so many tiny pieces

What I say: I’m fine.

What I mean: Jacob, Stephanie, Dan, Angela, and Vincent left newsies last night and I’m crying. I thought if I didn’t talk about it it would hurt but now I’m cry. They were all so amazing and now my heart is broken into so many tiny pieces that I can’t function. I just want to lay in bed all day and not feel anything. I’m not fine.

Your childhood in stained glass ~ Sailor Moon

Frosted white glass for bodice and gloves, cathedral red/blue/yellow/peach glass for the rest and fuse-on paint for the face and details. The blue paint is a bit too teal, but hey - live and learn. With lots of reinforcement. Held up by two steel rings soldered to the backside of her buns. Definitely one of the hardest ones, because of the many teeny-tiny detail pieces (especially in red, for the bows) and the swooshy free-standing hair twirls. 

Why Hydra Cap is Messed Up in as Few Words as I can Explain It.

This wasn’t just a cheap plot twist, this wasn’t just them deciding that a character that’s supposed to be a traditional hero is suddenly an anti-hero now, because, sales, this is very very different and much more serious.

Marvel just destroyed a symbol, and silenced a statement that needed to be said; And still needs to be said.

They destroyed an idol. Ruined him. Took a giant shit on everything he was supposed to stand for and everything he was created to be.

They took a beacon of hope for so many people, myself included, and crushed it into tiny little pieces. Captain America was my passion, my role model, my hero, my idol, my security blanket, and my whole world, and he was the thing for millions of people. He touched the lives and hearts of so many, and even though he’s fictional, he was the hero, of so, so many different people. And Marvel took that away from people.

And worst of all,

They took a creation of the oppressed, created for the very purpose of fighting oppression, and turned him into one of the oppressors.

I shouldn’t even have to say any more about that last bit. It speaks for itself. Its just, disgusting and completely and utterly wrong.

Boycott Marvel for this.

Say No To Hydra Cap.