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Fanfic Rec List Pt. 3 (And still not done... )

Oh take me back to the start by @mimosaeyes

Each chapter is a stand alone one shot “Meet cute” AU and they are all just delightful! That initial moment of spark is such a huge part of what I love about stories so to have them all right at my fingertips like this is great when I want a nice pick me up! Many of the stories are Love Square but there are a few other pairings as well which I was also really excited about!

War of Attrition by AceGreyManx (don’t know tumblr url)

So this is a little one shot that I discovered… honestly I don’t know how, I think I was doing the thing where I just pick a random number between 1 and however many pages of fic there are for my fandom on AO3, go to that page and pick whichever story catches my attention on that page.

Anyways It’s very straightforward Ladynoir but we actually get to see Chat come out and step up to the plate when it comes to declaring his feelings for Ladybug and it is wonderful. You start off with this nice fluffy thing and end with a St. Crispin’s Day speech of Romantic confessions. Clocking in at less than 3k words there is no excuse not to read this one ^_~

Black Cats and Curtain Calls by @bullysquadess

This is probably the most self-indulgent of my fic recs and by an author who certainly doesn’t need my help being recognized. However as a musical theater nerd myself and someone who lived for both Highschool and Community theater productions when I was young I can’t NOT give a shout out to this beautiful universe. It really does a great job of capturing what the world of amature theater is like and the romance is cute and engaging, earning it a spot among my favorite fics.

Look at Me / Seeing Me by @raeryn  (or @adriennagreste on tumblr as well)

Two one shots telling the same story from each person’s POV.

;I just love this story- I must have read it a dozen times- because it isn’t focused on the reveal, it is focused on how the characters deal with it. It isn’t an instant change over to a happy couple, these are two kids who are trying to figure each other out and actually build a deeper relationship/friendship with the person they like and care for and it is such a refreshing thing to see.

Fermeture by Karmahope (not sure what tumblr url)

Ugh… this story just takes my heart and squeezes it like grapes only to put it back together again. It’s a delightful sort of melancholy angst focused on the idea that you don’t realize how much something is a part of your life until it is gone. A wonderful “post victory” oneshot

Consolation Prize by @mesozoic (I think the tumblr is the same as the AO3)

Oh my goodness I laughed SO hard while reading this. Between the fantastically hysterical awkwardness and the extremely unique styling (the author starts you in the middle of a conversation and it slowly gets revealed over the course of each chapter what happened, which makes the reveal of how they GOT there just delightful) this story is just such a fun change from what I expect in fanfiction. Its also nice to see these crazy messed up teenagers being just that.

Something in the Night by @konekat

Another one that falls a little heavier on the angsty scale than I usually go for my favorites, this manages to keep my interest and handle a troupe I am usually personally not very big on- Chat and Ladybug being separated for years and Chat being bitter because of it- and make me engaged and excited for. They do a good job of skirting the line between putting the characters in a darker place without feeling like they are more OC than character (which is always my biggest concern with stories of this type) The writing itself is lovely which helps a lot, and they aren’t afraid to explore the characters flaws in a way that is very real and relatable. (Also for my NSFW fans the “missing scene” chapter (Burning in the Night) is definitely worth your time as well… hot… ::fans self::)

Back to Us by Darkreyna16  @insanitysscribblings on tumblr

As long as we are talking about the friends to strangers to enemies back to friends to lovers sagas I might as well round it out with the last one on my list (the first two being Something in the Night and Sealed Away)

Gonna warn you- this fic is a BEAST. There is a lot of content and a lot going on. However the story don’t get overly bogged down even with it’s complexity, and there are some wonderfully unique ideas and questions that get addressed in this story. This also has some of my favorite utilization of some of the minor/background characters. (Ivan! OMG BLESS!!!)  It’s nice to see a world where the classmates have also grown and developed alongside our core heroes.

For the COMPLETE Fic Rec List I have put a link on my main page! Just look at the top and click the button that says FIC REC LIST. 

All the works I have listed in parts 1-3 are up there and all subsequent fic rec updates will be going there as well! 

