so many things that will makes me remember you

Okay but you know what I really loved about the captive prince trilogy, specifically King’s Rising?

The fact that they had a heated passionate moment where they were really angry with each other and were just fuming with hate and THEY DIDNT HAVE SEX

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen ugly scenes in stories where they get in a heated argument and just start having sex and making out and it makes me so uncomfortable?? Like I remember being 13 and asking my parents why this scene was happening. Why are they doing this instead of talking or…what? And being angry and just rough sex to fix it is such a heteronormative thing and I hate it.

So yeah anyways, thanks pacat for having them kick the shit out of each other and then communicate their issues instead of just “fixing it” with rough sex

fred weasley had wondered if he would die during the war, so he left a letter for george. it was two pages, folded crookedly over each other and covered in fred’s careless handwriting. george found it a month after fred’s death, tucked into a crack between two floorboards in their bedroom. it was titled ‘to georgie: in case i don’t make it.’ it reminded george of all the things that they had done together in their twenty years. the things they had seen. the people they had known. so many memories, like ‘remember our grand exit seventh year? i hope you never forget the look on umbridge’s face. i know i won’t. it also said what fred knew that george could do, in the future. ‘i know that you don’t feel like a complete person without me, but you’ve always been the stronger, better half, georgie. you can do anything. build yourself a home, a family. you can miss me, but promise me that you’ll never give up. never give up on your dreams because of me, yeah?’ at the end of the letter was the last time that fred had ever signed his name, the last time that he had ever picked up a quill.

you’ll be fine. love, fred.’

(read the george edition here)

like i mean the lorax fandom thing was pretty bad but does ANYBODY remember when 45% of tumblr wanted to fuck the purple guy from fnaf??

2 years or so ago SO MANY people wanted this sexy set of pixels to be their bf

 seriously you couldn’t scroll down your dash without seeing so much fanart fetishizing this fictional guy who likes killing kids and NOBODY brings this up. ever.  I’m honestly half convinced this was some insane fever dream i had 

To my first and last love,

It’s been a year. A year now that I’ve been with you and fallen so deeply in love. I’m so grateful I was given the opportunity to discover you. You motivate and inspire me so much and without you I wouldn’t be the person I am today. You make me just beyond happy and proud I can’t explain. You’ve made me feel something I’ve never felt for a human before. I will always be here to support you so always remember to keep fighting and remember there are so many people who love you. Never be sad because seeing you smile makes all us carats smile even bigger. You are so perfect in every single way and I don’t want to change a thing about you. I want to stand on a mountain and scream to the world that I’m in love with you. My heart belongs to you and only you now. Thank you for coming into my life. I will love you forever and always,
Hansol Vernon Chwe

Happy 19th Birthday baby 💘


a few of my favourite things ☆ (18/30) romantic reationships: jim and pam

four years ago, i was just a guy who had a crush on a girl, who had a boyfriend. and i had to do the hardest thing that i’ve ever had to do, which was just to.. wait. don’t get me wrong, i flirted with her. pam, i can now admit in front of friends and family, that i do know how to make a photocopy. didn’t need your help that many times. and, uh, do you remember how long it took you to teach me how to drive stick? i’ve been driving stick since high school, so… for a really long time that’s all i had. little moments with a girl who saw me as a friend. and, a lot of people told me i was crazy to wait this long for a date with a girl i work with but i think, even then i knew that… i was waiting for my wife.

A thing I'd like to witness.
  • <p> <b>Chanyeol:</b> hey, Kai, look at the night sky? You know what the color remembers me?<p/><b>Kai, already hesitant:</b> what?<p/><b>Chanyeol:</b> your skin, because she's dark *laughs without control, some of the members follow*<p/><b>Kai:</b> Can you please stop? This is not educated or funny from you, even if we are like brothers, it makes me feel uncomfortable and is rude, don't be so awkward, that's not cool at all. Please, be kind enough. There are people out there and EXO-L with fewer and many shades darker than mine and I'd like it if you were more gentle. Hyung is a grown man and knows that there are people with dark skin out there and that the jokes are not cute. So do Kyungsoo hyung, Chen hyung and Baekhyun hyung, Lay hyung too. You're so cool, Chanyeol-ah, this doesn't suit you at all, be the happy Hyung you always are!<p/><b>Chanyeol and members who laughed:</b> I'm sorry, Jongin. We're never going to make these dumb jokes about skin again.<p/></p>

all facts you see here have been seen or said in his videos. they all come from many different videos, so please don’t ask me for the source, because i won’t remember.  Also, some of these may be incorrect, dont kill me. i might update this post once in a while when i learn new things, but ah.


