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Do you have any ushioikage headcanons?


I spent a lot of time thinking about them during that crazy s3 so there we go

My personal favourites all actually start with Shiratorizawa!Kageyama. I have a bunch of different routes and ideas about it but especially this would be the starting point of, err, what I like to call, Melancholy of Jellykawa Tooru, but it all ends well, I promise XD (damn i missed that)

As it goes in that old one, slowly Kageyama and Ushijima bond over their mutual interests.. well, ONE interest really. They are the sort of people who just complete each others sentences (even tho they don’t talk a lot lol) and are in complete synch and it’s just so obvious. (Tendou laughs at them, Semi shoves his elbow into his side also I love that hidden tensemi there lol im weak to it sorry)

Oikawa is super salty over it all and can barely handle anyone mentioning them but he just has to because they win the nationals and it’s everywhere and he’s not even sure why he’s so incredibly touchy but at some point he just realizes it’s not just the winning part, he feels like he’s being left behind, both were his rivals who didn’t even know each other but now they’re a team and they’re there, they have what Oikawa wanted for himself and them being there together is part of his, err, melancholy lol. He represses it successfully.. for the most part..

…Until he ends up in the same team with Ushijima in uni. Of course, Ushijima, with that perfect social awareness, starts talking about Kageyama because he thinks that would be appropriate since kageyama talks just so much about Oikawa. At one point it becomes clear they’re dating and Oikawa is completely mortified. After that, he realizes why he was so bothered by it all before.

Kageyama often goes there to meet Ushijima and they practice together and Oikawa just snaps and leaves whenever he shows his face

At some point kageyama, rattled by that behaviour, confides in ushijima that oikawa was his first crush and ushijima is kind of like i have been there and they are not surprised they agree on liking oikawa (lol neither am i)

Oikawa is insanely frustrated and hates seeing them together even though you can’t find a less-pda couple than them lmao 

Outside help: Severely Needed

Outside help: in the form of TenSemi, points out that Oikawa has been “too tsundere and it was disgraceful even for people like them to not notice”  then tendou points out semi is being rude 

They literally corner Oikawa lmao he thinks they’re pissed at him bc they have that intense, focused look 

Then they confess to him and at first he’s shocked, then outraged then he’s like WHY DO I EVEN WANT THIS BUT OKAY FINE WHATEVER DONT EVEN MENTION HOW YOU CORNERED ME TO OTHERS OR TO ME EVER AGAIN

they’re like???cornered??? how???? and let me tell you oikawa is not amused

but in the end.. they end up perfectly balanced >_< althouth oikawa changes seven moods before those two even realize something is wrong and oikawa is like “no. nevermind. -_-” and they’re like “oh alright then” 

and it’s just beautiful (♡ಥ‿ಥ♡)