Things I would love to see in Boruto:
1. Naruto figuring out how to balance being a good hokage and a good father
2. Naruhina Sasusaku shikatema saino….all the ships as parents
3.shikadai boruto bromance
4.orochimaru’s story.
5. Sasuke training boruto
6. Naruto training Sarada
7.Sakura training mitsuki.( I think it would be cool if he were a medical ninja who wants to save lives since his dad was responsible for killing so many)
8. Hinata teaching himawari how to use the byakugan
9. Kakashi and guy gossiping about the new kids
10. Kakashi and tsunade dropping by to see how Naruto’s handling being hokage
11.sasuke being overprotective about sarada.
12.sasuke getting terrified by Sakura ( I would die if this happened)
13. Konohamaru Naruto bromance
14. Sasuke Naruto being bros
15.sassy sasuke
16. Hinata taking some responsibility over the hyuga clan
17. Borusara
18.Sasuke’s reaction to borusara
19.himawari turning into the ultimate badass when you least expect it
20. Lots and lots of feels

My friend sent me this photo first thing this morning and I can’t stop smiling. My heart is so happy. This is the woman who, one month ago, told me she loved that I read my Bible every day and wished she could do the same but was having a hard time making time for it. Now she’s getting up with me before the sun. Now she’s reading her Bible every day. Now she’s talking to me about Paul, and Timothy, and under and over-realized eschatology, and how many days Jesus stayed on Earth after the resurrection, and the elect, and what we both struggle with and how we can work on those things. I’m so proud of her, and I’m so grateful to and for Him.

I love mixing high and low culture, and I almost bristle at those very terms, because my imagination finds all culture interesting. Celebrity in America is something we use to medicate ourselves. And it’s bad for the celebrity, and it’s bad for us. We’re so obsessed with the notion of celebrity that we elected one to run our country. To me, this obsession reveals many things about us, some of which have to do with class, escapism, alienation, and existential dread. The interesting and worthwhile way for me to think through those things is through poetry.
—  Alex Dimitrov

so i’m watching 11.22.63 and i love it but whyyy doesn’t anybody ever freak out when james franco tells them he’s from the future, like they just accept it and move on as if it’s some casual thing

if someone told me they came from 2054 or some shit (and was able to actually prove it to me) do you even know how many questions i’d be asking like i would never shut up about it

sometimes being a semi-closeted lesbian (who has a gf that is an ocean away and misses her terribly) can be really isolating, but then i look back in history and see so many lesbians, so many women unafraid to love other women, so many long-distance relationships and handwritten love letters and poems and diary entries from people just like me. and i take a deep breath and i close my eyes and i continue to love and exist

20 questions tag

@lesllooo ily and thank you for tagging me :) this literally took forever bc i needed to do this on my laptop and i always forget to do it once im on..

so the rules are to answer the 20 questions in a new post and tag 20 people but..idk that many blogs so im sorry ksdfnk but this is so that we get to know each other better

nickname: Dayi

gender: female

star sign: gemini

height: im 165 cm last time i checked…but i think im like 5′4″ to 5′6″

time right now: 6:33 pm

last thing i googled: astrology houses lmao idk shit about them

favorite bands: i really like nct, bts, f(x), two door cinema club, arctic monkeys…thats it i think 

favorite solo artists: i really dont know djskfn

song stuck in your head: Sleepless by Flume

last movie i watched: Moana (i loved it so much)

last tv show i watched: unbreakable kimmy shimdt

when did you create your blog: i think july of 2011 bc it was 1 year after one direction formed askjdfnksdjf

what kind of stuff do you post: ive literally gone through so many phases lol but right now its mostly like whatevr the hell i want (kpop and other stuff)

when did ur blog reach its peak: its been a long ride but i havent reached a peak now lmao it just slowly gets better lkdncsj

do u have any other blogs:i just have a bunch of saved urls but creating a whole other blog is too much work for me

do u get asks regularly: i get one every year

why u chose ur url:i love f(x)

following: 105

posts: ……this is embarrassing bc ive been here for like 6 years but 23,897…with this post….23,898

hogwarts house: im a hufflepuff 

pokémon team:when i played the game….team mystic

favorite colors: i really love every color, i think i like colors that look nice together but i cant really pick one color

average hours of sleep: 6 to 8 hours

lucky numbers: 1, 4, 13

favorite manga characters: dont have any :/

how many blankets do u sleep with: 3 but only bc im too lazy to take the top blanket off bc it falls off the bed

dream job: storm chasing has always been my weird ass dream lol but im in college for occupational therapy…i really like helping people

dream trip: i want to go EVERYWHERE  and i dont really want to see more of North America so….Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Norway (for u May), Germany, Greece, Japan, China, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Australia… im not done but i cant think of anything else

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things i love about driving.