  • Is only just below 5′10, making him shorter by Mark (5′9 and a half maybe?)
  • Despite being Irish, he hates getting drunk, but will drink cans or cups of beer sometimes during videos, usually the long one hour ones.
  • A while back, around the time when Jack was with his korean girlfriend, he wanted to move to Korea and be an English teacher for children.
  • He can still speak Korean.
  • Jack has a scar above his left eye where the football hit him (aka the septic eye), you can see it in his eyebrow.
  • Has a degree in hotel management, but studied sound design as well.
  • Around the age of 16-17, he went through the punk phase, meaning he got his ears pierced, listened to punk music, wore black, went to mosh pits, and even had his own band for a while.
  • Jack actually meant to get gauges a size smaller than 8mm, but the people at the piercing place told him no one was in that specialised in those piercing sizes and asked him if he wanted to a size higher (8mm) so he said “fuck it” and got them. The reason he still has the holes is because if you go 8mm and over, the holes won’t reseal.
  • Since Jack had to learn hotel management, he had to learn how to clean hotel rooms, in the correct order. (theres an order of what you have to clean first, apparently.)
  • Lost his virginity at the age of 16.
  • Has VERY dirty humor, but when getting on to the topic of sex in video games he gets very embarrassed.
  • Hasn’t smoked weed.
  • Jack was actually meant to get on Mark’s roof to do that “TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES” in that one RYC of Mark’s, but Mark forgot about it so it never happened.
  • Played Bugsy Malone when he was younger. (just imagine bby jack trying to imitate a new yorker accent…)
  • Likes Simon Stalenhag’s artwork. (i agree, it’s really, really aesthetically pleasing.)
  • Doesn’t draw, but he owns a small drawing tablet from his Drawing Your Tweets series.
  • Despite having a fear of heights, as a child, Jack would climb up trees for HOURS, as in, he would climb up trees and then climb back down and repeat the whole process.
  • Does not like the idea of blood being taken out of his body, it creeps him out.
  • Might be allergic to cats. He says this because every time he touches a cat he starts sneezing a lot.
  • Is the youngest of five.
  • Seems to really like robots, he has said he really likes The Iron Giant or Wall-E, and gets really happy when he plays video games based on robots.
  • Really likes voice acting.
  • Had rlly chubby cheeks as a baby
  • If you look closely you can see that Jack’s mustache has a red tinge unlike his beard. 
  • Use to work out A LOT but stopped not long before he started youtube, little leprachaun had GAINS
  • Wishes he could be good at acting.
  • When Jack dressed up all nice n fancy for the SXSW gaming awards, he mentioned he actually has another suit he would have used, but went with the blue one instead. The other one was grey.
  • Buys a lot of childrens toys because he generally likes them and wants to own them. Usually most of the time he’ll see a toy in a window and be like “I want that.”
  • In 2014, Jack actually had a roommate named Killian, Killian was in a few videos, including this , this , and this. Killian eventually moved out.
  • Jack was given an opportunity to be apart of Youtube Rewind of 2015, but turned it down since he had things to do and didn’t have time to fly out to America.
  • Would like his own dog to have in the apartment.
  • Jack actually doesn’t have much of an Irish accent, it’s actually very, very subtle compared to other Irish accents. Like Ross, for example.
  • Jack is actually able to get his voice incredibly deep considering his natural voice, a lot of professional voice actors aren’t able to achieve that.
  • Wishes he can start working out again so he starts getting healthy again.
  • Jack is actually, believe it or not, not a whale biologist. I’m only putting this here because i fuckING THOUGHT HE WAS FOR A WHOLE YEAR.
  • Takes his coffee black with two sugars.
  • Jack’s actual reason why he doesn’t sleep other than thats it’s only for the weak, is that he really doesn’t see the point, he thinks that the time for sleeping could be used for better things. I also remember him mentioning once that since he’s in the same timezone as felix, some times he would skype felix and just talk to him. Idk whether he still does that. 
  • Has a silver tooth, whether it’s a filling or he was born w/ it, it’s there.
  • Had very dark pink hair around the same time when he started his punk phase, theres no photos of it unfortunately.
  • Jack doesn’t have his drivers license, he regrets not getting it when he had the chance because the rules in Ireland have become a lot more harder.
  • Since Jack doesn’t wear gauges anymore, instead he puts shit like clothes hangers, keychains, hand sanitizer clips, and even MORE stuff in the holes. 
  • Doesn’t have proper functional sweat glands. I always wondered why he didn’t seem so sweaty in vive videos or on panels. Instead he gets a rash.
  • In a video, Ian (Idubbz) asked Jack for some pubes.. and well, Jack did.
  • Was a fan of k-pop once, but that was a while back.
  • Hasn’t gotten sick in years.
  • HATED studying in music theory when he was in college
  • When he used to live in the cabin, by his house, there lived a little shetland pony that was in a video once.
  • Favorite birthday was his 7th, he even knew the presents he got were hand-me downs but recalls it to still be the best time.
  • Sometimes, Jack gets these awkward moments where if he walks through a doorway and it feels odd he’ll have to step through it again for it to be equal, same with when he balls one fist he has to ball the other.
  • Used to cut his own hair.
  • There is a vine of him which he filmed in college.
  • Here is a video of Jack voice-acting a detective saying a ton of puns for one of Robin’s animations
  • Has an awful gag reflex. Once stuck his thumb in his mouth and gagged.
I’m so proud of YoI

