so many violins

My favorite college quotes

The intro to UP basically describes my life. Broken dreams and straight people

Wearing sunglasses is like having an instagram filter on for everything

See every time I try champagne I just want fizzy grape juice

I’m gonna be reincarnated as a banana slug. I’m not going to heaven with 40 virgins. My karma so no good.

Socks with pine trees. I have a forest of pine because I have so much pine for this boy

C is for cookie it’s good enough for me

Zac efron was a gift created by the gay gods. No one shall be bagging his dick unless it’s me and the bag is my ass

Sometimes I would love to be a big black man and scare the shit out of white people

- There are so many people that play violin.
I know, we’ll make two parts.
- Very good Wolfgang

*farts* I think that just describes my life. A long, slow fart

Me and this book had quite an affair

Fuck you vehicular manslaughter laws. I am above you.

Ohana means butt cheeks. (Or Obama if you’re autocorrect)

I draw the line here. And that line is between you and panties.

Tears from Leo deeper than the ocean the titanic sunk in

The only thing I know about my life is desserts -
I crave the cuddles so hard!!!

- Did any girl really come with a bra?
- No, man forced it upon us.

Can I borrow your window? I’m gonna throw up outside of it.

Humans are like cucumbers with anxiety (cuz we have the same water concentration)

My backs not a voicemail say it to my face bitch

Sorry doesn’t sweeten my fucking tea

My asshole gets jealous with all the shit that comes out of my mouth

In the venn diagram of gays and Jews the overlapping middle is musical theater

Hallelujah for sexy chicken!

Also money. Money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy chocolates and vibrators and that’s close enough

Sometime I forget that ice cream is cold.

I think Donald trump should suck all of this country’s oil through a straw

The Orchestra as Seen by an Oboist
  • Piccolo: neat but high
  • Flute: they look at me like I'm trash every time I talk to them it's weird.
  • Oboe: the best
  • English horn: beautiful. Pure. Needs more solos
  • E-flat clarinet: nice
  • B-flat clarinet: okay you need to calm down
  • Bass clarinet: cool. Needs to be in more classical music
  • Saxophone: what are you doing here we aren't playing Gershwin get out
  • Bassoon: grandfather you are wonderful and also need more solos
  • Contrabassoon: great-grandfather you are truly a great gift from the low woodwinds
  • Horn: scoring buddies!!!
  • Trumpet: nobody cares you're all just filler parts anyway
  • Trombone: we have literally nothing to do with each other but you're all cool
  • Tuba: neat
  • Percussion: are percussionists in any way related to rabbits why are there so many of them
  • Violins: a bunch of potted plants
  • Violas: okay love child of a cello and violin
  • Cello: calm down
  • Double bass: huh
Some KuroHina AUs, feel free to use any of them
  • AU where Kuroo is a lazy cat spirit that inhabits a temple soon to be torn down, and when Hinata visits said temple, and touches his statue in curiosity, Kuroo takes the chance to bond to him and follow him home to keep from disappearing just yet – then proceeds to make himself an utter pest to Hinata and the household.
  • AU where Kuroo is a baseball star and Hinata is a rookie baseball player mentoring under him, or, alternatively, a reporter tasked with interviewing him.
  • AU where Kuroo is a poor fisherman who meets a merman named Shouyou, who’s playful and friendly and has scales that shine like the sun. He helps catch fish for him for nothing in return except talking to him, and Kuroo thinks he might be in love.
  • AU where Hinata is an Italian or Irish missionary who arrives in 1500s or early 1600s Japan, and Kuroo is a daimyo or samurai who takes him in due to the worsening political climate.
  • Alternatively, AU where Hinata is a foreign missionary, businessman, or sailor who arrives in post-Meiji Restoration Japan, and Kuroo is a Japanese businessman from a former Samurai family that takes a liking to him.
  • AU/post-canon where Hinata takes a trip to Tokyo to meet up with Kenma, who then fails to show up at the bar he told Hinata to wait at. Kuroo’s the bartender there, having taken the job to help pay for college, and when he and Hinata realize who the other is Kuroo explains that Kenma suddenly fell sick and couldn’t make it. He offers to show Hinata around Tokyo for a day or two until Kenma’s well again, and Hinata accepts.
  • Steampunk/fantasy AU where Kuroo is an air pirate. I can’t think of any more for this, but roguish air pirate Kuroo tho
  • AU where Kuroo is a mountain shepherd who finds Hinata, who ran away from home to avoid a forced marriage, wandering the hills, and shelters him, though initially reluctantly.
  • road trip AU
  • road trip gone wrong/stranded and have to get home AU
  • (Based on this post, and on a conversation with Kuroohina) AU where Kuroo and Bokuto are best buddies and drug dealers specializing in weed and other light drugs, who wear atrocious clothes and work from a base that fronts as a flower shop. A well-dressed ginger-haired boy named Hinata comes in one day and Kuroo’s immediately smitten, and gives him flowers on the house. They start dating and Kuroo is amazed at how such a perfect and always stylishly dressed boy is dating his sleazy self, but worries about how this innocent ball of sunshine of a boyfriend would react if he found out he was a drug dealer, and goes to increasingly outlandish attempts to hide the truth. Eventually Hinata finds out anyway, and is unfazed; and Kuroo’s shocked, but it turns out —
    Hinata’s a drug lord, specializing in meth and cocaine. And he wants to team up with him. It’s a crackfic.
  • MUSICAL AU. But Fiddler on the Roof, Rodgers’ & Hammerstein’s Cinderella/No Strings, Singing in the Rain old-fashioned type musical, not Phantom of the Opera, Book of Mormon, Into the Woods modern type musical.
  • Alternatively or more specifically, The King and I AU
  • Alternative to Alternatively: Annie Get Your Gun AU. “Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you!” “No you can’t!” “Yes I can!” “No You Can’t!” “Yes I can, yes I can!”
  • AU where Hinata is a superhero who believes in truth, justice and world peace, and Kuroo is a cynical supervillain who may not be as evil and selfish as he seemed at first, and tries to appear, but is definitely as obnoxious and annoying, maybe even worse.
  • AU where Kuroo works at an amusement park and finds a crying Hinata, who was stood up for a date (the second or third time it’s happened now actually). Kuroo offers to be his replacement date, and takes him on all the rides and games over the next few days during his breaks.
  • AU where they’re both artists. Painters, sculptors, photographers, some combination thereof, or something else, whatever floats your boat.
  • platonic KuroHina AU where Kuroo is a conductor on a train or tramway that Hinata takes to and from school every day, and Kuroo watches him grow up over the years.
  • AU where they’re both hired, as stars or extras, to star in an epic historical drama, and have to deal with the grueling, intensive filming sessions required.
  • AU where Kuroo is a server in an upscale restaurant and has to show new hire Hinata the ropes
  • AU where Kuroo is an avant-garde composer in the early-/mid-20th century trying to push the limits of classical music, and Hinata is a young violinist who becomes both the performer and the muse of his works, helping him achieve a new and startling brilliancy, while a new passion grows between the two, both for music and for each other.
  • AU where Kuroo is a film stuntman and Hinata is a camera worker
  • AU where Kuroo is a con artist and stage musician. He finds a tattered old book of spells and buys it for inspiration for his shows, but when he reads one of the chants aloud it summons into his bedroom a fiery-haired demon named Hinata. Feeling insulted when told he was summoned by accident, the djinn tries to leave, but finds he can’t, because whoops, they’re bound together by the summoning. Now Kuroo has to share a crummy flat with a rambunctious demon who’s apparently ancient but looks like a teenager and has the energy of a five-year-old, and who’s constantly nagging him to go out and see the world after being cooped up in the Other place for centuries. But then again the djinn is pretty powerful, and he insists he can grant Kuroo anything he wants. (And after being single for years, he can’t really complain at company that wears such thin, gauzy fabrics for clothes that leave little to the imagination)
  • 1920s/1930s Bootlegger AU
  • AU where both are show dancers who team up together after their respective dance partners bail on them.
  • AU where Kuroo is a woodcutter, and is about to cut a cherry tree down one day when a voice begs him not to cut down their tree. Out pops from the trunk forest nymph Hinata, and they become friends in the lonely forest where they both live.

