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Wolf Versus Crow

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Request: anon asked “Jon x Reader x Robb love triangle? They’re both super fluffy around her when they’re alone with her but get all kinda passive aggressive when all they’re all together.”

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1550

Notes: I!!  LOVED!!  WRITING!!  THIS!!  HOLY COWABUNGA!!!!!  also i know jon isn’t at the nights watch yet so he’s not a crow but hey its a cool title

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ichigodaisuki  asked:

How about Harry Potter? Thank you for reading!

there are a LOT OF characters i love from hp, luna is probably my favorite??? it’s hard to pick just one :D

quit pretending.

➵ characters: simon d x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 2823
➵ summary: ‘we can keep playing these little games, but at the end of the day, we both know that i’m yours, and you’re mine.’
➵ author’s note: the amount of times i wrote simon instead of kiseok, i gave up halfway and just used the replace tool in the end. technically, the document i wrote this in was ‘simon’. hella long (but what else is new) and hella smutty. enjoy.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

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I decided to draw the entirety of my D&D group in headshot form, as you can see we’re a diverse and handsome group of adventurers! Top and bottom pairs are couples, and Sedusa is done with their bullshit

Shout out to @keehlofficial (Desden) @the-gaylaxy (Aewen) @sonic-rush-hour (Zareth) and Sedusa who sadly doesn’t have a tumblr,

and an especially big shout out to @swagicusprime for being our awesome DM and putting up with our shenanigans and @just-a-normal-eccentric for lowkey being our scribe so we can remember the stupid things we say afterwards

Y’all are the real MVPs


@therealflurrin is so kind and a wonderful partner who made this lovely, lovely promo video for my Evans bros 2016 resbang fic titled Heavy Dirty Soul. It’s freaking fantastic, I love it, and I can’t stop thinking about it!! Flurrin is fantastic and wonderful for making this!! Please watch it and be amazed!!


the last weeks have been really bad for my mental health so i haven’t drawn much…  but i’ve started reading tsubasa again and i’m having the time of my life, thanks clamp…

i was trying to learn how to draw the Family so i did a few sketches and here we are :^)

anonymous asked:

Can you do and imagine where the reader is the youngest out of everyone and they run around putting flower crowns on everyone's head because they noticed that the team was suddenly looking down and just sad or something! Thanks! -^^-

“There you go, now you look all nice.” You said smiling widely at the grumpy older man who sat in front of you with his arms crossed. A low annoyed grumble came from the back of his throat as he reached up to his head and took the flower crown off. He placed it down on the table he was sitting at and, without sparing you another glance, he turned back to look out of the window.

A conversation stopped somewhere in the back of the room suddenly and Tracer was at your side within a blink of an eye, hands on her hips. “C’mon don’t be such a bummer, it’s just a flower crown.” She perked up continuing to tap her left foot against the living room’s floor - she clearly had enough of Reaper pushing your gift away for the past half an hour. “What’s so bad about one flower crown? Are you scared that it’ll ruin your self-image?” 

Hands quickly shot up to your mouth to cover the amused snicker. 

“I am not scared.” His low voice boomed through the room as he looked up at Tracer who just smirked at him - the whole room went quiet. 

“Hey yo everybody! Reaper’s scared of flowers!”

“Mon dieu.”

“Let me apply some ice to the burn.”

“Oh shi–”


“Okay, dad. Sheesh. You’re no fun.

“Mate did ya hear that? Scared! Of flowers!” 

“I have a first aid kit right here.”

“Flowers are the least thing he should be scared of, scientifically speaking.”

“Brother, if I recall correctly, at one point in your youth you als–”

“For once you could stop talking nonsense, Genji.”

“I am not afra–”

“Well darn, who woulda’ thought.”

“Nature is a source of life, not an enemy.”

“A man afraid of a flower crown - I’m not afraid, neither should a man!”

“Flowers won’t hurt you. Right, love?” Tracer asked you with a grin on her face as the rest of the team continued giggling. You, too busy laughing yourself, couldn’t reply so instead you nodded your head. She knew she might have a mad Reaper on her tail after this but all the comments from everyone were worth it.

Needless to say that everyone was now in a good mood, each one of them with their own flower crown, chatting away together. The reason for their previous down mood long forgotten.

quick leorai doodle before bed