When you’re first in line at the red light. Finding the perfect song to play while crossing a bridge. Hitting 100 in the tunnel, the lights flashing by rapid fast making you high with an unexplainable energy. 3am when you look in the rearview mirror on an empty road and see nothing but blackness. Windows all the way down, air up high, music blasting from the speakers on a too hot summer night. Or the feeling when your car finally warms up and the heat pours through in the dead of winter. As many friends as possible crammed into the back seat, lapping it if necessary, laughter filling the lack of empty space. Sitting in traffic when you’re in no rush at all, people watching while you play your favorite tunes. Just barely cutting somebody off and feeling the danger of it. Passing through a city and being engulfed by the skyscrapers above you. A lonely country road with just farm on either side and a street you can see stretching down for miles. The little thrill in your stomach when you go down a surprisingly steep hill a little too quickly. But mostly it’s a best friend, in my passenger seat, keeping me company with a smile when I agree to let them pick the music. 

electroshockblues  asked:

im with you about the phantom troupe, but one thing i LOVED was how togashi took some chars i didnt worry/care too much about and basically used them to WRECK SHIT in the CA arc because, honestly, it was so well timed and cathartic to me since i wanted like every ant (besides colt/mel/mer/ikalgo/the SWEET sweet good boy ants) to just DIE already at that point

I AGREE!!!!!! the main thought in my head during the ca arc was “there’s so many of these guys, when will they all just DIE????”

anonymous asked:

Hey, I love your blog and the advice that you give! I've identified as ace for 5+ years now, and have had a romantic crush on my best friend for several years as well... Recently we did things of the sexual nature and now I can't stop thinking about him that way, and it's been stressing me out. I've identified solidly as ace for many years, but now I'm questioning weather I should call myself that now.

Hey Anon,

So here’s the deal.  I’m thinking that what you’re describing sounds a lot like demisexual.  That’s when you have to develop a close personal bond with an individual before sexual attraction can occur.  And the thing is, many demisexuals don’t realize they are demi until a situation like yours happens.

A lot of demis believe they are ace, but then something happens between them and a friend, and BOOM!  they start questioning themselves.  There’s nothing wrong with this at all!  It does not mean you have been lying to yourself or any other such nonsense.  You followed what you believed to be true, and now there’s new things happening.  So you re-adjust.  Take some time for some introspection.  How do you feel about your friend now?  What kind of emotions are you feeling?

Introspection can be complicated to sort through sometimes, so I recommend stream-of-consciousness writing.  This style of writing is exactly what it sounds like.  You simply write what you’re thinking at that moment.  You may want to start with a question to get you started, something like “How do I feel about my friend?”  The process of writing all of this down (either by hand or on a computer) can be very therapeutic, and really help organize your thoughts.

I hope this has helped you out, Anon.  We’re here if you ever want to message us for more advice or just to chat.

~Mod Elise

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Amongst my outdoorsy friend a big thing I consistently notice is this weird need to shun everything regarding beauty, or anything stereotypically feminine amongst the girls as the group tends to be super duper masculine, and it's made me feel almost second tier as if I'm giving them a bad name for enjoying clothes, beauty and aesthetics, so it's such a relief to see someone else getting stoked about sending a new route AND taking a fire booty pic, thank you, hope you have a truly stellar day!!!

Hahaha ok my friends have said this to me before because my personality and my aesthetic routines are definitely an uncommon combination. But I know how you feel because I always got weird vibes in college from other “climber girls” who treated me different because I liked to wash my hair and wear makeup lol idk. They would literally like brag about not showering or not “needing” to wear makeup in front of me like they were trying to prove something or be superior. They treated me like I didn’t belong in their “outdoorsy” scene, even though we liked to do the exact same things. Which is weird to me, because I think climbing is such a neutral sport, like ANYONE can rock at climbing and we all preach that so why you gotta be mean because the chalk and dirt is on MY face which just happens to also be meticulously cared for.

