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Norwegians: “Hey, check it out, I met Tarjei on the street today!”

 “Look, Henrik made my coffee!” 

“David’s so nice! Great meeting him!”

“Omg, Ulrikke is just as pretty in perseon!”

Literally anyone who watches Skam but does not live in Norway: 

Three cinnamon rolls from Karasuno!! It was actually pretty hard to draw …

  • Me: *looks at my fav character*
  • Me: OK seriously this fucking asshole just fucking my life up God help me
  • Random person: ur fav ain't that great
  • Me: *glares*
  • Me: *brings out powerpoint*
  • Me: *hands out spreadsheets and graphs*
  • Me: *makes person sit down*
  • Me: look here you fucking rotten potato

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Coke or pepsi: probs coke

Disney or dreamworks: definitely Disney (but I also love dreamworks a whole lot because memes)

Coffee or tea: I like bot

Books or movies: books because man do I love to read

Windows or mac: I don’t really have a preference but I have a windows laptop

DC or marvel: marvel obviously, everyone knows it’s way better

Xbox or PlayStation: Xbox but only because I like the controllers more

Dragon age or mass effect: I’ve only played dragon age (both origins and inquisition) so dragon age

Night owl or early riser: I stayed up until 6 am last night

Cards or chess: cards because I suck at chess so much

Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla has always been my fave out of everything

Vans or converse: I like the aesthetic of converse but vans are way more comfortable, but I wear more converse more so I’m going with converse

Fluff or angst: both are swell

Beach or forest: I like trees more than sand

Dogs or cats: you can’t make me choose you fuckers

Clear skies or rain: rain, but only a specific type during fall where it’s chilly but not freezing and the sky is all dark and cloudy and it’s not raining too hard but just enough so you can hear it on the roof

Cooking or eating out: cooking

Spicy or mild food: spicy all the wayyyy

Halloween or Christmas: Halloween because I live for spooks

Would you rather be forever a little too hot or a little too cold: cold because at least you get to always be bundled up, being hot would just be a nuisance

If you could have a super power, what would it be: the super power of being not awkward in social situations

Animation or live action: def animation

Baths or showers: showers but I’m that weird person that takes showers sitting down

Team cap or team iron man: cap all the way, iron man is a little punk

Fantasy or sci-fi: I went through a fantasy phase dying middle school, but I can safely say it’s sci-fi now

YouTube or Netflix: podcasts

When you feel accomplished: after I actually do something and don’t sit on my butt for the whole day

Star Wars or Star Trek: never seen Star Trek

Paperback or hardback books: paperback because they’re cheaper and I’m broke

Horror or romcom: HORROR ALL THE WAY

TV shows or movies: movies because I can never seem to keep up with shows

Favorite animal: this adorable little thing called a red panda they’re so cute

Favorite genre of music: like a chill rock??? That’s slightly electro??? Is that a genre???

Least favorite book: The Bounty by that one person

Favorite season: autumn

Sparkly or shiny: SPARKLES

Salty or savory foods: salty (salt and vinegar chips are the best kind anyone who says otherwise can fite me)

Road trips or airplane flights: flying in an airplane scares me to death

Gay or European: I’m not European but I am like half gay (im bi)

Favorite instrument: I’ll forever stay loyal to my acoustic guitar

Favorite flowers: tiger lilies

If you were born the opposite sex, what would you be called: Thomas (thank god I was a girl)

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Most Quote-able Character:
                            >Joe Walker as Commander Up (Starship)

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  • It’s no secret that Shiro doesn’t laugh as much as he used to, yet when he and Gladiolus get closer, Gladio somehow manages to make him laugh, even if it’s with something silly. Shiro just feels really relaxed around him.
  • One reason Shiro really likes Gladio is because he feels like he doesn’t have to be a leader around him. Gladio understands the need to take care of and protect others. Shiro can’t find such commonality with most people, or at least, not to the same depth with Gladio, hence him feeling comfortable. Shiro feels as if Gladio comprehends a lot of his own burdens.
  • Shiro is flighty at first in there relationship, yet Gladio grounds him, promising that he won’t let him go, which reassures Shiro–it makes him feel wanted.
  • If Shiro’s at a grocery store, he’s picking up cup noodles for Gladio.
  • These two cuddle??? So much??? They’re that super affectionate couple that try to keep it to a minimum around others but they keep smiling at each other like morons and it’s honestly so embarrassing who invited them to this barbecue when are they leaving.
  • Shiro loves playing with Gladio’s hair and Gladio loves having his hair played with. It’s an arrangement that works for them both.
  • Gladio is the only person who can touch the blessed Shiro thighs and still keep his head on his shoulders.
  • Gladio is also one of the few people who can get away with teasing Shiro. 
  • They admire each other’s fighting styles. Shiro admires how handy Gladio is with a sword and Gladio admires how adept Shiro is at hand to hand combat. The two train constantly and are often at a stalemate in most sessions (because they get distracted by kissing lmao) or because they’re really evenly matched.
  • Shiro doesn’t like his own scars, but he really likes Gladio’s. Gladio, however, will take many opportunities to trace and kiss Shiro’s scars which exasperates Shiro to no end (but he likes it and Gladio knows he likes it).
  • Gladio is also constantly calling Shiro out which is fantastic because someone has to do it.
  • When Gladio’s asleep Shiro will say Japanese endearments because he’s too shy to say them to Gladio’s face.

“Aoba Jousai is known for each of its members being highly skilled, equally in offense and defense. These guys could go to any school and become the ace.”

Friendly reminder to everybody in the owasera fandom.

I’ve been in the tags a lot, and I end up seing a lot of re-posts of fanart without source or permission. 

Just to get something clear:

- We heart it does not count as a source, neither does instagram unless the one posting the art is the original artist.

- Re-posting art is NOT cool. I have seen my art being re-posted, as well as many of my artist friends. 

- Artists use lots of time and effort on their art, while you use a few minutes to simply re-post the picture, taking credit while you do so. That’s disrespectful and rude. The least you can do is source it, it won’t kill you to ask for permission either.

- Please take your time to find the original work and reblog it from there, if you wonder how to find the original artist, google got a nice feature called search with pictures. 

I suppose you like the fanart you re-post, so please give the original artist some credit. After all, they not only use a lot of effort to make the art, but there’s years of practice behind it too. 

Last but not least, if you want the artist to keep drawing fanart, supporting is a big help. We all love our fans, and seeing that people like our art is honestly the best feeling in the world. But it sucks when somebody else takes the credit away from you.


What is baseball to you, Coach Okamoto?
FIRE. The coach’s and the players’ clash aggressively, and sparks fly! That’s what starts it all. No matter how good you become technically, or how good your practice environment is, if the player on the field are empty, there’s no chance you can win! What controls your techniques and body? The heart! It is my role as the coach to build the fire within the players!