so many trailers today i can't


It all started with the birthday tweet and selfie we got from when Connor was in Australia for Troye’s birthday. The next day, June 6th, was the famous ‘Gay boys hit town’ selfie. That was in the very beginning of June, when we were clueless of what was to come. Then same sex marriage finally was legalized in the U.S on June 26th, and Laurelle apparently ran around the house screaming “Troye’s getting married!” even though it wasn’t in Australia. (yet) Also, do you remember the Thirst Gala? “I am constantly astounded by his creativity and passion.” Troye was one of the many people in the cute montage that was created for Connor when he accepted the Board of Governors Award. Then, in the beginning of July they went to the Paper Towns premier, and Connor was the one who filmed Troye’s video on it. On July 9th, Troye tweeted “LEAVE THIS BLUE NEIGHBOURHOOD / NEVER KNEW LOVING COULD HURT THIS GOOD.” and he posted the picture of him ‘falling’ on apple music. On July 12th, Troye posted the first circle, with triggered all the events to come. We had multiple theories on the circles but no one would’ve guessed that, on July 18th, we would’ve ended up with three yellow flower petals. Troye Then continued to stay offline for a week and stayed VidCon. On July 25th, Troye finally released Wild and Connor was all supportive and wore his Wild sweatshirt along with the members of Troye’s family and his music team. Troye additionally put up a keyhole with a password, which we cracked in six minutes. On July 29th, Troye released the first lyric excerpt from Wild, which we freaked out about. Lollapalooza Day One was on the last day of July, from there we learned that Troye collabed with Broods and Tronnor was, yet again, spending time together. We also got a Tronnor snapchat selfie on August 5th and had the first Tronler interaction since forever at the Capital Congress event. Then on August 9th, Connor and Tyler hung out together alone, and everyone was ecstatic about the Conler interaction. August 11th was the day Troye and Connor left for Minnesota, where Troye finally got to meet the parents. They hung out and sunflower fields and had amazing days that were straight out of a too fluffy Tronnor fanfic, August 15th was the day Troye and Connor went their separate ways after being together for so long, which was upsetting, even for us. Troye then went to London where he had a spottily session in which 20 lucky fans were able to listen to Wild early. On August 18th, Troye tweeted about how Connor watched the whole season of Transparent without him. Then, on August 20th Troye put Wild up for pre-order and we lost it. Thousands of people pre-ordered it and we got it number one in over 33 countries. On the same day Troye released the Blue Neighbourhood trailer which we had many theories about. The next day was Connor’s 5th year on YouTube, a huge milestone, which we were more than proud to celebrate.  On August 25th, Troye posted a snippet of Wild and we flipped out. This all makes it way to today, August 26th, where Troye put out parts of song lyrics and expects us to put them all together. 

I guess, in conclusion, you could say we had a pretty wild summer.

(Thank you to tronnorfravan for creating your timeline so I could find these exact dates)