so many tags because i want people to follow me from the show

I’d just like to say please don’t use or reprint any art by kobeni_hisako (Twitter) / mcbit2 (Tumblr). You can reblog their art on Tumblr, or like it on Twitter if you are following their account (since it is private right now, you cannot retweet). That is how you can show your appreciation of their art. They have made their policy extremely clear, but I still see people using their art as icons, headers, blog images, etc, with no permission and/or no credit. I believe this unauthorised usage of their art is why they made their Twitter account private, as many other artists have, although I could be wrong. Regardless, please respect their wishes.

I blurred out the name here because from what I can see they did take down the posts and icon, but please know that this is not an appropriate response if an artist ever tells you to take down their artwork. It’s not claiming that they’re your art that is the issue. Artists don’t want their work used or reprinted for various reasons. Please respect their wishes and be polite. ‘Liking it enough to share it’ is not a valid excuse and the artist will most likely not appreciate that as much as some people seem to think. (They’ll probably appreciate that you like their art, but not the way you went about showing that liking. There are other ways as said above that will not have a negative impact at all.) I’m saying this because I have seen the impact unauthorised usage/reprinting of art has had on some artists and it is really saddening. (Some have privatised all of their accounts, written “DO NOT REPOST” in bright red English letters everywhere they can on their visible profile, etc. You get the picture.)

In general, if you’re unsure of an artists’ stance on using their art as your icons, headers, reposting, etc, then either ask them directly or don’t do it. If you can’t find the original artist, don’t do it.

Thanks for reading. Please share if you can.

I have a confession to make

Long ago, an anon said that I tagged too many people so that I can get attention.

I had thoughts that I’m an attention-seeking bitch and thinking why my blog is slowly having followers.

But I must come clean. I tagged people because I want to show everyone how much I care. I want to show art to my friends because I care for them. And I wanna show my heroes how much I love them and care about them.

I have to share some love some how.

So I’m sorry for being an attention-seeker, I’m sorry I got on your nerves and I’m sorry I wasted your time.

But from within my heart, for all those who supported me through out the days and those who I admired for a long time, I want you all to know that…

I love you.

~ Zoe Gloom