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Ichigo Sato fanfic: Sweet Treat

This was requested by the wonderful @tresspadesmaid 😊 she’s an awesome fanfic writer! I’m so glad someone requested a fanfic about my hubby Ichigo. Haha enjoy!


“Ichigo are you ok?”
“Fine…I’m fine.” You hear your boyfriend from the kitchen as he’s finishing up the last few cakes.
A country club is hosting an event and requested so cakes from Ichigo. He’s been working hard all day so he can ship them tomorrow morning.
“Can I help you out with anything?”
“No it’s fine. I’ve got it under control.” Ichigo says without looking at you.
“Don’t overwork yourself, ok?”
“Yeah, yeah. You worry too much ____.”
“I’m going to watch some tv.” You walk out of the kitchen and plop down onto the couch and flip through channels.
“These are all reruns. Ugh nothing’s on. I’m so bored.” You talk to yourself.
You walk back to the kitchen and lean on the door frame to watch Ichigo at work. You could watch him work all the time and never get tired of it.
“Can I help you?” Ichigo is getting a little irritated because he’s tired from working all day.
“No I just like to watch you work. It’s hot.”
You notice Ichigo’s cheeks turn pink but it’s very faint.
“Now’s not the time to distract me ____.”
“I can wash some things that you’re not using anymore. You know Uncle Ringo likes to keep things tidy in the kitchen.”
“Sure, thanks.”
Vague response but it’s good enough. You get to work and start cleaning spatulas, bowls, measuring cups, everything.
You finish with the dishes and walk up to Ichigo and he stops you. He kisses the tips of his fingers and blows the kiss. In the palm of his hand is flour and its blown into your face.
“Haha” he laughs to himself.
You go to the bag full of flour and get a handful to blow at him. You return to where he is making the cake but isn’t there. Suddenly you hear a spraying sound and turn around. Ichigo hides whatever he was spraying behind his back and it’s trying to hold in his laughs.
Something starts dripping from the top of your head, whipped cream.
“Ichy!!” You run after him and cover him with the flour in your hands.
This is war.
The two of you get ahold of utensils and fling different substances at each other. Frosting, cream, dough, chocolate, water, you name it.
It doesn’t take long until you’re covered with sticky, gooey ingredients. Ichigo looks the same. White powdery hair from the flour and so many other things staining your clothes.
“I feel so gross and sticky.”
“Yeah I need to finish making this last cake with whatever I have left.”
“I’m going to sho–”
“No stay a little longer.”
“Ichigo…” You can’t resist the look he’s giving you.
Ichigo pulls you in and examines your body.
“I know I’m covered in–”
“You have a little something here.” Ichigo cuts you off with his words and kisses your lips.
“And here.” He kisses your cheek.
“And here.” He starts to lick off the sugar, chocolate, frosting, or whatever sweet substance is left on your skin.
“Ahhh Ichigo not here.”
“My parents aren’t home it’s fine. We have the whole kitchen to ourselves.”
You begin to share passionate kisses and ‘clean’ each other off.
“Let me take this off for you. It’s dirty.” Ichigo removes your shirt.
“Actually, it looks like your pants are dirty too.” He begins you strip you until you are left in your undergarments.
Ichigo has already removed his shirt. Out of embarrassment, you go behind him.
You wrap your arms around him from behind. You unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. You slowly move your hands down from his v-line and into his pants.
“What are you doing?”
“I want to feel you Ichy.”
“You’ve got some nerve.” He growls.
Ichigo turns around and lifts you up. You wrap your legs around his waist and place your hands on his cheeks to kiss him. Your tongues are sweet from licking the frosting off of each other earlier.
“Let’s go somewhere a little more appropriate.” Ichigo smirks and carries to a different room.
“Ichigo our clothes.”
“Do you plan on bathing in your clothes?”
“Well no but…wait…w-we’re going to…”
“Get the bath ready and I’ll put our clothing in the laundry.”
You start to walk toward the bathroom but Ichigo stops you.
“I’ll need to wash your bra and panties too.”
“I can’t just walk around the house naked.”
“Who said you can’t? I don’t mind.”
“Fine, I’ll get you a towel.”

You get into the warm bath and wait for Ichigo.


