so many things i love about this sequence


The continuing education of Brandon Saad. (4/14/13, vs. the Blues, after Saad causes a turnover at the blue line.)

my power rangers review

very mild spoilers warning btw

first off, i want to say that i’ve only seen a few episodes of power rangers in my life, so i’m not super knowledgeable about everything power rangers, but i still absolutely loved this movie and will be buying the dvd the day it comes out

it didn’t just look like power rangers, it felt like power rangers. especially during the battle sequence/climax, the camera work was still hollywood enough to remind you that it’s a big budget blockbuster movie, but there were so many of the cheesy camera moves and angles from the classic series, like quickly zooming in when someone lands and the straight-on shots of the rangers in their zords, among other things like them all saying the same word at the same time when attacking and they actually used the mighty morphin’ power rangers theme as their riding-into-battle song?? like not a cover or an orchestral version, literally the original theme song it’s so amazing and it honestly fits so well in the scene; you can tell they put more thought into it that “hey let’s just slap the original theme in somewhere that’ll be cool” (plus they actually said “it’s morphin’ time”)

each of the characters only had like one outfit throughout the movie that didn’t have at least a bit of their colour in it, even before they found the coins (i.e. red text on jason’s shirts, pink straps on kimberly’s tank tops, blue stripes on billy’s sweaters, trini’s yellow jackets, and zack’s black pants) and i really liked that; even when they’re not in their armour and fighting they’re still power rangers and it’s like a subconscious part of them

also i loved the diversity and how they didn’t make it all about the diversity; none of the characters are stereotypes and there really wasn’t anything that i guess pushed the fact that they’re diverse (idk how to work it really? it wasn’t like “hey look how diverse this is! look how progressive this is! do you see all this diversity? we’re so inclusive!” like…. the fact that four of them are poc and one is gay and one is autistic wasn’t like the main point and they didn’t go out of their way to constantly point it out, idk if that makes sense)

ALSO NO ROMANCE i’m so glad they cut that kiss it would have completely derailed that scene and imo the rest of the movie, since it’s supposed to be about all of them having a strong bond with each other and if two of them are like clearly much closer pretty much from the get-go i think that would’ve made a rift in the group; yeah, there were still a few scenes that like vaguely hinted at jason maybe liking kimberly but not very many and none of it’s explicitly romantic and could just as easily be interpreted as platonic

everyone got approximately the same screen time and backstory and is complex and interesting and developed, and even though it’s said a handful of times that jason is technically the leader, it’s obvious that he doesn’t see himself as like in control of them, and he doesn’t want to be or want them to see him that way; they treat each other all as equals and there isn’t one of them that’s a more important team member than anyone else 

this movie is hilarious and serious and heartwarming and heartbreaking and i’m so glad it’s doing well at the box office and there’s gonna be a sequel (protip: stick around through the first half of the credits), i want more of these kids and i’m so proud of them, 10/10 will definitely be seeing again many times


This whole scene is so beautiful! It looks like it was copied straight from a manga/manhwa panel and I mean those ridiculously detailed and incredible drawings of the likes of Bride of the Water God or Goong because I peaked inside the original 5→9 comic and it simply can’t compare with the live action both in regards of visual and narrative quality. This whole sequence has a fantasy-like quality to it, with the rain falling heavily and Takane arriving out of nowhere to Junko’s rescue like a prince in shining sports car armour and really, wearing his robes he truly does look almost unreal, as if he just stepped out from the pages of some fairy tale. Frankly, I so freaking love so many things about this and Takane I don’t even know where to start!

He ditches his arranged date without a second thought and comes all the way to a middle of nowhere just to save her and wish her happy birthday, but what a congratulation that is! Full of raw emotions and brutal honesty, gone is the monotone, controlled voice and it’s replaced by a voice that is husky and hoarse with barely controlled emotions and words unsaid. 

Then HE GETS DOWN ON HIS KNEES FOR HER FOR CHRIST SAKE!!! So he could look her straight in the eye; so she wouldn’t have to look up to him; so they would be equal! PLUS HIS EYES! Those intense black seemingly endless pools that usually hide his thoughts now reveal so much. This is the reason why I think YT is simply perfect for this role and I really hate it when people make all those ignorant comments about his “dead-fish look/eyes”, because there is no such thing. His eyes are really extraordinary - large irises that are blacker than the darkest night and some people just can’t see past it. Their loss really because he is able to express such a wide range of emotions and it’s scenes like these where the intensity of that gaze is almost disturbing.

And finally, all the feels when you realize that the umbrella has never been for him BUT FOR HER, that he keeps holding it above her, protecting her from the rain, while he keeps getting drenched more and more!

It’s trending 27th again!
It was ridiculously hard to narrow it down to my top 3 favorite Season 1 episodes but I went with ones that left a significant impression on me.