As a BL manga reader you don’t know how happy I am that YoI doesn’t follow the well known BL stereotypes like (I’ll put some lines I remember, of course not every BL manga follow this “rules” ok? don’t hate me, this is my opinion):

“You can’t feel that way about me, we’re both guys. It’s wrong”. 

“Two guys can have sex? How?”. 

“I’ll make my woman!” or “You’re quite feminine”.

“Don’t. That’s disgusting!”

And many other things. So, thank you producers, you showed us a healthy gay relationship. No, they showed us in a mature way two people falling in love. 



Oh jeez, this is… damn.

Steven feels like Onion only hangs out with him out of pity, since he has so many friends and he… doesn’t.

That’s rough man. I’ve been there too, I’m always scared to ask people to hang out with me because I think they’ll only do it to make me feel better and not because they enjoy my presence.

“You don’t need to pity me, that’s the one thing I can do myself.”




Awww Onion saved the bug!

Just like he saved the mouse. Good Onion.

Oh… they’re leaving


I’ve got to say, I don’t remember the last time I rooted for a character as hard as I rooted for Steve Harrington.  Like yeah I get it, he was your bog-standard white fuckboi and his character could totally have been an absolute douchebag and left poor Nancy brokenhearted and… I dunno… ended up being eaten by the demogorgon or something, but I just KNEW.  I flippin KNEW there was more to him than that.  I KNEW he had it in him to be brave and noble, and to finally stand up for himself - against his friends - and do what he believed was right.  

Steve didn’t just change his actions, but he tried to make amends for his mistakes.  Not just by apologising, but by doing practical things to show he was sorry.  He didn’t graffiti the cinema, but he helped clean it up.  He didn’t do it so Nancy would be impressed and forgive him.  Nancy didn’t even know about it.  He bought Jonathan a new camera, but he got Nancy to give it to him because he knew it would mean more to Jonathan if it came from Nancy.  His actions of remorse were completely devoid of ego.  He just wanted to make things right.  

And I’m not being funny, but if a demogorgon had almost killed you and you’d been given the opportunity to run for your life BUT INSTEAD YOU DECIDE TO RUN BACK IN, HEADLONG INTO DANGER, TO SAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND AND THE GUY YOU *AT THIS POINT* STILL BELIEVE SHE CHEATED ON YOU WITH - you cannot be, in any way shape or form, a spineless cowardly asswipe.

I’m sorry but Steve Harrington bloody deserves everything and I am SO fucking proud of him.  I could go on forever.  But I won’t.  

Anyways can we please praise the Lego batman movies for incorporating our beautiful Spanish into the movie, it was really nice to see batman and Robin saying Spanish words and then having batman give the audience a brief definition such as “padre” idk about you but little things like that make me happy because there’s so many of us out here that speak both languages and it’s nice to be remembered ya feel me

And ultimately it’s Steven which makes her stay together. His cry of “this isn’t like you.” reminded Garnet of what she was fighting for. The love that saved her so many times in the past and represents the best of fusion and relationships between gems.

She is strong, and not only physically.


Remember when I thought this was gonna be a really funny and cute episode?

Yeah, fuck me.

“Yeah! We did it!”

“Steven please learn to read the fucking mood.”

