things.

The Way (We Break) by nishizono - R, 647 words - Harry doesn’t hate Astoria. He doesn’t hate the way she cries when Draco recites his wedding vows, or the way Draco toys with her curls during the reception. He doesn’t hate her, but god, he hates Draco.

You and Me and the Devil Makes Three by AbbyCadabra - NC-17, 2k - Draco has discovered two things since leaving Hogwarts.

So I kept noticing Jax’s tattoos in the most recent episode and now I really want a scene where Stein asks Jax about them

because like there are so many weird things about the whole body-sharing situation but I feel like that would be one that Stein would fixate on. Like he’d get distracted staring at his own arm, what in blazes is that supposed to be? and then when they were back on the ship he’d probably tell himself not to say anything but it would slip out in some vaguely offensive way like “I just wonder how you could be so certain that you want that design on your body for the rest of your life. When I was your age I could barely decide on an ice cream flavor.”

And Jax would give him that slightly-curled-lip are you even for real face and just be like “… Grey. It’s just ink. The one on my arm is my school mascot logo, all the guys on the starting line went out and got ‘em after our senior homecoming game. You know, like a souvenir. Like you’d get a snow globe or whatever.”

“The one on your – there are more?”

At that point Jax would just grin and toe off his right sneaker and sock to show off the entwined, vaguely Celtic-looking dragons on his foot.

“I see… so what does that one mean?”

“That one means dragons are awesome.”

Sara happens to be walking in at the moment and nods emphatically at that. “Hell yeah, dragons are awesome.” Jax nods back and grins at her.

“And what about you, Sara? Do you have any… ink?”

Sara’s eyes shift back and forth for a second. “Blue butterfly on my lower back,” she mutters.

Stein opens his mouth to say something.

“Remember, Professor,” Sara says with a serene smile on her face. “Days.”

She and Jax share a low-five under the console table as she goes on her way.

fics added

Odd eye (yoonjin)

Namjoon told him that he had the color of a cloudless summer sky in his left eye, which was more poetic than Seokjin thought his eye deserved, and Hoseok said it kind of looked like the color of the amusement park cotton candy. Seokjin has one blue eye, and one brown eye, and he spends his life covering them with sunglasses. Until he meets Yoongi

Min Yoongi’s bangtan dating list (yoonjin)

We got this kind of question at fan meetings. I don’t get what the ARMYs are thinking. Do they really think we would date each other? We live among the glamorous world of Korean entertainment industry. Pretty girls are available like literally everywhere. But back to the question. Which Bangtan member would you like to date?

Honestly? Eleven (namjin)

‘Namjoon laid down next to him, not being able to see him past a large totoro.
“Isn’t it weird you have so many plushies?” Namjoon asked, moving the totoro so he could see Jin’s face.
“No… says you anyway…”
“Says me?” Namjoon arched an eyebrow.
“You’re not one for following social rules or whatever”’
Prequel to “With or Without”, Namjoon questioning his gender identity and expression with confusion and support from Jin, Vodka and an array of plushies

secret (namjin)

Jin and Namjoon have been dating for a while, Namjoon is a little bit worried that the others won’t accept them

Our perfectly imperfect family (namjin, kid!bangtan)

Where Seokjin and Namjoon are parents to bumbly, fumbly Bangtan babies

Too gorgeous to be even real (namjin)

Sometimes Seokjin asked himself what he exactly did, in his previous life, to deserve this. Jungkook had disappeared an hour before without any trace. Taehyung was running left and right but he was too fast for tipsy Seokjin to reach him. He prayed for the lords in heaven that the one running with him wasn’t Jung Hoseok, crazy like a horse Jung Hoseok. He wandered a little more till he spotted Jimin, who was strip dancing in front of Min Yoongi who was clenching his fists ready to end a life. Jimin’s. And that was the moment Kim Namjoon decided to splash his drink all over Seokjin.

Do it again (namjin)

How come Seokjin’s acting as if there had been no argument to start with? Surely there had been an argument. Tipsy Namjoon had written a note to himself to ignore Seokjin forever, although he hadn’t explained why

You’re unbelievable (can’t miss this chance to take you) (2seok)

my friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex quick make out with me

All this learnin’ here is by you (2seok)

Seokjin is a super smart sexy senior and Hoseok would like to be taught