So all I have to say to them is, it’s not my sick sharp eyeliner or cute outfit that’s making me climb hard, it’s the fact that I’m the one with the good attitude who’s not judging others.. sorry that you couldn’t see past my appearance because you missed out on having a fucking fantastic time climbing with me.

It literally doesn’t matter.. and it’s not cool to judge someone who doesn’t like the same stuff as you because that makes zero sense. You just enjoy makeup and clothes? Great! You enjoy both makeup and clothes, and climbing? Great! You enjoy just climbing? Great!

Idk girl, I long for the day girls aren’t so critical of each other.. Keep doing you friend!

Something that I love about horror, is that just like sci-fi or fantasy, it’s basically a genre with endless posibilities.

You can literally make anything scary if you do it right. Fear is such a broad thing, and there’s sooo many different kinds.

Because I think that a mistake that lots of horror media makes (if their goal is to actually scare people, or make them uncomfortable, etc), is that they start with the idea of “ok, what can I do to scare people with this”, which is not the right angle to start from.

You start with a basic concept, and then write a good story.

If your characters and story fall into place, so will your scares.

A good example I always like to use is Majora’s Mask. The creators of that game didn’t start with “let’s make a scary game”, not at all. It’s just how it turned out to be while they were creating it. 

Or the book I read recently: Cold Moon Over Babylon, is a crime thriller for the entire first half of it. 

Horror is very malleable, you can go so many ways.

But it should always start and end, with a good story.


I was tagged by the lovely @darknightingale1, thank you doll!! ;D

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Considering how I don’t go out much or take many pictures, I luckily made personal aesthetic boards a couple months ago out of boredom and for fun, and they’ve been saved on my phone since then. So I decided to use them! I still wanna make others, but these four will do for now ^.^

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I’m watching Rent movie on BD (just finished Act 1… I mean the first half lol). I hadn’t seen it for so long time.

Whatever people say about this movie, however hardhead old rentheads criticize it, I do love this movie and it’s really important for me, and if I was asked to choose between the original show and this movie… I’d take the movie. Sorry but it’s true. There are so many things I love in this movie but not in the original.

I do love the original, I do love to listen to the OBCR and read the libretto. I saw two productions (2015 Japanese & 20th anniv US tour) already and will see another this summer (revival of 2015 Japanese) and I’m so excited for it. But still I love this movie so much and nobody can take it away from me.

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What's it like being loved by so many people?


“But what if it’s not?
What if it’s being placed on a pedestal, admired and coveted, only to be knocked down and compared? What if it’s about the profit, the selfish gains on which your entity is totaled by your net worth? Or what if it’s being used- when the only time they’ve ‘loved’ you was when they’ve ‘needed’ you, only to be cast aside once they find something, someone better.

I am many things to many people.

But loved is not one of them.”

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What was Tweek and Craig's first time like? Was Craig gentle? If not what was it like?

Their first time happens in TFBW, and it was very EDGY and HARDCORE. that’s why TFBW ’s name come from——-their realation ship “Fractured but whole“, then Tweek’s butt hole is,too They start doing Dirty thing after 1906,but they were not make love cuz they were shy,until Civil war happen.Craig was fucking pissed off about Tweek’s betray.So after their Civil war,Craig was planing to punish Tweek all the time before they fuck, Craig had refers to those porn Fanart from his dad’s collection(And yeh,His Dad is also my Fans!!!!!).So they had try many Lewd and dangerous pose.So Tweek bleeding and shout alot like a virgin pig .Wow,sooooooooo hot btw I think that’s part of their Craig X Tweek’s Super hero movie’s plan….. After that,Tweek be a good Waifu, and also a human toilet.Wow, that’s perfect love.

one thing i love about skam is how much i’ve learned about norwegian culture, a culture i knew little to nothing about before. i think one of the (many) problems in  america is our lack of knowledge on other cultures and other ways of life different from our own.  i think it’s great that so many americans are being exposed to this culture and embracing it and learning about it and even learning norwegian! we need more of that here, so thank you skam for opening many people’s eyes to something new! it’s been an honor to learn about norway and i can’t wait to visit someday to see it for myself!