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There was this girl in my math class who has done some questionable and very illegal things in class like

•Admitted that she was dating a 36yo guy to our sex ed teacher

•Tried asking our math teacher if he would date a girl his age, despite making him extremely uncomfortable

•Asked me if I would have sex at my age (despite me being ace) and I said no I don’t want to have sex ever and then she asked if I was a lesbian.

•Wrote her SC on the board and then questioned why so many people were following her

•Didn’t show up to class for a month straight and was still convinced she’s gonna graduate early

•Asked our math teacher what tattoo she should get next

•Humped a chair bc she was explaining to her friends how she and her “bf” had sex the night before

Jungkook Scenario: Incomparably You.

Request: Hello, sweeties! Could I ask for an angst/ fluff request with Jungkook, where the two of you knew each other when you were younger, and he was mean to you because he liked you and didn’t know how to act around you - but now that you’re older he feels really bad about it and wants to make it up with you but you’re still very mistrustful? With a happy ending? + hii!!! can u guys write a scenario based on monstax - incomparable? with jeon jungkook!✨

Genre: Fluff / Romance

So many things changed since Jungkook returned home, he spent a year abroad and returned just a week ago, your mother had made such a fuzz, asking if you weren’t going to greet him since you’d been friends since practically always and she was kind of right, Jungkook and you knew each other since you were little kids, his house was right in front of yours and you had met uncounted times. But you weren’t little kids anymore, your relationship with him had always been up and down, he always behaved like the typical boy who liked to mess with you, pulling at your ponytail, playing pranks on you, you remembered most of your days ended in you either mad, fighting him or swearing you wouldn’t see him anymore but somehow, you always ended around Jungkook anyway.

It was true both of you had grown up, he still liked to play pranks on you, mess with you in any way he could even if it was less now that you got a little distant, mostly on your part because now you understood what made you get back to him over and over again, you just liked him naively, and it wasn’t naive anymore the way you were attracted to Jungkook, now you could put a name to the way your eyes lingered on him, to the jump your heart made with the sight of him so you took a little distance mostly to keep your heart safe, it was so unfair that of all the boys in your city you’d fall exactly for the one who saw you only as a distraction, a mere play.

You sighed, doing your best to stay hidden behind the curtains of your window, Jungkook was playing basketball at his house’s garage without a shirt on and even though you wished you could resist to snoop on him, you weren’t so strong. It was unfair too how good he looked, how he’d gotten so fit, so manly, and when did he even get so many muscles? You gripped the curtain a little tighter, feeling your stomach funny and your heart beating fastly. Jeon Jungkook was the king of unfairness you decided, at the exact right moment he caught the ball and turned around so his eyes fixed precisely in your house and therefore, on you snooping through the window.

You felt your face heating up, he held the ball against his hips and smirked,waving at you with his free hand. You only dropped the curtains again and hid, trying to will your heart into calming the hell down.

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heyyyyy guys. i just wanna talk to you for a while. 

part of the reason i went on hiatus has to do with the roleplay community right now. uh, i guess, i’ve been a bit shook by a lot of things going on. i mean, certainly some of the things that some people in our community have done, but there’s been more than enough call out posts & shit regarding those people and what they’ve done. i’m not in that business. what i want to talk about is the responses to them

i’ve seen so many death threats, death wishes, just horrible things in response. and it just makes me so uncomfortable. especially when, in some cases, the only thing stating someone has done anything at all is one person’s word against another. i don’t think having the moral high-ground gives you any rite to literally harass or bully anybody, even if you think you are in the right to do so because they have done something awful themselves. i’ve seen people doxxed, threatened with violence or murder, bullied, abused, pushed out, hacked, sometimes as revenge for wrongs, sometimes as part of a witch hunt. 

i don’t think any of this is okay and it makes me scared, and it makes me question my place in this community and the people around me because even making this post, right now, makes me nervous, because how dare i have a descanting opinion, right? 

in terms of actual crimes, i would advise you, to the best of your ability, to report them. if this crime did not happen to you but you have evidence, also report it. because it might be the case that the victim doesn’t feel able to report the crime themselves. this might be reporting to tumblr, but it might be reporting to the police. It is not for us to decide guilt or innocence, it has to be passed on to relevant authorities, for the sake of everyone involved in the situation. This isn’t anyone being horrible or unsupportive. It is totally and utterly possble to be supportive and help people find help without resorting to vigilante justice, so to speak. 

