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Since Fujimaki won’t give us GOM siblings, I’ve taken it upon myself to yolo/headcanon them. Here’s the first set with the precious son!! He has four older siblings, he’s literally the baby of his family cAN YOU BELIEVE.

His parents must have moolah bc - just consider it for a moment. Their kids would grow out of their clothes every few months growing up, all their furniture/maybe even their house itself needs to be custom made, etc.

((also the 17 age was with extra game in mind but then I drew his hair like the main series uh… yolo?))


@rhettandlink‘s buddy system is so good i cant believe it!!! so to celebrate i drew some things. i couldn’t decide which version i liked best so i have like 3 other versions too whoops

also all my R&L merch came in the mail today(all at once!!!) so honestly today is just great. i’m so happy


the 100 + asoiaf house words


ahhh i finally uploaded these pokemon stickers i made wayyyy over a year ago (but didnt cause i wanted to include their evolutions but i never finished them cause im an egg) because of pokemon go, and these bnha ones i made like last june and the voltron one i made,,,, after ax

theyre all on my redbubble! vld / bnha / pkmn

♥ ♥ Fairy Tail Week Day 2- Lads ♥ ♥

And apparently also Day 5- Ultimate Team OF HANDSOME MEHN

♥"It’s raining…

♥"Someone call a surgeon, because we’re not sure if you can handle this many heart throbs!“

♥"Let’s all make some magic tonight ♥”

♥"Welcome to Fiore High School Host Club. What’s your type?“ ♥