So I was pretty much crying at this post by the hilarious @wickedkiwi and before I knew it 20 minutes had flown by and I had scrawled out this crap!

I’m not an artist and this doesn’t really go with my established blog *cue the violins so many millennial issues* but I thought I’d post this as my first thing on my new blog which is just gonna be a dump of ideas and trash ;)

As you can probably tell, by the time I got to the ice nation the fear of my procrastination had set in so the guy on the right looks a little drunk and the guy on the left has no pupils but I mean, who are we to judge the drunk and pupil-less??

Anyway, hope this gives someone a giggle, and like I say the idea is completely wickedkiwi’s I’m just the uni student who ceebs to do her actual work :P


me and erin @fandomasfuck covered papercut and its cute and her hair is beautiful and shes sick at violin so you should watch tbh (plus reblog for my jazzy pumpkin earrings) xx


Previously: the hall at Balliol, where the concert takes place.

Masters, undergraduates, visitors; they sat huddled closely together on the backless oak benches, their elbows on the long tables, their eyes shaded with their fingers, or turned intelligently towards the platform where two famous violinists twisted together the fine, strong strands of the Concerto in D Minor. The Hall was very full; Harriet’s gowned shoulder touched her companion’s, and the crescent of his long sleeve lay over her knee. He was wrapt in the motionless austerity with which all genuine musicians listen to genuine music. Harriet was musician enough to respect this aloofness; she knew well enough that the ecstatic rapture on the face of the man opposite meant only that he was hoping to be thought musical, and that the elderly lady over the way, waving her fingers to the beat, was a musical moron. She knew enough, herself, to read the sounds a little with her brains, laboriously unwinding the twined chains of melody link by link. Peter, she felt sure, could hear the whole intricate pattern, every part separately and simultaneously, each independent and equal, separate but inseparable, moving over and under and through, ravishing heart and mind together.
She waited till the last movement had ended and the packed hall was relaxing its attention in applause.
“Peter—what did you mean when you said that anybody could have the harmony if they would leave us the counterpoint?”
“Why,” said he, shaking his head, “that I like my music polyphonic. If you think I meant anything else, you know what I meant.”
“Polyphonic music takes a lot of playing. You’ve got to be more than a fiddler. It needs a musician.”
“In this case, two fiddlers—both musicians.”
“I’m not much of a musician, Peter.”
“As they used to say in my youth: ‘All girls should learn a little music—enough to play a simple accompaniment.’ I admit that Bach isn’t a matter of an autocratic virtuoso and a meek accompanist. But do you want to be either? Here’s a gentleman coming to sing a group of ballads. Pray silence for the soloist. But let him be soon over, that we may hear the great striding fugue again.”

–Dorothy L. Sayers, Gaudy Night, Chapter XXIII, 1936.

J. S. Bach wrote his Concerto for Two Violins, Strings, and Basso Continuo in D minor (BWV 1043) between 1717 and 1723. “Counterpoint most generally involves very different, independent, and harmonious musical lines.” (x, x)