Two out of the many things I admire most about Wander Over Yonder are the fantastic sense of color and the amazing animation. One episode in particular really sticks out to me that executed both stunningly, it even won an award for it too! That episode is…

I am IN LOVE with the way this episode introduces it’s villain Emperor Awesome. The cinematography is so on point and enthralling. Dang, Justin Nichols, just dang. The dance sequence between Awesome and Wander contains some of the best animation in the entire show, to the point that it’s difficult to create gifs of because the colors and motion is so intense.

Here’s just SOME of the great palettes in this episode.

Great sense of pacing, color, animation, everything.
Plus Emperor Awesome, one of the BEST characters in the show. I love him.

Awesome’s pretty awesome but there’s somebody who’s greater….it’s Hater.

I re-watch this episode a ton because it’s just so much fun.
There seems to be a relative consensus that this is the episode that marks Hater’s gradual downfall into becoming less menacing and more of a lovable doofus. Wander’s finally really getting to him.

The comedy in this episode is hilarious and my heart just goes out to poor Hater and Peepers, falling victim to Wander and Sylvia’s way of turning every obstacle against them. Wander’s just having a blast and trying his darn-dest to make Hater happy, but that’s pretty difficult when Hater’s ultimate birthday wish is to obliterate you I suppose.

Go to him, Wander.
Also that birthday song is the greatest.

Speaking of Hater and Wander-centric episodes, the song sequence for this next episode premiered at Comic con and upon seeing it I was like “YES! YESSS!” 

This episode probably marks the start of Wander’s perilous quest to become best friends with Hater and Hater’s slow realization as to what Wander’s trying to do to him….make him a better person.

This episode is ridiculously cute, I won’t lie, it’s one of my favorites because it’s too darn adorable. Favorite characters hanging out together singing and being hilarious, instant favorite.

My heart forever goes out to Peepers.
Probably marks the start of Peepers’ subtle jealousy of Wander’s ability to hog all of Hater’s attention. Give this man a vacation.

Other contenders for top favorite eps: The Bad Guy, The Void, The Gift II The Giftening, The Fancy Party, The Date, The Pet

Help give this show the Season 3 it deserves!

The thing I love most about Midnighter is how uncompromising the series is. It’s incredibly open about the character being gay and has elements of romance, dating and sex, but it’s also relentlessly sardonic and violent, with one (or more) over-the-top action sequences in every issue. People are always bleating about all the “pandering” DCYou was doing, but Steve Orlando doesn’t pander to anyone, he writes a solo that’s 100% true to who Midnighter is. He gives him quiet moments and emotional growth, and endearing moments with his friends and lovers, but never skirts away from how nasty he can be, and how much he loves killing.

Honestly, this is the boldest Midnighter has ever been, and I will keep loving every single minute of it, and be heartbroken when it’s gone.

5 Reasons Why We Love Dylan O’Brien So Much

Dylan O’Brien has stolen scenes in so many great TV shows and movies, from ‘The First Time’ to ‘Teen Wolf’, ‘New Girl’ to the ‘Maze Runner’ franchise. But his charisma-packed performances aren’t the only reason to adore the young actor, here’s five more things we love about the star.

He’s a huge geek

Dylan’s essentially one of us - someone who loves getting geeky about their favourite stuff. A self-proclaimed comic-book nerd, O’Brien has many passions - and some of them might surprise you. “Oh my god, so many geeky things about me. Genuinely geeky, I mean I geek out about baseball. My two favorite things are baseball and The X-Factor. I don’t know. I’m a huge Star Wars geek, I’m a huge everything geek.”

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“Cinema is a language. It can say things—big, abstract things. And I love that about it. I’m not always good with words. Some people are poets and have a beautiful way of saying things with words. But cinema is its own language. And with it you can say so many things, because you’ve got time and sequences. You’ve got dialogue. You’ve got music. You’ve got sound effects. You have so many tools. And you can express a feeling and a thought that can’t be conveyed any other way. Its a magical medium. For me, it’s so beautiful to think about these pictures and sounds flowing together in time and in sequence, making something that can be done only through cinema. Its not just words or music-it’s a whole range of elements coming together and making something that didn’t exist before. It’s telling stories. It’s devising a world, an experience, that people cannot have unless they see that film. When I catch an idea for a film, I fall in love with the way cinema can express it. I like a story that holds abstractions, and that’s what cinema can do.”
David Lynch, Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness and Creativity

Things I Love About New Ghostbusters

- Holtz

- Ship potential for Holtz/Patty (and Holtz/Abby but Holtz/Patty works better for me)

- Four badass women, all different, with all different relationships between them

- Chris Hemsworth and his perfect dumb pretty-boy routine


- So many different versions of the truly classic Ghostbusters theme tune

- Patrick Stump killing it in a song that worked so well in context (and I’m now playing on loop)

- That credits sequence with all the additional scenes and Chris Hemsworth dancing and the great music I’m dying


- Beautiful style for the ghosts, especially for the first ghost

- Great lines like “That’s a room full of nightmares, I ain’t going in there!”

- That perfect opening sequence


- My cinema screen was mostly guys in the audience. Masculinity: you’re doing it right!