I am not, however, against call-out posts in general. I believe that a lot of these are done with no malicious intent. I believe a lot of them are done with the intention of warning other people against people who have done things that might hurt them. But in some cases, call out posts are not relevant. A lot of people turn personal spats in this community into huge witch hunts and it comes down to who made the call out post first. 

and then i come on to the point about forgiving people. this is a difficult point. i am not in any way saying you must forgive someone if you have been a victim of their behaviour, or even if you’ve heard about it and it’s disgusted, sickened, or annoyed you depending on the seriousness of the situation. forgiveness is hard, and it’s personal. no one should be telling you who you can or can’t forgive or when you have too. 

however, i do feel there is a very all or nothing culture on tumblr. We seem to be told that, if someone has done anything bad online, then they can never come back from that. how, then, do they grow as a person? how do they ever try to be better? only by taking people who’ve made mistakes, or even done terrible things on purpose, and helping them to learn and grow can we actually evolve our community. 

and that doesn’t mean you have to be part of that, if you simply can not. your reasons are your own, and they are valid. this is not in any way shaming you if you don’t feel able or don’t want too. it also does not apply to any crimes committed that require jail time, and actual profession help that we, as people on the internet, can not offer. 

but i do want to question this culture. i’m sure we’re all done something wrong in our lives. i’m sure we’ve all got into an argument with our friends. and obviously, the seriousness of events varies greatly depending on the event itself and what happened. but second chances, a bit of mercy, taking the time to think about the situation and maybe detach yourself, realise that you don’t know what’s going on and you can’t know because you weren’t involved, why are these things that we shy away from here on tumblr? 

so if you read this and think I disagree, and I don’t wanna forgive anyone who’s hurt me or people I know, I understand. I’d never judge you. but if you read this and it actually makes you think about how you take things on the dash in and deal with people, then… at least there’s that. 

i think there’s also something to be said for how we respond to each other just having opinions. like, why, is there anything i should fear about writing this post? and yet, here i am, shaking. because i worry people will try to look for negativity in it. I worry that people’s disagreement with me will lead to threats of violence. I worry about a lot of things, to be honest. I see people so often on this website having disagreements that go far beyond civil debate, or agreeing to disagree. we should feel free, here. and i bet a lot of us don’t. 

i love this community, i do. and i feel that anger, too, when I know someone who’s been hurt. that’s why I’m not going to judge anyone, because it’s a loving, protective instinct, to want to make sure your community is better. but that’s not all there is here.

anyway, this is dragging on. please have a lovely day. 

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I feel like time-travel fix-it fics have a potential for horror that not many people exploit. Like, so many little things could cause a timeline to spiral and I love how your work explores the what ifs.

Tbh I get bored almost instantly with time-travel fics that just do the paint-by-numbers, follow-the-original-plot thing, because there’s just…no point? Small changes that avalanche into big differences make me so happy, and they’re a lot of fun to write, because small things really do make a big difference when humans are involved. At one point, I want to write a fic where a villain travels back as well and everything goes off the rails, because that seems like it could be even more fun. 

Just to be clear, I’m totally ok with sex workers following me and I usually tolerate most soft-core sex blogs, especially if they are run by a woman/NB person (I know, I’m a terrible misandrist). The things I hate are gross fetish blogs, stolen porn blogs and crude comments left on my posts. I try to keep this place as un-sexual as possible so as to make it safe for as many people as possible. If you want to share your kinks, there are many places other than this blog where you can do so.

ENFP and authenticity

I figure you would be the best person to ask this to because you are also an ENFP. I don’t really feel like I strive to be authentic. I don’t even know what my core values are, to be honest. I can’t make a list. I’m flexible and that’s probably the Ne. Fight my opinion and I’ll bend. Many people say I’m so into new possibilities I’m basically on board as soon as you make a proposition. For example, my husband will get a new phone and ask “do you want one?” I’ll be like, “I do not feel like researching it… is it cool?” “Well I like it… that’s why I bought it…” “OK, SOLD. I’M READY FOR CHANGE.” Same with major life things. Say, I don’t want kids but if my husband has a good argument “ok that’s sound— let’s do it.”