“The bath is ready.”
Ichigo walks into the bathroom. He’s still shirtless but a towel is covering his lower half but not for long. He removes it and dips into the bath and slides next to you.
“It’s nice and warm.”
“Yeah it feels perfect.” You say avoiding his gaze. You guys don’t bathe together often so you’re still getting used to it.
Ichigo puts an arm around your waist to pull you as close to his body as possible, “this feels perfect.”
Ichigo leans in and your lips connect. You lace your fingers around the back of his neck to bring him closer. Ichigo’s hand travel to what is usually considered as 'forbidden territory’ but you’re losing yourself in his kisses and gentle touch so you’re letting him have his way with you. You gasp for air between kisses. Ichigo traces your curves, enjoying the sounds of pleasure that come out of your mouth. Ichigo lets his fingers wander until he feels your entrance. He rubs the smooth skin with his pointer finger before pushing it inside of you. His finger goes in and out and twists inside of you.
You wanted to continue where you left off in the kitchen and start fisting his erection. He groans which only encourages you to do more. As you’re doing the handy work underwater you’re still sharing some sloppy kisses. It’s hard to concentrate when Ichigo pleasures you like this. You soon find yourself moving your hips at the same rate as his trusts. He pushes in a second finger, his middle finger, which stretches your walls a bit but it still feels good. You decide to speed up the pace on his erection which is just getting harder.
“Is that how you want to do it. You’re awfully naughty today.” Ichigo says in a low, seductive voice.
He pushes in a third finger, his ring finger, and continues his handy work.
“Ahh Ichy…”
“Say my name ____. Call me Ichigo.” He quickens the pace below and stretches your walls. You start you gently cup his balls and pick up the speed.
“You’re getting tighter.”
“That’s it. Say my name.”
“Ichigo I’m gonna–”
“Hold on a bit longer. I want to let go with you.”
You try to resist and whimper as he slows down the pace.
“Shit I’m gonna–” Ichigo picks up the pace as he starts to reach his high and you reach yours not long after.
Ichigo takes your hand in his, “you have great hands.” He says cheekily and kisses the back of it.
“Right back at ya.”
Ichigo smirks back and gives you a kiss.
“Let’s dry off. Here’s your towel ____.”
You step out of the bath and dry off. You stand there and watch Ichigo. You didn’t realize you were staring until he punted it out. You tried to play it cool but nothing gets past him.
“I haven’t had my fill of you yet ___.” Ichigo walks toward you but you put a hand on his chest to stop him.
“Finish making those cakes and then you’ll have your reward.” You flash a smile.
“I think I’ll need your help.” Ichigo says.
“Ichigo we’re not having sex in the kitchen.”
“I wasn’t going to say that, I mean unless you want to…”
“I was just going to ask if you could help me clean the kitchen. You know how my dad feels about a tidy kitchen.” He smirks.
“Ok I’ll be right there. Wait, I need clothes.”
“I don’t mind if you clean naked.”
“Umm…I do!”
Ichigo laughs and gives you some clothes. After tidying up and finishing the cake, you treat Ichigo to his reward which lasts all night long.

pilventekija  asked:

Omg your lyric comic of Blue Lips is so good ;;;; definitely my favorite piece of Phanniemay day 1, almost made me cry... Partly because you cut it so short. Please consider making the rest, it's so great!

>///< Ahhh I only realized this was in here a few days ago (tumblr didn’t notify me bleargh) but thank you!!! AHhh I would love to finish the whole thing but I don’t know if I have the strength~ OTL

I can show you a few of the sketches I have finished tho! (σ・ω・)σ


Finished the stream!! Ahhh it was so fun! ;A; Thank you to everyone who came, and I’ll definitely be doing this more often– making it a weekly thing, if I can x) (We’ve already made plans for next week haha– next week, Spirited Away or Castle in the Sky. Studio Ghibli FTW 8D)

I’m sorry to the people who couldn’t make it though– I didn’t realise that had a viewer limit ;w; If there was another video sharing site, maybe I can try that? Otherwise I’m afraid it’s a race, which sucks so hard ;A;

Thank you for joining me, I honestly had a blast– you’re all such lovely people and I really wish I could do more stuff like this to chat with my followers :’) (If only there was no limit to these sites ;w;). If you have any other movie suggestions or such, lemme know! 

See you all next time, buddy chums! <3

inkedawaymain  asked:

You're probably mobbed with asks, and I'm sorry for adding to your probable pile but I just finished reading "The Thought" and I have to gush at you. I just have to gush, because the amount of thought (ahaha... no pun was intended here) and work you put into that BEHEMOTH of a thing is amazing and I just... here. Have all my love in non existent cookie form. Have it. Take it; it's yours. I've loved every second of reading it, and can't wait to see other, original stuff from you! You go!


I’m just so happy that I was actually able to finish it. I was kinda afraid that it’d end up being another unfinished project, but I did it!! And i’m just happy so many other folks enjoyed the ride with me ahhh.