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An AU where young Keith, a Filipino-Korean, moves to the USA; on his first day at school, he refuses to talk, partly because he’s not exactly very sociable but mostly because he’s incredibly embarrassed about his English and lack of proficiency in it. O and shiro walks in

TRIPS OVER MY OWN FEET oh my god this was supposed to be black and white but then i wanted to paint but then gave up andCHRIST. my art style changes 600 times during this comic its dISGUSTIGN. THEN AGAIN it was rly rushed i just wanted to get this idea outta my head before school starts.



  1. a person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something; an adversary.

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headcanon percy accidentally drinks some kind of truth syrum or someone from the apollo cabin made him say everything he was truly thinking for a week. From random thoughts to the more intimate ones ;)

what is it with me today that all headcanons turn into little monsters o.o?

  • So, not sure if you are aware, but Apollo is also the god of truth. hmm. 
  • let’s just imagine Percy has done something to piss him off, and because Apollo is a little shit, he curses Percy like this
  • Percy has no filter under normal circumstances, this is just much worse
  • The first person he goes to is Will, because he’s one of the persons Percy trusts the most and he isn’t afraid of accidentally spilling his secrets to Will
  • that changes when Will checks if Percy is, part from the curse, alright, and he is just tilting up Percy’s head when Percy mumbled “I used to think a lot about kissing you.” (and wow, the infirmary has never gotten so silent so fast)
  • Will is amused though, thank the gods, and he asks Percy what stopped him from trying and Percy doesn’t have an answer, he just stares
  • In the end, Will has no way to reverse the curse, but at least Percy is physically fine, so Will advises him to avoid people until it’s worn off
  • (but Percy is an idiot, so he doesn’t)
  • Within a day everyone in camp knows that Percy is not, in fact, straight, which is not much of a surprise to many people
  • he admits to a lot of things that are amusing: how he used to imagine that blue food would give him his powers, like potions in video games, and how he knows every line to an endless number of disney songs, and that he really likes Nico’s hair (which he tells him by standing next to Nico and twirling a strand between his fingers) ad that he would totally do Jason if he asked
  • and then suddenly things become much less funny
  • Percy whispers quietly about how he is still shaking with nightmares more nights than not, how he never tells anyone because he doesn’t want to be a burden and how he feels a deep, dark rage within himself sometimes that scares him shitless. how he is extremely afraid about losing people and always considers pushing them away and keeping them even closer at the same time, how guilty he feels about never having noticed Nico’s feelings and that he still blames himself for Bianca’s death.
  • By the third day, Percy stops leaving his cabin altogether. Last evening, he admitted that he knows Annabeth is still scared because of the darkness she’d seen inside him and that he knows that it’s the real reason they broke up and that he’s having a hard time even understanding what the difference between his feelings for her and his feelings for his friends are because it’s all one big mess (at this point, Percy had started crying silently, turning his back so no one would see)
  • In the afternoon, Nico comes by with some food for Percy, and Jason is there soon after
  • Percy can’t stop himself from telling them that he likes being close to them, in a physical ‘please hug me’ kind of way, but at the same time, he also admits that he just wants them to go before he can spill all that is left of the secrets he keeps.
  • they are having none of it, and promise they won’t say a word, so Percy doesn’t get provoked into talking too, and then they just cuddle up with him to calm him down.
  • Will brings food in the evening, after he get out of the infrmary, and he’s not even surprised to see Nico and Jasonn there too.
  • over the next few days Percy admits to a lot of small things, but the worst ones are already out, so he manages to relax a little again.
  • Percy tells Will, who is the only one to have actually known Luke out of the three, about the feelings he’s had for him, and the hurt he’s still feeling because Luke’s gone and somehow, the curse is starting to be less of a burden because getting things like this one off his chest feels good.
  • Nico is the first to start offering secrets in return, to everyone’s surprise, but he can tell how much it weighs Percy down to be the only one vulnerable and in the end, it’s only fair.
  • the four of them have one of the most heartfelt conversations Percy has had and will have in his life, so many secrets out in the open, and even though there are many things hard to admit to, by the end of it all, they are so much closer than before.
  • (it’s only when they wake up all curled up together the next morning that Percy realises his curse had already worn off and the fact that at least some secrets he shared willingly makes him feel a lot better )

> Karkat: Rule over your new kingdom.

If you’re gonna go to Con Alt Delete, watch out for a certain crabass…


best selfies of 2016?¿

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Because we all know what state JiKook were in when this masterpiece was created…

my birthday is coming up

so people have been asking me

are you going to have a Hamilton themed party?

well the answer is


im going to have a fucking 



Jesus Christ this fandom…“Worth It 1.0 Edition”…Part 68/? 🎷🎤


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Last movie watched: Logan
Last song listened to: I think it was Moskau cause I woke up with that stuck in my head
Last book I read: The Martian for school, how fun
Last thing I ate: Vanilla Rice Krispies
One good thing that happened today: I learned a lot of fun polish insults
If I could time travel to any period of time: Maybe the 70′s, cause I’m a bitch for their movies and disco

A – Age: 16
B - Biggest fear: Deadly diseases and plagues and the like
C - Current time: 8:40am
D - Drink you last had: Coffee, and am still drinking it actually
E - Every day starts with: Gross morning breath
F - Favorite song: There’s a lot, but let’s throw 4:59 in there why not
G - Ghosts, are they real: Fuck yes they are
H - Hometown: Somewhere near the canadian border and the ocean
I - In love with: This sick clearance cat mug I bought at pier 1
J - Jealous of: People who actually have the balls to make/post stories
K - Killed someone: Probably not
L - Last time you cried: Yesterday, from laughter, while walking back from Logan
N - Number of siblings: 3
O - One wish: Success and talent r someshit
P - Person last called/texted: I think it was my mom, I don’t call or text much
Q - Question you’re always asked: “Doesn’t the hair dye ruin your hair?” OR “Are you captain-wiggly’s sister?”  O  R  “You want to make animations? Have you seen Toy Story?” bonus points if they mention how much TS3 made them cry
R - Reasons to smile: Spring break
S - Song last sang: Does whistling Moskau count
T - Time you woke up: 6:00am-sih
U - Underwear color: Multicoloured
V - Vacation destination: I dunno, somewhere quiet
W - Worst habit: Procrastination
X - X-rays you’re had: None
Y - Your favorite food: I dunno, like, caramel popcorn is pretty good
Z - Zodiac sign: Sagittarius, boyo 

Nickname: Ax (Axy, if you’re inclined)

Star sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′

Time right now: 8:40am

Last thing you googled: Blondie

Fave music artist: Gorillaz, if I can use bands

Song stuck in your head: Moskau, even though i’m not even listening to it

Last movie i watched: Logan (alright movie, too long)

Last tv show i watched: Lupin III part II

What i’m wearing right now: Loose pajamas, I’m in a godly realm of comfy

When i created this blog: I think maybe 2013?

The kind of stuff i post: art, cartoons, anime, shitposts, anything cursed

Do i do asks regularly: I do them whenever I get them, answer quality ranges

Why did i choose my url: I like alliteration

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Slytherin or Hufflepuff, can’t recall

Favorite color: Depends on mood, but usually red

Pokemon team: Valor, the best team

Favourite characters: Inspector Zenigata, Pete White, Clay Puppington, Sam AND Max, Lord Hater, list goes on

Dream job: Storyboarder, Key animator, screenwriter, director, anything like that at the forefront of creation

Number of blankets: 2

Followers: 796

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