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I watched the Lego batman movie last night and I FRICKIN LOVED IT! (That ending though XD)
I especially like the flood of new batjokes shippers and all the new fanart/fanfiction fluff that they make! (I shipped batjokes before The movie made it popular so it brings me joy to see new people to share these guys twisted gay relationship ❤)

(I made this for funsies and I refuse to fix the animation/coloring errors ‘cause I’m lazy)

Here’s to the people suffering from conditions that primarily affect women and people designated female at birth. There probably could have been a cure or more effective and humane treatment discovered 80 years ago, but sexism happened and people threw up their hands and said “what do  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”

Keep fighting the good fight for awareness and recognition. Your struggle matters and is deserving of more than a brush-off of “that’s how life is.”

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Did you already hear about the interview that said there will be no romantic klance in canon? (But they will learn to respect each other, soo platonic klance all the way.) First, I was really sad but in the end it just means we have to stick to fanon and I guess that's nice too. The show's still great.

I have a feeling that my answer to this will not be what people would have expected from me :P But believe me when I say this: I never expected them to become canon.

See, I am not shipping two characters because they are “likely to become canon” or whatever. I’m here because I love them as standalone characters and because I freaking adore their interactions. Their bickering gives me life. Their honest and tender moments make me smile so hard that my cheeks hurt. In a sense I just want them to be happy and spend more time together, I want to watch their relationship develop and see them to grow up. I just- I love seeing them together and I love having the freedom to put them into AUs and non-canon situations and imagine how they’d act there. 

Fandom and canon are two things that have always been separate for me. There is a reason why I always put “this is a joke” or “don’t take this as serious proof” in the tags when I make a klance post. I am reluctant to reblog posts with explicit “proof” of them becoming canon because people here like to blur the line between fandom and canon and that will leave them disappointed one way or another. 

This show is not about romance and these characters are not our characters, no matter how much we love them. This show is about saving the universe, about learning that black-and-white mentality is damaging, about friendship and family and teamwork and finding your place in the world through personal struggles. The creators of the show had a message to deliver and they invented amazing characters to get their point across. So amazing, in fact, that people seem to forget constantly that their personal headcanons are not necessarily lining up with those of the creators :P

What I want to say with this is: Shipping is for fun. Fandom is for fun. That’s all I’ve ever seen it as. This interview changed absolutely nothing for me, I will continue to ship them and write for them as I’ve always done. I will continue to scream about their canon interactions and point out things that could be seen in a romantic light. I will keep doing exactly what I’ve been doing all this time because fanon is fanon and canon is canon and these two are completely separate. I love klance with all my heart and nothing will ever change that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • me: here's a post firmly establishing my boundaries
  • me, ten minutes later: I'm going to assume all of my followers have seen this and take it down because I can't stop thinking about whether it's given people the wrong impression and I just want to forget about this whole situation.

me before SHINee: why do I feel so little about everything, normal people aren’t this apathetic………there must be something wrong with me

me after SHINee: *in the span of 5 seconds*

MINHO JUST SMILED OMG my dARLING!!! Are you happy baby??? Are you truly happy & healthy?? Are you taking  proper care of yourself? Are you taking proper care of the others?

Are you making sure Jinki doesn’t get overshadowed or left out for ALWAYS giving others the spotlight?

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or bullying Key all day only to give an offhand compliment about his activities to remind him that he’s absolutely amazing?

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Are you playing around with Jonghyun and showering him with random affectionate touches because he’s a tiny soft ball of fluff?

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Still in denial about Taemin being a grown-ass adult but constantly brimming with pride that despite being incredibly good & successful at everything he does, he still remains a clumsy absentminded idiot?

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Are you really happy sweetie, because it’s been 7 years since I first saw you and your smile has NEVER failed to make me happy

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aigoo my heart was not ready for this onslaught of emotion *clutches chest* it cannot be normal for someone to feel THIS much. There must be something wrong with me…….

Throw Back!

Hello to all of you wonderful people out there. I have been quite busy lately and I don’t want to disappoint anyone with my posts, so I decided im going to have a throw back. If you don’t know what that is (I’m sure you do) it is where I will post pictures I drew from long ago. This SeaWing, I remember, was probably the second or third dragon I drew from the Wings of Fire series when it first came out. 


So besides flipping over the proposal (which I am!!!!!!!!!AAaaAAaAaHHAhHHh) Can we talk about these cuties and how much I’m shipping them?????? ps click for caption because I think I’m funny (spoiler alert: I’m not)

Spring is coming, but I’ve been wanting to draw Starks in snow (edit: plus sulky Theon) for so long!  Continuing to reduce a sprawling epic of misery, treacherous politics and bloodspilling to gold-dust-moments of kids living in snowy lands with direwolf puppies ^^

she’s thunderstorms / waterfall


what do i do when im bored & suffering from writer’s block, you ask? well, check how many times i used the word ‘stupid’, dummy!


i used it 35 times

from Phantom btw. more stupid under the cut

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  • Me: *ships a pairing, minds my own business*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Hater: *angry sobbing in corner* I HATE
  • Me: Oh look, a smut fic, hot damn!

crossgartered reblogged your post “i have so many feelings about adhd!lance ok let me just hug this space danger noodle in my heart if he’s on meds well gl…”