I tend to just go with the flow, and put on a show for people. I like to make people laugh, impress people etc so I go spin out of control on tangents made purely for them to boast my own ego. Sort of like “I am what you want me to be… aren’t I brilliant?” Of course if you’re an ESFJ or something, I tailor myself to nails and hair but damn that exhausts me. Otherwise, it’s all a big show– I’m like a big flirt with a HIGH percentage of loyalty. Maybe its the excitement of being a million different people at the same time… and sometimes that’s tiring, too don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I go home and ask myself “well ok who am I then, you’re a bunch of masks and nothing else…” but I never have an answer what I stand for. I feel like I can’t self-analyze that well.. I never have a real concept of what I want to be or why.

So… is this relate-able to you? Can you write down what “offends” you? What does “authenticity” mean to you? Thanks!

I’m pretty open to new ideas on some levels (always said I don’t want kids but it wouldn’t take much to change my mind), but if someone asks me what it means to be authentic, I’d counter with, “Is anyone ever truly authentic?” and then lead you into a discussion on authenticity. Can you be 100% authentic, when a lot of what “you” is comprised of, you did not “invent” yourself, but is the product of a billion different influences in your life? That show you watched at five years old. That book you read at twelve. That person that said that thing to you at sixteen. That idea you got from somewhere at thirty. The only thing authentic about it is that you took in a crap-load of external influences and became… you. And unlike anyone else. So yeah, you’re authentic, so far as that goes.

I can’t really say what I “stand for” other than I know it when I see it, and I say what I think when I need to, and I can trust myself to tell me when I’ve had enough. (And I argue myself out of being upset or angry if it’s not really that big of a deal. I realize what I prioritize are not other people’s priorities, but I’m still learning to be ‘okay’ with being upset about those things and feeling like I have that right and don’t have to be accommodating.)

Some people adopt social personas and masks  to cope with reality, or to be likable to others, or to cover up insecurities, or simply because they like how it feels to “change faces.” I’m sure some other ENFPs who do this can relate to you and maybe a few will reblog and comment about it, but I can’t relate to it.

In my opinion, no one knows authenticity better than a Fi-dom. I’m a little bit clueless due to it being second in my stack (and I didn’t even recognize I HAD Fi for what, four years?) If you asked me who I am, I’d laugh and say, “Who the hell knows?” in that Ne-dom flippant way I have of being dismissive when in reality I know who I am–I’m a writer, and a funny person with quick comebacks, and a cat lover, and someone who is easily bored and has little patience for idiocy. I stick out bad relationships too long even after being disillusioned and feel like I couldn’t list my core values until I think back to one or two situations in my life where I had this enormous NOPE reaction to something other people could not begin to understand (and thought, “Gosh, she just overreacted like a nuclear explosion in a bouncy castle”).

One was when I saw a friend’s mom basically strong-arming her into a higher education she did not want, and my Fi brain just exploded with, “No one should be able to force anyone else into doing anything.” Another was when a bunch of people in a group basically admitted to collective cowardice and defended it, and my Fi went, “If you will not stand on your principles when it hurts, you have no moral spine.” And then I left that group because I was done.

Sometimes you figure out what your ethical core is when you realize other people not doing it makes you upset. I’m a very responsible person, and others being irresponsible chaps my ass. Until I realized that’s one of my “core values,” I could not figure out why they annoyed me so much.(Is it that hard to keep your promises? Or do your work on time? Or do a good job? Or get there on time? Or remember things to avoid having the same conversation 34 times?)

So, in my opinion, it’s less about what you THINK your core values are and more about the times in your life when something burns a hole in your gut as being so incredibly WRONG that you just will NOT stand for it. It disgusts you so much, you refuse to have anything to do with it, and your respect for the people involved drops to subzero temperatures because there’s no middle ground on this issue. Not for you. Not with this. And if people don’t like it, tough.

I’m guessing you have an Enneagram 3 in your stack (since you like to “impress people”) because my 4 pretty much demands I not conform. I care more about being right / smart and seen as intelligent than I do about conforming to the current conversation; if I’m bored or not interested, I won’t talk. I don’t really feel like it falls to me to be the group’s social entertainment, although if I’m in a good mood and feeling theatrical that day, I can take my share of the air time and put on a show / exaggerate something to be funny for the audience. But it’s not automatic, and it’s completely reliant on how much I “care” that day. I cannot fake anything for love nor money.

