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  • Ponyboy: what happens to nitrogen when the sun rises?
  • Darry: uh..
  • Ponyboy: it becomes daytrogen!
  • Darry: ... i'm going to bed
  • Steve: good nitrogen
  • Soda: sleep tightrogen
  • Two-Bit: don't let the bed bugs biterogen

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8, 10, 12, 14 - summer

Hey girl!💓 

8) Righthand Man - Who would you ride or die for?

My best friend Brianna, we’ve been friends for 10 years so…

Also my friends on here, like I value y’all so much and it makes me feel silly but I love y’all. (I’m gonna tag them bc i’m feeling mushy @imaginebeinghamiltrash @diggs4life @gratitudejoyandsorrow @a-schuylerr @helplesslylins @reducereuserecycle @burninglaurens ❤️❤️)

10) Helpless - Do you believe in love at first sight?

Not really? Lol at least not for myself, like that could never happen to me

12) The Story of Tonight (Reprise) - Do you want to get married?

It’s not an absolute goal of mine but if I met the right person then absolutely 

14) Stay Alive - Has anyone ever stood up on your behalf?

No particular time is coming to mind right now but I want to say yes? I feel like it’s happened.


Favourite films since your birth year meme

I was tagged by @papabarnacle thanks!!! This was really fun and surprisingly difficult lmao

1999: ten things I hate about you
2000: American psycho
2001: Harry Potter and the philosophers stone
2002: lilo and stitch
2003: love actually
2004: I, robot
2005: Charlie and the chocolate factory
2006: the holiday
2007: ratatouille
2008: the dark night
2009: cloudy with a chance of meatballs
2010: tangled
2011: the help
2012: 21 jump street
2013: pacific rim
2014: captain america winter soldier
2015: the martian
2016: deadpool
2017: logan

I tag @teamnice-dynamite @jackbaettillo @gvnfr @edgarsh0le of you guys want to!!

Song Tag

Instructions: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping. 

1. reminder - the weeknd (first choice lawl i mean ok it’s a good song)

2. all my life - run the jewels (i had to skip a lot of run the jewels after this one, they show up a lot in my library lol)

3. gimme all your love - alabama shakes (i just discovered them they’re SO GOOD, go listen to them NOW, GO)

4. jamba - tyler, the creator (sigh. i have a lot of him, too)

5. perth - bon iver (the memories)

6. lips - the xx (i can’t believe they come back after years and just get better and better, i love them)

7. hasta la piel - carla morrison (gaaah she breaks my heart every time!)

8. long long way - damien rice (well. he was bound to show up. i’m a sad bitch.)

9. spring day - bts (lolol yayyy i’m so glad they’re represented in this list)

10. quien fuera - silvio rodriguez (aaaah nothing makes me cry like folk-y spanish music, listen…it’s not just my childhood but the poetry behind it is just so beautiful)

bless you @taenecesito for tagging me, i think you’re my longest friend in this kpop world :)

i’m not tagging 10 ppl lol: @auroraartemis @taes-babe @war-of-hormoan @sugas-noona @jy-jk @secretkpoptrash @jen-kookie

tagged by @phandomphan404

Rules: tag 20 blogs you’d like to know better

Nickname: Kirino, Becca (chan) , Becky,

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Height: 1,68 Meter.

Last thing you googled: Krita Gemini

Favorite music artist: Gorillaz and P!atd

Songs stuck in my head: It’s my life, it’s now or never

Last movie you watched: Moana

What are you wearing right now: a tiger onesie…

What do you post: voltron, su, anime, my art (but it’s doesn’t get many notes) amigurumi (doesn’t get many notes either)

Why did you choose your url: It’s also my facebook, youtube and Instagram name. This way people can find me better. Only my Deviantart acc has a different name because I can only change it if I become a core member.

What did your last relationship teach you: Don’t do internetrelationships if you’re 13.

Religious or Spiritual: religious.

Favorite color: purple and blue, also certain shades of brown.

Average hours of sleep: not enough

Lucky number: don’t have one.

Favorite character: Pidge from Voltron and also Peridot from Steven Univere. Both Green, Smart and are space-related.

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 in summer, 2 in winter.

Dream job: comic artist, artist, make my own animated cartoon, voice acting, youtuber.

I’m gonna tag: @dement09 @colourbee @lilith-hell-bringer @saranghaezz501

@liliumite @kozume-kei-koushi @pam-beasley @navine-valentine @ravenrocksmysocks @tsukkiberries @spacemcclain

Is that enough people?


Have fun!

sorry for not responding 2 this ask post!!! i have so many ppl who tagged me in it but i never ended up doing it bc i thought i answered it already lmao!! thanks for the tags @silveraspens @chronical-music-fangirlism @tide-is-turning 

NAME: emily
STAR SIGN: virgo
HEIGHT: idk… the last time i checked i was a little over 6 ft or sumthn
FAV MUSIC ARTIST: pink floyd and frank zappa 
SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD: that 1 live performance of astronomy domine
LAST SHOW WATCHED: forensic files 
WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: november last year idk lmao!
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST: pink floyd stuff
AVG HOURS SLEEP: it can range from 10 minute to 2 weeks
DREAM JOB: musician 

@rainsongs @themythicalgarden @quadrophenicdream @stairway-to-loopzoop  @lunatics-on-the-grass @broken-china don’t feel pressured 2 participate if u dont want 2!

It’s finally time to do this…. I’ve been tagged by so many ppl. Like.. holy crap.

( @cobaintrash @gilmore-grohls @scartissuejosh @born–to–lose @never-is-a-long-time @violent-plants @jmcbutts15 @arahana )

Thank you guys, i love you all. Thanks for making me feel wanted and appreciated lmao ♥

Note: i’m not gonna write my own questions cause im a lazy dumb ass bitch

Let’s go!

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me when someone tells me shit like “you know all these meds are actually worse for you they turn you into a zombie ://”, “you should try yoga”, “why dont you exercise more”:


Keith, you can’t just touch his hair like that

Kind of inspired by this post, thanks to this fine observation !

If Lance’s reaction doesn’t seem logic, it’s because I rushed, and it was too late to change because I’m too tired now  _(:3」∠)_