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star: i really gotta take marco shopping 🛒💸his wardrobe is literally ‼️17‼️of these hoodies in the same color 😣😣😵😵😵

anyways this was probs one of the quickest costests i’ve ever done but i’m def gonna cosplay her properly soon i think

Norwegians: “Hey, check it out, I met Tarjei on the street today!”

 “Look, Henrik made my coffee!” 

“David’s so nice! Great meeting him!”

“Omg, Ulrikke is just as pretty in perseon!”

Literally anyone who watches Skam but does not live in Norway: 

Three cinnamon rolls from Karasuno!! It was actually pretty hard to draw …

alright so since i started this blog in october i think it is time to finally do a follow forever,,,,especially since i passed 500 followers wowowowowow!!!!! y’all r the best followers i could have but i honestly don’t know why y’all want to follow me but thank you so much 💞 (also sorry for the occasional shit posts lol)

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Most Quote-able Character:
                            >Joe Walker as Commander Up (Starship)

Ah yes, My Hero Academia, featuring:

-Spiky boi
-Red Velvet Naruto
-Great Deku Tree
-All Might
-Kangaroo Boi (totally not Deku tree in disguise)
-Fast boi
-No Clothes Gal
-Spiky Boi 2: Electric Bugaloo
-Pervy boi
-an actual frog
-Katy Perry’s Witness but this time is a dude and he has hands EVERYWHERE
-burly Bird Boi
-Shadow the Hedgehog Incarnate ghost man
-an actual astronaught
-Mummy Lad, also he has cool glasses and looks homeless
-an actual tree that has legs and arms and shit
-a living fire hydrant
-a concrete block? I guess?
-a villain character who’s design was probably created after one of the artists blew their nose and looked down at it and was just like “this could work I guess?”
-Two Face from Batman except this time he is fire and ice because THAT dynamic hasn’t been beat to death. Talk about beating a dead horse am I right?

Some time ago I made one of this with only boys, saying that I wanted to do one with all the ladies I love. I finally did it~ 

I honestly could make one alone with only One Piece felamle characters, because I love so many of them… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Me: *looks at my fav character*
  • Me: OK seriously this fucking asshole just fucking my life up God help me
  • Random person: ur fav ain't that great
  • Me: *glares*
  • Me: *brings out powerpoint*
  • Me: *hands out spreadsheets and graphs*
  • Me: *makes person sit down*
  • Me: look here you fucking rotten potato