Being authentic for me is more of an unconscious process and sometimes takes a backseat to good old “you’re not the boss of me” Fi behavior, where I have a rebellious reaction whenever I feel like anyone is pressuring me or trying to change me in some way. Some dude tried to give me grief for having too many different tastes once and I shut him down faster than a garage door in a hurricane. He tried to recommend stuff to me I might have even liked, except I’d decided to argue with everything he said, because his elitist attitude annoyed me so much. I went from semi-chill to full blown bitch in .45 seconds. (And have felt bad about it ever since, but that has not really altered my behavior… because I still do this with people who get on my nerves.)

Basically, don’t try to boss me. It doesn’t work when my dad does it. It doesn’t work when my friends do it. And it really doesn’t work when you try to do it.

I guess that’s another of my semi-problematic authentic traits: you’re not the boss of me and if you think you are, life is about to get really rough.

For you. ;)

I have no clue if I even answered your question.

- ENFP Mod

imirmaquiet  asked:

(1/1) Hi,Tink! I only recently joined SPN fandom and I'm just overwhelmed with so many talanted actors, great characters, with such fascinating interesting storyline and all kind of emotions caused by all of this.Then I found your blog, started read your answers to anon questions, your thoughts and metas and I think maybe you can help me.I highly interested in Dean/Cas relationship but I'm constantly questioning is this romatic story or just friendship with kindred spirit thing like Jensen told.

(½)And I want to ask you what moments, scenes and subtextual/metaforical aspects of their interractions and storyline make you believe that it is definetely romantiс love story. Maybe it’s a little bit silly question but I really appreciate your point of veiw. Thank you! And sorry if I made any mistakes: English is not my first language)


Basically my whole blog is like… 70% this. But I did do one post in particular about how it could have been platonic but they made it romantic, I think that’s what you want to know so here you go :)

I totally could have loved a story about platonic brotherly love, adding a third brother to the story, that’s what I was EXPECTING and I would have loved it, but then they went and shoved 9 years of romantic tropes that are recognisable from every little kid’s Disney movie to Jane Eyre and I couldn’t accept that this wasn’t on purpose, and now season 12/13? Please :p

I had a BLAST at the taste of Saint Whatshisface last night with my Cuban Joint Family. I saw so many people I knew from work and past lives. It was Amazing they recognized me. Chef & Thania were getting increasingly irritated when my peeps kept asking me about STBX. They all knew it kinda stung, but what can I do? Lie? No. “Things are strained and difficult, but we’re healthy! The girls are thriving and that’s all that matters right?” It was my knee jerk response. The crew wanted me to be truthful. Why? No one really wants to know the details in passing. They were all gobsmacked. I got a lot of “you guys will make it” and “you guys were the perfect couple!”. Yeah, so I’ve heard.
Two people I haven’t seen in over a decade (gawd, I’m old) came to visit me at work. I cried with each of them. Amazing what the universe throws your way.
Yesterday was all around a fantastic day

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I've seen you say you're in heat before, what does that mean? Is it a kink thing, or another way of saying you're ovulating, or?

it’s just what i affectionately refer to ovulation time as. it feels similar to what heat seems like, i get whiny and wet by just about everything, i want to get penetrated by something no matter how hard i’m fucked around with or how many times i cum, everything makes me flushed and shiny-eyed. it’s gross. it’s bothersome and also feels really good, so i take it in stride. i know not everyone is like this. my pussy is a blessing and a curse. and i’m about to go into heat now so RIP me

I am very happy with that hug, it was all natuual, it wasn’t filmed as a big thing, an event because it was NATURAL, it’s natural to them now to hug, to touch each other, comfortable, to take comfort from each other and to show vulnerability knowing the other will make them feel better, safer. 

Frankly, while, of course, i cannot wait until Caryl becomes canon - and many times i wonder if it truly will -  and Gimple is awful, BUT what i did miss more than anything was their bond, them showing their connection and supporting each other, being each other’s person. Their separations, lack of communication and interactions made me so upset, i just wanted them together, working together, living and surviving together, and having the first episode of the new season already showing a little of that bond is something.

Sure, we might get nothing at all other than that but i’ll get mad once i see where their paths will go during the season. For now, i’ll allow myself to enjoy.

Sometimes we are so angry and already conditioned to get disappointed, frustrated that we end up not enjoying anything anymore and thinking everything is just not enough. 

I don’t let other people’s feelings or negativity get to me, tbvh, if i like something, i don’t give a crap if someone else thinks it’s not enough. Actually, even i can think “could be more or not enough” but that doesn’t stop me appreciating some scene between them that i like. One thing doesn’t exclude the other to me. 