Viktuuri/Victuuri/Victuri/someonefixtheshipname fic rec

Bless this fucking fandom because I have never seen this many quality fics pouring into ao3 in just a matter of 12 weeks and counting. I remember when there was only like what, 2 pages worth of fics in ao3 of this ship, I literally saw the baby steps of this ship and fandom and I am so blessed. This will be quite long so bear with me.

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Who You Gonna Call?

So this summer the cross stitch bug bit me HARD. I haven’t done it since I was eight, but my brain just went “Hey. Hey remember the thing where you count tiny squares for hours and stab yourself and swear at knots? LET’S DO THAT!”

And then I figured out I could make my own super-nerdy patterns and WHELP!

Circles are hard.

Pattern: Me!
Measurement: 3″ x 3″

Watching episode 141 hit me in the feels way to hard! Can the writers please stop throwing these things to us! Please! I beg of you! There are only so many feels I can have left!

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Its makes me sad, since Yuzu told Yuya,“lets go home together”, but…she didn’t..

Every time I saw something that reminds me of Yuzu, it breaks my heart because Yuya doesn’t remember her! T^T

Next week’s episode will hit really hard on all of us! Yuya is going to remember about his others friends and Yuzu and perhaps..being Zarc…?

I’m going to be okay…I’m alright….There is no crying or tears coming out for next week

Lets be honest I’ll be crying all day long after this 

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It happened! And it happened so quickly as well. To be reaching this sort of milestone so early on in my time here is absolutely nuts. I’ve only been actively posting my edits here for about four or three months. I’m in shock how far this account has gone in such a short amount of time. And it’s all thanks to all of you. Thank you all for making this happen. Thank you for supporting me and the things that I create. Next milestone, I’ll try to bring in something a bit more creative. Like a day of requests or something like that. I may have time to think about it. Until then, here are some special thanks and sort of shout-outs to the people that I appreciate on here.

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Large Animal Terminology

I’m really big on education, and I’m sure many of you followed me because you wanted to learn more vet stuff. Therefore, I want to make more of an effort to relay some of the interesting and relevant information I’ve learned both in undergrad and vet school. I think it’ll help me remember things too! 

I think it will be helpful to start off with some basic terminology, specifically for large animals (my undergrad degree is in Animal Science so I’m a little biased) just because a lot of people don’t have a background here. These are the common large animal species that you will encounter. I’ll make a part 2 with goats, camelids, poultry, and donkeys. It’s really important to know these terms! Why? Well first of all, you will lose a lot of credibility if you don’t know the proper term for each animal. Second, there are distinct management differences depending on what category an animal falls into, even if they’re the same species.

Swine (Pigs):

  • Intact male: Boar
  • Castrated male: Barrow
  • Female that has given birth: Sow
  • Female that has not given birth: Gilt
  • Neonate (baby): Piglet
  • Act of giving birth: Farrowing
  • Meat product: Pork

Bovine (Cattle):

  • Intact male: Bull
  • Castrated male: Steer
  • Female that has given birth: Cow (referring to all cattle as “cows” is a sure way to irritate a farmer)
  • Female that has not given birth: Heifer
  • Neonate: Calf
  • Act of giving birth: Calving
  • Meat product: Beef
  • Dairy Product: Milk

Ovine (Sheep):

  • Intact male: Ram
  • Castrated male: Wether
  • Female that has given birth: Ewe
  • Female that has not given birth: Ewe lamb
  • Neonate: Lamb
  • Act of giving birth: Lambing
  • Meat product: Lamb (juvenile) or mutton (adult)
  • Fiber product: Wool

Equine (Horse):

  • Intact male: Stallion
  • Castrated male: Gelding
  • Female that has given birth: Mare
  • Female that has not given birth: Maiden mare (Some people use, some don’t. Also generally only used for animals in a breeding program. An owner of a mature female that has not given birth that keeps her for pleasure riding is very likely just gonna call her a mare)
  • Female neonate: Filly
  • Male neonate: Colt
  • Neonate: Foal
  • Act of giving birth: Foaling
  • Hands: Four inches–unit of measurement of a horse’s height.
  • Pony: Horse under 14.2 hands (NOT a baby horse!)


  • Parturition: The act of giving birth
  • Dystocia: Difficult birth
  • AI: Artificial insemination
  • Heat: Estrus–when a female animal will stand to be bred and potentially result in a pregnancy
  • Colostrum: The first milk a neonate consumes. In our farm animals it contains immunoglobulins that are very important for passive transfer of immunity between mother and offspring. Failure to consume colostrum can result in sick, weak, or even dead neonates. More specifics later.