#this is So Important you guys#I hope he actually did have his meds on him when he left earth but tbh I don’t think he would have had many if at all#bc yeah you have some constantly in your jacket pocket or backpack in case you forgot before leaving the house#but the canister is still in your dorm and so that’s where most of them are#unless Lance has a schedule where he takes them at school or a coffee shop instead and so keeps the canister in his jacket pocket?#I hope it’s the coffee shop then he doesn’t have to dry-swallow and also he must know that it takes a while for meds to kick in#like I’m not expecting him to be there having ordered over a full hour before morning classes but#it seems like it would be a pleasant routine#get a muffin or something for breakfast and something to drink thats suitable for the desert and take a pill#maybe flirt with one of the other regulars idk#wake up#maybe hunk is with him#maybe hunk works there who knows#I dunno but this is now added to my headcanons

ok as a random aside i am so happy with all the tags and comments people are leaving on that post and i had to respond to this bc omg so many tags let me hug you through the internet if you are ok with hugs /thROWS MORE HEADCANONS AT EVERYONE

  • when I used to be on meds I was so bad at remembering to take them so I always had a few pills squirreled away in like every bag I owned just in case, so I liked to imagine Lance probably had a small container stuffed into his jacket (it’s got a lot of pockets ok)
  • He’s always running around and life at the Garrison is busy, so he keeps a decent number of pills on his person and refills every once in a while back at his dorm when supplies dwindle
    • he’d just keep the entire canister on him at all times, but he’s already dropped the container once while pulling his phone out of his pocket; he doesn’t want to lose them if he goofs up
    • he kept misplacing the container and leaving it on tables, so hunk makes a thin chain for it that’s attached to one of lance’s inner jacket pockets; it’s long enough to take the container out easily, but now he won’t lose it as often as before
  • these things get expensive when you have to take them regularly; his family is big and his garrison tuition is already costly, so he tries to save them some unnecessary expenses by taking them only on long days where he really has to focus, and he feels guilty when he messes up in the simulator when off his meds, bc there’s no winning in a situation like this, and he knows he can be a good pilot (can he? he wonders)
  • hunk actually keeps some of lance’s meds on him at lance’s request, bc sometimes lance forgets his jacket, and he trusts hunk not to lose the pills; when they’re stuck in space, hunk gives them back so lance can keep track of how many he has left in total
  • pidge made a discreet app thing on lance’s phone that reminds him when to take his pills, bc lance was too embarrassed about an actual alarm or anything obvious in case people laughed at him
    • in space, lance stops changing the time on that app, bc it still runs on earth time and he wants it to keep track of how long he’s been away from home
    • pidge makes him a new app that times how long it’s been since he last took his meds (so he doesn’t take them again too soon; it’s unlikely since he doesn’t have that many, but better to be safe), since their schedules are all weird in space
  • lance is always scared that he won’t have meds when he needs them, and it takes so long to run back to his room in the castle of lions (that place is huge), so he hides them in his paladin suit, his jacket, and his blue lion, anywhere he can think of that he goes to frequently and where the mice won’t accidentally find them and eat them

Anime Expo: Day 3!

Not too many photos this time around, unfortunately! I admit that in the first half of the day before the OP meetup I was way too nervous! xD If you see yourself, leave a comment or tag!

Present Mic - @putyerhandzupradio
Eraserhead - @eye-zawa
Daz Bones- @asksmoyan
Crocodile - @myopicbloom

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ive been frantically scrolling through your blog for ten whole minutes bc i was struck with the sudden intense Need to sketch out some plans for the design of my scarecrow mask and where better to look for inspiration than on the highest quality scarecrow blog on this damned site? thank you for reblogging the work of so many amazing artists!

I don’t know what makes me happier, the fact that you scrolled through my blog for ten minutes or being told that I have such a high quality blog! Ahsgadhh~ you’re too kind anon. I hope you found what you were looking for and thank you for this sweet message! It made my night~ 🎃

If you don’t mind, I’d love to see your scarecrow mask when you finish it! :D

  • Reposter: I have art here.
  • Me: It's not yours.
  • Reposter: Ah, but I sourced it with Google/weheartit/credits to the artist!
  • Me: No, that's not the same.
  • Reposter: The art is on my blog so it's mine.
  • Me: But-
  • Reposter: Omg stop messaging me you're mean!
  • Me: ???
  • Reposter: *blocks me* Omg I can't believe how many rude people are in this fandom/on tumblr?? Like I'm doing nothing wrong??
  • Reposter: *Posts more stolen work* *Tags it as "mine"*
  • Me: !?!?!?!


“So why DIDN’T you?” The words leave Oliver’s lips before he can stop them, eyes cold and fierce and nostrils flaring in anger. Too many times he has been made to watch people leave. Too many times have people he cared about SACRIFICED things for him. Their lives, their identities, their humanity. He just wants it to be over. “I could have GRIEVED, Barry! I could have moved on with my life and instead you walked away! Cisco and Kara and everyone kept thinking you could still come back. And now here you are… and you’re NOT the man I have been missing.” A pause, fists clench at his sides. “Next time, do us all a favor and DON’T come back.”

I need to stop obsessing over so many different people, it’s ruining MY LIFE

and by ruining my life I mean… making it so much better and happier because LOOK AT MY BABIES, THEY MAKE ME SO HAPPY


Hotel King - episode 03 -