In conclusion, i love their little moment and i’ll simply be enjoying without projecting and without judging the possibility of what will happen, i’ll enjoy that scene because i did love it. 

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Hello, you have been identified as An Awesome Writer™. Congrats, you rock! So that all of your readers can shower you with some extra love today, please tell us your favourite five (or as many as you want) stories of yours and why you like them and then send this to another five fic authors you think deserve this title! ♥


Uuuuuh, can I be the worst and say all of them because I am a proud fic mama that can’t really choose? 

nah i wont do that but i def considered lol

In no particular order because ordering them would just make things so hard D:

Kingdom- Obvs lol Why do I like it? Because it’s really testing my ability to weave together several stories in different timelines to create one big kinda fantasy mystery. Not to mention the different storylines are written with different tones so it’s always interesting to test out jumping between the two. Plus, uh, I just like the idea. It’s the fantasy YA fic literally no one here asked for but I’m giving you anyway XD

I’ll Take the Blame, You Take My Conscience- This one is a BIG. DAMN. CHALLENGE. Why? Because it’s super serious, and there’s action, and Yakuza, and it’s set in Japan. There is pretty much nothing in this that I haven’t had to do a shit ton of research on to try and make it as accurate as possible because I don’t wanna be one of those writers that basically whitewashes Japanese themes and cultures because I was too lazy to research it. Sure, I coulda just done a mafia AU but I didn’t wanna do that. I wanted a challenge. Plus, I just really love Sheith okay.

Tweethearts- One part of me says I should probs feel embarrassed that my most popular fic ever was a One Direction one. It’s a really small part though because to this day I still think about the R U MINE? scene  that I had written before I’d even come up with the rest of the planning for the whole fic, and this party scene that was just plain fun. Honestly, my rom-com style writing may have peaked with this one.

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)- Faved because it was another challenge to see if I could write something that seemed like it was going one way without letting anything on to the actual nature of it until the twist. Did it work? Idk, I suppose that’s for y’all to decide. lol still a tiny bit sorry for testing that one out on you guys XD

Starboy and Sugartits- A Love Story- Lol how could I not love something with that title. Like if there is one thing I’m super proud about in everything I’ve ever done, it’s the title of Starboy and Sugartits. Also it was just a blast to write the members of Voltron into a gay club with stripper poles and $2 drinks. (With drink recipes that really exist so y’all should check it out if only to find some new drinks. 21+ DRINK RESPONSIBLY KIDDOS.)

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De-aged AU: What about for the version of Hux being 8 and Kylo/Ben being 3, Hux finding Ben as an annoying? Like he is in a place where he doesn't know and some kid wants to eat chocolate. Yeah, no I got other things to worry about. Also I wouldn't be surprised if Brendol told Hux all Force users were dangerous so, Hux seeing Ben weird and something not someone to get away from.

That makes sense!!! But I shouldn’t imagine there are many children about the Resistance base so Ben follows Hux around like a little duckling wanting attention!!!

A silly and demanding thing

Which, maybe could make a nice tradition for others?

It’s my birthday today, and there are so many talented writers and artists in this fandom, i thought i’d throw a prompt out there and if someone was looking for one, i’d feel very special that something was created for the fandom as a result. So, giving it a try. OBVIOUSLY i don’t want anyone to feel obligated or that I would be bummed out if no one took me up on this.

OK so here goes, if anyone wants it, this could be art or writing:

Jared’s most successful moment as Mom Friend to one or more of the guys. 

I’d prefer non-ship-related just as there isn’t much of that sort of content, but of course, it’s up to you.

I hope others might take up this birthday prompt idea in the future, as also it will help me feel less like an attention-grabbing jerk. :)

I’ve been working on this for the past two days…
This was supposed to be a simple work what happened-
I just wanted to draw Underfell babybones fluff since I rarely ever see the Underfell bros actually being NICE to each other in any format.

This started out just being a simple sketch of the two of them, then for some reason I decided it needed a background, and THEN for some OTHER reason I decided it needed a story-
Question is will I ever get around to writing one? haha


 I know my brother like I know my own mind
You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind (x)


“The only variable you can control is yourself.” You can forget who you are, or you can be who you want to be. That’s why you stay. You stay for a second chance.

Underappreciated Batfam  → Stephanie Brown

“I want to know you.”

Jon wanting to hang out with Damian is what I live for. 

Superman Issue #33